Podcast 007: Energized Water, Food and Space

Enhance your health by simply structuring – or Energizing – your water.

This allows for enhancement of your health. How does this happen? It all comes from the restructuring – or Energizing – of your water, which allows you to neutralize energy blocks and balance the energy of the aura that is all around you.

Discover portable peace of mind. You’ll find you can achieve a quieter, more peaceful mind and greater health than you ever imagined.

The difference between tap water and Energized Water should be obvious. Energized Water has molecules in their original, abundant, life-giving form. It is structurally designed to be absorbed and put to use by the body on a cellular level. Energized Water is what keeps us energized, vibrant and alive.

This type of water is common in nature. However, since we are stuck with commercial tap or bottled water, Life Enthusiast offers spectacular products that can return this water to its original, hydrating, life-giving state.

Podcast 007: Energized Water, Food and Space

Topic: Electromagnetic Pollution. Energized/Sturctured Water
Products: ADR Protect, ADR 3, ADR 4.

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody. This is the Life Enthusiast Co-op podcast. I am Scott Paton your co-host along with Martin Pytela restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Hi Martin. How are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: Hello Scott. Great. Thanks. You?

Scott Paton: Excellent. Excellent. So, we talked in our last podcast about our body being like 70% water and so, you sort of think of it as an ocean and stuff sloshing around and all that sort of stuff and it occurred to me as we were getting ready to talk today that we actually… like the air that we move through is also like an ocean of radio waves and TV waves and also electromagnetic waves. We have got electric currents running through our walls and they put off electromagnetic energies and all the rest. So, we are actually swimming in a soup that didn’t exist 200 or 300 years ago, when you think about it, right? Like in the Dark Ages, they didn’t have TVs, they didn’t have cell phones, they didn’t have all these things and I was really amazed when I went into a hospital; quite a few years ago, my son had broken his arms skateboarding and as soon as you walk in the door, it says, “Turn off your cell phone, because some of the equipment is so sensitive that your cell phone will disrupt it,” and I thought… I am looking around and I am surrounded by walls, right? I don’t see any sensitive equipment and I am thinking if a cell phone can disrupt some sensitive equipment that they are using to help somebody get better, what is it doing to my body. I do not have a cell phone right and people say why don’t you have a cell phone? Well, my fiancée has a cell phone. I am not going to tell her to get rid of it, but if I need it, I will borrow it, right, but I am on a cell phone like once every two weeks for 30 seconds, not that I am paranoid or anything, but I recognize that we are surrounding ourselves with all these forces that we really don’t understand.

Martin Pytela: Well, you put your finger on… it can… a very significant portion of our environment, which is the electromagnetic fields that we operate in. Originally, a while back, the earth had a much stronger magnetic field. For some reason, there is a cycle of about 200,000 years, the magnetic field of the Earth goes from fairly strong to fairly weak; in fact it flips. The polarity of the Earth flips. What used to be called North Pole becomes the South Pole and we are heading into such a flip soon. I don’t know in geological terms, what soon means; it means in our lifetime or in the next 1000 years? The cycle is about 200,000 years and the polarity does flip. That has been documented through all kinds of geological surveys. So, that is the grounding field, that is the main field we are in, but on top of it, we have now started adding this electromagnetic interference and that comes from indeed the electric wires that are distributing the power, that 120/220 volt lines that we have all around us in the walls, but also all of this wireless situation we have which is hands free phones, portable phones, wireless networks, cellular phones, satellite networks and you name it; it is all around us now and those are very weak fields. They are not disruptive directly, but they are causing a small amount of pressure on our bodies. So, it is sort of like always walking against the wind. It is not a big deal, but eventually you will tire, you will be more tired than not.

Scott Paton: Certainly more tired than if you are walking with the wind.

Martin Pytela: Yes, something of the sort; so, we are meant to be in a magnetic field that is unidirectional, that is strong, and that is unchanging, instead we get this, jagetty-jigetty field that keeps flickering and pushing us in every sort of a direction and you will notice that really strongly if you walk under a high voltage power line.

Scott Paton: I stay away from them.

Martin Pytela: So would I.

Scott Paton: I have a friend, one of the reasons that I stay away from them is, a very, very good friend of mine organized a 20th school, 20 year reunion for her high school. Okay, so, she in her late 30s, early 40s and so they called. They got this… five or six of these women got together and they called everybody to invite them to the reunion and they discovered something as they were sort of looking at the map and all of their friends that backed onto this green belt had cancer, had different types of cancers and leukemias and everything else and a quite of few of them actually had passed away and the thing is this green belt was a green belt because a major power line is going through it and she said it was just amazing that only the people on that line backing onto that hydro line… or I don’t know if it was a hydro line, whatever it was, electrical lines were the ones that were sick; people that were further away were… didn’t have any of those problems.

