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Miracle II Imitations

We have received calls from people who are concerned or confused by “copy” products i.e., products which are allegedly the same as the original Miracle II products (or patented Heartland items), and which are sometimes marketed in a way which leads consumers to believe they are purchasing either genuine Miracle II products, or products which are the same in terms of composition. Where the copy product name is similar to our well established product name, and especially those products on which Heartland holds a patent (like the Structured Water Units), it is especially confusing. Labeling and packaging are also sometimes used by the manufacturers of copy products to confuse the consuming public into thinking they are receiving an authentic or original product, or at least an equivalent product.

Confusion, of course, is often the aim of the manufacturer of the copy product since consumer confusion can increase sales of the copy product. In one case, a manufacturer blatantly attempted to copy Heartland’s patented Miracle II Structured Water Units – a nearly impossible task. These unscrupulous manufacturers continue to use a list of ingredients and similar instructions, although we have scientifically researched methods which simply cannot be copied without the formula. We suspect that many of these copy products do not live up to representations made on their labels or by their distributors in terms of quantities and/or quality of ingredients and performance.

Copy products continue to flourish at an alarming rate. They are a major nuisance to customers and can create a delay in receiving high quality products. Sometimes, a lower price alone is the first clue to the effectiveness of a copy product, as it is virtually impossible to duplicate our formulation/systems at a cost which would permit the sale of the product at a lower price. While we continue to pursue parties whom we believe are clearly trying to take advantage of our goodwill in our patented marks and products, we have chosen to concentrate the bulk of our efforts in maintaining our own excellent product line and service record, however. We think that the experience, quality control standards and integrity found here are unlikely to be duplicated.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff