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ORMUS and Pregnancy

ORMUS and Pregnancy

ORMUS and Pregnancy

Quoting from an e-mail written by Kim, 13 Jul 2004:

I am writing to you because I feel after reading through your site (subtle energies) that you might possibly want some feedback on my experience. My Husband Chad has been interested in ORMUS/M-State products for several months and I have to say that I’m more skeptical than he is when it comes to believing in alternative treatments, products, etc – anything really. My beliefs have almost always been centered around what can be proven and seen, so to speak. I was even chastised as a child by the Nuns at my school because I wouldn’t admit to believing in God. 🙂

When Chad told me about the ORMUS products and M-State he was very vague and didn’t talk about energy, healing, spirituality. I believe the word he used was Power. Well, I don’t really crave power, if it comes along great but I’m more interested in healing my body, spirit, energy, etc. After he began taking the products, I asked him what it felt like/did and he just said he felt very calm, connected, focused, energized. He had at that time told me about the healing aspects as well. I agreed that after the pregnancy I would be willing to try some of these products.

A little bit more background on me first.

After our first baby, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Moderate Depression and Anxiety. I went on various types of Herbal Supplement programs, yeast cleanse, exercise, chiropractic care and experienced improvement in the physical aspect but the anxiety and depression were still an issue. I finally broke down and went on Antidepressants and this was the only thing that made a significant change in the depression/anxiety, but of course with horrid side effects. I stopped taking them when I became pregnant again. Now since becoming pregnant again all of these conditions have worsened and I have a few more health issues.

The day that I took the Zynergy for me was an act of desperation (almost). I have been sick for so long and I was in the process of drinking some apple cider vinegar and just happened to come across the bottle and it was almost like it spoke to me. I took the lowest recommended dosage and within minutes, I felt a significant difference in my energy level and my physical being. Now I’ve taken it a few times since then but not for several days and am being very cautious. I’ve been taking a product called Zynergy by ZPTech. I felt that the effect was extremely positive and nothing about it said “bad”.

I asked Chad more about it and he said he would post some questions to the forums asking if anyone else had ever taken it while pregnant or knew anything about it. We just ordered a new supply of Zynergy and I will most likely continue taking it in very small doses and only when I feel like it’s necessary. I must say that I’m very connected to my body (I knew I was pregnant within days) and will not take anything if the baby or my energy is against it. I took 2 doses of 3 drops the first and second day and 1 dose of 3 drops the third day (haven’t taken any since).

The experience as a whole has been that I feel as if I’m living in the present, it’s a very calming, energizing experience. I’m able to just “Be”. I sleep better than I have in years and my physical being just feels better. I actually felt that it healed my legs (not sure of this effect since I haven’t taken a significant amount since the second day) and that I was able to walk better. My husband thinks that the change in me is significant and my daughter’s response to me is very noticeable as well. She hugs me a lot now! 🙂 I’ll keep you posted as I go, I’m in my 32nd week so I’m pretty far along now.

Thanks for the informative site and the forums, I’ll keep reading.

Kim F.

Quoting from an e-mail written by Chad F., (1 year later), 13 Jun 2005:

I feel compelled to write to you and relay some experiences regarding my daughter, who is now 9 months old. I want to update those who might have been interested in the outcome. You may or may not remember me, and/or the conversation thread that spawned a very passionate debate sometime last year. My name is Chad, and I used to be a subscriber to the ORMUS email list. I took a break from the list when things started to take a negative turn (a couple of the members were acting in a negative fashion, and I took a break from the list for a while.) I haven’t rejoined, yet, but I wanted to tell you about my daughter, who received ORMUS while in her mother’s womb.

The topic that spawned the debate was related to my wife taking ORMUS while pregnant with my 2nd daughter. The product was Zynergy, (containing gold, silver, zindium.) She took Zynergy due to physical and emotional problems that she was enduring, having to do with a pregnancy that was proving to be very tough. Well, she ingested two small bottles of Zynergy over the course of the end of her second trimester and most of the third. Here is what happened… The pregnancy, as I mentioned was tough. Before ingesting any ORMUS, there were physical ailments present, such as hip problems and her sensitivity to allergens made life very difficult, even in a climate controlled environment.

