Podcast 032: Energized Water and Laminar Crystals

If you would like to make your own Energized Water:

Founder of Life Enthusiast Martin Pytela and his regular co-host Scott Paton are joined by Dave and Brian Savedra, two experts (who are identical twins no less).  They talk about the subtle energies of water and energetic medicine. Dave and Brian were introduced to Life Enthusiast’s fabulous Twilight America Products and started their own quest to restore vitality to the water we drink, the food we eat and much more.

As Dave and Brian explain, the quality of the water we drink is absolutely essential to the quality of health we enjoy. This only makes sense since the majority of our bodies is made up of water, but have you ever stopped to consider the quality of the water you drink?

Possessing the right combination of patience with curiosity, the twins developed a successful method of building ceramic objects in order to energize the water we drink. They call it the “water of life”. It is the dew that keeps our life force going, keeping all living things vital and healthy.

Dave and Brian’s Laminar Crystal products collect life force energy, to enhance your water (or any other liquid you wish) with the equivalent of the amniotic fluid from which all life spread. It is really remarkable what a difference this can make, and if you’re skeptical, I encourage you to try it out for yourself.

After some years these products were discontinued. We still have laminar crystal filled water structuring devices in the Twilight Pearls and Cupcakes. And you can get Lamninar Crystal from us and start your own pottery experiments.

Podcast 032: Energized Water and Laminar Crystals

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody. You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-Op podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: Doing good. Good morning Scott.

Scott Paton: All right. Well, I am really, really excited because you have arranged for a couple of very special returning guests today and they I think do more than just about anybody when it comes to restoring vitality and so would you like to introduce them to our audience?

Martin Pytela: Yes indeed. We have with us today Dave and Brian Savedra from California.

Guest Speaker: Hello. Hi. Good morning.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Brian and Dave are special in more ways than one because they are identical.

Guest Speaker: Yeah. We are identical twins. We have been working together in metaphysics for many years now and we have a very interesting product line to talk about today.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. Dave and Brian were introduced to me a few years ago. I think it was Dave who called me up asking me about Laminar Crystal and could I get him some and I did. I think that was the first introduction. I sent you a Laminar Crystal pillow.

Guest Speaker: Yes, I purchased a pillow from you probably I would want to say about seven or eight years ago.

Martin Pytela: I think your timeline is a little too extended.

Guest Speaker: Is it too extended? I don’t… I can’t remember how long ago.

Martin Pytela: I think it was 2002.

Guest Speaker: Okay. That wasn’t that long ago. Great.

Martin Pytela: Anyway, and then you guys started doing research into that. I remember it was a great story you told me about some essential oils you were restoring. Do you still remember that?

Guest Speaker: Yes. Actually we found a friend of ours was talking to us about how he had found that the Laminar Crystals had actually restored his essential oils, that he had been keeping on his desk. So, I got interested in what the qualities of Laminar Crystal was. So, I did some inquiries and found that you can do a lot of different things with this stuff and then someone had applied the material to different ways of using carrier such as clay or porcelain. Jim Carter came out with different ways of using this stuff, just an amazing …

Martin Pytela: Yeah, let’s get a little more specific.

Guest Speaker: Well, the balls….

Martin Pytela: What I mean is what does the Laminar Crystal do for people?

Scott Paton: Yeah, that’s what I was wondering.

Guest Speaker: Oh, excuse me. I am sorry. It is an illuminant and what we found is that it reflects light immensely and after it has been treated or transformed if you will, brought up to a temperature for an extended period of time, it becomes even more powerful and we found that when you put the Laminar Crystal in a clay body, it works extraordinarily well.

Martin Pytela: Well, I know we have done the experimentation with it with Jim Carter and what he was saying is that we needed to bring the Laminar Crystal to a certain temperature, to a certain amount of time and cool it in a particular prescribed way or else these things just break and don’t work.

Guest Speaker: That’s absolutely what we found as well and with testing with the Laminar Crystal you sent us and other different forms of the powder that we have been experimenting with, what we decided to do was take the formula that Jim Carter had come up with and basically tweak it a little bit and decided to start making the… what we call the Michael’s Magic Stars, two four sided pyramids that merged into each other.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, that’s a very pretty little object isn’t it?

Guest Speaker: It’s a pretty object and there is a reason why it is that shape and why it works with water so well. Basically, water molecules will respond to different shapes and because the water molecules are much more I would say pyramid like if you will, almost looks like [Inaudible], if you implement a shape to an unstructured water it will have structure. With the Laminar Crystal, basically the discovery that Jim Carter made with the cosmic energy stones is that it makes really nice, thin, dew-like water in about 24 hours.

Scott Paton: Okay, so, can you tell me what is the significance of nice, thin, dew-like water compared to what I get off of my tap?

Guest Speaker: Well, it absorbs into your body better. It becomes more efficient. When you drink water, your body has to structure it in order to absorb it and this takes a great deal of time sometimes up to an hour.

Scott Paton: So, what you are saying is that my body just can’t use the tap water… the water that comes out of the tap, it has to actually change the water?

Guest Speaker: Well, it can use it and it does use it, but it has to do something to it over a period of time and it is called structuring the water and allowing it to get to you on the cellular level.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, we have actually done quite a bit of research into it and what seems to be happening is that to get the water inside a cell, it needs to come into the cell individually and so when the water is still clustered in large globs, the body has to expend quite a bit of energy to separate these globs into these smaller molecule clusters so it can finally be pulled into the cells for the internal hydration of the cell itself.

Scott Paton: So, we get to use more of the water, we get hydrated better when we have got water that is properly structured.

Martin Pytela: That’s the idea. You don’t have to expend as much energy trying to take apart these clusters. So…

Guest Speaker: Actually, it gives you energy. When you consume a water like the… we found that the Magic Star makes the water structured extraordinarily fast, within about seven minutes we noticed that it really has put a complete structure to the water, not complete, excuse me, it starts the process of structuring the water and you can smell and taste the difference within about the first seven minutes. You can… now, given that your body is mostly water as we have discovered, we have decided to make pendants with these and that’s what the Magic Star is, it has become a pendant and it is put into a spring type device so that you can remove it from there with ease or even just take the necklace off and set it next to a glass of water or pitcher of water or body of water, they are glazed so that you can actually set it inside of water and it will not take up any tastes or any smells and that’s one of the problems with the uncoated product that we were using before. So, we decided to use a glass. It is a food grade glass. We are very… there is no lead. We are very particular about what we use. It’s the highest grade glaze we can purchase and the highest grade clay we can purchase.

Scott Paton: Cool and I have been using the Laminar Crystals around my water and I have to admit that… the reason I asked the question was before I would drink like eight glasses of water. That’s what people tell you, right? And I would go to the washroom like 10 times. What I have… and I never really… just noticed it yesterday, I was thinking about it, I thought, gee, you know, I am going what I would call normal amounts of time to the washroom now and I am drinking as much or more water and I thought that must mean my body is actually absorbing and using more of the water as opposed to just sort of flushing it through the system and so I was just kind of amazed, so I kind of wanted to know if that actually was probably what was going on.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, you know, most likely Scott what is going on is that your body is replacing the, well, less structured water with the more structured water that you now have access to. So, it leads to a better hydration, cellularly, which means that pretty soon you are going to be rid of your wrinkles and you are going to be dangerous when you go in the park.

Guest Speaker: Well, that’s very… I would buy into that a lot. Since we have been making the stars and playing with the clay and making the discs, pendants, one of the things that we have noticed is you know, most of our friends look older than us. It’s a little bit interesting. We have been using these products for five years, maybe a little bit longer and wearing the pendant, drinking the water, yeah, you end up drinking less water in the day and it actually does a lot more for you. We did an experiment with water. We had somebody… we did this a couple of times. We had… we used a camera that can take pictures of auras. We had somebody drink just regular tap water. We waited five, ten minutes, took a picture of them, their aura didn’t change. First we took a picture of their aura, then we took a picture of their aura after they drank the water after five or ten minutes, nothing changed for them. We gave them a glass of the… the next day, we did the same test, but with a glass of the water treated with Michael’s Magic Star and in about five minutes after drinking the water, there were so many colors in the picture, it was astounding. It was just astounding. You could see how much vibrance was coming through the energy picture. So, what that was leading us to think was the water was doing something, very quickly.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. That’s common. What you have is dehydrated people have all kinds of unhealthy symptoms like headaches and cramping and well who knows what else? I mean there is a very long list of symptoms, we have it on our website too, that are associated with dehydration. So…

Guest Speaker: To best of our knowledge, the people making cosmic energy stones and cupcakes and whatnot have not taken their products out to be tested. We paid for some testing. We have been to four different institutes and paid for testing and the results are all the same. This absolutely changes the pH of water and food products and increases alkaline and we are going to release those studies here on Martin’s website very soon.

What this does is that it grounds and validates everything that you have been doing for years scientifically. So, new people looking at this information aren’t going to just sit there and go, okay, you guys have some nice rocks you are playing with and that’s nice, but you have some scientific proof behind it.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. I know we did the same measuring and we are finding that it lowers the surface tension and increases the pH and improves the water’s ability to carry whatever you try to dissolve in it. So, that’s darn exciting.

Guest Speaker: It’s very exciting and that’s… it’s actually a scientific breakthrough.

Martin Pytela: Okay. So, do you guys have any interesting stories to tell? Like have you any friends that shared some ideas with you as to what happens?

Guest Speaker: Had a friend of ours, don’t know if we talked to you about this, a friend of ours up in Washington who has been you know experimenting with these products we have been making. They have been buying the products from us as we have been going along to help support our efforts. The silver and gold Michael Magic Star that we are offering on the website produced some amazing effects with somebody that had just had a heart attack. Aaron’s friend, Aaron is up in Washington, his friend down in San Diego had a heart attack. Aaron immediately sent him the gold and silver star that we had made him and sent to him. Within a week, he had noticed amazing differences. His doctor is scratching his head as to why he is reacting so well after such a severe heart attack and open heart surgery. He has had stents.

Martin Pytela: So, this guy is recovering at a much better rate than expected, yes?

Guest Speaker: Within a faster period of time than they ever seen before and the doctor is even considering taking the stents out of his heart.

Martin Pytela: Good.

Guest Speaker: So, what this is is a… it is a miracle. It is a beautiful thing. Plus aches and pains, you know, with the pendants, they… we had another person who had stomach surgery. She had something wrong with her stomach. After stomach surgery, according to some doctors, I have learned that you have a lot of gas and you know they have to give you medicines to relieve the gas and you know Beano or whatever you can get, hopefully, they are not too invasive. What this young lady said is she would put her Magic Michael Star on and the gas went away. Just wearing around her neck. The other thing I have noticed with air bubbles in the body, somebody had a… we were at the EEN event this year in Ohio and one of the helpers there had hiccups for like two or three hours. I just handed him a Michael Star and told him to put it on his chest as if he were wearing it around their neck and the hiccups went away. They looked at me like I was from another planet. I took my star and walked away.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, that would be the case.

Scott Paton: That’s amazing.

Martin Pytela: I noticed that when somebody comes up and says, you know, I have such a headache, I have noticed that when I just hold it to their temple for a while, it seems to go away pretty quickly.

Guest Speaker: Yeah. The list goes on and on – shoulder issues, back pain … You got to play with these things. They are just so fun. Okay, the lady that helps us make some of our products because we are not the best clay people in the world, but we are learning. She had got a bee sting on her lip and it started swelling up and typically she says when she gets a bee sting of this sort, it is going to last for like three or four days and because she is allergic to them and that’s just how her body responds to it. She took the Star, now this is a person that isn’t into metaphysics or any type of healing property products of any sort. She just… you know, I am going to see if these kids are right. She takes a Star and rubs it on her lip. By the time she was going to bed, her lip was back to normal size.

Scott Paton: Nice.

Guest Speaker: No pain. No oozing. No nothing. She had a… she woke up and called me at like 8 o’clock in the morning. “You won’t believe what happened.”

Martin Pytela: Good. So, here we have an illustration of what happens when you properly structure the water in the body. The injury that’s happening there is released because the energetic of the water in the cells is changed, right?

Guest Speaker: Well, yes. Very well said. Very well said. It’s a very exciting product. Fortunately these are… you know they are inexpensive. You know they are not real expensive to purchase. They last forever.

Martin Pytela: So, you are saying that the shape of it is not strictly just for aesthetics, that the eight sided pyramid actually does have a little more, what shall I say, more speed in how it affects the water?

Guest Speaker: Absolutely. It is a perfect 10. There is 10 points on these Stars. The Dowsing Society is very close to us here. They have an office here where they teach dowsing and these rather older people, I mean they are in their 70s, 80s who have been dowsing for years and years, I guess they call them water witches back in the day, we handed the Michael Star to the person who is supposedly the guy that can dowse and figure out what’s going on immediately. He said it was perfect. He called it an 18, I guess which is a perfect score according to their records, which means that the object can actually cause things to happen. So, when you are meditating and you are holding the Michael Star or wearing it, it seems to be enhancing the intentions and the things that we are calling upon the universe to help create with us.

Martin Pytela: So, you are taking it beyond just water. You are talking now about some vibrational effects that are in the very, what shall I call them, esoteric ways, eh?

Guest Speaker: Yeah. We are going to step out on the woo-woo plane here. What this does is and you can… when you buy your Michael Star, muscle test it immediately. Check how much energy it is giving you and you are going to be amazed. You are going to be truly, truly amazed. It doubles your strength. We have tested against every product out there. We bought from everybody. We liked that these products are available out there. What we are trying to do is offer something a little bit different. Nobody is taking the road of experimenting of what geometrical patterns will do. The new heart pendant we came out with, I dare you to not feel good after holding this. It brings so much joy and love into your heart because of the intention it was made with and when somebody gives it to you, it’s a heart, so you think of Love.

Martin Pytela: Yeah. So, here we go right back to Dr. Emoto and his ideas of putting shapes and symbols and messages onto the energetic devices, eh?

Guest Speaker: Precisely. You can do that with anything. You can purchase these things for your friends and family that don’t know anything about what we are doing and then watch them come around, watch them start asking questions. We have noticed that with our friends and family, the ones that… Well, the thing is… you were just touching upon that we also noticed is that if you write a word on the disc, now, the white discs that Martin sells on the side, I highly recommend parents buy these for their children and get a Dry Erase pen or something like that and have them write their favorite word on there, love, peace, hope, maybe mellow or happy, something that would calm a child down too and notice how the device actually feels different. We have done that with kids at the store here that sells them in town.

Martin Pytela: We call these products the Magic Star products and these are the Laminar Crystal devices and Magic Star… this was… we call it the…

Guest Speaker: It’s a round pendant.

Martin Pytela: It’s a round pendant and we call it the circle pendant.

Scott Paton: Oh, sorry, I misunderstood when you said the flat thing.

Martin Pytela: Yeah.

Guest Speaker: Yeah, I am sorry. We call it several things. It’s the round pendant or the circle pendant [Inaudible]. They are about a half …[skip] to write your name on it or write a couple of words on it, thank you, gratitude, whatever you want. What I was trying to explain was if you choose to, you can take a Dry Erase pen that you can wipe off or whatnot and write words on this and the device will feel different with each word.

Scott Paton: Okay.

Martin Pytela: Nice. Well, I have one more question. You keep calling things Michael Star. How does Michael come into this?

Guest Speaker: The idea was basically brought forward and Dave and I are really interested in the angelic realm and we have a friend of ours who drew a picture of Michael as he sees him. In this picture…

Martin Pytela: Michael would be the archangel Michael?

Guest Speaker: The archangel Michael, about 8 feet tall being with platinum hair, gold belt, you know, like they describe in all the different religions; in his hand is a ball of energy. One pyramid is silver, one pyramid is gold and around this object is a rainbow in this painting and when Dave and I saw this object, we knew we had to figure how to make this object out of what we didn’t know and the Laminar Crystal made the two four-sided pyramids merged into each other, learned how to apply the silver and gold to it, and voila, we have what we saw on the… what was put on the angel painting in the hand of Michael.

Guest Speaker: I sincerely think that I was guided by Michael to talk to Jim at the precise time in order to get the information I did. I felt his presence at the time and that’s why we named it after Michael as a kind of a you know… homage.

Guest Speaker: It also helps people think of the angels, too.

Martin Pytela: So, even though Jim Carter is now dead for almost two years, his work continues, eh?

Guest Speaker: Yeah. He was really helpful when I spoke with him. He was instrumental in helping me get to the point that I am. Of course, you know, with learning how to use this stuff, he was… he had cautioned me. He said, “You know, look Dave, this is not the easiest stuff in the world to work with. You got to keep your head straight when you are working with it. You got to put some love in your heart and really let it help you learn how to use it” and that’s what we did and we found that it is not easy. We have had other people try and work with this, but it’s not that easy. So…

Martin Pytela: Okay. So, I guess we are going to call it the device that can transmit and deliver a lot, yes?

Guest Speaker: I would say that too.

Martin Pytela: Okay. Good.

Guest Speaker: One of the things that it does, yes.

Martin Pytela: Okay. Well, I think that’s about enough information for our listeners for now about the Magic Star devices

Guest Speaker: I suggest grabbing one, grab one and see what it will do for you. We get new stories everyday.

Martin Pytela: Yeah, well, I think it is a wonderful present because it is not all that expensive and it is a cool object to have. You can wear it on a string on your neck. You can dip it in your drinks and do all kinds of fun things.

Guest Speaker:

Martin Pytela: Boil it in your soup, did you say?

Guest Speaker: Yes, yes, yes. That’s actually something we found that one of the other things that can you do with the cosmic energy stones is put three of them in water and boil the water in it, it transforms the water faster.

Martin Pytela: [Voice Cross Over] Yeah, of course.

Guest Speaker: Well, we were playing around with the Magic Star and threw it inside a soup… we had two different soups going, same soup, but in two different containers because there were a lot of people we were serving, threw the Star and it was like they gobbled it up. The other one nobody really wanted after that. So, we noticed that it really enhances the taste of food when you cook with it.

Martin Pytela: Okay. Great. Scott, can you think of some summary that we could close this message with?

Scott Paton: Well, we have been talking awful lot about water over the last few months and Dr. Emoto has shown that thoughts and energy can have a huge impact on it and it actually has a memory and everything you put into your mouth, you know, should be filled with love, not nasty mean thoughts and this is one easy, simple way that I think people can make that change and if you want to know more about it, head over to www.life-enthusiast.com and what would be the best place for them to go Martin?

Martin Pytela: Under products, look for energy devices, Laminar products.

Scott Paton: Yeah and we will have a link to it on our podcast page as well and if you have got any comments or questions that you would like Martin, Dave or Brian to answer in the future, head over to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com and you will see this little comment button at the bottom of the post and click there. We check them all every time they come in and we will either deal… we will deal with it in an upcoming podcast as I am sure we will have Dave and Brian on again because the stuff that they keep telling us is so interesting and fascinating, right guys?

Guest Speaker: Should be, we will be here anytime you need us.

Scott Paton: All right. Excellent. So, you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-Op podcast. Martin, you have got the last word.

Martin Pytela: Yes. Okay. Thank you Dave and Brian Savedra. Thank you Magic Star products. This is Life Enthusiast Co-Op signing off with restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Thank you folks.

Scott Paton: Bye, bye.

Author: Martin Pytela