Inventor of Exsula Superfoods Jevari Oberon

In 1984, Jevari Oberon began researching and developing a Superfood formula to address his own nearly fatal allergies. After a long period of study came an epiphany, a moment of illumination. Once the first dozen-ingredient core group of his original Excela came together, his 12 year long nightmare of suffering that had baffled his doctors was over in mere 11 days! The allergic response simply switched-off after he started eating his therapeutic food blend. It did not take too long for people who had begun taking his blend to realize that it addressed in some very significant and positive ways nearly every health condition and parameter of human performance. It was back then he created the concept and originated the term Superfood Blend.

In the years since 1984, Jevari has invested over 20,000 hours in intense study of phytonutrients in the published work of health research scientists, physicians, and universities from around the globe. Out of his excruciating pain, came a uniquely motivated enthusiasm to find genuine answers. Out of his research, combined with his originating perspective (that of inventor and research & development engineer) came a different and practical non-medical perspective. This lead to developing a line of revolutionary and affordable Superfood formulas, for a variety of specific health, performance, life-quality and longevity objectives.

Dr. Jevari Oberon, D.D. HNS, the inventor and developer of Exsula Superfood blends, is a life-long researcher of healing and nutritional sciences, and a scholar of the early history of Christian antiquity. He received his Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree Magna Cum Laude from Divine Love Theological University. Dr. Oberons major is in Healing and Nutritional Sciences. This is set upon an earlier career as inventor, formulator, and mechanical research and development engineer in the food processing and nutrition industry, and 20 years as a self-styled bioenergenics engineer in the field of Superfood concentrates and blends. His study has been focused on live-food enzymes and their cooperation with the body’s life hologram. Life Enthusiast is the sole distributor of Exsula Superfood products.

Author: Life Enthusiast