ORMUS Oils and Lotions

Our ORMUS Oils are made from a proprietary process which had their origins dating back as many as 5000 years ago. These origins were referenced in the Bible, the Indian Ayurveda and in the Alchemy of many cultures. After many years of research and development we have been able to bring those ancient practices into the 21st century. Our ORMUS Oils are made with only the finest imported, organic oils available. They are cold-pressed and never heated to assure optimum benefit. All of my oils are enhanced with ORMUS through my alchemical processes. Specific essential oils are then added to create focused ORMUS Oils with that extra level of intention and resonance to address specific needs. In addition to acting topically, the ORMEs in our ORMUS Oils are transdermally absorbed into your body, strengthening your Light Body and therefore, your connection to Source. Some have called it magic!

Oils Extracted From Seeds

Most oils are extracted from the seeds of plants. The seeds contain all the life force of the plant inside it, the entire blueprint for the adult plant. It has so much life potential contained within: life force, immortality and a lot of ORMUS! So, I take oils that naturally have ORMUS, life force and immortality energies, then enhance the ORMUS content through my alchemical proprietary processes. Then you apply these ORMUS oils to your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and anything you put on it gets absorbed into your bloodstream and carried to your cells. Your skin is the means of communication between the inner and outer worlds. ORMUS Oils have an energetic effect with your aura, increasing its field.

The skin is the means of communication between the “in here” and the “out there.” ORMUS Oils have an energetic effect with the aura, increasing the auric field. In addition to acting topically, the ORMEs in my ORMUS Oils are transdermally absorbed into the body, strengthening the Light Body and therefore, our connection to Source. There is no wrong way to use ORMUS Oils! One can also simply apply ORMUS Oils (or Lotions) anywhere on the skin and the ORMUS and essential oils are transdermally absorbed into, and spread throughout, the physical and energetic bodies to do their work.

This works especially well when you want to concentrate on a specific place on the body, such as massaging ORMUS Oil directly on a sore muscle or joint. You may also choose to use the ORMUS Oils or Lotions in rituals or to enhance meditation. Find what works for YOU – this allows you to use the ORMUS in the way that best benefits you and your unique needs, providing you with an opportunity to learn to listen to your own body and Higher Self, which ORMUS helps to facilitate. ORMUS interacts directly with your aura, and also is transdermally absorbed into your body, into every cell, increasing effective cell-to-cell communication and strengthening your light body.

In addition to ORMUS, different oils have different beneficial physical properties, which work synergistically with the ORMUS properties. High-quality base oils, chosen carefully for their affinity with different m-state elements, are infused with ORMUS, using techniques in a magical sequence over a long period of time. This entices the ORMEs from the original source into the oil, and energizes the ORMEs. No chemicals are ever used in the making of ORMUS Oils! They are created through a natural, magical process, the same process that was most likely used by the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians.

Alchemical Processes

All alchemical processes are performed with “Intention for the Highest Good for All”. ORMUS is created in three worlds at once: the spiritual, the elemental, and the material. The goal of alchemy is to transform base or common materials into pure or rare. Put another way, alchemy can be considered to be the transmutation of matter into spirit. To transmute matter into light means to raise its vibrational frequency, from a base, mundane state (low frequency, dense, slow matter) to a pure exalted state (high frequency, high energy light). Alchemy is performed in three worlds at once: the spiritual, the elemental, and the material. I always enlist my Highest Self, Divine Source, the elementals, and the Devas and nature intelligences of the material I am working with, to assist me in the ceremony of manifesting ORMUS.

All processes are performed with Intention for the Highest Good for all. High-quality base oils, chosen carefully for their affinity for different m-state elements, are infused with ORMUS using succession techniques in a magical sequence over a long period of time. Succession entices the ORMEs from the original source into the oil and at the same time energizes the ORMEs into a high spin state by creating a vortex that charges the Meissner field around the ORME atoms. ORMUS oils made from a metallic starting material, such as the Infinity ORMUS. Oil made from pure copper, require additional techniques. Copper metal is first disaggregated and energized into its high spin ORMUS state through an ancient Fire Alchemy technique of repeated calcining and grinding over several days.

Once all of the copper metal has been transmuted into m-state copper ORMUS, the base oil is then infused with the ORMEs as described above. I continue this Great Work today, transmuting matter of metals into their exalted light state, where they are used to build up your immortal light body, to achieve spiritual and physical perfection. This exalted material is called ORMUS, and its effects are increased spiritual perception and psychic abilities, the balancing of the left and right hemispheres of your brain, a higher perception of reality as interconnected and whole, and awakening the kundalini for a full incarnation of higher dimensional forces and energies, thereby strengthening and healing your etheric and physical bodies.

ORMUS Oils and Lotions Balance Chakras

Reality is a sea of living energy, vibrating at various levels of frequency. Any issues in your outer life reflect issues in your consciousness – physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Any issues in consciousness have its roots in your energy field and chakras. So changing what is “out there” depends on clearing and healing discordance at the vibrational level of the energy system and chakras. Everything is energy and energy is transformable. So let’s do a little Energy Alchemy!

What are Chakras?

Chakras are small vortexes in the etheric body whose job is to absorb and distribute Prana, the Life Force, to the etheric and physical bodies, and to link physical consciousness to higher dimensional consciousness. As Prana enters the chakras, they begin to spin. The more the chakras can assimilate Prana – the more open and unblocked they are – the faster the chakras spin, and the greater the access to higher consciousness. Once all of the chakras are open and spinning and assimilating the maximum amount of Prana, then the dormant Kundalini energy coiled at the base of the spine is awakened.

Kundalini Energy is feminine Goddess energy and when it rises up to the crown chakra to unite with the unlimited potential of the masculine God energy, their union gives birth to awareness of the multidimensional you. This is the divine marriage where the union of Spirit and Matter is consummated and you become fully aware of your True Self and your Divine Purpose to the maximum extent, while still incarnate in a physical body. However, in order for the latent Kundalini energy to rise up the spinal cord without harm, our male and female energies must be balanced, and our chakras must be clear.

These ORMUS Oils have been created to help you to clear and balance the seven chakras within you. Anytime we repress or suppress our thoughts and feelings about particular experiences, the corresponding chakra can become blocked, impeding universal energy flow. This can lead to disease in the physical body. However, we can work with the chakras through meditation and with ORMUS and essential oils to unblock and balance them to allow the universal healing energy to flow so that we are whole and connected to the Divine and our Higher Self.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff