Normalize Your Stress Hormones

Are you happy with your response to stress?


Ever felt road rage?

Angered by co-workers?

Frustrated with a friend’s actions?

If any of this sounds familiar, if your response to stress is not as healthy as you want, then here’s a product that you need:

Encourages a healthy response to physical, emotional and mental stress.

Supports your adrenal glands to normalize cortisol and other stress-related hormones.

Also boosts your feel-good endorphins (hormones), according to a comprehensive review published in the journal of the American Botanical Council.

What you can expect with Rhodiola Root…

  • Normalize adrenal hormones
  • Decrease stress
  • Feel a healthy, stable mood
  • Increase stamina
  • Enhance memory and brain functions
  • Strengthen heart and cardiovascular function
  • Prevent blood clots
  • Boost immune system.

Take a look at our Scientific References.

Rhodiola is an Adaptogen

Adaptogens are a powerful group of herbs. True adaptogens have the following properties, in differing degrees:

  • Produce a nonspecific (total body) response that increases resistance to physical and emotional stress (disease, anxiety, etc.).
  • Have a normalizing effect. Improving function of many body systems.
  • Aid in increasing recovery from debilitating acute and chronic circumstances.
  • Nontoxic, causing no significant side effects.

Rhodiola Root is consistently effective for its ability to help recovery, regeneration and continual well-being.

History of Rhodiola

The fragrant Rhodiola rosea root, also known as Roseroot, has been used throughout history in Iceland, Sweden, France, Russia, and Greece. Popular with the Vikings to enhance mental and physical endurance. This revered adaptogen was included in the first Swedish Pharmacopoeia.

The respected Greek physician Dioscorides discussed the virtues of this root in his De Materia Medica discourse in the first century A.D.

Turn Frustrating Experiences Into Normal Events with Rhodiola Root

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela