Podcast 067: Organic Junk Food

A major company recently launched a new organic line. Martin gives his view of the organic movement and whether dead food is dead food regardless of whether it is organic or not.

Products made from great, organic ingredients that are so good for you and for the planet, when turned into organic junk food have lost all its live-giving potential.

You need to eat water-rich foods (like fruits and vegetables), filled with enzymes and lots of nutrients.  Then you’ll feel how good organic food really is, for you, and for the planet.

Podcast 067: Organic Junk Food

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. So Martin welcome to the show.

Martin: Thank you.

Scott: I understand you got an interesting piece of mail in your mail box. You wanted to share with everybody. It was actually mail coming from one of the corporate giants.

Martin: What I want to tell you about, I usually don’t this but this weekend I was flipping through the newspaper and it always comes stuffed with all kinds of flyers and this flyer kind of stuck out because it had these pretty green colors on it and it had all that green and warm and fuzzy and all of that. I was thinking what is this and it was looking gorgeous and the art work was totally fantastic and it totally works. So who is this from? Well it’s from a drug store chain that is actually owned by one of the major cigarette tobacco companies.

Scott: Oh there is a major contradictory situation in terms.

Martin: Well you know this drug store chain started out as a cigarette outlet. It was one of the major outlets for drugs and cigarettes and they now sell everything from skin creams to contraceptives and everything in between, magazines and make-ups and all of that. Anyway so I want to read to you what they’ve got. Introducing Nativa Organics, Nativa is certified organic, premium quality free of genetically modified ingredients produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides, be good to yourself and be good to the Earth. Working in harmony with nature we have joined some of the world’s trusted organic farmers to produce Nativa Organics exclusive to insert store’s name here, Nativa offers a wide range of wholesome delicious and 100% certified organic products including cereals, jams, pasta, sauces and even cookies and snacks, adhering to the most stringent of organic standards and procedures. Why do you think I want to rant about this?

Scott: It was sounding really good until right at the end.

Martin: Yeah, the cookies and snacks and I’m looking at it and the one that jumped out at me loudest was this microwave popcorn.

Scott: Wow there is a great product.

Martin: Here cheese puffs.

Scott: So I’m going to be healthy because I’m eating organic cheese puffs and microwave popcorn? They are missing the whole point.

Martin: What they are going to do is take perfectly good fruit and vegetables and they are going to turn it into dead life-stripped, completely murdered stuff that they are going to put on the shelves and they are managing to sell to the consumer the illusion that now they are going to eat Nativa organics all of a sudden they are going to be creating health in their lives.

Scott: That’s not the way it works.

Martin: Apparently not, because the stuff that works is water rich filled with enzymes and nutrient dense.

Scott: What we would probably call living food, like lettuce, apples and oranges, carrots and beets.

Martin: Or better yet, wheat grass or barley grass or spirulina or chlorella, that sort of thing. Like Chia seeds or hemp seeds.

Scott: I love those things.

Martin: I would love to have some organic chocolate syrup, 12 oz for $2.79 each or how about this child snack, bite sized cookies for $2.49 for a package either honey graham bears or animal cookies. You can now have the illusion of feeding your child a wholesome thing and all you are doing is feeding them organically grown crap.

Scott: Organically grown food has been destroyed as you said, because when you take something and turn it into a cookie, it’s a cookie and what’s the difference between the regular store bought cookie and an organic cookie?

Martin: The ingredients are devoid of herbicides and pesticides and genetically modified foods and nothing else but they are both dead.

Scott: There is no difference really.

Martin: Well there is a difference, it’s toxin free dead food.

Scott: That’s really good, I’m going to eat really bad food for that doesn’t have this toxin that the other food has.

Martin: Here is where we run into trouble people are calling me to see where our nutritional panel on the Exsula super food is. They are trying to compare one thing with the other. Here is a question for you. If you look at the nutritional panel on a box of raw organic almonds versus honey roasted salted almonds, will the nutritional panels be any different? No they won’t, almonds are almonds. If you analyze the almonds, and put the analysis in, the ingredients inside of the almonds are the same.

Scott: I was thinking they would have salt.

Martin: That’s right I mislead you with this statement but the substance of the almond we’ve analyzed the almond and in one case we left it whole still raw, still sproutable, it would still grow, it would still create almond trees and the other one we’ve roasted and it’s dead. If you plant that stuff it will just rot in the ground, if you eat that stuff it will taste pleasant to your palate but it will not provide you with nutrition. The point I’m trying to make is that we have a label that the pharmaceutical, chemical food whatever industries have promoted on us and we are supposed to be able to compare one thing to another with and it’s completely useless because it does not give you anything other than how many grams of dead stuff is in it.

Scott: There you go so what you should do to one here is the dead stuff and here’s the live stuff and most of them would have zero under the live stuff. Stuff like the Exsula Superfoods would have everything under the live stuff and probably nothing under the dead stuff.

Martin: Or you would be listing the enzymes as present in the other you would be listing them as formerly present.

Scott: What good is a dead enzyme?

Martin: It is sort of like a car without the ignition. That’s what the enzymes do; it’s like the spark of life.

Scott: That’s a great analogy, you’ve got a key, you’ve got a car but you don’t have an ignition so where are you going? Nowhere fast.

Martin: That’s right; you still have to push to go.

Scott: But it’s a great car.

Martin: It’s a fantastic car and the label is perfect.

Scott: And the paint job, this looks so good you could eat it.

Martin: Exactly. That’s the label education we try to impart on people in fact Scott would you mind reading out this testimonial.

Scott: I was just going to. We had this testimonial come in and it was amazing and I want to before I read it I want everyone to think of how much energy they could have and if you were eating fast food, hamburgers and microwave popcorn and all this dead food and you wonder why you are tired? We talked about stress and some other things but I think that our society has done a really good job of setting a low standard and you keep talking about this when we talk about other things that we are doing, the quality that you want to put out in all aspects of life with the Life Enthusiast co-op with the information in terms of the products and in terms of how you deliver your customer service yourself. You’ve got this very high standard and I was thinking about that as I was reading about what Charles wrote and most of us feel that if we can get up at six or seven in the morning and kind of get presentable and get to work by eight and make it through the day and be how by six or seven and pat our kids on the head and give them something to eat then make it to bed by nine or ten then we are doing good.

Martin: Yeah it was a good day.

Scott: And you’re tired and exhausted and the 40 year plan and everything else and in the last 50 years we have been conditioned to accept that that is the way life should be and I think Martin one of your major messages is that is not the way we were built to be. So the question is what happens when you start putting into the body the nutrients the body would love to have so that it can work at an optimum level. So here is what Charles had to say.

I want you to know I am only about half way through the Iridesca you sent and I can already feel a benefit, you should issue a warning about too much energy. I struggled to get rid of it all and I mean I struggled. I wasn’t tired enough after running and I just laughed when I read this, I wasn’t tired enough after running seven miles, doing 100 pushups and 25 burpies. I ran sprints up and down the hill by my apartment and then I took a one hour nap thinking I would be a sleep for a week and I woke up completely replenished. I’m not trying to brag but I’m just amazed at how much energy Iridesca packs. Now I understand what you meant when you said that one teaspoon goes a long way. This is really incredible stuff; I take it mixed with a heaping teaspoon of spirulina about three or four times a day and feel amazing afterwards. I will admit I was a skeptic at first but your product simply speaks for itself, you can count on me being a customer. Thank-you so much.

Martin: Let me give you some background on this, Charles is a student in his twenties so he is not an old man and he called up and said I don’t have a lot of money so I don’t want to spring a hundred dollars on a bottle of your Iridesca and I said okay Charles I understand that and respect that we will send you just a sample so we sent him about 5 teaspoons worth of stuff in an envelope and then of course he saw the bill and it was a twenty dollar sample of the Premium and Iridesca in an envelope and a letter and it was twenty dollars and he said Martin you can’t be billing me twenty dollars for this stuff and I said I’m not billing you I just wanted to show you what it cost me to do this. So the conversation prior too all of this was I don’t know if I can afford your product and the conversation after this is Charles gladly ordered a bottle of iridesca.

Scott: Can’t afford to not have it.

Martin: Well he is glad to have it, now let’s not forget that a tablespoon of spirulina goes a long way too.

Scott: Obviously he is active and looking after his health. We can’t by any stretch expect a couple of teaspoons to be able to run five miles but what was funny about this was that he runs 7 miles, does a hundred pushups and 25 burpies and he is still super energized.

Martin: And has nowhere to put it.

Scott: That’s I think what happens when you look after your body the right way and there is so much disinformation and wrong information, marketing stuff out there like you were talking about that organic stuff and we get confused. We need to be aware that we can make a big change.

Martin: Exactly, microwave popcorn anyone? You won’t run a mile on that one I tell you. Pasta sauce or how about this one whole wheat pasta, it’s got to make you feel better.

Scott: That’s right, whole wheat pasta.

Martin: Okay so that is the rant I want to get people to understand that there is no way of getting health out of dead food. It’s in live food and the labels don’t tell the story.

Scott: And really when you think of it when our ancestors were on the savannas they were eating berries off the bush and carrots out of the ground which was all live and you had a camp fire and you stick a leg of a saber tooth tiger on it or something but most of what we ate was what was growing around us at that time. It’s pretty ridiculous to think that in a few thousand years that we could evolve to the point where we stick something in the microwave and kill it. That would be something to do to just stick in your stomach for a while.

Martin: I don’t know if mentioned this on the podcast before, a study was done in Borneo some zoologist went following an orangutan for a week and this fellow they declared him a botanist and this fellow ate four hundred different species, he’s a vegetarian. He ate four hundred different plants and fruits and vegetables. Do you remember in the grocery store how many SKUs there are in the produce department?

Scott: Most grocery stores have fifty thousand in the whole store and we are counting but most of it is canned.

Martin: We have five kinds of apples and two kinds of pears and six kinds of lettuce and that sort of thing.

Scott you would be hard pressed to be over two or three hundred.

Martin: So this guy in the space of a week did four hundred different species.

Scott: Wow and everyone who goes into the grocery store, into the produce department is usually only picking up six different things, which is usually their week supply.

Martin: It’s the Caesar salad with the odd carrot in between and maybe an apple for a snack.

Scott: I was going to say there is four hundred different bananas so you may see one there or a small variety there of plantains so it is really sad that we don’t have the variety of what is out there coming into the stores.

Martin: So anyway the reason I raised that point is there are two hundred and twenty different species inside a bottle of the Iridesca so if you want variety there it is supplied to you in a nice convenient package and all you have to do is open the bottle, scoop it up and throw it in a blender for a smoothie or just plain in a glass of juice.

Scott: That’s what I do. I put it in juice in my shaker, give it a little shake and drink it and that’s all you have to do.

Martin: So that’s my story I hope you liked it.

Scott: I did it was very interesting. I appreciate you opening my eyes to what some of the big conglomerates are doing to really fool us.

Martin: These are the true merchants of death; I have no other words for it. The tobacco company owning a chain of drug stores through which they sell packaged food, cosmetics, magazine so that they may better poison your mind, your skin and your insides so what more could you want.

Scott: And then they try to sell you the drugs for the ills that you get from what you are doing.

Martin: They don’t cure the ills they just cover the symptoms of the ills. You misspoke, my friend.

Scott: They get you both ways, come to us and eat and then come to us and we will quote unquote cure you from what you ate and make a vicious circle.

Martin: I’m not 100% sure if I remember this correctly but it was that Heinz owned Weight Watchers or something like that so they get you going and they get you coming.

Scott: They have it figured out and it is amazing to me that as a society that we let them continue to get away with it.

Martin: The reason that it happens is the integration of the large corporations is so perfect that they own the advertising and they own the media so they are able to fully control what you are thinking by sending you the messages and by the time you are twenty five years old you don’t even know that you have been completely educated to only see that which is presented to you. There was a wonderful experiment that is worth mentioning. This scientist has raised kittens in an environment where only horizontal striped were present in everything that they encountered just horizontal, nothing vertical. These kittens were then presented with obstacles like sticks or legs of a chair, they were constantly bumping into these things because they didn’t see them, they didn’t exist. They had no brain reference for that and that’s what going onto in this society where people are being educated by the media. Thank god for the internet. They are being educated to perceive the world as a consumer.

Scott: And there is so much more to the world than just that.

Martin: I would like to just close out this lovely rant of mine as “folks keep your minds open.”

Scott: There you go. Question everything!

Martin: This is Life Enthusiast co-op, we are Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Martin signing off with lifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com or 1-866-543-3388 or www.Life-Enthusiast.com, thank you for listening.

Author: Martin Pytela