Podcast 003: Exsula Superfoods – Part 1

Discussion about the virtues of Martin’s favorite products – Exsula Superfoods at Life Enthusiast. If you are passionate about all-natural health food products that inspire vitality, well-being and great nutrition, you will want to check out this Podcast.

Exsula Superfoods are intended to help you make responsible and informed eating choices, to achieve the health and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. We understand how difficult it can be in this day and age, to eat properly.  Adequate nutrition is just not available in supermarket’s imported foods.

Exsula Superfoods are made from organic and wild-crafted sources, blended to retain the raw nutrients. These formulas contain so many nutritional compounds (vitamins, enzymes, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and more) that normally can only be obtained through eating live whole foods. I don’t know of any other product that is as nutritionally dense.

Podcast 003: Exsula Superfoods – Part 1

Scott: We’ve had number of people asking about how Life Enthusiast Co-op started and since we’re really in the beginnings of our podcasts I thought that a little bit of the history and the values of the company and the co-op is based on would be really good information for all our listeners

Martin: I’d love to review that. Life Enthusiast Co-op started on July 4, 1989. Jevari Oberon launched Life Enthusiast Co-op with his first and only product, Excela . He evolved the product over several years from Excela to Premium, Advancium, Gold, Ultima and Iridesca.  All these products came over the space of about seven years between 1989 and 1996 Jevari launched the original business as a network marketing company and it was an organic movement fuelled by enthusiasts.

The company did really well.  At its peak in 1993 it was selling about $500,000 per month and had 72 employees. Customers were singing praises of his great super food. FDA was given a mandate to interfere with many successful natural foods businesses.  Dr. Jonathan Wright was one of the targeted people.  His Tahoma clinic was just north of Life Enthusiast Co-op’s offices. I am not sure if we got on the list just because we were not far from there.

They did find something. If you can believe, we used some government research on a particular brochure to support a recommendation to eat an ingredient. That was an illegal use or at least not correct use of government produced information to promote a product and that led to a cease-and-desist order to stop selling the product.

We have it written up in greater detail in our website in the company history pages. It was quite sad because the network marketers, the big guns that we had at that point, just bailed they left and moved out, and so the company just went into a downward spiral so to speak in over the next four, five years it just simply crashed it just went out of business, and it was quite sad, because we have a lot people who were very committed to the products and the products are really unique and away these days I get at least one or two calls a week when somebody calls… I Googled Exsula Superfoods . I found you. I am so excited I have been all over the world looking for something at least comparable to what you guys were making that I cannot find how is that possible that your product so much better and I would chuckle because I know.

The main reason really is how we produce its the most care and attention to detail we preserve all of the nutrients in the process of mailing and we micronize it to a very fine size so that your nutrient system can get all of the nutrients that are contained in the ingredients for years in the second part of the secret is that the ingredients produces top-notch high-class high end stuff.

Scott: So how do you, how do you find those products?

Martin: This is all Jevari’s work is who’s been at it since the mid-70s. He’s had quite the ordeal actually most of the life enthusiast co-op staff has had one or another health problem to bars was a severe toxicity.  He got toxic in his farm worked as a young lad view was spreading on pesticide and herbicide and in carrying aluminum pipes irrigation land.  It was very toxic and he became extremely allergic to the point he was essentially sitting in his room praying to God saying “Either give me a solution or take me out of here.  I don’t want more of this”, and actually he got his answer, be he was given the formula.  And so got a dream states, he was given a basics of how to formulate the a super food and within 12 days of having started taking his formula he became allergy free and it was a major breakthrough.  That’s what he launched the company from the products actually help the immune system to restore its proper function.  Stop attacking itself.

Scott: That sounds a lot like being at peace with yourself.

Martin: Yes, I believe so, this has to do with the cellular function, when your body is toxic the immune system is very confused and attacks with the invaders and attacks itself and.  That’s what leads to these horrendous, allergy problems, allergies are on the rise they are a becoming so common.  So prevalent even with children, that is just so, and you see the advertisements on television and radio for a anti-histamines people just think that’s common, but it shouldn’t be.

Scott: So Exsula Superfoods really revolutionized his life and I assume your life is well Martin.

Martin: Definitely, I was one of the Exsula  customers since early 1990s, and it helped me tremendously. My stories on the website as well like I poisoned with a mercury through dental amalgam fillings that a probably well-meaning dentist installed in my mouth.  So how my body was falling apart terribly and I was suffering with allergies and Exsula Superfoods  helped me in a tremendous way. So there we were in the 1990s, it was just going great guns, and then all of a sudden stop half-step.  So when I came back to the health and wellness business to start with the internet in my back pocket.  In 2001.  I contacted Javari of us at one of the nice if we started this company again and he agreed wholeheartedly to so we’ve been working for five years now, slowly building up to a more respectable stage where we can afford to make larger quantities of the products and we have started redeveloping, redesigning, updating from for instead of the 1989 models, we are putting out 2006 models, with the additional 17 years of experience.  So for instance we’re just releasing the Exsula  premium. And Jevari if I knew then what I know, now that’s what I would’ve made so the Exsula  premium is out and it’s well in luck.  Just this week we have rereleased StrataFlora a product that’s designed to restore the bowel function.

Scott: Tell us a little bit about because I’ve heard about the Flora in the bowel and everything else and how important it is, but I don’t really understand it.

Martin: Well it’s quite complicated, but here’s how it goes. In your intestine, you have about as much bacteria as other creatures if you lay your arm across your real you know from your hand all with your elbow,  the weight and the volume would be about the size of the creatures that are living in your intestines. These creatures are supposed to be in certain ratios.  You know, it’s the beneficial flora, the right guys versus the wrong right and the wrong guys, the intestinal flora are supposed to manage extraction of nutrients from all the food that’s coming through, but it can be damaged and much like in a forest that is damaged by droughts or by chemical acid rain or who knows what else environmental influences.  The flora can do damage and start to be dysfunctional, it’s called dysbiosis and when you get dysbiosis, the bowel movements become irregular.  You either get constipation, chronic constipation, or you get chronic diarrhea, depending on which way the damage goes and the damage, you know, chlorinated water, just drinking chlorinated water is a huge trouble. Imagine, the chlorine that’s added to you’re drinking water is added there to kill bacteria. Well guess what, when you drink it, it kills the bacteria inside of you.

Scott: And it doesn’t tell a difference between the good ones and bad ones.

Martin: The sad thing is that the good guys are more fragile little that is so good guys die first. The second thing that’s really damaging to this is antibiotics, when they’re prescribed antibiotics, it’s a sure fire way to kill off the intestinal flora. Now you’re told to repopulate it with yogurt or some other cultured milk products.  But that often is not sufficient to actually put it back together and it’s very common for people to start getting yeast infections, over gross of yeast is a sure sign of dysfunctional intestinal flora and stars of the symptoms are far and wide, but they all start with irregular and not properly functioning intestinal action.  If you don’t have one or two, and preferably three bowel movements every day that are soft and easy to go out there and you have a problem.  It should be something like this should be a going in, sitting down with a one or two breaths you should have something easy leaving you and that’s it.

Scott: And I guess you know, some people might say oh that’s a little gross, but really, this is a good way for you to tell how your body’s working and getting feedback two or three times a day, if not in a more or less on how our body is working in attack parts not working.  Then you got the sewer system in your body that’s poisoning you.

Martin: Yes, if it’s moving to slowly what you have is a buildup of the mucus dishes on the intestinal walls.  And it’s just sitting there, sometimes for years, people find it hard to believe but here’s an example for it when the John Wayne the famous actor John Wayne died, in his autopsy, they found 60 pounds off stuff in his bile, so if you see men typically men, with a big protruding belly…

Scott: That doesn’t mean it’s all fat.

Martin: Most of it, especially if it’s hard is the large intestine just loaded with stuff. I want to repeat. If you’re drinking chlorinated water you’re killing your good flora everyday.  If you’re taking antibiotics, your definitely have to restore and repopulate and there are all kinds of products on the market of course, you know anybody who’s been to a health food store knows that there are lactobacillus and some other useful wonderful products on the market. The cheaper products provide the microbes that are not self colonizing, that’s an important word, self colonizing ones will when you start them they will execute programs on their own.  Where as the supplements that are lots that way you will have to supplement them for the rest of your life in order to keep it going.  And there are products on the market like to hang what are so here we have this relaunch of Strata flora. What we are telling people is, if you haven’t had your bowel restored take one bottle and consume it in about a month and you’ll see the difference after that you can go on maintenance, so one bottle will last three or four months.

Scott: You know, that’s a really very simple easy way to solve a major problem that people have because when you’re looking at health they have no energy or their body aches or pain and these are all symptoms of not getting the proper nutrients into your body in the first part of doing that is by having, we need those good bacteria and the good things in our body and that plant life growing in our stomach so that it can do the breakdown of the stuff so that we can get the stuff that we need out of it and so take 30 days and try the strata flora and see if you don’t see a huge difference because we know, I know I haven’t taken out when I’m on some of the Exsula Superfoods now and i feel much more energetic much much better than I did before I always felt safe and I looked after myself and felt good, but it’s gotten to the next level.

Martin: Yeah that is exactly the point Scott, when you start taking top-quality ingredients it’s like putting high-octane fuel your car and you know, you didn’t think it was going to badly, but then you put the good stuff and then you have this extra power.

Scott: Well this seems like a good place to wrap up this podcast Martin and maybe before we go, what can people expect in our next one.

Martin: Oh, I’d love to talk some more about the Exsula Superfoods.  I’d like to tell you about, how often you’ll be able to take most of the nutrients coming into your body through perfect digestion.  I’ll tell you what you can get them to start feeding with the octane fuel.

Scott: So that’s what’s coming up next time more on super foods and a high-octane fuel for your body.  We appreciate you taking your time out of your busy day to spend it with us if you’ve got any questions please head over to life enthusiast.podomatic.com, leave the questions there or some comments and other issues that you like us to deal with in future podcasts and if you’re interested in finding out more about strata flora and some of the other Exsula Superfoods  products, head over to life-enthusiast.com.

You’ll get a lots of information about all the different products that Martin and the life enthusiast co-op  talk about. Until next time this is Scott Paton and Martin Pytela  bringing vitality to you and the planet.

Author: Martin Pytela