Martin Pytela: This is a documented situation. There was a research done in Great Britain also that people who live near or under power lines have had a much greater incidence of leukemia and other cancer type of illnesses; very sad story.

Scott Paton: Yes. So the environment for sure and it is seems to me, there must be something that we could do about this to protect ourselves.

Martin Pytela: Well, and here is the how Life Enthusiast Co-op looks at it. There are two things you can do. One is to try and eliminate the electromagnetic disturbances, which well… there are ways to do that. You could essentially live in a wire cage, a Faraday cage. You could create yourself sort of like an armor from chicken wire that you would just wrap all around yourself and walk around in it all the time.

Scott Paton: You would be a very social person, very popular person looking like that, I can just…

Martin Pytela: You would be looking pretty funny, but it is effective. The other way is you could, instead of trying to block the interference, you could try and balance the human body instead and that is the route we took. We are saying look at the influences the electromagnetic field disturbances are going to be there anyway, but if you can balance the human body regardless of what it is going through, you are in harmony. You are balanced, you are harmonized, you are in equilibrium and therefore, you are not suffering and that is the line of thinking of ADR Systems, the inventor. He actually lives in Poland. His name is Adrian Wosinski and we represent his products here and he has several. It is the ADR-3, ADR-4, and ADR-Protect that we make available. The ADR-Protect is a teeny little, 1 inch circle made of foil that you can stick on anything and the way it works is as long as it is touching you, it is harmonizing the circuits in your body. Very effective if you have it for instance stuck on your computer mouse where the palm of your hand is touching it or you can stick it on the headset so that it is touching your ear or you could stick it on the underside of your watch so that it is touching your wrist or you can stick it on the back of your cell phone, so that every time you pick it up as long as your hand is touching it, that is how it works. So, it is not trying to interfere with the electromagnetic fields that these devices are putting out; what it is doing instead is harmonizing you, the person.

Scott Paton: Which is really what you want anyway isn’t it?

Martin Pytela: Yes, more important and we actually have studies that they are published on the website that show that when a person is holding this sort of thing in his hand within four or five minutes, he is more relaxed, more harmonized, the electromagnetic circuits in his body are balanced, both left and right balance, and in absolute balances. All of those graphs are there on the website for anybody who wants to see it. So, the second one is the ADR-4 and the ADR-4 is based on similar principles, but it is much stronger and it is a device that structures anything that you sit on top of it or put on top of it. It is about a 5 inch disc and when you set say a glass of water on it within three minutes that water is structured, properly energized to the healthful structure of a freshly fallen dew; essentially living water as people used to call it in the olden times.

Scott Paton: That is very cool.

Martin Pytela: Yes, it is very cool because when you drink that sort of water your elimination is enhanced, actually, all of the cellular exchanges are enhanced – both the nutrient absorption and toxin elimination are improved. It is like you have a better transport in your body. Have you noticed with the ADR-4 that things taste a little better when you put it on that?

Scott Paton: I have certainly noticed it with the water. I have been using it for about three weeks now. I have actually… I have the ADR-3 and the ADR-4 on my desk, so, that if I have water or tea, I put it… I always put it on that, let it sit for a few minutes, and then start drinking it and I really noticed it tastes nice.

Martin Pytela: I have had a lot of fun with the ADR-4. I used to take it to any party I would go to, then pour out two glasses of wine, and charge one of them on the ADR-4 and then I would ask people to taste it, you know, the original and the improved. People can hardly believe what happens to the wine because it turns an ordinary cheap wine into tasting like million bucks worth; not million bucks, but a great wine, something that you would expect to pay $100 a bottle and it is consistently served. It improves the taste of juices, any drinks, soups, salads, anything that has water in it, vegetables, fruits. I actually take it traveling with me. I carry it in my pocket and every time I go to dinner or a lunch, I just stick it under the plate of the food I am about to eat, so it is like eating properly structured, well grown, organic food.

Scott Paton: That is amazing. How does that work?

Martin Pytela: Well, part of the solution is magnetic. There definitely is a magnetic energy that is being used to structure some of the water, but it also is this mysterious subspace energy that is called orgone. This is the same energy that enables dowsers to find water streams with a couple of willow twigs just walking across the surface. I think it will take me too long to explain it, but suffice to say it is the life force or the orgone force as reacting against life force that does part of the job. In fact, the ADR-3, the device that you mentioned, that should be placed either somewhere in the corner of your office or in the electric fuse box in your home. What that does, it creates an island of peace as related to the geomagnetic forces or geopathic forces. You know as you are talking about these electromagnetic influences from high voltage lines, the ADR-3 bends those lines, bends those energy fields, and creates an island of undisturbed peaceful energy all around itself in about 100 feet diameter.

Scott Paton: Oh good. So, like just having it on my desk. It bends all the energies from my monitors and my computer.

Martin Pytela: Yes, it tends to create a balanced field all throughout the house.

Scott Paton: Nice.

Martin Pytela: Yes, so there it is and here is the big thing; it only cost 25 bucks.

Scott Paton: Yes. This is… we are not talking about expensive anything here.

Martin Pytela: No. Even the ADR-4 is only $95 and what a value really.

Scott Paton: And it works great like I have really noticed the difference since I have been using it.

Martin Pytela: There we have it. You know, balancing the bodies, never mind what terrible environment you are living in, you are taking with you a portable bubble of peace. Take your ADR-Protect, put it on your watch, and take your ADR-4… actually, I just remembered one other way I used it. I pulled some muscles in my lower back when I was shoveling a few years ago and so I just stuck the ADR-4 in behind the belt of my jeans and sat down for couple of hours, watching some TV or whatever I was doing; there it is, restored, restructured, all the tired feeling was pretty much gone out of me. So, you can use it to undo energy blocks in your body as well; after all, you are 70% water too, right?

Scott Paton: Right. So, restructure our bodies.

Martin Pytela: Yes. You do not have to structure the water in a glass, you can structure directly in your body.

Scott Paton: That is really, really interesting. So, you can find out more about the ADR Systems at www.life-enthusiast.com. This podcast by the way if you have missed any of our previous podcasts and want to listen to some of them, you can go to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com; they are all listed there. You will be able to listen to them or download them onto your iPod or computer. The ADR… it is an interesting system Martin in that it doesn’t, it is not intuitive in terms of most people’s experiences right, like a lot of people don’t think about the energy that kind of floats unseen in our environment.

Martin Pytela: Most people are thinking about fixing things by resisting. It is the difference between western fighting an Aikido. We are redirecting the energy and harmonizing the human body instead of trying to fight with all of the universe whatever it is that every transmitter and electronic source puts out in the universe, instead we just focus on the human body that we are trying to keep in balance.

Scott Paton: Right, right, and I think that is the key. Like you said in one of our previous podcasts right, if we can get in 51% I suppose, we do not need to be 99% pure, we can be 51% just as long as we are balanced and we are on the right side of the balance and I think that applies equally to…

Martin Pytela: To the electromagnetics.

Scott Paton: To the electromagnetics and if you… and it is like you have talked often too about eating good food, eating live food as opposed to stuffing yourself full of cooked proteins that is dead and it is sort of the same thing as you.

Martin Pytela: What happens if you for instance do muscle testing for whether something is good for you or bad for you? We have done some testing on that and organically grown fruits and vegetables, most often, our testing is good for you, but you can look at for instance a cabbage, it doesn’t look any different on the outside; one tests as positive, the other one tests as not good for you and it is typically because it has got pollutants or pesticides, herbicides, who knows what else is happening inside, but you take that same cabbage, set it on the ADR-4 for three minutes, and it will test positive because all of the negative energies have been harmonized in it.

Scott Paton: That is really, really cool. So, if you do some… if you go grocery shopping and you get a bunch of fruits and vegetables, put the ADR-4 by it before you put them away.

Martin Pytela: That is what we do. I have got a couple of them sitting on my kitchen counter and when the groceries come in the house, there is one under a fruit basket and there is another one under an open basket where the vegetables go and they sit on it for a few minutes before they are put away in the fridge.

Scott Paton: Any last tips for our listeners before we sign off Martin?

Martin Pytela: Oh, I think we have said it. There is no chance that you can keep all of the negative influences out of your life, so just focus on harmonizing yourself, keep focus on positive thinking, and harmonize your body; you will know.

Scott Paton: And you could do that easily with the ADR Systems.

Martin Pytela: Certainly, they are very affordable, very portable – these things are small, they do not even look too weird.

Scott Paton: No, they don’t; they just look like a coaster.

Martin Pytela: That is right.

Scott Paton: If I didn’t know and if I hadn’t told anybody they wouldn’t know either and I never really thought of them in terms of the portability before and as you know, I am going on a cruise, I am going to take them with me.

Martin Pytela: I highly recommend you take both the ADR-Protect and the ADR-3 and the ADR-4. You can stick the ADR-4 under every plate of food that they are going to serve you and stick the ADR-3 somewhere in your cabin; no leave it in your suitcase so you don’t lose it.

Scott Paton: Right. Right. So, I am looking forward to having a great cruise, maybe a week or so before we have our next podcast up because I am going to be at sea, just to let our listeners know. Thank you very much once again Martin for sharing some… just some wonderful information about the ADR Systems and also about this magnetic, electromagnetic soup that we live in, and I think people don’t think about that enough and how they can harmonize their environment. I think that is really, really important.

Martin Pytela: Sure enough. Well, I think it is time to say goodbye and go for a cruise.

Scott Paton: It is. So, this is Scott Paton and Martin Pytela signing off for the Life Enthusiast Co-op podcast, restoring vitality to you and the planet. Goodbye everybody.

Martin Pytela: Goodbye.

Author: Martin Pytela