As a last ditch effort to feel any semblance of comfort, she took some of my Zynergy. She immediately felt (almost) complete relief from many of her ailments. She was suffering from chronic headaches, of which immediately went away. Her allergies started to subside, and after a couple days, her hips felt much better. No, it wasn’t a complete recovery, but she felt so much better that she could not think about it without feeling like she wanted to shed tears of joy. Of course, there was the baby and a huge concern that ORMUS might harm the baby, which is why I took the question to the forum. We all know the debate that took place, and after all was said, she decided to continue.

Nothing about it felt wrong, and there were no signals from her intuition telling her that what she was doing would harm the baby. Early in the third trimester, we were given bad news by our doctor. A routine blood test showed numbers that indicated birth defects, which could include Downs syndrome, spina bifida, etc. The very next day, we were scheduled to visit the hospital for a triple screen, which is an ultrasound session where various measurements are taken, such as skull size, femur length, etc.. the goal being to look for physical attributes common with people who have downs syndrome or spina bifida. The results came back “normal”, but we were taken into a room and we spoke to a counselor.

We were informed of our “choices”, of which included more tests, and even abortion. Abortion was out of the question, as even though the ordeal was very stressful for my wife and I, deep down we felt that all was OK. So we told them that we didn’t want any more tests, and would go ahead with the rest of the pregnancy. Two weeks before the due date, my wife called her doctor, complaining of skin rashes, and other ailments that seemed to come out of nowhere. She was asked to come into the clinic for a blood test, which would help to identify any issues with the pregnancy, if there were any.

She went in and took the blood test and was told that she would get a call, probably the next day, with the results. Well, the doctor called that very evening and told us that my wife tested positive for preeclampsia. For those of you who don’t know, Preeclampsia is a disorder that occurs only during pregnancy and the postpartum period and affects both the mother and the unborn baby. Affecting at least 5-8% of all pregnancies, it is a rapidly progressive condition characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine. We were told that she would be induced that very next morning. The next morning, we went to the hospital, checked in, and my wife was induced.

She gave birth to our daughter twenty minutes after midnight with a very healthy baby girl. One thing the doctor noted that seemed very odd to her was the size of the placenta. It was nearly three times the size of an average placenta, and it was so big that it didn’t fit into the container (not even close) that is used to store them in for disposal. They had to look around for something else to contain it. I asked the doctor if she’d ever seen anything like it, and why it was so large. She said that she had never seen a placenta as large as the one that was in my wife’s womb, but her theory was that if it hadn’t been as large as it was, the baby likely would have suffered complications.

Apparently, what the earlier blood test checks (the test that had us wondering about birth defects) was how much nutrition was able to pass through the placenta, in order to nourish the baby. Because the placenta wasn’t working at peak potential, it simply grew larger in order to accommodate the baby on what parts of it wasn’t able to do. Almost as if the placenta was intelligent enough to adjust to adverse conditions in order to keep the baby 100% healthy, even up to making itself larger… I still don’t understand the whole thing, but the doctor herself seemed pretty dumbfounded. Today, all is better than well.

The baby is now nine months old, and I must say, that I haven’t seen a baby like her before. I have been around plenty of babies, and this is my second daughter, so I’ve had the chance to raise an infant before this one. However, this one seems different. She radiates love like no other living being that I’ve ever known. She has a smile that would melt the coldest heart and thin the thickest calluses of resentment. It is simply impossible to be angry or irritated with her, no matter what she does. It’s almost impossible to be angry or feel any negative emotion, just being in the same room with her.

Her way of communication is different then that of other babies I’ve seen, including my firstborn. She doesn’t talk yet, (outside of a couple words she says) but she somehow gets her point across. When she needs something, I rarely miss the target. There are no guessing games with her, as she is somehow able to convey her needs without the ability to speak. Best of all, she connects with people. She initiates and maintains long and intense eye contact with those around her (it almost feels like she’s reading you), and if you don’t look directly into her eyes, she will move or position herself in front of you so she can meet your eyes. She almost requires that sort of connection, and when she gets it, it is no less that hypnotizing.

Anyway, I have never met a more extraordinary being.
Blessings, Chad F.

Author: Barry Carter

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