Podcast 079 Life-Enthusiast Success Stories

Martin and Scott take a short break in the Health Education series of Podcasts to talk about the successes that our customers have had with their chronic diseases. See all the satisfied customer testimonials.

You don’t have to be sick to get better, and Martin would like to help – before you get there.

Podcast 079 Life-Enthusiast Success Stories

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast online radio at its best restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, Martin how are you doing this fine sunny summer day?

Martin; It’s so beautiful and I wish I was out there and instead I’ve been taking phone calls from these people with chronic diseases. I mean it is so gratifying to be talking to people getting better but man I want to have a week by the lake.

Scott: And you live right by a bunch of very beautiful lakes don’t you?

Martin: Totally, it’s very easy all I have to do is get on my bike oh sorry somebody stole my bike.

Scott: Oh No!

Martin: It’s terrible, can you believe it? I live in a townhouse complex and it should be safe and it isn’t and I left my bike in the carport and somebody needed it more than I did.

Scott: And didn’t return it?

Martin: No, I’m pretty sad about that. So I’m by lakes easily to get out there and put my feet in the beautiful warm water.

Scott: Before we went on the air we talked a little about the stories and some of the adventures you have had in the last few days and I thought that we would take a quick break from our health education series, because it is important for people to have hope and you have talked to a 77 year old lady and a few other elderly ladies and they have had amazing results just by looking after their health and I thought it would be a good time for us to quickly to talk a little bit about some of these case studies because often times when people have chronic diseases with low energy they tend to give up and we want to give everybody hope but you don’t have to be sick.

Martin: No you don’t have to be sick to get better and we would love to be able to get to you before you are desperate. Most people think pain free is good but that’s like on your speedometer on your car where sixty miles is up at the middle, it’s your cruising speed and you think everything is fine but there is still only half way too the end and you can swing it way over to the right and there is all territory room available to you.

Scott: And it’s exciting place to live.

Martin: Yeah wouldn’t it be nice to be as healthy as 150 miles per hour.

Scott: You know it’s interesting a friend of mine bought a Porsche, a 1970 something Porsche and we were on a highway stopped at a red light and he is the first car and there is a car beside us and it turns green and vroom and I’m listening to the car and it’s not working hard at all. I mean my car going that fast would be making a lot of noise and he is just cruising along and he decides to move from the left lane to the right lane so he shoulder checks and I laughed at him and said you left that guy and he is a mile behind you and you are shoulder checking? He says well you always have to have good driving habits Scott and I just howled. We are all Porsches and Ferraris and what’s the point of driving them around and having them in the condition of a 1965 Volkswagen beetle that just putts along.

Martin: Yes that is the sort of metaphor that I was going for. Anyway this lady she is 77 and she calls back and she says you know I have wanted to give up so many times, I have been bed ridden and pained and I was just awful for like 15 years and she says six weeks on your program I am moving around and I am cleaning my house and I have my energy back and have full will to live. I am so expectant of great things.

Scott: Wow that must have felt good to talk to her.

Martin: The other one I have, I think I am building myself a harem of older ladies all around America. This gal from North Carolina, 68 yrs old and she says you know I am feeling good I have always looked good but now I am feeling good and I am interested in going and having a relationship again and I’m into it. I am thinking I hope she is not coming over here.

Scott: And you are happily married right?

Martin: Oh I am certainly happily married which is why I am hoping she is not coming over here. Anyway so this happens time and again and I somehow once you get good at something, people that need to find you find you more often. I keep getting calls with metal toxicity, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lyme disease you know all these chronic syndromes that doctor’s clearly don’t know what to do with. I just got off a call before we started with a woman and she said I just got diagnosed with lyme disease and my doctor said well listen why don’t you try these for a while and see how you do on it. She said they want to experiment on me with my body with this stuff; they don’t have a clue about but are willing for me to try it to see if it works.

Scott: Lets go back to our Porsche example so just imagine you have a Porsche and you drive up to the gas station and you say I need some gas and the attendant says let’s try this and see how it works. What would you do? You would be like get away from my car. What is that stuff and what do you think it’s going to do? Well not sure but let’s check tomorrow and see if your car runs or not.

