Iodine Deficiency Common and Debilitating

Sea Weed collects the minerals from sea water and concentrates them in its tissues. If you don’t eat a lot of sea weed, or your garden is not fertilized with sea weed compost, you are deficient, and you’ll pay the price, sooner or later.

There are a few nutrients that are deficient in our foods and sadly, their functions not considered very important. Yet they are critical. Iodine is one such nutrient. As you may know, I speak with several clients as a Health Coach Consultant every day. It has been a very consciousness expanding experience for me to interact with you, about the daily challenges you run into in your quest for vibrant health. I have been walking the same path, learning and expanding my understanding along the way.

Most of the consultations involve some long term debility (what a loaded word this is!) some initially small thing left unattended slowly erodes your ability to cope, slowly adding to the load you carry until finally you reach a point when you start looking for help outside of mainstream medicine. It usually takes the proverbial last straw that breaks the camels back to bring a person to face the need for personal responsibility for his own health. For me, 25 years ago, it was getting out of an airplane after a 4 hour flight and not being able to straighten up. Literally. I traveled across the country to a business meeting.

I spent the next three days lying on the floor, standing and leaning against a wall instead of sitting, and taking a long time to move from one position to another. My next option, according to the doctors I consulted, was back surgery but I decided to pursue the CAUSE instead of the SYMPTOMS. That lead me to a very different set of outcomes. I want to expose you to an important issue that if not taken care of in time may very likely give you prostate cancer or breast cancer or perhaps ovarian cancer, depending on your gender. If you are past your 45th birthday, you really need to take care of it now, because your 25 years is already up. After 25 years of iodine deficiency you are likely to develop the cancer of your sex glands. That’s prostate for men, ovaries and breasts for women.