Mercury Coming To You On The Winds

Check out the scale of mercury contamination coming your way on the winds. If this does not give you a pause, what will?

Check out the scale of mercury contamination coming your way on the winds. If this does not give you a pause, what will?

Historically, the medical, scientific and governmental regulatory agencies have grossly underestimated the toxicity of mercury and have allowed it into medical and dental products without warning patients of the imminent and inherent dangers. Somehow our most professional people got it into their heads that a little bit will not hurt anyone, thinking mistakenly that the dose makes the poison.

This might be true for some substances, but its a rule that does not work for plutonium and it does not work for mercury. We cannot possibly imagine industry spraying a continent with a ton of plutonium, but we allow thousands of tons of a nerve poison like mercury to be put directly into the air. Who needs an atomic war when we have industry and government teaming up to poison us and our children with nerve poison pumped by the ton into the air we all breathe.

There are giant commercial interests that serve the basic needs of modern civilization and they are driving worldwide expansion of coal-burning power stations. The coal industry is planning new plants in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico-Nevada. Under the Bush plan, many of these plants are likely to buy credits from other plants, meaning that though national emissions might decrease by an estimated 21 percent in five years, local emissions of mercury would increase in several states.

For years health advocates have pressured the EPA to set across-the-board pollution controls that, in the view of some scientists, would reduce mercury emissions 90% nationwide within three years. Instead, the administration chose a greatly reduced plan that will allow many tons more into the atmosphere. And at one million grams per ton, each ton is significant.

The terrible news offered by Dr. Palmer from the University of Texas and the Harvard Research team is that the mercury in the air is having its direct effect on all of us. No longer is it just the fish, the vaccines or the dental amalgam that are saturating our bodies with mercury. Americans are going to have to wake up to the fact that mercury is in the air they breathe, in the soil they plant in, and in the water they drink, and getting rid of these sources will be infinitely more difficult than removing thimerosal from childhood vaccines.

Mercury in the Air by Dr. Mark Sircus.

I have evidence that Zeolite will help escort the accumulated toxic metals out of your body. If you have amalgam fillings, you may as well assume that you are toxic already. If you eat fish, you probably are contaminated. I have my own personal testimony: I became mercury toxic after several fillings were put in my mouth. While I curse the ignorance that allowed me to consent to the dentist to put them in, I also thank the Creator, because without the health problems I had to learn how to overcome, I would not be here today able to help others with natural healing solutions.

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Author: Martin Pytela