Podcast 076: Cleanse and Detoxify

Your health is your choice, and our mission is to help you choose health.

Even though people cause their own health issues, it’s not about blame, it’s about people’s lack of education. The current medical model says that illness is caused from external forces.  We believe that’s not so – that symptoms of illness arise if cellular conditions change. Sick cellular terrain results in chronic illness, like arthritis, cancer or blood pressure problems.

There are four Pillars of Health…

  1. Cleanse and detoxify
  2. Proper nutrition
  3. Balancing your body’s pH
  4. Enhance your mind/body connection.

The old model says “keep away from the germs because you’ll get sick”. We believe that it is important to maintain a healthy cellular terrain. Keep your body healthy, that is clean and well-nourished, you’ll stay healthy. You’ll only catch the flu if your immune system is weak. The flu is always present – sometimes you’re healthy enough to fight it off, and sometimes you are not.

Podcast 076: Cleanse and Detoxify

This is the Life Enthusiasts co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op podcast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela and every week we bring you cutting edge health education and information and news about natural nutrition. Hey Martin, how are you doing this week?

Martin: I’m doing really well thank you. I am just so ready to delve into this new direction that we have decided to take for our podcasts.

Scott: Well the Life Enthusiast co-op web site is such a wealth of information, www.life-enthusiast.com and we were looking through it while deciding what we wanted to talk about and we realized that we may be doing people a little bit of a disservice because we think about what we want to talk about and we talk about it as opposed to having a plan and we looked at the health education section and realized we already had a plan. If you looked on the left hand side of that page we’ve got information on cleansing, nutrition, pH balance, exercise, folk remedies, hemp products, minerals I mean for the next year folks if you want to know what we are going to be talking about its going to be going through that list on the health education and delving into it in a little more detail and talking about how that can impact your health and one of the things that Martin and I discussed prior to recording this podcast and you are looking at the list and you say oh I would really like to know more about vaccinations or holistic healing and of course being a V and a W are at the end of the list and a year away, let us know because we don’t mind jumping ahead if people are interested in a particular topic and then getting back into the order. Just because it is alphabetical doesn’t mean that is the actual order that we have to do it in.

Martin: Also if there is a section that is missing that should be covered in health education that people would like to know then we can cover it. I’m not a god of health; I have no clue if this curriculum that I have set up covers everything that people are interested in. I’m just doing it because that is what interested me from my journey from sickness to health.

Scott: I think that one of the keys to this whole process that we are going through, people need to understand that their health is their choice and our mission is to help everyone who listens to choose health and there are four pillars to that and we will be talking about these over the next four weeks and the first one is cleansing and detoxifying the body, the second one is proper nutrition, the next one is balancing your pH and the fourth one is enhancing your mind body connection. In our previous years of podcasts we have delved into these in various podcasts but what we want to do now is put together a real ongoing system for everybody to work through their health issues with us.

Martin: I want to make it clear that I don’t feel that it is anybody’s fault that they have ended up in an under educated state or they have brought the illness upon themselves, even though if they did, I might say you have caused it yourself through your stupid eating habits and your lack of cleansing and so on and that’s a fact but I don’t mean it in a sense that I want to blame anyone for it. It’s just that we have not been educated, it’s a cultural societal situation where… I grew up in a family where my father is a veterinarian, I’m well versed in the medical issues and my dad is a strong believer in the current medical model and I grew up in a medical family and he is fully invested in the current medical model where he believes that illness is caused externally where there is an invader of some sort that comes in from outside and causes your illness and it took me years of my own research to realize that is really not so. You know the Louis Pasteur medical model is wrong. The model that does work is the cellular terrain model where we realize that symptoms of illness rise as the cellular terrain conditions change. Meaning that in a sick cellular terrain you will get chronic illness, things like arthritis or cancer or blood pressure problems rise because of the cellular conditions not because some virus or bacteria invaded you. I bet that’s what you were raised thinking, too.

Scott: Absolutely. That’s right, you’ve got to stay away from the germs because that’s what makes you sick.

Martin: And yet when the polio arrived in the 1950’s some people got sick but most didn’t. How is that possible? If the germ was so powerful everybody should have got it. Same thing happens with the flu, we have the flu epidemic arriving and people are thinking oh my god I’m going to catch the flu, well you are going to catch the flu when you are weak, when your immune system is weak. How come in a classroom or in a kindergarten, how come out of 20 or 30 kids in the class, five or seven get it and the other ones don’t? If the external illness theory was valid then everyone would get it.

Scott: So what is the answer than?

Martin: The answer is indeed the germs arrive, and they arrive in waves, but the answer is the protection is within you and not without you. It’s a strong immune system is the one that is going to keep you healthy and a toxic body will succumb to illness readily, whereas a cleansed body does not. Hence the cleansing being the primary factor you know we call it part one, cleansing we could have called it the most important start here, is cleansing.

Scott: How does somebody start a cleanse.

Martin: First we need to understand what we are toxic with so I just love the proverb that says if you find yourself in a hole, first stop digging.

Scott: That’s a good one.

Martin: So you know cleansing is getting rid of toxins well the first thing you need to do is stop getting toxic. You need to give up the activities that toxify you. In a normal world stop ingesting herbicides and pesticides. How do you do that? Stop walking bare foot through a freshly treated lawn that has been covered in 2,4d, agent orange defoliant or whatever or maybe stop eating produce that has been treated with diazenon which most of your carrots in a grocery store have been.

Scott: How do you find this sort of thing out because I wouldn’t have known that anything was put on my carrots? I guess this is why you are saying to go with organic foods.

Martin: That’s exactly what I mean. Well the problem is that the chemical based agriculture produces chemical loaded food, which is a tiny little amount and in small quantities it doesn’t kill you but has a cumulative effect if your body is not able to keep up with it. That’s what happens, a little bit of stuff on the carrot in isolation is okay and a little bit of stuff on the lettuce in isolation is okay and a little bit of stuff on your cherries in isolation is okay and a little bit of stuff on your front lawn by its self is okay but if you load it all together the next thing you know your liver is caving in on you. I don’t want anyone to be living in fear; I want everyone to be going towards the shining light as opposed to being scared of the darkness. What am I proposing? Eat organic just do it. The consumer power is enormous if we all ask for healthy carrots to be served to us than we will all get healthy carrots. They may cost more but they will be healthy.

Scott: And of course everyone knows that the more something is produced the lower the per unit cost is which is why we’ve had price reductions over the years and if everyone was using organic processes then it would be a lot cheaper to buy organic foods.

Martin: In general yes, if everybody was growing organic then we would not have to truck the organic carrots from who knows how far away they are.

Scott: Makes a big difference.

Martin: Also the organic section in the grocery store would be the major section, and it would not be … I was in a grocery store just the other day looking at some green peppers and the organic green peppers were not so fresh looking they had been sitting around too long and why were they sitting around for too long? Because not enough people have bought them. the poor produce manager is just pulling his hair saying I brought these peppers here and these customers are not buying them and now I’m going to have to throw out the whole lot and that makes it more expensive. I don’t know if people realize it but one of the greatest portions of costs of produce is what is being thrown out at the back of the store.

Scott: You would think that they would want to compost all that.

Martin: That would be nice or feed it to some pig farmer. That was a nice slip of the tongue, feed it to the pigs.

Scott: When you talk about stop digging the hole one of the things I noticed you didn’t talk much about is all the toxins we may be getting from processed foods and we’ve talked a bit about the carrots and that is a lot better to eat then some of the stuff in the cans in the middle of the store.

Martin: That’s right i’m speaking from my own perspective not realizing that most people are still eating the foods that are actually fully processed. As you already know I hardly ever visit the middle aisles of a grocery store. Okay folks, crackers if you read the label on the back of the crackers and if you are noticing things like sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate and much longer things like carrageenan, and this and that I don’t remember all these wonderful long words like BHA’s and BHT’s that help hold the stuff fresher and all these other things that are preservatives or emulsifiers or taste enhancers all of those things are there to make the goods shelf stable for an extended period of time. This is good because it lowers the cost and doesn’t have to be thrown out as quickly. Unfortunately when you bring that stuff into your body it does the same thing to your body as it does to the produce.

Scott: That’s the thing nobody seems to get.

Martin: If it doesn’t spoil within two weeks you shouldn’t ingest it in the first place.

Scott: We hate the idea of food that has a blemish on it or spoils a little bit and we don’t seem to realize that is what makes it good.

Martin: There are ways to preserve things, I mean there is the classic freezing, there is fermentation and there is drying. I mean dried foods don’t spoil and keeps most of the nutrients intact. Frozen foods don’t spoil and keeps the nutrients intact as well so it’s just that the processed food that is able to sit in open air such as the crackers that I brought up. if you look at it and the fats have been hydrogenated you already know that you are going to get trans fats galore in that product and it is not a good idea. Anyway so enough said on the topic I believe what you need to understand if there are items on the ingredients list that are not pure food than you have no business eating it.

Scott: So getting back to our topic today which is cleansing and detoxifying and we have talked about stop making your body more toxic say let’s suppose we have stopped digging the hole how do we get out of the hole.

Martin: This is probably going to take three or four more episodes of the podcast to deal with; there are so many elimination organs in your body and each one with specific needs. One of them is the skin, another on is the liver, the colon, the digestive tract directly another one is the kidneys and of course there is things like the mucous stuff that you can bow out of your nose. We could spend twenty minutes talking about each one of those I am sure and I think we probably will. In general it is very useful to keep our colon healthy that is the major, primary. In fact there are books out there that talk about colon management or how to achieve health with colon management, my most favorite book written on that topic by Bernard Jensen back in the 1980’s with glorious illustrations where he shows all the stuff that he was able to get out of peoples colons. You know the mucoid plaque that like somebody gave birth to a snake it’s this black goo that coats the inside of the colon that just remains there until it is expelled. In fact I recall in that book he wrote that when John Wayne died they cut his colon open and they found there was 20 pounds of putrefied matter in his colon alone. Poor fellow he was carrying it around and you could see it because there was this very large gut sticking out in front of the body. You see that on many people it’s that hard extruded belly that is sticking out and that is usually an indication of a very full colon that is enlarge from what it should be.

Scott: People don’t realize that that is not healthy.

Martin: They are thinking like I’ve got a bit of a belly what the heck right?

Scott: It’s not if you have a bit of a belly, it’s when you have a big belly.

Martin: You need to check your eyes because they may be turning brown because you’re so full of it.

Scott: And you’re being nice when you say that.

Martin: As far as the specific techniques and how you need to do it I think you need to focus on each one of those body parts with the specific podcast. All I want to say is this, a vibrant disease-free body is based on a non toxic cellular tissue so we need to find ways to cleanse it. There must be absence of toxins or else you are going to develop illness.

Scott: And that is the bottom line.

Martin: That’s the bottom line because we are not biologically adapted to ingest chemicals when we evolved as a species we did not evolve in a chemical factory and we did not evolve in a food processing factory. There are two basic body types and one is called fast oxidizer and the other is called slow oxidizer, they are also to give you an example of a fast oxidizer it would be a hunter gatherer typically an Eskimo or a Native American, there are many people with that. Most of them have blood type O and they are perfectly suited to eating protein-rich food, whether its hemp protein or meat that’s fine. They are completely well adapted to eating proteins as their major source of nutrition and energy. The other type, the slow oxidizer they can eat reasonable well even on a diet of dates and figs and other fairly sugar-rich foods and they come from the Arabic Mediterranean racial back grounds, the Jewish people, and those blood types. Blood type A and B and they don’t do well on meat at all. It has actually been written up in the old biblical literature the rules that are issued to the Jewish people that they should not be eating pigs or shell fish or things like that. These are now supported by scientific research. Most Jewish people are blood type B and the lectins that they have to deal with, indeed are incompatible with having to digest shell fish and pigs. Most of the blood type B people are OK with with having a somewhat high carbohydrate intake and don’t do to well with having too much meat. Whereas the blood type O, they are doing well with meat and terrible on bread. That’s why these diets work for some people and not for others.

Scott: People have to look at what’s best for them.

Martin: You know the Atkins diet which is the body type of the fast oxidizer which works for fast oxidizers, it just completely destroys the slow oxidizer and vice versa. If you’re blood type A or B or AB you would be well advised to not try the Atkins diet. It’s just going to just about destroy you. The point of what I’m trying to describe is that we need to eat correctly to what our body’s telling us and where this comes from is this biological adaptation not this fast oxidizer or slow oxidizer is not adapted to eating sodium benzoid or carrageenan or margarine. All of that is factory made chemical that does not belong in the human body. Start with organic and let’s see if your liver just by itself will have enough spare capacity to just detoxifying you. Let’s see if you stop loading your kidneys with all excess chemicals such as soda drinks and excess alcohol and coffee and if the kidneys are able to filter out the toxins that it’s supposed to do and start getting your body cleaner just by lowering the toxic load. One of the worst things that you can do is ingest artificial sweeteners, the diet drinks, with the aspartame and the splenda, sucralose and sweet’n’low and whatever they are. All of this stuff puts a enormous load on the detoxification system and poisons it just terribly. The word diet just drop the T and there you have it or just make it into the symbol of the cross. I don’t want to go on a rant here because we have an entire section on aspartame that we will cover in a while. Treat your body to the type of nutrients that it is supposed to eat that are found in nature, you are not adapted to living off of the products made by the chemical factories.

Scott: Yes and that’s kind of the bulk or the bottom line on that. If someone starts getting their liver working better or their colon working better what are some of the things they will notice?

Martin: If you do it too quick you are going to end up in a cleansing crisis or cleansing reaction, too much of a good thing. So for instance you can end up with skin break outs. Too much cleansing all at once pushes too many toxins out and the body starts pushing it through the skin. If you’re getting acne you’re already congested to the point where you have to cleanse your liver. If you are just starting to live a healthier life and you get skin break outs that’s because your body is cleansing quicker than your body can handle. Some other symptoms that you might get is diarrhea, you may get headaches from released toxins. This happens to people who go off coffee or cigarettes when you stop drinking coffee you have three or four days of headaches that are quite common.

Scott: So those are some of the things that people can expect?

Martin: Yes, the first few days when you switch to a healthy life style might be pretty bad, it’s sort of like going cold turkey from being a heroin or cocaine addict the first few days are just atrocious. Well it’s sort of like that not quite as bad but like that for any toxin eater. After that you’re going to start experiencing things like energy or waking up with joyful thoughts in the morning. A typical congested toxic body wakes up in the morning depressed, depressed thoughts, negative thoughts, toxic acidic thoughts and all of that as opposed to joyful alkaline thoughts. We will get to that in the pH balancing section a bit more. I am of the opinion that most depression that people experience is caused by toxicity. If you cleanse and nourish the body better you probably get rid of most of the depression and manic thoughts that comes with the “mental illness” territory. It’s really not so much of a mental illness so much as a poisoning of the body.

Scott: Interesting.

Martin: But who will believe me right?

Scott: The scientist in our scientific community would say let’s get a bunch of people and let’s do a double-bling study and let’s see and I find it fascinating that nobody bothers.

Martin: Well it’s really hard because we have this strange experiment it’s a social or clinical experiment where everybody in the western society is eating badly, eating fast foods and industrial produced foods and all of that and the results are just in our face. I mean the rate of chronic degenerative illness is rising at rates which are phenomenal. The percentage of people dying of cancer is rising; the percentage of people who have heart disease is on the rise and so on. All of this degenerative disease is off the charts and yet we can’t connect it back to the lifestyle, chasing after new drugs that are going to block the symptoms. They are going to help us stop feeling what we are feeling or stop our cells from doing what they are doing. What they are designed to do, essentially they are trying to cope with this toxic environment that you have created so detoxify and become free of disease.

Scott: There you go.

Martin: Arthritis just as an example which is an inflammation of the joints is most likely caused by the pH balance of your lymphatic system if you can get the pH back into the right range through elimination of toxins you will eliminate… so what I’m trying to express here is when you live a lifestyle that is less toxic you can expect fewer degenerative illnesses to arise in your body.

Scott: That makes total sense.

Martin: And yet nowhere on television does anyone, these news-worthy nutritionists, step up and say oh by the way you’re digging your grave with your teeth. Of course why? Because the advertiser on the channel is a taco vendor or a burger vendor or a drug producer and not one of them is interested in telling people by the way my products are killing you.

Scott: I can understand why they wouldn’t want to say that.

Martin: I can understand that too and this is where I need to go back to the beginning of what I was saying. As I was saying I am not blaming anyone for creating an illness in their body though their behavior, it’s cultural. They were taught by their mothers and fathers and grandfather and classmates and everybody else to behave the way we behave. This is probably the first or second generation that is educated by television. We have been educated into a certain lifestyle and that lifestyle has been shaped by the advertisers and the power the advertisers and the bigger the advertiser the more power they have to do what they want to do. It is the power of the food chain, the rise of the fast food life style, the rise of mass consumers well it turns out that this experiment is flawed and we need to find somehow a way to get through to people to get individually liberated and educated and change. Do what works and stop doing what does not work. If you want results other than what you are getting then you have to change the behavior there is just no question about it, so if your body is polluted and toxic you have to stop doing what you have always done and start doing things differently.

Scott: I think it is important that people realize that their bodies are polluted and toxic and sometimes that we don’t know or don’t care.

Martin: We don’t even recognize it, I remember I was 15 years old and I started getting dandruff. Dandruff is fully understood, it is the oxidative damage on the top of your head. It’s the deficiency of essential fatty acids, the deficiency of vitamin E and A, and deficiency in selenium. Simple. If I had known that I would have supplemented and I wouldn’t have dandruff but no instead I was just using a famous shampoo that reduces the dandruff.

Scott: It probably didn’t do that good of a job either.

Martin: It worked, I stopped having dandruff on the shirt anyway I still continued to have that deficiency I just managed to turn off the signaling system. Another one is acne on people’s faces it is caused by liver congestion, hormonal problems and un-health in the colon. So what do we do? Apply chemicals to the face or change the way we eat?

Scott: It looks like what we have to do is cleanse and detoxify and stop digging the hole and start filling it in with good stuff.

Martin: That is the statement I would like to close out with. This is Life Enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet. You can reach us at 1-866-543-3388 and on the internet at www.Life-Enthusiast.com and these podcasts are published at LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com. Thank you for listening.

Scott: See you next time.

Author: Martin Pytela