Magnesium: Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Many chronic illnesses are the expression of chronic nutrient deficits. When we eat industrial food we must remember that it is grown on fields that have lost 90% of their original mineral content.

Because two-thirds of people with diabetes die of some form of heart disease, and because low magnesium levels are associated with both diabetes and cardiovascular disease, it is worth examining the evidence that inadequate magnesium is causally linked with both of these major chronic illnesses and death.
~ Mildred Seelig, page 43 in her book The Magnesium Factor.

And on page 45 she wrote: The sustained high blood sugar in type II diabetes also results in high urinary loss of magnesium. This intensifies the magnesium deficiency that caused the resistance of cells to insulin-induced glucose uptake in the first place, making type II diabetes a progressive disease if not treated. For people with type II diabetes, supplementation with magnesium can improve the response to insulin and can arrest the disease process, especially if combined with exercise and weight loss. Is that clear enough? If you already have diabetes, you need magnesium critically, and in order to prevent diabetes and heart disease, you need it anyway.

If you’ve already tried to ingest a significant amount of magnesium orally, you know that it causes a rapid cleansing of the digestive tract. In other words, you cant hang onto magnesium if you take it as pills or drops. But Magnesium works. Spray it on or soak it up through your feet. Just remember that it needs to be treated energetically to penetrate the cellular walls. Ordinary bath salts are not nearly as effective. I often talk about chronic inflammation, the cause of much suffering, especially as joint and tissue pain that mainstream medicine tries to suppress with COX-2 inhibitors that selectively block the COX-2 enzyme.

Blocking this enzyme impedes the production of the chemical messengers (prostaglandins) that cause the pain and swelling. But that is like unplugging the safety light in your dashboard that is telling you that your oil pressure is low. Inflammation can be lowered through natural means, and it can even be prevented altogether through detoxification and cleansing, accompanied by improved nutrient intake. It is not the one thing, some magical silver bullet that will fix all your problems. It is a lifestyle of doing mostly the right things that will keep you well.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff