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Healthy Fats: A Guide to The Best of The Best

Happy Day To You Reader,

Which fats are good and essential for your health? And which are bad? Some are mediocre and some are just plain terrible! Then there’s all the talk about the ratio of EFAs and the types of oils, saturated fats, non-saturated fats, mono-unsaturated and poly-blah, blah, blah.

This is a seemingly complicated issue that we will simplify.
This information may seem a bit repetitive, but that’s for emphasis because the concepts are so important for your long-term well being.

Healthy fats increase your overall health and metabolism, reduce inflammation and protect your heart. But there’s a limit – if you eat too much good fat, it’s not good anymore. Moderation is key.

Beware… all oils claim to be the best.

When buying oils, it’s important that you purchase only:

Means the oil has been taken without the application of heat, to retain nutrients.

Ensures that the processing did not use harsh chemicals (like hexane) nor high heat (which ruins the good fats).

And Organic
If you can afford to – it’s better for your body, and for our planet.

Only buy oils in opaque (dark-colored) containers, or from a refrigerator.
This means the fragile healthy fats are in still in there, protected from light and/or heat so they remain healthy for you. Do not buy oils in clear containers. These oils will most likely have the word “refined” on the label. This means that the fragile healthy fats have been removed, because they went rancid in the processing, or will go bad on the shelf. When an oil goes rancid or oxidizes, it produces free radicals, and they actually cause premature aging and many, many diseases. Serious ones, like cancer.

Processed or Hydrogenated = Bad Fat.. Do Not Consume!

Not good for you in any way, shape or form! Read labels and do not use any processed oils. Absolutely eliminate all fats that are listed as ” hydrogenated oil”, “partially hydrogenated oil” or “vegetable shortening”.

Hydrogenated fats are man-made, processed with pressure and heat, making them stable (and solid) at room temperature. Good for long shelf life, but not for you! Examples are margarine and vegetable shortenings.
They’re found everywhere, in processed and frozen foods like pizza, soups, crackers, pies, cookies, pastries, chips, baking mixes and most cereals.

Warning Against Margarine and Vegetable Oil Spreads

Standing in direct opposition to all the healthy qualities of butter (you can read “The Truth About Butter” further down), stands margarine and assorted vegetable oil spreads. While they’re cheaper, you’d never eat them if you knew how they were made.

  • Heated to extremely high temperatures ensures that the fat doesn’t become rancid. This creates harmful trans fats which are carcinogenic and mutagenic.
  • After that, a nickel catalyst is added with hydrogen atoms, to solidify it.
  • Nickel is a toxic heavy metal, remaining in the finished product.
  • Deodorants are added to remove margarine’s horrible smell (from the rancid oils).
  • Colorings are also added to cover up the unappetizing gray color.

What would you rather have…
A real whole food with many healthy qualities?
(read “The Truth About Butter ~ It’s Healthy!” below)…
Or a container of carcinogenic, colored and deodorized slop (margarine)?

Coconut Oil, Still Healthy when Heated

Coconut Oil is very heat stable, so it’s excellent for cooking and frying (not that frying anything can be healthy). Its smoke point is about 360 degrees F (180 degrees C). Because of its stability, coconut oil is slow to oxidize, thus resistant to rancidity (2 year shelf life).

Although Coconut Oil has a bad reputation because of its high saturated fat content – the highest source of saturated fat in any vegan food (92% Saturated Fat),

Of this 92% saturated fat…
62% is a MCT (medium chain triglyceride) – just wait…
Half of these MCTs are lauric acid – the most important EFA for building and maintaining your immune system, and a potent antimicrobial and antifungal substance… WOW!

It’s not recommended to cook foods with oil at high temperatures. Even if you start with a healthy fat, it turns bad, and inflammation/disease can easily follow. Cooking any food at high temperatures (with or without oil) is not recommended either, as this seriously reduces nutrients. I know that fried foods are delicious. Eat them only rarely, if at all. As for cooked foods, most all of us will always eat our veggies cooked. Just make sure that they still have a little crunch left after cooking. Try steaming, or low temperature roasting.

Incredibly Healthy Oils from Seeds

Eat ONLY at Room Temperature

By simply integrating these groundbreaking formulated oils into your daily life, you’ll improve absolutely every aspect of your life, including your relationships and circumstances.
You may think I am exaggerating, but I am not!

Activation Products (with Andreas Wecker) have found a way to unlock the life-energy from seeds to give you the most incredible health-producing building blocks you’ve ever had the opportunity to benefit from.

When you extract the intact life-force of these seeds, you can elevate your health and expanding your well-being becomes child’s play.

Every seed contains all the nutrients and energy it will ever need to produce a mature plant. If you extract the WHOLE oil of that seed, your body gets all the powerful nutrition and energy of that seed.

Get Creative and enjoy the amazing flavors!

  • Pour on your salad
  • Stir or shake into juice or water (with Lecithin to emulsify)
  • Use as a dip for bread or veggies
  • Try them on a baked potato – you’ll love the flavor!
  • Delicious on any food!

So many benefits…

  • Reduce inflammation throughout your entire body
  • EFAs to make prostaglandins (increases libido in men and women)
  • Support red blood cell health, unblocks arteries (decreases incidence of blood clots)
  • Strengthen muscles to support skeletal development
  • Remineralize your cells
  • Powerful source of natural antioxidants and essential amino acids
  • Helps keep your skin clear, and retain moisture
    (no more chapped lips, irritated skin or dry hair)
  • Build and support a strong immune system, protecting your body from disease.

Amaranth Oil

Japanese longevity secret – this oil will revolutionize your health, enhance your lifespan expectancy, combat all major degenerative diseases, add years to your life and dramatically improve your appearance.

  • Contains up to 10 times more Squalene than shark liver oil
  • Squalene’s premiere benefit is cellular oxygenation
  • Rejuvenate both inside and out, organs and appearance
  • Strengthen your immunity.

Black Cumin Oil

Life energy from seeds for genuine, improved health. Reverse oxidative damage and aging, stop inflammation, reduce allergic reactions – with this ancient remedy.

  • Boosts functioning of metabolic processes
  • Improves immune system function and response
  • Nourishes hair and skin – regenerates damaged cells.

Coriander Oil

The Chinese called it the “Wonder Herb of Immortality” because of it’s powerful broad range of benefits – breaks down fat, improves digestion, alleviates spasms, detoxifies, and more.

  • Excellent source of important nutrients
  • Block oxidative stress and resulting inflammation
  • Pain relief, anti-aging, antibacterial, calming, stabilizing.

Flax Oil

Nature’s most affordable healthy source of EFAs.
Fresh, protected from oxidation and full of omega 3s.

  • Anti-aging, better skin, joints and digestion
  • Protection from and reduces inflammation
  • Source of EFAs, dietary fiber and protein.

Five Seed Blend

Life energy from seeds for physical and emotional euphoria.
Empower every one of your cells to glow with genuine health.

PanaSeeda delivers food that’s critical for your natural state of vibrational balance. Eat some every day, to replenish your reserves – not just to reduce pain.

Contains certified organic and non-genetically modified oils from:

  1. Sunflower Seeds
  2. Flax Seeds
  3. Black Sesame Seeds
  4. Coriander Seeds
  5. Pumpkin Seed

Read what people have to say about PanaSeeda

“This product rocks! I use it topically on my skin and it soaks in beautifully. I can feel it penetrating deep down to the epidermis. This oil absorbs really well and leaves my skin feeling hydrated without feeling greasy. I also use this oil on my knee which works as an anti-inflammatory.” ~ Caroline

“Love it! It’s good stuff. I use it on my skin am and pm and I can see a difference in my skin. I also take a teaspoon daily and it feel healthier.” ~ Marcia

The Truth About Butter ~ It’s Healthy!

My personal favorite! But only healthy when cold, at room temperature, or melted on very low heat. Excellent flavor on veggies, or anything.

Butter (like Coconut Oil) has a bad reputation because of its high saturated fat content. You’ll be pleased to know that this delicious fat is a healthy, whole food that you CAN eat! If you’re watching your weight and hesitant to use butter, have no fear! About 15% of the EFAs in butter are short and medium chain, which are NOT stored as fat in your body. They’re used for energy.

Butter’s list of benefits is impressive…

  • Essential Fatty Acids (anti-inflammatory, pain reducing)
  • Butyric Acid. (used by the colon as an energy source and a known anti-carcinogen)
  • Lauric Acid. (the most important EFA for building and maintaining your immune system, and a potent antimicrobial and antifungal substance)
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid. (CLA, another EFA is naturally found in beef, lamb and full fat dairy products, it’s been studied for its potential role in weight loss and osteoporosis prevention)
  • Vitamins. (easily absorbed vitamin A for maintaining good vision and your endocrine system, and all the other fat-soluble vitamins E, K, and D)
  • Minerals. (trace minerals, especially the powerful antioxidant selenium, iodine and vitamin A that are both needed by your thyroid gland)
  • Glycosphingolipids. (protection from gastrointestinal infections, especially in the young and elderly)
  • Cholesterol. (needed to maintain intestinal health, and development of brain and nervous system in the young. Human breast milk is extremely high in saturated fat and cholesterol).

About Nuts and Seeds

Another excellent source of EFAs.
Most important to know about eating them is…
don’t overeat them. They’re nutrient and calorie dense,
so they satisfy your hunger easily, and for much longer than a processed or sugary snack. I recommend raw (organic if possible), not roasted or irradiated. Try to eat a variety them,
to get all the different benefits from each type.
Nuts are great on your salads, veggies and in soup too.

A little goes a long way… only a handful per day!

Soaking nuts and seeds makes them easier to digest, and the nutrients more easily absorbed. They all have enzyme inhibitors that protect them from sprouting prematurely, before growing conditions are ideal. And these enzyme inhibitors can really strain your digestive system. Soaking solves this problem, neutralizing the enzyme inhibitors also encourages the production of beneficial enzymes that increase many vitamins, especially vitamin B.

Soaking times vary, but the more dense the nut, the longer it needs to soak. Most can be soaked overnight in your fridge (to inhibit mold growth), and rinsed before use the next day. They’re good in your fridge for a few days before going moldy.

Healthy Himalayan Crystal Salt Enhances Your EFA Flavors

All these healthy fats we’ve just talked about are made even more flavorful and healthy too, when you add some Himalayan Crystal Salt. It’s a natural whole food (not table salt or processed, foreign NaCl), so your body knows how to use it in a healthy manner.

Our average table salt has only 2 elements: sodium and chloride (NaCl). When you eat this unnatural stuff, many symptoms of disease result, from high blood pressure to heart disease and stroke.

Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements!

It’s interesting to read the bad press salt gets, causing all sorts of disease. Now you know that salt can actually be very healthy… when AND ONLY WHEN eaten in it’s Whole Food form. Then it actually gives your body natural minerals and trace elements that are essential for health!

Whole Food Himalayan Crystal Salt is even a step above Sea Salt, which many people know to be healthy. Sea salt is healthier than table salt (sodium chloride), but our seas have been exposed to pollutants. Himalayan Crystal Salt has taken millions of years, under great tectonic pressure to mature. It remains untouched by any pollutants.

Buy healthy oils ~ eat them freely on your veggies!

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela