Magnesium and Your Heart

Prevent and Treat Heart Disease, including angina and irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)

Without adequate levels of magnesium, your heart will suffer: The mineral helps coordinate the activity of the heart muscle as well as the functioning of the nerves that initiate the heartbeat. It also helps keep coronary arteries from spasming, an action that can cause the intense chest pain known as angina. If you have a deficiency of magnesium often true of those with angina and abnormal heart rhythms supplementing with magnesium may help.

In a recent study of more than 230 people with frequent arrhythmias, the likelihood of these abnormal rhythms dropped significantly within three weeks after the participants increased the amount of magnesium and potassium in their diets. In addition, when given by injection in a hospital setting, magnesium has been found to aid recovery from a heart attack by stabilizing heart rhythm, inhibiting blood clots, and expanding coronary arteries. Some studies even indicate that drinking hard water, which is high in magnesium, lowers the risk of death from heart attack.

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Do you wonder if you could improve your blood circulation in just a couple of weeks? Apparently the Heart Studies Formula by Exsula does wonders for your arteries. You may remember Bernie, Jevari’s 90 year old dad. His wife was worried about him. Not that she should be, but she is that way. She insisted that he have another physical exam. Not much was wrong, other than some minor blood pressure issue. A little higher than expected in a 30 year old, but at 90, who would be surprised? Bernie did not fill the prescription the good doctor wrote for him; instead he took a bottle of the Heart Studies Formula in the next two weeks and went back for a re-check. Clean bill of health. Healthy as a horse.

Heart and circulatory failures take so many lives, that to have a product as convenient as this available, and not take full advantage of it, is a little like looking at the coins on the sidewalk and not bending over to pick them up. Like the kids say This one is a no-brainer. There really isn’t much room for criticism of this nutritional approach to health restoration. Considering the statistics (half the population dies of circulatory problems), most likely in just a few years you would not give its cost or inconvenience a second thought, wishing that you had started earlier. This formula should be seen as an essential routine, and just good common sense like the cost and inconvenience of looking both ways before crossing a busy street.

Researchers at the leading-edge of health optimization are noting that even the best diet combined with a good level of supplements falls short of the specific nutrients and potencies your body needs for optimum heart and circulatory health. Once a year you owe it to yourself to run a cleanup routine on your pipes. You do have your chimney cleaned every season, don’t you?

Author: Life Enthusiast