Martin: An even better metaphor than that would be saying I heard some squeaky noises from the car’s engine and the guy would say I’ve got some belt here; I don’t know which car it is for but try it in your car and see if it works. It’s more like that and anyway she has had several bad years and I told her I expect you to be feeling better in two weeks and if not we need to modify the program and in six weeks. You will be dancing in three months. That is pretty much the expectations these days.

Scott: So we are not talking about the going on the prescriptions for seven years and see if you feel any better.

Martin: I remember my own experience having gone to the doctor with my allergies and he said take Sudafed and I said is that going to fix it and he said no and I said how long do I have to take it for and he said the rest of your life. What a joke!

Scott: Well there is no fixing anything is there?

Martin: Well I have no allergies anymore; I am allergy free and have been for several years now.

Scott: I meant from the perspective of prescription drugs.

Martin: They have only a slope that heads only downwards because there are no drugs that can heal you. Your immune system can heal you so the only tools they have are things to block a function of something else. They don’t have any tools that nourish, build up or strengthen; all they have is tools that block something.

Scott: So you don’t feel the pain, that doesn’t mean you don’t have it.

Martin: That’s right or you have high blood pressure so let’s stop that thing that makes your blood pressure higher. Well you haven’t fixed anything; it’s sort of like wedging a piece of wood under your gas pedal so you can’t go all the way down to the floor.

Scott: That’s funny. So the other thing we discussed before we came on the air was I noticed that we have run out of ZoeTein which is one of the Exsula Superfoods and of course it’s because we make small amounts of it so that it is always very fresh and one of the questions that I have and often times folks I have these questions for Martin and I start asking these questions before we get on the air and afterwards we say that is such good information we should have recorded it for our show so this time I said here is my question Martin and I am thinking that we should have a special kind of break from our series because I think it’s a really interesting question and I am really curious about the answer. That of course is how they actually produce the super foods because I think there is actually a big difference in how the Exsula super foods are created compared to the greens you can get at a health food store or the grocery stores. I would really like to delve into that a little bit more.

Martin: Well the primary difference is that the milling is done in small batches with small equipment, we don’t have a fifty thousand dollar machine, we have a two thousand dollar machine and it’s operated essentially at a table spoon at a time. We are feeding the seeds into this milling thing about two fingers in it that is the size of it. Every Exsula Superfoods product that you get has been taken through this two finger wide opening, in the machine that mills it down into very fine powder. So that is the milling part and then there is the blending part you have to very carefully come up with blends that mill correctly for instance if you were to take something like dried parsley that is a very fluffy kind of a thing, if you tried to mill it by itself it won’t mill at all and on the other side of the extreme you would have something like raspberry seed or flax seed which are very oily and if you tried to mill that by itself then it would just create this thick goo and gum up everything. The boys at the shop need to come up with these premixes that would have the right consistency to put it through the equipment.

Scott: So they would put the flax seed through or maybe the parsley and then they will have a bunch of that ground up and they have to measure that out; how much of that goes into a bottle of ZoeTein or Excela-50 or Iridesca?

Martin: That is the idea, so the Iridesa they have a library they call it a library and it has two hundred and forty ingredient so they are pulling out of the library to make chapters. There is the pro biotic chapter or there is the antioxidant chapter or there is the fiber chapter so they pull these together and they create these intermediate steps. Then from these chapters they make these stories, the books. In the case of the ZoeTein it is orchestrated to help people lose weight and feel energized so that product has quite a bit more of the chapter on essential fatty acids and fiber and nutritional and high end calories so that has to go through more work on that end as opposed to the strata flora which is a digestive product that has more in the pro biotic and all of that end of the spectrum.

Scott: For the stomach to create a good atmosphere for digestion right?

Martin: Yes, So you are wondering what that whole set up is. I think there are four or five people currently working in the shop and there is a whole lot of milling and tumbling. After it is milled it is thrown together and you need to tumble it so you have a consistent powder. The they need to sift it so the sifting takes it down to a consistent particle level so anything bigger than a desired size needs to go back to be reblended. Typically they are making a batch of a product in three days, the ZoeTein takes about three days to make in the shop. A whole bunch of milling, a whole bunch of blending and then a whole bunch of sifting and then finally its ready and it is weighed out in the bottle, boxed and shipped.

Scott: And then as you and everybody working learn or discover new things you make changes to the formula.

Martin: Yes these formulas are pretty stable but they do get adjusted. We have in the last few years we have made a really great connection with a seed company and we have changed some of the balances and how we use the seeds. We also made a connection with a Canadian hemp industry and we started using hemp oil and a hemp protein powder in the blends which previously we didn’t have.

Scott: There was a difference on Salba seeds, we were talking about that and we found out there was a white one versus a black one.

Martin: The Salvia hispanica which is known as the Chia seed which was the staple food of the Aztecs it’s a non glutton carbohydrate which is a very rich in protein and essential fatty acids but this is one company that has selectively bred the white Chia, Alba. So they call it Salba and we switched to using that and its about 30% better, it’s a bit of a higher price but it is a wonderful product to use.

Scott: Yeah I’ve noticed a difference too.

Martin: As far as why we managed to run out the production is not infinitely wide so it is like a rush hour in the shop. We can only put so many bottles through it.

Scott: It’s also not like you have a huge, I mean my background is in the grocery industry and sell tons of milk and sometimes we would make sure we would order more because we would rather have it on the shelf even if it got a little old or if we have to throw a little bit out. You are not mass producing superfoods; you are creating it on a very small scale so that it is very fresh and has all the ingredients.

Martin: That’s right; our top sellers are seldom older than three months and yet have three years of shelf life on them. Actually here is a little side bar, Jevari the inventor of the super foods received a call about six weeks ago from a lady who said I have a bottle here that is 17 years old of your original Excola, do you think it is safe to take? She had it in the freezer not on the shelf and he said to her please send it to me, I don’t have any of my original blends and I would like to get it back for testing and I will send you a brand new one for free. She agreed to that and she got a fresh new bottle and Jevari got a 17 year old bottle of his stuff back. He opened it up and checked it for texture, checked it for smells, checked it for taste and everything was fine about it and he ate a good size of it and he said you know that stuff is still working. It still has the kick.

Scott: We don’t recommend that everybody save your Exsula for seventeen years but if you happen too that is good to know.

Martin: Well yes but the sort of thing that I would suggest for anybody who has any concerns about a food crisis or what might happen whether an earthquake comes or extreme weather when you are all of a sudden going to be without easy access to decent food having a couple of bottles of Iridesca in the freezer and a bag of Salba and a bag of hemp seed would be a wonderful thing to help you.

Scott: That’s a really good point.

Martin: A bag of oatmeal, you can eat it raw in a pinch for calories and a bottle of Iridesca with it to give you the vitamins and all the stuff you need to have, you could last on that for about a month.

Scott: You usually wouldn’t need to last that long.

Martin: Hopefully not but if things get that bad. so folks store it. Anyway the other story I wanted to share was from a lady who called me up and she says I just finished a bottle that expired in 2004 so I want to replace it and I want to tell you that I have come up with this cancer like skin condition and I started using the product, ate a bottle of it and its all clear. So I am telling her that she is supposed to eat it as a preventative not after.

Scott: It is funny what motivates people to do stuff right?

Martin: Yes its curious.

Scott: That has been great Martin and it certainly has answered my questions on how the Exsula Superfoods products are produced and it is always great hear some success stories from people using the product and see some great results. If someone wanted to talk to you specifically about some of the issues they are having how would they get a hold of you?

Martin: Our company line is 1-866-543-3388 toll free or a direct line to me is 775-299-4661. The website is www.Life-Enthusiast.com and check in the health education section there is a lot of information there to learn about healthy lifestyles or check the disease information if you have a particular concern and there is something we may be able to do for you.

Scott: And if you want to listen to previous episodes go to www.LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com they are all archived there over eighty of them and there is lots of information there too.

Martin: Okay let’s close it out for today, thank-you for listening this is Life Enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Scott: Bye-bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela