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Lina Kennedy talks with Scott Paton about pain relief and the power of your mind.

Comforté is the only all-natural pain relief cream for all natural transparentmenstrual cramps. It uses ingredients straight from the earth, plants, oils and extracts, and is based on a remedy that has been relieving pain for women in an African village for centuries.

Comforté contains only five all-natural ingredients:

Calotropis Procera is a flowering giant milkweed that’s native to Africa and Asia, and has been used medicinally for centuries. Its benefits include fighting infections and possibly shrinking tumors. It has been called “a golden gift for human kind”. In Comforté, its anti-inflammatory powers help ease the pain of cramps. The Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences has reported the results of studies showing Calotropis Procera more effective than the anti-inflammatory drug Phenylbutazone (PBZ).

Carapa Procera
is a tree that grows in Tropical Africa and Northern South America. The oil extracted from its nuts is a powerful analgesic, and helps Comforté provide pain relief in minutes, sometimes even instantly. In addition to relieving the pain of menstrual cramps, Carapa Oil also helps provide relief for people suffering from arthritis, joint pain, and other chronic types of pain. It’s even been effective for treating wounds, along with excema and other skin conditions.

And more…

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) honors Lina Kennedy as a 2015-2016 inductee into its VIP Woman of the Year Circle. She is recognized with this prestigious distinction for leadership in esthetics. NAPW is the nation’s leading networking organization exclusively for professional women, boasting more than 850,000 members and over 200 operating Local Chapters.

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