Noni: Jevari Oberon

Noni (Morinda citrifolia – Fruit Powder)

Noni is the most universally utilized Polynesian herb, and is found as foundational to most of their traditional herbal formulas. Traditionally, and more recently confirmed by science, by clinical studies, and in use by thousands of delighted customers, Noni is most profound in its relief of arthritis and support of the immune system. It is easier to bolt the antioxidant door than entertain the burglar once he has pried his way inside. Cosmetics are sort of like victim therapy for those who forgot to bolt the door.

Testimonials about easing of hypertension and menstrual cramps abound. With Noni’s marvelous phytonutrients, gastric ulcers are calmed down and stubborn infections fade. Depression and senility are banished to whence they came, and new, remarkably youthful cells replace the feeble ones literally dissolving away. Noni ultimately helps remove old cellular debris and form a solid structural framework for a whole new you. Noni is enzymatically catalytic in its activity, so even seemingly small amounts impact much more massive biochemical activities.

If the molecules comprising your body were likened to soldiers, Noni is a five – star general. One well – spoken command can mobilize the masses. Separately, Noni is also available as an enthusiast’s product on our order form. Noni’s applications to healing, health and performance go all the way back to the ancient Polynesians. They prized the life-energizing qualities of noni so highly they transported the live plants island by island, by canoe, thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean from its native land of Southeast Asia.

Hawaiian and Tahitian cultures value the noni for toning the circulatory and digestive systems, relieving menstrual cramps, arthritis, sprains and injuries. Noni is highly regarded for its ability to improve one’s attitude to a happier, more positive outlook. Noni provides the alkaloid phytonutrient xeronine, and a xeronine precursor called proxeronine-release-enzyme. I am most interested in these phytonutrients and their properties as they may relate to stabilizing fragile enzymatic proteins, which are the carriers of the precious life-force itself.

It is these enzymes which hold the power to normalize renegade or aging cells by transforming them back to their intended perfect form and function, appropriate to their exact location in the body. It is the failure of the body to produce these enzymes at a rate faster than they usually break down, which is at the core of vulnerability to many diseases and biological aging process. An improvement in this area of preserving enzyme-life-energy could help create a big step up in health and vitality -especially over a period of weeks or months, as more and more of the work of the heartier enzymes is put into place where it can be seen and felt.

Noni’s characteristic of supporting removal of old worn-out cells, and replacing them with new ones, is similar in result to green papaya enzyme, aloe vera and pineapple bromelain. This is especially noticeable in event of burns or scarring, including older scars. Globally, Noni sales continue to grow. And those “in-the-know” have come to more clearly understand the significance and advantages of the Maui Noni used in our Exsula Superfoods.

Author: Jevari Oberon