How To Charge the Human Battery

Every cell in your body is like a little battery with stored-up energy that will be released to perform physical or mental tasks.

As you know, a battery is a device for accumulating and holding a charge of electricity. And every living cell in your body is also a miniature battery. Your ability to expend energy is very much dependent on the energy you have stored, and your cells ability to discharge it on demand. A young, well functioning body will have a much greater ability to store and discharge energy. It will be able to work a lot longer before it becomes exhausted and before it needs to rest.

One of Jim Carters discoveries when he was attempting to duplicate the ancient technology of water structuring (the Liquid Sunshine) was a mineral he started calling Laminar Crystal. He used the word laminar to describe its layered nature. Laminar Crystal is a magnetically sorted form of a naturally occurring variety of mica. It has been processed to increase its ability to collect, store and release the life supporting energy known as prana or chi.

This is the crystal we use to produce our energetically enhanced, Energized Water and Magnesium products by Twilight America and TransDerma Minerals. This also is the crystal we have used in the Star Chamber Rejuvenation Station to rebuild and restore the energy of our patrons.

crystal pillowWe have a mini version of the commercial bed-size charger the Laminar Crystal Sleeper. It acts as an accumulator of life force, and radiates it out into your body when you lie upon it.

The Laminar Crystal Sleeper is a simple product a canvas bag about 3 x 6 in size, filled with approximately 25 pounds of laminar crystals, an amount sufficient to create the Star Chamber effect in your own bedroom. A great tool for recharging the cells in your body. It enhances your life force stores, and it helps you deal with fatigue or pain from inflammation.

You can lay it upon a bed, or unroll it on the floor. You can use it for a whole nights sleep, or for a quick power nap. The Laminar Crystal Pillow is a smaller version of the Sleeper. It is about 7×13 in size, weighs about 1.5 lbs. You can use it under your head, or place it anywhere on your body.

Author: Life Enthusiast