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Miracle II Product Uses – Part 2

Note: Before taking Miracle II Neutralizer internally, take at least two bubble baths. It is very important to first get the pores of the skin open and ready to release impurities. (See instructions below)

Question: “What is the recommended dosage? The book says “7 drops.” I had Arnold on one tablespoon two times a day, but he got a little shaky?”

Clayton answered, “Dosages can start at 7 drops – then one teaspoonful – then one ounce.

If someone has cancer, tumors, then they would work up to two ounces to four ounces a day. We have people with bladder cancer, kidney cancer – feeling fine now. The 7 drops would be, if there were nothing wrong with you. Work up to one ounce, the very first thing in the morning and the very last thing at night.” The amount of Miracle Neutralizer one takes is determined by individual circumstance, body size, sensitivity, etc. For those with small bodies, or who know they are sensitive, seven drops would be a good starting point It is fine to take it straight; or you can dilute it in water. It has very little taste.

Do not take the Neutralizer without also taking the baths. As the internal deposits loosened, it is vital to provide the means of release – the bath. I heard Barbara Brummnal tell of recovering from terminal breast cancer by taking only one ounce, twice a day. Clayton has also told us of a man with bladder cancer, destined for surgery, who took six ounces, twice a day. In three weeks, there was no need for the surgery. He is feeling fine.

Clayton repeatedly tells us, “The life is in the blood. Remove all toxic chemicals from your body and environment. Let the blood become clean. Then, watch the clean blood rebuild all your body parts!” Mary Ann told how Neutralizer got rid of her Valium. And her prescriptions – “After 90 days, I don’t need any medication!” Clayton Tedeton said: Some people prepare the day’s drinking water with one gallon water plus one ounce Neutralizer and one DROP Soap. If you are using Miracle products and not getting the results you want – step it up!

Question: Should I take two ounces Neutralizer every day?

Clayton: Some take as much as three or four ounces two times a day. Work it out. Suzie, in our office, drinks a half bottle a day. We each have to find our own fingerprint – from one teaspoonful to one tablespoonful, and on up. If there is something critically wrong, they hit it heavy the first two or three weeks. We want to peak the immune system.

Question: Take the Neutralizer straight?

Clayton: Yes

Stan: I have been on the products almost a year and I still take two ounces morning and night.

The following instructions were compiled by Dr. Donald Mantell, M.D. at the JAMA Medical Clinic in Sarver, Pa.:

1. Bathing

  • A. Use 1 capful (1/2 ounce) of Regular Soap (Moisturizing Soap if you have dry skin) plus 1 capful (1/2 ounce) of Neutralizer in bathwater. Pour Soap right under faucet to get soap suds. Bathe for 1 hour (30 minutes minimum) 3x per week, i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • B. Showering-Use a dime’s worth of Soap on a wash cloth, enough for your whole body.

2. Shampooing – Attention women! Miracle II Soap will take hair coloring out of your hair and will restore your natural hair color.

3. Brushing Teeth – Spray Neutralizer in mouth, 4 or 5 sprays, swish around mouth, then expectorate. Apply Gel on toothbrush; add 1 or 2 sprays of Neutralizer on Gel plus 1/2 drop of Soap. Brush teeth 2x per day. 4-5 x per month, swallow Gel with Neutralizer and Soap after brushing.

4. Shaving – Spray face with Neutralizer. Apply Gel on face. Optional: add 1 or 2 drops of Soap rub in hands and apply to face for extra lather. Shave with straight edge razor.

5. Underarm Deodorant

  • A. Spray Neutralizer on deodorant crystal. Apply under the arms.
  • B. Break up Deodorant Stone and dissolve in 1 quart Distilled water. Put in spray bottle. Spray under arm every AM.

6. Setting Gel – Use Gel as a setting mousse after shampooing and/or combing hair.

7. Natural Face Lift – Use Gel every night over face and then Skin Moisturizer to keep in place. Go to bed with it on your face, it won’t stain the bed clothes. It will tighten your skin immediately. You will have positive effects on wrinkles within 60 to 90 days.

8. Special Bathing Tip– Leave soapy water in bathtub after bathing. Use 1 or 2 eight oz. cups in toilets to clean commodes and pipes. Soap is a natural degreaser and declogger. Also use soapy water to wash windows, no streaking on furniture or counter tops.

9. Skin Moisturizer – Only greaseless, odor chemical free moisturizer on the market. Use for rough skin on knees and elbows. Use for dry, scaly, flaky, fissured or broken skin, especially when it won’t heal. Also for frostbite and chapped lips. Attention women: wonderful as a base or foundation for make-up.

10. Dandruff and Hair Loss

  • A. Spray Neutralizer over hair then apply Gel before combing or brushing at bedtime.
  • B. 3x per week apply Gel over hair then saturate a wash cloth with Neutralizer and put on head. Cover with a shower cap and go to bed.

11. Carpet Stains

  • A. Spray stain with Neutralizer. Apply Soap over stain. Pull stain out with edge of glass or use the edge of a cardboard, etc. (See list of product applications.)
  • B. Industrial cleansing with carpet cleaner – Add 2 to 10 oz. Soap to 1 gal. of water depending on how dirty the carpet is.

12. Skin Moles, Warts, Skin Tags, Skin Cancer

  • A. Bathe in Soap 3x per week-See#1
  • B. Spray Neutralizer or apply Gel over lesion 2x per day in AM and PM.
  • C. Spray Neutralizer over area nightly. Saturate gauze, band-aid, flannel, cotton with neutralizer. Place over lesion with Gel on it. Tape down with masking tape, Band-Aid, etc. keep on all night while sleeping. Keep doing this until lesion falls off or gets smaller and disappears.
  • D. Drink 7 drops of Neutralizer, 1 drop of Soap in 8 oz. glass of Distilled water. Gradually increase Neutralizer weekly to 1 tsp, then 1 tbs, then 1 oz. daily.

13. Burns– 1st to 3rd degree – Spray Neutralizer and/or apply Gel over burned areas 2x per day in the AM and PM as needed for pain, burning, peeling, etc.

14. Acne

  • A. Bathe in Soap 3x per week-See #1
  • B. Shower with Soap other days-See #1
  • C. Spray Neutralizer or apply Gel to lesions 2x per day in AM and PM
  • D. Apply Gel nightly then saturate gauze, Band-Aid, etc. with Neutralizer and place over lesion with Gel. Cover with Saran wrap or plastic. Tape down and keep on all night while sleeping. Continue until acne is completely cleared up.

15. Oral Use – Everyone should take 7 drops of Neutralizer plus 1 drop of Soap in 8 ounces Distilled water (or juice) in the AM before breakfast. Increase weekly to 1 tsp, then 1 TBS, then 1 oz. of Neutralizer daily. Do not increase the dosage of Soap past 2 or 3 drops per day.

16. Cataracts

A. Apply a few drops of Neutralizer in the affected eye 2x per day in the AM and PM. (If you wish you can use an eye cup.)

B. Nightly or at least 3x per week, rub the Gel from the bridge of the nose over the eye to the edge of the eyelid blending frequently so some of the gel gets into the eye. Saturate a piece of cloth, flannel or cotton, gauze pad, etc. With Neutralizer and place over the eye (or eyes) with gel on it. Cover with Saran wrap or other plastic. Tape down and keep on while sleeping.

17. Glaucoma – See #16

18. Macular Degeneration – See #1

19. Painful Areas:

  • A. Bathe in Soap – See #1
  • B. Spray Neutralizer or use Gel over area 2x per day in AM and PM or as needed.

20. Cleaning Laundry – Use Laundry Ball – You do not need any other laundry soap for stains, presoak as you normally do. Notes: Laundry Ball can also be used for pain. Rub Laundry Ball over painful areas.

21. Plants – Add 1/4 oz (1/2 TBS) Neutralizer to 1/4 oz. Regular Soap to plants to see them flourish. Use a spray bottle. Attention: Do not use Soap by itself, it will kill the plant.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff