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Miracle II Material Safety Data Sheets

A frequently asked question regarding Miracle II Products we get, “Are there chemicals in Miracle II products and will Miracle II react when combined with medications?” The following Material Data Safety sheets regarding Miracle II Soap and Miracle II Neutralizer were issued to Tedco Corporation, manufacturer of Miracle II Products.

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Miracle Soap Safety Data
Skin Moisturizer Safety Data
Neutralizer Safety Data
Neutralizer Gel Safety Data
Miracle II Soap and Miracle II Neutralizer are biodegradable and contain no dangerous chemicals.

Taking our own advice, we checked above and below the kitchen sink to see just what was lurking there. To our amazement, we found and read the label on our prized moisturizing hand soap called Softsoap Antibacterial Soap. Now it includes “Aromatherapy”. The label says “Proven to eliminate the dirt and germs your family encounters. Contains light moisturizer to leave your hands feeling soft. GENTLE ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. As with any soap avoid contact with eyes. How in Creation will the Aromatherapy mitigate the toxic effects of the chemicals it contains?

If we’re to use products in our homes and on our bodies intelligently, then we must be vigilant and verify manufacturers’ claims that what they’re telling and selling us is in fact, good for us. Our governments are not doing the job we’ve entrusted them with. Labeling regulations are proven to satisfy industrial interests and if we’re to succeed in healing ourselves and our environment then we must take responsibility for what we consume. Every product produced and shipped must have an OSHA regulated form called a “Materials Safety Data Sheet”. This form is meant to protect workers shipping and handling products so I looked up the “MSDS” on Softsoap.

It’s quite a lengthy process and I was finally guided directly to the Cold-Grate website to obtain more information about their products. Nevertheless. Here’s what we discovered, thanks to a fine article from Gary Scott: Get ready to cringe. The “MSDS” on this chemical based formula that is “gentle enough for the whole family” states under the general controls section “Avoid contact with skin and eyes.” It warns workers to wear rubber gloves while using this and such. How this warning is mysteriously converted into gentleness on the store shelves is beyond me, but you can see the “MSDS” for yourself. Further insult is added to injury when I saw the advertisement for Soft-soap claiming additional benefits derived from adding “Aromatherapy”.

Though it is doubtful that Softsoap alone will be really harmful to our health, we must wonder how many other things that are pushed on us as safe and gentle when they really are not. How many of these light toxins does our body have to deal with every day? How many of our allergies, diseases and imbalances are created by this continual bombardment of chemicals that do not kill, but each take their little tolls. We have all heard of “death by a thousand cuts”. Is our society suffering “sickness by a thousand minimal exposures”? We offer Miracle ll Soap and Neutralizer. It is safe, extremely effective inside and out and in no way harmful to man, beast or the environment. Can you find such products from on your grocery store shelves?

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff