Podcast 010: Ionic SPA Foot Bath to Detoxify and Relax

Bio Electric Field Enhancement

The detoxification of the body through effective use of electric current which creates an osmotic pressure that helps to draw toxins out of the body.

Ionic SPA Foot Bath is made by Salus per Aquam which might not mean much to you if your Latin is a bit rusty. “Salus” is the Latin word for health and “per Aquam” means “through water”. So basically we have “health through water, which is exactly the kind of simple yet extremely effective method that Life Enthusiast favors.

If you want to discover the power of your own lymphatic system the next time you have some extra garlic, rub it on your feet. You will be astonished to discover that within five minutes you will be tasting the garlic in your mouth because of the power of your lymphatic system.

In addition to purifying the body of its toxins, the Ionic SPA Foot Bath also draws fresh water that has been energized back into the body, allowing for feelings of increased vitality, neutralized toxins, relief of stress and pain, relief of inflammation, increased healing throughout the body and improved function of the digestive system.

In order to receive the full benefits of the device, we recommend soaking your feet for 30 minutes – every other day, in the beginning.

After using the product, you will notice the water will be quite opaque, even “grungy”. This happens for two reasons: firstly because the electrolysis has rendered all the extra particles in the water a muddy color, and secondly because the toxins have now left your body. People are often astonished when they use this product because they think all the gunk is coming out of them. This isn’t really true because a lot of the toxins you are removing from the body are also invisible, so this should be used to judge the degree of success or failure. Instead, I think the feelings of vitality and rejuvenation are enough.

Podcast 010: Ionic SPA Foot Bath to Detoxify and Relax

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody this is the Life Enthusiast Co-op Podcast, I am your co host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela and we are here to bring vitality back to you and to the planet. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: It is great Scott, I am fine, are you?

Scott Paton: Good. Detox has been a major theme of lot of our podcasts, and in our last podcast, you teased us a little bit about a new product that you have got that basically was it sounded like you just put your feet in some water, it runs an electric current through it and it detoxifies and energizes the body and last time you said that you would tell us a little bit more about at this time and I am going to hold you to that because I am very, very curious about how this thing works and what it is and even what it is called because you didn’t even tell us that, so …

Martin Pytela: Sure enough.

Scott Paton: Time to fess up Martin.

Martin Pytela: Yes sir.

Scott Paton: Okay.

Martin Pytela: Well you know it is, the company calls itself Salus per Aquam which you spell S-A-L-U-S and that is a Latin word for health and per aquam in that means through water.

Scott Paton: Health through water? Great.

Martin Pytela: And their product is called Ionic spa and the generic name for this product is BEFE which is the acronym for Bio-Electric Field Enhancement. All BEFE ionizers work on the same principle. They will re-charge your body’s battery, giving you more energy, rejuvenation, and stress release that will leave you feeling great.

We electrolyze water when we run direct current DC through an ionic solution. It cannot be distilled water, the electrolyte has to have some particles in it. When we run the current between the electrodes, it will electrolyze the solution, separating positive ions from the negative ions. They are attracted to the polarized electrodes.

We have already talked about creating alkaline environment in the bath using miracle soap and neutralizer. With the Ionic Spa we are using electric current to create a similar situation that causes the body to want to release toxic particles that are not needed or wanted.

Scott Paton: So the spa helps the body to get rid of these toxic substances.

Martin Pytela: That is right. It also introduces electrically charged water back in to the body. Your lymphatic system carries things up from your feet into your body. If you ever want to demonstrate the lymphatic system in action just crack open a clove of garlic and rub it on your feet. It will take you no more than five minutes to be tasting garlic in your mouth.

Scott Paton: Wow!

Martin Pytela: Going back to biblical times – rubbing anointing essential oils on people’s feet has been practiced from time immemorial and anointing oils are meant to be put either on the top of the head or on the soles of your feet. Speaking in terms of electro medicine, we are introducing two things in to the equation. One is an environment through which elements that are toxic in the lymphatic system are wanting to leave the body and go in to the bath and the second is taking up water that has been properly energized and charged.

Scott Paton: And putting it back in to the body.

Martin Pytela: These are the side effects you could expect: increased vitality, healthier blood, neutralization of toxins, relief from pain and stress, relief from inflammation, relief from fluid retention, faster healing and recovery, improved function of the digestive system namely liver, kidneys, and colon. Improved endocrine system or function of the endocrine system which of course means relief from menstrual pain and PMS for the ladies and relief from aggressive craziness from men and improved sleep. How is that for a simple little foot soak?

Scott Paton: Then how long would you want us do a foot soak like is it 10 minutes or 20 minutes?

Martin Pytela: Well, that now it is a 30 minutes.

Scott Paton: 30 minutes. And would you do it once a week, once a day, once a month?

Martin Pytela: The recommended process would be every other day until you had enough since this device costs $600 you will want to use it plenty.

Scott Paton: Yeah, that is right.

Martin Pytela: But still you know the competition is I was mentioning in the previous podcast sells for anywhere from $1500 to $3000, so we still are offering at excellent value.

Scott Paton: Now is there any difference in the water before and after like how would you know that it was actually removing toxins?

Martin Pytela: Well, one of this, one of the effects of running the electrolysis in the water is that anything that is dissolved in the water is turned in to various colors of muck depending on what is in your water, it could be all rusty, it could go brown black, it could go white specks and foamy and it would stink to high heaven, there is all kinds of stuff going on with that water and some of it is just the conversion of whatever was in the water to begin with, but some of it is actually coming out of your body too so …

Scott Paton: So you kind of start with a clear water in the tub and when you are done it is kind of grungy like.

Martin Pytela: Oh very grungy yeah.

Scott Paton: And some of that is what was in the water before and some of that is what came out of your body?

Martin Pytela: Yes, that is correct

Scott Paton: Out of your feet.

Martin Pytela: Yes out of your feet.

Scott Paton: So that you can actually see.

Martin Pytela: Well you know it is deceptive. I don’t want to set people up thinking, oh look this is brown that must mean that my liver is detoxing or look this is white – that must mean that the fungus and candida is coming out of my body. There is a whole bunch of strange information published on the internet about this stuff and it is probably not doing enough good. I think it is confusing the issues because if you run this ionic spa just by itself without the feet in it the water will also change color. So I don’t want to people to focus on the fact that it changes colors as that as a conformation that is something has come out of their body. It really is more of the energetic effect and it is more about the invisible things that they don’t really look like anything but they are coming out.

Scott Paton: Oh very cool well that is a very interesting way that we could detoxify our body.

Martin Pytela: Yeah well we have actually have had a product that is much more primitive than that. We call it the FuZheng foot pouches and that is a traditional Chinese medicine item that we have been selling for sometime and they of course cost about $35 for a pack of 10 and these things are placed on the soles of your feet and they will change colors over night as well. They will go from clear to really dark and black mucky and they will soak up unwanted liquids and they will also energize the meridians that are in your feet, so for people who don’t really have the $600 to spare, they could take it in smaller increments and achieve a similar effect through the use of these foot pouches.

Scott Paton: So these foot pouches you just sort of wrap them around your foot?

Martin Pytela: They come with a sticky backing, so it’s, that just sticks to your skin quite readily.

Scott Paton: Wow, so there you can detox as you sleep.

Martin Pytela: Oh yes that is the idea. I have actually had people call me after they have had a tooth ache, one man called up and said I have an abscess tooth, I put it on my face And over night the pain is gone. I had a fellow who had a problem with his knee and he was putting it on this knee and the problem resolved itself and another fellow was putting on his back and that also worked.

Scott Paton: Interesting so not just on the foot.

Martin Pytela: Right and that works on the principle of loosening the blocked energies, you know in the Chinese medicine or the energetic medicine model we are dealing with that flow of chi, the flow of the life force and so when the flow is blocked there is pooling of this energy, which much like stagnant water, it tends to go, scummy, I mean the pooling of the stuck chi energy causes trouble in the human body.

Scott Paton: Can you give us a little bit of a definition of chi because some of our listeners and myself may not be that familiar with the term?

Martin Pytela: Oh gosh! I don’t know if I can dare that, I am not trained in the traditional Chinese medicine. I perceive chi as the life force, as the energy that animates life, the difference.

Scott Paton: Animates our body.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, the difference between a live guy and a dead guy is the presence of the chi. I mean physically you are taking breaths and you are alive and your blood was running in your veins and next thing, you are done and the

Scott Paton: It is not running.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, it is not running and the only thing that is missing is 21 grams of chi.

Scott Paton: Right okay so and our body has meridians or lines on them that the energy runs up and down.

Martin Pytela: Right yeah the Chinese model of the acupuncture model shows us that every major organ and some major muscle groups are attached to different circuits, we have 26 of these circuits and they are known by the big organs like the liver meridian and the kidney meridian and the lung meridian and so on. So anyway each one of them it has been mapped very well for a thousands of years and you can do acupuncture with needles or you can do acupressure just with fingers or you can do this energy medicine using the pouches for instance.

Scott Paton: Right, what’s that …

Martin Pytela: And all of these meridians end in your fingers, on your hands they also end in your feet.

Scott Paton: On the toes.

Martin Pytela: I believe so, also I am sorry, not sure. Also the reflexology which is the particular form of healing through massaging of feet. You could find a reflexology map and you will find it every organ is represented energetically on the soles of your feet.

Scott Paton: I have had a few reflexology sessions and it was really quite funny because she would say this is your stomach and she would be.

Martin Pytela: Rubbing it

Scott Paton: And my stomach would growl like right then right. She was getting it working a little bit better and it was half an hour and the only time it growled was when she would rub that certain spot, yeah it was very amazing.

Martin Pytela: Yeah and then there are also your entire body is also represented in spots of your ears if you can believe it and this is what really bugs me is that all of the organs are energetically represented in your ears And the young folks who are piercing their ears, some of them very which I say, not just one spot, but just shooting holes through it so much, they really are damaging their own energetic body in a significant way through ignorance.

Scott Paton: Yeah and you can see that reflected probably in the life that in the life styles of those people who are living a lot of them right,

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: Not good.

Martin Pytela: So I wanted to mention to you this in conjunction with the ionic foot bath. It has a lot to do with mineral balances, the mineral balance in our body we talked about it earlier. There are at least four main issues that we list on our health education pages, cleanse, nourish, balance your pH and balance your life and the Calcium, Magnesium balance is one that things that dictate people’s behavior. People who have not enough Magnesium in relation to the Calcium end up being very what shall I say, well a calcium rich person will be quick to anger, the person that will just flare up in to ranting in with very little stimulus like road rage would be a classic example of Calcium – Magnesium imbalance.

Scott Paton: Right those people that are in road rage would probably need little less calcium.

Martin Pytela: Or they need more Magnesium.

Scott Paton: Yeah more Magnesium right.

Martin Pytela: So of course that was a topic of our earlier conversations about twilight America and their bath crystals and magic oil. So anybody if you know anybody around you who is suffering from just flaring up too quickly just head over to Life Enthusiasts Co-op and check out magnesium supplementation.

Scott Paton: It is really quite amazing when you think of it right that our behavior, we keep thinking, how we control our behavior or we people are the way they are and yet if you just change what you put in to them and their balance they can be a lot more peaceful.

Martin Pytela: That is all important. You know I was just talking to a fellow earlier today, he is calling me up and he says I have gone on a DMSA oral chelation detox and I am feeling depressed and I am feeling tired and I am just what is going on. So I said well look at what you are doing is, you are loosening toxins and your liver is being overwhelmed, it’s just getting more input than it can handle. You need to slow down the detox or else suffer and he says well what is worst is, I am feeling depressed and I am saying yes absolutely you are depressed because your liver is the source of your depression, so imagine instead of taking Prozac, you could just do a cleanse.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: So when your liver is detoxified, you will be living a joyous full life.

Scott Paton: But getting there is going to take a little bit of work.

Martin Pytela: Absolutely, so you know go back to the basics again cleanse, nourish, and balance. It is pathetic that it is really simple and it does not need to be solved with pills. It all can be solved with food, the problem of course we have with food is that is no longer growing in the right soils, and it is no longer taken fresh from the gardens into the kitchens. So we need to supplement with the superfoods to make up for the difference.

Scott Paton: Yeah because we are not getting it from the food that we are eating.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, it is not enough any more, it used to be, but not any more, not in the industrial agriculture.

Scott Paton: Right so Martin you just kind of tweaked the question that I have and then we are going to go off on a little bit of a tangent from the foot spa, but if someone is like an organic farmer or you are buying organic foods, is that …?

Martin Pytela: Is that enough?

Scott Paton: Is there enough in that?

Martin Pytela: The concept of biodynamic farming is important, bio dynamic would mean not only are you growing it on regular soil. You are actually re-mineralizing the soil, so you are getting some fresh rocks like ground up basalt and putting it on your soil you are putting in compost and you are feeding the soil, so it is growing nutritionally rich food if that is the food you are eating that yeah, you will definitely not need supplements.

Scott Paton: How ever it strikes me that most when people talk about organic food to me what that, what that really means is it hasn’t been them put pesticides on it.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, it should be well actually organic means no artificial fertilizers such as superphosphate, or such a thing. So it is not pushing the plant quick and the second thing is no herbicide and pesticides yes.

Scott Paton: Right so that doesn’t really mean that the people are putting back in to the soil.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, that is right, that is sad because the current definition of organic actually is not good. I have been shopping locally here where I live from farmers and I had conversations with them and several of them are saying I don’t want to go certified organic because I can’t do what I know is best as a certified organic and one of the worst ones in certified organic is you can use chlorinated water to both feed the plants, wash the plants and store the plants. So for instance say you are buying a bunch of organic parsley, but it is sitting in bucket of chlorinated water so it is soaking

Scott Paton: That is not good

Martin Pytela: So it is soaking up the chlorine straight up, but you know what is the grocer going to do. I mean he has to keep the produce in a decent shape, so it has to soak it some how and he does not have the water filtration system in his store, he should, but can’t afford it, not in this competitive world.

Scott Paton: No, and when you think about it if you walked down the aisle at Safeway or any of the other major store they spray water on the vegetables to keep

Martin Pytela: To keep them good and fresh, yeah.

Scott Paton: Keep them good and fresh and that’s just you know that is just come in directly out of whatever is in the pipes.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, chlorinated city water.

Scott Paton: Chlorinated city water.

Martin Pytela: So yeah, there is plenty to be left to perfection.

Scott Paton: And again you keep talking about balance, so it is not about okay this is the way it is, we can work to see if we can change it, chances are there no city is going to remove Chlorine from it’s water.

Martin Pytela: Well, know because we don’t want to poison our population with bacteria.

Scott Paton: Exactly, I mean there is a reason for it right and also you are going to have that and then, so then the question is rather than trying to remove that little bit of maybe stuff that you don’t like, build up the body so that it doesn’t matter right

Martin Pytela: Exactly.

Scott Paton: Because our body is if we are strong in our body and if our immune system is strong and everything else and I mean even millions of years ago when we were running around the Savanna in Africa there would be volcano’s blowing up and all this stuff and particles going in the air, you had to deal with it right.

Martin Pytela: That is absolutely so, yeah we are built to survive in adverse conditions that is not a problem. Well you know there is this little point of using the ADR-4 to balance the foods, when you bring your groceries home, you can set them on the ADR-4 and it will structure the water correctly so the produce even though it may not be perfect is going to be at least harmonized and energetically balanced.

Scott Paton: Right, right so there is a lots of things that you can do, so it is not a doom and gloom thing. This is the reality of our society the way we are right now and here are some things we can do so that it doesn’t affect out bodies the way, what if we didn’t do those things.

Martin Pytela: Exactly we just need to deal with the electro magnetic pollution, with the water pollution, with the toxins. Try and eliminate as much of it as possible and the rest I mean it is a miracle that we are alive right.

Scott Paton: That is right

Martin Pytela: Anyway we are here for a reason.

Scott Paton: Great, lets wrap up our podcast with that thought Martin that everybody we are all miracles and we need to keep reminding ourselves and remembering that because sometimes we can get a little overcome by it.

Martin Pytela: All we could get, yeah take it easy on yourself, be forgiving, love yourself, love your neighbor, it is right in the 10 commandments if you really think about it.

Scott Paton: That is right, that is right awesome well, thank you very much Martin for taking time out of your busy day to share some wonderful information with our listeners and myself again I really appreciate it. I know our listeners do, if you are interested in any of the products that Martin has talked about in today’s podcast head over to life-enthusiast.com and there is lots of information, there is lots of articles on all the different topics that we have been discussing in our pod cast, if you are just a new listener to our podcast and you wanted to listen to some other previous ones that we have done, head over to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com and really appreciate if you could leave some comments there, let us know what you are thinking of our podcast if you have got any questions or feedback, always welcome. So until next time this is Scott Paton and Martin Pytela of the life enthusiasts co-op “Restoring vitality to you and to the planet”, good bye everybody.

Martin Pytela: Good bye.

Author: Martin Pytela