Humic Acid Effective Anti-Viral

In 2002 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published a report titled Humic Acid Broad-Spectrum Efficacy. The NIH studied humic acids virus-fighting properties for viral diseases such as gastroenteritis, influenza, herpes, chicken pox, mononucleosis and hemorrhaging fevers caused by the Ebola and Hanta viruses. Results showed that humic acid, when consumed before the virus invaded the body, was effective in preventing disease. Tests performed against multiple virus types further confirmed humic acids broad anti-viral properties. Toxicity tests showed that humic acid bound itself to human cells but was not itself toxic, nor did it inhibit or interfere with cell development or reproduction. In other words, it is safe to ingest in even large doses, and it is very lethal to most viral infections.

Their conclusion:

Humates are exhibiting effects, both as a preventative and a curative, for a broad range of viruses. Both the synthetic humate and well as the natural are demonstrating good effectiveness and in some case, exceeding the drugs of choice. You can search on Humates on NIH, you will find many reports from studies done to research how humates interact with viruses. My conclusion is that if you are going to be in harms way, you need to be taking the humic acid prophylactically. Meaning that you should make it part of your daily routine. Not just because of the latest threat from Ebola, but for the convenience of being protected from the infection by the common flu, or the more dangerous N-this-H-that bird-to-pig-to-human virus.

It would be very prudent to take some Humic Acid every day.

For emergency, also have on hand Probiotics to populate your digestive tract with friendly microbes, and also those that attack the not-friendly microbes it is a time-tested formula that does not require refrigeration, and stays at full potency for years.

For real trouble add Oxygen to help wipe out every invading microbe.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff