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Mineral Content: Organic vs Conventional

Comparative analysis of the nutrient content of organic and non-organic food. The shaded rows are organic produce, unshaded rows are conventional produce. You should be able to see clearly how the organic produce will nourish you, while the conventional, industrial, fertislizer-pushed foods are hollow, devoid of nutrients. While to products may look good, they do not contain nutrients you seek.

Snap Beans Organic40.560.099.78.660.0227.069.0
Snap Beans15.514.829.1<
Cabbage Organic60.043.6148.320.413.094.048.0
Lettuce Organic71.049.3175.512.2169.0516.060.0
Tomatoes Organic23.059.2148.06.568.01938.053.0
Spinach Organic96.0203.9257.069.5117.01584.032.0

All numbers represent Milliequivalents per 100 grams, dry weight.

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