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Organic Silica and Aloe

Deep Detoxification

Combining Aloe Vera and Organic Silica in a single product delivers unique benefits, enhancing the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, cleanse the liver and improve the digestive system. Because of its chelating function, the combination improves the ability to remove heavy metals accumulated in the body. It is estimated the concentration of heavy metals in our body has increased between 400 and 700 times in the last 50 years. These metals are accumulating in fat, connective tissue and bones. They are not easily eliminated, so are permanent and cumulative. The toxins are highly harmful and damaging as they act against the healthy cells of your body.

The Aloe Vera contains germanium, a trace element with many health benefits. Germanium stimulates cellular purification and regenerates cell functions. Germanium is water soluble, therefore is easily absorbed by the body. Any excess is expelled through the urine, carrying off heavy metals out of the body. Aloe Vera is an excellent cleanser that helps blood purification. Its high choline content helps treat liver diseases. It prevents fat accumulation in the liver, thus avoiding fatty liver problems. This cleansing process helps eliminate many toxins, resulting in a thorough liver cleaning. Choline is useful in the prevention of liver diseases such as cirrhosis and cancer or other liver degradation caused by toxins.

Organic silicon improves liver function and helps toxin elimination in general (for example, a high level of alcohol in blood is quickly eliminated by the liver). Silicon also has a protective role in our body against heavy metals. More specifically, silicon prevents aluminum absorption by the digestive system and resists the adverse effects aluminum would otherwise cause in your body. [Daniel Commenges et al, 1990]. Silicon concentrations in the kidneys assist in aluminum elimination thus avoiding its accumulation in the body.

Aluminum, much like other heavy metals, has negative health effects. It has been associated with mental disorders, mainly Alzheimer’s. Due to increased environmental pollution, aluminum is present in our food and water. Silicon level is inversely proportional to the amount of aluminum in our body, so the higher the silicon concentration is in our body, the less aluminum concentration it contains. Regular intake of organic silica helps to improve body defenses and protects against external invasions, pathogens and pollutants. Our blood and our general health are improved by the action of both, organic silicon and Aloe vera. Aloe should be extracted by natural cold process without pasteurization.


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