Podcast 009: Quality Nutrition

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody. This is a Life Enthusiast Co-op podcast, I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela and we are restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: Scott it’s another great day at Life Enthusiast Co-op.

Scott Paton: We have had some really good feedback from our previous podcasts, so if this is your first time head over to lifeenthusiast.podamatic.com and you can listen to our previous podcasts and you can also leave comments there, let us know if you have got any issues you like us to discuss in the podcast, any questions that you would like us to answer and we check our comments all the time, we appreciate those of you that have taken the time to give us some feedback on our podcast page. If you want to look at any other products or get more information on how you can improve your health, head over to our website www.life-enthusiast.com. All right, well one of the things that I know I get asked a lot about, Martin, is how can I tell if I am getting value for my dollar? Am I getting the biggest bank for my buck? I thought that would be a really good topic for us to do deal with today’s podcast.

Martin Pytela: Scott you really have hit it on the head. I get calls all the time with these wonderful offers of people telling me, “Martin, you got to see about this product, you got to see about this product,” we actually rely on our members to help us find new useful things in the market and often times I get these offers from network marketing companies. Up to this point we still haven’t found a way to integrate network marketing into the Life Enthusiast Co-op business model. I don’t know if we ever will, but just yesterday I was exchanging emails with this fine lady and she says “Martin, I have got this fantastic electro magnetic pollution clearing system, they are wonderful, go to this website.” So I did, I went there, reviewed it, so they have for instance something that clears the electric circuits from the house. It protects the whole the house from the elector magnetic pollution.

Scott Paton: Okay.

Martin Pytela: And it plugs into the electric sockets and it causes mere $200. So, I thought well this is cool, so I looked at our website and there it is ADR-3 protects your entire house from electro magnetic pollution, the price $25 [Sigh]. Then there was this pendant, they have this glorious pendants that you can wear around your neck and it balances and straightens out all the fields around you wherever you go and they only on $95 for that and of course our ADR Protect is now mere $15. So, again I feel encouraged that we are doing good thing for our customers.

Scott Paton: Right, right that is a great deal.

Martin Pytela: Yeah and then I started remembering all these wonderful stories about, our flagship is Exsula Superfoods.

Scott Paton: That is right.

Martin Pytela: Those are awesome products and people have often told me “Well, you know Iridesca $75 a bottle. I mean that is so expensive. So, one day we decide we are going to do an experiment and we went to shopping in a health food store to buy all the ingredients that are inside a bottle of Iridesca, of course remember there are 200 ingredients there, so by the time we reached about half way down through the list, we where at $400.

Scott Paton: Wow!

Martin Pytela: And of course, yeah it is and also you know to take the daily dose of the Iridesca, you take three teaspoons, whereas with capsules you would have take something like 24 capsules of a competitive product.

Scott Paton: To get the same amount.

Martin Pytela: Yeah to get the same volume of stuff, of course and then speaking of value, one of my associates is working at a city sewage works and we where discussing the problems they are having out at the back end. One of their biggest problems is of course the condom rings that they have to fish out.

Scott Paton: Oh, yes.

Martin Pytela: But the second biggest problem is un-dissolved tablets of nutritional supplements. They come through people all the way through their poop out the other end completely untouched by their digestive system.

Scott Paton: So it is kind of like a placebo?

Martin Pytela: Yeah, that is it.

Scott Paton: You take this stuff you think it helps, but the fact of the matter is it none of it would dissolved or absorbed by your body, so it had no physical affect, it may have had an emotional affect.

Martin Pytela: At the best, yeah.

Scott Paton: At the best, yeah.

Martin Pytela: So, going back to the concept of these powders that we have in the Exsula Superfoods, these are very finely milled powders, so the point needs to be made that your digestive system can get at the particles of nutrition and the finer the powder, the greater the surface area of the nutrients and the more or the better the chance that your body is actually going to be able to take advantage of it. That is why people taking our product notice “My gosh, this is so much better than anything else that I have tried so far” and that is one of the reasons, because the micronization that we employ in the manufacturing, we really mill it down to a very fine dust.

Scott Paton: And one other thing that you had said about Exsula Superfoods and I just want to kind of repeat this, because I thought it was just amazing is when you are milling you are doing it in such way that there is not a huge…

Martin Pytela: Temperature in this, yeah.

Scott Paton: There is not a lot of heat because of course heat will destroy a lot of the enzymes and the good things in the active ingredients.

Martin Pytela: That is correct, yeah. If you cook them, then they are dead.

Scott Paton: Right, right.

Martin Pytela: It is just like the chickens egg. If once you boil it there is not going to be a chicken coming out of it.

Scott Paton: No matter what you do, yeah. So that is a really important aspect and one of the things that I think is an on going theme of our podcast is eating living food, right?

Martin Pytela: Absolutely.

Scott Paton: You know not a chicken running around, but you know I am talking about the plant foods and how important that is too that they be actually kind of in a living state as opposed to microwaved or boiled or I knew that if I said microwave, I will get you going on another rant, Martin.

Martin Pytela: Oh my god. I have had… I want to tell you I am no saint you know. We have had a microwave up until about a year ago, but finally I just sat down with my wife and we agreed, we are just hypocrites, we know better, we have known better for ten years, we know exactly that microwaving totally destroys all water, like it just totally flips the energy prints on the water and everything that you cook in a microwave. So, you turn it from life supporting to energy subtracting. Your body actually gets a negative input from eating microwaved food.

Scott Paton: Yeah I have… we have microwave too and I never use it. The odd time my sons will and just having listened to you, I thought, if I really love my sons, I should take it out. There was a very interesting… and I just want to kind of put an exclamation mark behind what you said, there was this lady and I am not sure how I ended up reading about what she did, but she wondered if there was a difference between water and microwaved water, so what she did, she got two plants and she just took water out of the tap, gave it to one plant and she took the water out of the tap, put in the microwave zapped it for two minutes or three minutes I forget how long, didn’t make it so hot that it would be boiling or anything like that or if it was, she waited until cool down, so wasn’t the heat that killed the plant and she would pour the microwave water onto the second plant and in like two weeks the second plant was dead.

Martin Pytela: Yep.

Scott Paton: Like it was just, like both sitting in the same place, same amount of lights, same fertilizer, all the rest of it and a bunch of people didn’t believe it, so they started doing it and they all after a while they where just going to kill their plants, right. They stopped [Voice cross over].

Martin Pytela: Well, I saw the picture as an image documented experiment of a high school girl It was on the internet, they where growing geraniums and indeed to this particular experiment, they were boiling water on the pots, on the stove and they were boiling water in the microwave and then letting it cool and watering with that, so that water was boiled in both cases, but one was boiled by infrared thermal, the other one by microwave, and indeed two weeks is all it takes to kill a plant.

Scott Paton: Yeah, consistently.

Martin Pytela: Consistently, yeah.

Scott Paton: That is… you know so that is like what are we doing to ourselves, right?

Martin Pytela: And that is in the water through the microwaves. Now we are living in that microwave soup, okay, like these microwave telephone towers that are all around us through the cell phones and the radio transmitters and the short wave this and wireless that and it is all around us, so I can’t even stress enough for people to take a lot at the ADR products that we have on our website, they are inexpensive and they are effective.

Scott Paton: And they protect you from that, yeah, because if that is what is doing to water and water does that to a plant, what does it doing to our body, which is 80% or 90% water as it is, right?

Martin Pytela: There is your point. Man, you are turning into a real health nut, aren’t you?

Scott Paton: I am, I am, you are converting me. Of course I have always been interested in all of these things before. So it is just great having these conversations with you Martin.

Martin Pytela: So I wanted to mention to you, again you know, stress the point about value is when you take these supplements like the Exsula superfoods, not only are you getting top grade ingredients, you will actually absorbed them. It is not only do you get to pay less really, you will actually also utilize it, but anyway another example just… this is just totally floored me, I was having a conversation with this woman just yesterday before we started recording this conversation and she is calling me about our ionic S.P.A, which is a Foot S.P.A, it is a electro ionizing device, you put your feet in it and it is used for energizing the body and it is also used as a detox, anyway ours cost $600 the competition goes anywhere from 1500 to 3,000 dollars and she says well the therapist that we go to who charges us 60 dollars a session in his 3000 dollar machine, says that yours can be as good as ours and I said “Well, take a look at this 24 volt direct current is the power supply that drives it and you have electrodes in the water, so what is the big deal, explain to me.”

Scott Paton: It is straight forward.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, it is straight forward, it is basic, it is really basic. All we do is make sure that we don’t electrocute you and that our product is durable and last long time, the rest is just I call it “buga, buga talk.”

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: You know fear, uncertainly and doubt. When I bamboozle you with fancy talk, all of a sudden you will fall back into the uncertainty and go with what is the main stream, that is how drug companies sell a ton of their stuff really.

Scott Paton: Yeah and when you just think of microwaves, right, I mean everyone will tell you they are safe.

Martin Pytela: Well the FDA and whoever else the regulatory bodies will say “Oh yeah, there is no problem here,” because of course they have been bought of by the lobby that is paying the bill. That is another whole long conversation we could get into is, how is it possible that 20,000 deaths a year by aspirin and related NSAIDs is okay and two deaths by… Oh what is that product called tryptophan, were enough to shut down the entire tryptophan availability in health food stores.

Scott Paton: Yeah, well I think you answered the question when you said they are available in health food stores.

Martin Pytela: And the health food store lobby is nowhere near as rich as the Pharma lobby.

Scott Paton: That is right.

Martin Pytela: Oh! You know why? I just read another glorious article that explains the cost of ingredients in your typical prescription drugs versus the cost of ingredients in your typical superfood like ours. So anyway, a bottle of $200 prescription, (I don’t know what was it,) something to do with cholesterol anyway, the cost of the material in it was $2, the sale price was $200.

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: And of course they call it the intellectual property, right.

Scott Paton: That is right, it took them 10 years and $100 million in research to come up with those $2 ingredients, right?

Martin Pytela: So, of course in our $100 bottle there is $20 worth of ingredients. So, we are actually 50 times richer ingredients than a typical prescription drug.

Scott Paton: It is really amazing, isn’t it?

Martin Pytela: Yeah and it is sad actually, it is very, very sad.

Scott Paton: Yeah, actually it is funny. I had a friend over just before we started our podcast and I have a big clear glass full of green stuff, Exsula Superfoods, right and he thought it first it was a candle and then he said like “What is that?” and he was asking me all about it and it was really interesting, because I mean obviously he was interested in it, but he also thought it was like kind of weird, I was drinking this green material and yet if I would had a clear glass of water and I had popped like three pills, it would have been, what is that? Oh, that is my cholesterol drug “oh, okay” and that would have been the end of the conversation, right, he would have been almost considered normal, as it is just like so backwards, just amazes me some times.

Martin Pytela: Yeah and that is the common culture. The SAD, the Standard American Diet and well, just we are all taught to cook the same way and eat the foods that we are eating and then they call it genetics, right. They will tell you, well genetically predisposed to arthritis. Actually arthritis is a result of pH imbalance which is caused by the pollution of the lymphatic system, which is caused by cooked proteins. So, if you stopped eating so much cooked meats, you would actually not have the osteoarthritis and you would not have the osteoporosis that you will end up with 50 years later.

Scott Paton: Right and that is the other thing, too is the things we are putting into our body, we don’t always know… I mean I know lot of people who are very sensitive will know right away, but the average person… you know it takes them 20 or 30 years to realize well 20 or 30 years of eating Big Macs has had a bad impact on my arteries, right, if there is not that sort of instant “Oh, heart attack after I have a Big Mac that stops you from having a Big Mac, right and we need to sort of look a little bit long term. One of the reasons I have always been concerned is my grand parents lived to 101 and 102 and I thought “Well, if I am going to live to a 101 and 102, I don’t want to be wheel…” I had a another grand parents that was in a home for 5 years being fed and tubes and I don’t want to be like her, I want to be active and healthy, but a lot of us I think, think well 72 most guys die, I have got another 10 years to go, might as well just enjoy my self, right and…

Martin Pytela: Yes. Well, there is a balance between having an emotionally satisfying life, I guess. That would be a good thing, but let’s see if we can find some other ways to find pleasure.

Scott Paton: Thanks Martin for sharing all of that a fascination information once again with me and our listeners. I really appreciate and our listeners really appreciate it. If you are interested in getting more information, head over to www.life-enthusiast.com. There are lots of articles, lots of dis-ease information and also more information about Exsula Superfoods and the other products that we may have mentioned in this podcast. Also, if you wanted to listen to previous podcasts that we have done, you can head over to lifeenthusiast.pododmatic.com and listen to all our previous podcasts, leave a comment, let us know what you think, we really appreciate getting the feedback from you and until next time this is Scott Paton and Martin Pytela of the Life Enthusiasts Co-Op, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Good bye everybody.

Martin Pytela: Good bye.

Author: Martin Pytela