Iodine for Yeast Overgrowth

I want to share my results with your products. First, I’ll give you a little background on myself. I’m an M.D. in Amarillo, Texas. I graduated with honors from Texas Tech University School of Medicine, where I was the Chief Resident in my residency program. I studied emergency and internal medicine at the University of Alberta Medical School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I was the first recipient of a scholarship from Texas Tech to study Chinese Traditional Medicine and acupuncture in China at Jinan Medical College in Canton, China. I also received a research fellowship from the American Heart Association to study mechanisms of hypertension under one of the world’s foremost researchers in the field of hypertension, Peter Pang Ph.D.

I have been involved with research since 1981, when I was involved in researching the effect of chromium on diabetes. Not long after starting to practice medicine as a trauma doctor, I started to have health problems. Although I was a tri-athlete, I was beginning to have problems with high blood pressure and weight gain. Not long after, I also developed arthritis. My response was to try to treat my hypertension and arthritis with the medications I’d been taught were appropriate for those “diseases.” The blood pressure medicine caused fatigue, depression and Erectile Dysfunction, and the arthritis medicine caused stomach problems. These two negative events made me reflect on what I had learned in China and prompted me to start to seriously investigate natural therapies.

By implementing natural therapies, I was able to cure my arthritis (I developed a formula that actually causes cartilage to re-grow naturally) and my blood pressure. Once I had cured myself, I was ethically committed to at least offer natural therapies to my patients. This caused me to have to go back and get a whole new education in natural therapies. I did this with such a commitment that now I am a highly sought-after consultant and lecturer on natural therapies. My specialties are bio-identical hormone replacement, including thyroid hormone, and treatment of patients with the yeast syndrome. Every Tuesday I have my own radio show where I discuss natural therapies.

My 15 years of experience with people with the yeast syndrome and years of following the conventional medical literature have led me to my hypothesis about yeast overgrowth being central to the causation of most chronic medical diseases. The medical literature has firmly established that inflammation is a common denominator in diseases such as stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease, diabetes, depression, cancer, obesity, hypertension and a long list of other “diseases.” Inflammation, by definition, means that the immune system is reacting to a perceived threat that has a different cell biochemistry than normal human cells. Although many researchers have evaluated many bacteria and viruses for an answer to this immune system activation, none has come up with an answer.

The yeast hypothesis merits serious consideration, because it answers so many questions regarding the epidemics of disease we face here in the U.S. This hypothesis lets us know why all these diseases are made better or worse, depending on the glycemic index of the diet. It explains why women are more susceptible to these diseases. Since yeast are opportunistic organisms that flourish as immune function declines, it becomes obvious why these diseases are seen more as people age. Researchers at Mayo Clinic have made the connection with at least one disease. They discovered that sinusitis, an inflammatory disease, is caused by yeast 96% of the time and cured by anti-fungals.

My treatment protocol now is based on reducing the fungal (yeast) load in a person’s body and restoring biochemical balance with nutrition, nutrients, and bio-identical hormone replacement. I routinely evaluate products for their ability to kill Candida yeast, as this is the predominant yeast in humans. Your Electrodine (Thyrodine) killed yeast unlike anything I’ve ever seen. In the pictures I sent, the comparisons are with Diflucan, a well known, highly-effective prescription antifungal and Iodoral, an Iodine supplement that has worked very well for myself and my patients.

In defense of the Iodoral, it needs stomach acid for activation, and this was obviously an in-vitro experiment. Not so, however, with the Diflucan. I have switched to the Electrodine (Thyrodine) myself and will be putting all my patients on it as an antifungal as well as for Iodide replacement, critical for thyroid function. You are welcome to share my results with other doctors and customers. The results with the Magnesium Oil are fantastic also, but that’s another letter.

Roby Mitchell MD (Dr Fitt)

Note: We use Thyrodine prepared by Phil Thomas in accordance with procedures recommended by Edgar Cayce.

Author: Roby Mitchell MD