Plain Soap Teeth Brushing

Being a 42 year old man with over 20 years of dental issues, in particular gum bleeding, retraction, receding, loosening back teeth, and severe periodontal disease in my back molars, who was told that implants were not an option without a huge improvement in my gums and the underlying bone density, as the gum disease had caused severe bone loss in my jaw bones, I want to offer a story of hope: I have always had a huge fear of dentists and had avoided them for over 20 years. I finally took myself into a sleep dentistry dentist (I absolutely recommend it!), had the necessary work done after the initial examinations had confirmed my worst fears about my gum health. So began an intensive web search to find out more and alternate therapies. I landed on Dr. Judd’s bar soap remedy for gum disease and reactivation of re-enamelization of teeth. Reading up on what Fluoride does to gums and pulling them away from teeth, leaving them vulnerable to periodontal infection, combined with the reading about the glycerin in toothpaste coating the teeth and preventing re-enamelization naturally, I started brushing with only a soft toothbrush, gently, and thoroughly, after swiping the brush several times on a bar of soap.


I brush my gums holding the soft brush like a pen, thoroughly sweep my tongue, top and sides, and the roof of my mouth. I switched to Ivory quickly and kept it up twice a day for one month. When I went back for a follow-up, my dentist was amazed by the condition of my gums, the improvement was startling, actually beyond startling. No more bleeding, no more swollen redness and puffiness, no more bad breath, and my gums began to scallop again around my teeth. They haven’t gone back to their original positions high up the teeth as they were when I was young, but they have solidly and firmly packed themselves around my teeth and are tightly scalloped around them now. My gums, and teeth, were looking and feeling much healthier and I knew it. My dentist confirmed it excitedly in his subdued way. Two months later on another follow-up, I was told that we should begin talking about implants for my pulled molars, if that was something I wanted to do. I do not, but knowing the option is now available made my spirits soar because of the health improvement it implied. I’ve kept up the bar soap brushing and will never stop.

My gums are light pink – I mean that healthy glowing pink I never thought would ever be possible for me again, and very tight and perfectly scalloped around my teeth. The transformation is without exaggeration so remarkable that others are asking me what I’ve done. I stopped using fluoride toothpastes period and threw them all out. I still floss every day, but gently, and use a small pipe-cleaner-like brush to clean between the larger gaps (gets particles you would never know were there), and brush diligently, thoroughly, but softly with my bar soap. I can truly say that I’ve fallen on my knees to thank God for the transformation – it is a miracle to me – and I emphatically recommend this to anyone who can’t stop the deterioration of their gums and teeth with regular methods. I’ve told many people and some have begun doing the same. Others say: “Soap? No way! That tastes awful!”…to me it doesn’t at all… and …a small bonus is that one wakes up with no morning mouth film either. I’ve learned that I’ve had to ‘unlearn’ almost everything I grew up believing to be true for good gum and tooth health. It’s a shock and I’m no maverick… but honestly, it works so well that I’m unabashedly shouting it out to any who will listen. And I’m so pleased to experience that most will listen and read up on it themselves. Thank you for reading! Matt

Posted by: Matt Paulsen on October 23, 2004

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Author: Matt Paulsen