Ocean Alchemy Inventor’s Story

As published by “The Art Of Well-Being” Magazine, Summer 2001

My name is Don Nance. Five years ago I was living in Richmond, VA with my older brother Tom. I came home from a business meeting to find him lying on the floor in a pool of blood. I dialed 911. He had been a plane captain on an aircraft carrier during the end of the Vietnam war. There, he contracted Hepatitis-C and it had been eating away at his liver ever since. This liver dysfunction had caused constriction of the blood vessels along his esophagus and they had ruptured. A doctor at the ER was barely able to save him. A few months later this reoccurred. After a lengthy hospital stay, where they had run every test known to them, they had concluded that his liver had been so badly damaged that they had to put him on a waiting list for a transplant.

His skin was badly jaundiced. He had lost a tremendous amount of weight and his liver was no longer capable of taking part in making the blood that he needed. His blood count (specifically H & H) would fall down to 3 (should be 16) every two or three months and I would have to carry him, literally, into hospital for infusions. During this period of time, I felt my own strength and energy wither. I thought that this was due to the stress of the situation with Tom. But, I kept getting worse. I came down to Greensboro to see a friend who was an Iridologist named Peter Seiler. He made it clear that I needed to see a colon specialist. He even told me exactly where the ‘problem’ was. I consulted a specialist in Richmond.

After arthroscopic procedures and many other tests the medical professionals concluded that I had advanced colon cancer and that I needed immediate surgery. My condition was worsening daily and then my kidneys decided to fail. A few days in the hospital and I was back home again. I had made the decision not to let them perform a major resection. I had decided to follow a different path. I had previously been given a video tape of a gentleman named David Hudson. He had made a discovery that I would soon learn dated back thousands of years. In fact, predated recorded history. My condition had now become desperate. Tom’s insurance had long since canceled on him. We had gone through his savings and now mine. Neither of us were able to get out of bed for any length of time, let alone work. This was a dark time.

I was able to contact some people who had the material that David Hudson had discovered. They sent it to Tom and I and we began ingesting this elixir at a rate of 2 teaspoons per day. Mr. Hudson had been researching a material that was a byproduct of his hobby. A gold mining operation in Arizona. He was a millionaire and didn’t mind investing his money in discovering what this white powder was that was interfering with his gold recovery. 12 Years later, he had discovered that this material was gold, rhodium and iridium in a monatomic form. That is, it was not metal-bonded. This was the singular, atomic, true elemental form of these materials. He discovered that this was the case for all of the platinum-group elements on the periodic table. That the beautiful but rare, shiny metallic gold was actually a fallen, low energy state of the monatomic form.

He further discovered that these elements are abundant in nature. They are in aloe vera, carrots, watercress, grapes and grape seeds, and also that a full 5% of pig and calf brain ashes are made up of this material. He also discovered that these elements are in every living thing and everything that has ever been alive. The plot thickened when some physicists that he had hired discovered that these elements are room temperature superconductors. Simultaneously, the US Government (Naval Research Lab) discovered that our bodies literally communicate on a cellular level through a quantum resonance phenomena and this could only be accomplished if there were body temperature superconductors in every cell of our bodies. This is all still quite unknown to the professional medical community!

Now, just to make matters interesting, a friend of Mr. Hudson handed him a book on Alchemy. He refused it but changed his mind when he was told that it referenced a “white powder of gold.” During his subsequent research he made discoveries which led him to trace the writings of the Bible, ancient Egypt, esoteric writings of ancient philosophers and learned men. The references that he found pointed to this material being the most ancient medicine. It had been called “The Golden Tear From the Eye of Horus” by the Egyptians, also “The Food of the Gods.” The Hebrews called it the Manna, which translates into “What then is it?” References to this are well documented within the Dead Sea scrolls, specifically, The Papyrus of Ani as translated by Budge, the curator of the British Museum of Archaeology.

This then, was only a new discovery to our modern science. The Alchemists have called it The Philosopher’s Stone. Its attributes are well documented in the Alchemical texts. It cures and perfects the Body, Mind and Spirit. It is how our cells communicate with each other, with our DNA and how our Energy Bodies are fed. This material is the food for our Energy/light bodies. The link between our physicality and our consciousness. We have been without this natural form of nourishment for centuries now. We had been ingesting this material, called M-3, which contained 70% rhodium, 15 % iridium and 15% gold, in the monatomic form, now for several months. Tom was slowly getting stronger and had not needed a blood infusion now for 4 months. A good sign.

I had not been feeling any effects from it until one day, after exactly two months of ingestion, I woke up from my sleep and literally felt ten years younger. I got out of bed that day and have been out of it ever since. After three months of ingestion I was feeling great, as if I had never been ill. My fatigue syndrome was gone and had noted several other parts of my being changing. Tom had regained his skin color, his energy, and it was now 5 months since he had needed blood. A sure sign of greatly improved liver function! We consumed this material for a total of 4 months. It has now been 2 years since Tom has needed blood. His skin tone is normal and he is now working full time. He is a carpenter.

The doctors ran the same tests on me again and they came back normal. No cancer. I feel fine. In fact, better that I did when I was 30. I am 45 years old now. When I was ill, I looked to be in my 70’s. The Spiritual effects of the Manna were subtle at first. A more pronounced desire to do the right thing. An increased intuitive ability and pronounced sessions of astral projection, an a “space” which greatly enhances meditations and prayer, to name just a few. These are, however, beyond the scope of this introductory article. Shortly after I had completed my ingestion of the Manna. I was invited to learn to make it. These people are very secretive and extremely generous.

I have now mastered the art of making the Manna by several methods and from many sources. I make it from ocean water, Great Salt Lake water, Dead Sea water, from minerals and from the black sand that is assayed to contain 70% rhodium, 15% iridium and 15% gold. My teachers asked only one thing of me. To teach those who would learn to make this. I have now taught dozens of people and am hosting workshops in the Greensboro area. It has been a pleasure to do this. This is the path that life has led me to. This is where I place my feet. Getting sick and nearly dying was the best thing that ever happened to me! They have asked me to teach. I smile. This was not much to ask. These people literally gave me new life.

I thank them… and I thank you for listening. Love, joy and abundance,

~Don Nance

Author: Don Nance