Heart Studies Formula for Healthy People

While you are healthy is the very best time to take action to stay healthy. The long-held official medical school view has been that your health exists in one of only three states of being: 1. Not Sick 2. Sick 3. Dead. In the face of literally thousands of studies to the contrary, the proponents of this limiting view of health are still of the notion that it is ludicrous for a healthy person to take any supplements at all. Many of them also believe it is just as crazy for a sick person or surgery patient to take supplements unless they have a specific deficiency disease such as goiter, anemia, scurvy or Beri Beri. They also believe one gets every nutrient they need from the average American diet.

It is becoming more and more obvious that these views are antiquated, dangerous and uninformed. More and more, the tide has been shifting as doctors themselves have discovered personal benefits from taking supplements. All around the world, from the top doctors, scientists, clinics, hospitals and universities, the studies are flooding in, literally by the thousands, with consistent proof of the profound usefulness of supplemental nutrients – even for people who do not yet have any sickness or disease. Instinctively you know that at certain times you feel much, much better and more ambitious than other times – and you know this relates to what you put inside your body.

Some meals leave you lugged-down and dull, while others make you bright and ambitious. Part of this may have to do with digestibility, but the rest has to do with nutritional content, form and combination. Nutrient content can make an enormous difference even if you aren’t “sick.” Top athletes certainly feel the difference supplements can make even for an extraordinarily healthy person. Health in fact is not arbitrarily confined to only 2 or 3 states of being. Health, as you personally are experiencing it, runs a very wide spectrum. Those of us researching into optimization, and looking out beyond the leading-edge, see infinite possibilities. (It is a truism that you tend to find what you are looking for).

What we are discovering is that our current diets, nutrient levels, and way of thinking, have set us up for a needless slaughter from cardiovascular disease taking one million Americans every year. The good news is that there are obvious nutritional solutions for each of the root problems researchers have identified in the cardiovascular arena. And, these solutions are conveniently and economically within the reach of virtually everyone who desires to experience higher levels of health and longevity. Researchers at the leading-edge of health optimization are noting that even the best diet combined with a good level of supplements falls short of the specific nutrients and potencies your body needs for optimum heart and circulatory health.

The Attack

Though several different thieves of heart and circulatory health have been identified, there are 4 primary culprits: cholesterol, homocysteine, lipoprotein(a), and free radical molecules. These conspire to harden and clog your arteries. And here is the most shaking revelation: Your Body Makes Them! Lots and lots of each of them-because they are used for (or are byproducts of) essential beneficial purposes in other systems of your body. No matter how you alter your diet… no matter how much you exercise… your body just keeps recombining the molecules in your diet to make these useful, but also potentially dangerous substances.

With sufficient amounts of certain key nutrients in place, these time-bombs can be defused. Usual supplements only just scratch the surface of this problem. So for the past 30 years groups of researchers have been working to crack the secrets of each of these 4 health pirates. And they have succeeded in cracking them wide open! Here is what the researchers found: Those researching cholesterol have found that lecithin and B-vitamins can dissolve it. Those researching homocysteine found that vitamins B-6 and folic acid are needed to reprocess it.

Those researching lipoprotein(a) found that the combination of vitamin C with the amino acid lysine disintegrates It from where It Is not wanted to move It to where It is needed. Those researching free radicals have identified several antioxidant nutrients (such as vitamins A, C, E, coenzyme Q10, extracts from tea and grape seeds) that “quench” the radicals before they can do damage. The key to the success of these strategies is to get enough of the operative nutrients together at the same time to do the job. It takes rather large amounts to get to the level of “spontaneous optimization” which we are seeking in a 2-month program. It takes nutrient levels and combinations far in excess of the very finest diet and usual supplements.

A once-a-day-type vitamin pill contains only 1% of the nutrient mass required to get the job moving. Anything less than fully what is needed is a “let’s pretend” game that is an eventual setup for disaster. As heart disease and circulatory failures are responsible for as much loss of life as all other causes combined, this area of health warrants more attention from you than any other. Fortunately it is readily addressed by nutrition. Relative to the benefits gained, this is by far the most economical and certain thing anybody can do for their survival. For the pittance equivalent of the average American ‘s expenditure on coffee, you can take the threat of heart and circulatory disease and nutritionally “slap it silly” right out of your life.

Compliance = Results | Results = Compliance

No one thing you have ever done for your health holds anywhere near the statistical potential for benefit as this state-of-the-art nutritional technology approach. You can’t say you’ve done the program until you have actually followed the program day by day, as per directions for the full 6-bottle, 6 spoonfuls per day, two-month course. This is not something to skip around with. It is certainly something where you want to avoid deceiving yourself in any way -like taking it at a “halfhearted” (pun intended) level and pretending you are really serious. For those who are afraid to get healthy, any excuse it seems will do.

No matter what you do, you can’t prove it doesn’t work. The effectiveness of these nutrients is solidly documented by Harvard University, The Pauling Institute, and dozens of other prominent authorities. All you can do is either select health for yourself, or select to “not be there” for your own health when the opportunity is so easy and economical. Those of you who have already purchased the program have already made a substantial investment – proving your choice is indeed for health. Now is the time to make an absolute commitment to yourself to follow through on schedule for the full 2 months.

Massive Benefits To All The Other Systems In Your Body

This is Big. Consider that every cell in your body loves all of the nutrients in this formula. They are thriving upon the oxygen and full-range of nutrients now being delivered more abundantly by your bloodstream. The same sticky fats that are clogging the bloodstream are gumming up the works of every cell. The same formula that cleans the bloodstream, cleans the sticky fats out of the cells, and out of the liver, and out of the intestines, and… Right now, the blood stream in many people looks more like a stop-and-go traffic jamb than a model of nutrient delivery efficiency.

The cells of their bodies are kind of like neglected potted flowers which are not getting enough of the resources they need in order to thrive. These “wilted” cells are anxious to live, so once they get the resources they need, they perk right up. When this happens to every cell in your body all at once, it can create a “wonderfully warm healing sensation that you will never want to have come to an end – and it won’t have to. You certainly can continue on at 1, or 2, or more spoonfuls per day of the Heart Studies Formula, as you see fit.

It is not unusual, when the cells are supported properly, to see them resolve decades-old frailties and ailments. It is amazing the aches and pains that go away on their own when your body is getting the nutrients it needs. And you won’t believe how powerfully your mind is quickened, and how adept you become at any task you choose to engage. When you are feeling great, your ambition goes right through the roof. It is very important to be aware of what is going on and not overdo anything just because you are feeling so good and having so much fun.

Author: Jevari Oberon