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Podcast 090: Energized Water = Energized Life

Hydrating with Energized Water

In this week’s Podcast, Martin and Scott talk about the health of our water.  It goes through pipes and gets pounded while being trucked. What impact does this have on the health of our water? Our bodies are more than three quarters water, and if we lose something like 5% of it, we die! Water is that critical to our life.

Pure, natural, unpolluted spring water is naturally structured water. Since most of us have the mediocre water quality from commercial water producers or municipal services, we need to return tap water to its original, hydrating, life-giving state.

Water in nature is very different from the water delivered to our homes. It’s unnatural for water to turn 90 degrees and to flow in linear pipes. This has a very negative impact on the water’s health. In nature, water swirls in vortexes, and this can be duplicated Vortex Water Revitalizer.

Podcast 090: Energized Water = Energized Life

This is the Life Enthusiasts co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing this fine day?

Martin: Doing good Scott, doing good, ready to lay down some tracks.

Scott: Awesome so we are going to be continuing our health education series and I was thinking before we started talking that I was a little thirsty so I went over and got a glass of water and I was thinking of all the conversations we have had about the soil and how the food that we grow doesn’t get quite the same number of nutrients it got 50 or 100 years ago because we haven’t been putting it back. I was wondering what happens to the water that goes through the pipes, certainly bottled water as it gets pounded on the roads and trucks and everything else and I thought it might be a good idea to perhaps talk a little bit about water because I know we are 80 to 90 percent water and it is so important to our health.

Marin: Yes, you are right. We are mostly water based creatures. I think if we lose five percent of our water volume we die. It’s that narrow a margin. Anyway you are right the water in nature is very different from the water coming through manmade structures like pipes, there is a lot that goes on inside long straight pipes that also turn at 90 degree angles, this is unnatural and not how it works in nature. In fact there was a researcher who died in the 1950’s Victor Schauberger and he spent his lifetime in forests in Austria observing water studying water and working with it and he discovered that water likes to spin in spirals, expanding spirals and tightening spirals and when it tightens it flips orientation so for a while it is clockwise spinning and after the next turn it becomes counter-clockwise spin and this vortexial action creates water structuring that you do not duplicate by running water through straight pipes.

Scott: What happens to water when you run it through straight pipes like when you think of a creek or a waterfall or an ocean or a lake they are never in a straight line like when water comes down a water fall it bounces from rock to rock or a river winds its way through I mean there is no straight pipe. I am kind of curious what the difference is and would it make much difference going straight rather than meandering through like it does in nature.

Martin: I think so the researchers that are documenting this show that the straight pipes are creating this sort of laminar friction in water, where the inner part of the pipe is moving at a different speed than the outer part, the one that is catching onto the walls it just creates some sort of unnatural laminar back eddies. I haven’t seen it so I don’t know the only visual evidence we have are the pictures taken by Dr Emoto where he shows that water from natural springs or creeks that have not been polluted produce these beautiful harmonious crystals whereas water that comes from just below these electric damns or turbines produce these very ugly looking amorphous blobs. I have certainly had this experience in nature, I wonder if you can relate to this, interacting with water in a lake or creek rather than the water that is in your bath tub.

Scott: As you know there is a small river that runs by my place and when it is hot in the summer one of the things I like to do is put on a pair of trunks and head out to the river and sit on one of the rocks and let the water just wash over me and I tell you the feel of the water I really don’t know how to describe it, it is so different from the feel of the water that comes out of the taps at home. It almost feels not living but a part of me I don’t know if I am making any sense or not and this just all comes down from the snow melting off the mountains.

Martin: Yes I would say that is life force, life force in evidence and that we are supposed to drink that type of water or swim in that type of water as opposed to the stagnant industrial product that comes out of the water pipes in the city.

Scott: So we are really talking about the difference between living water and dead water?

Martin: In many ways yes, I mean I cannot document it any other way other than pointing back at the pictures that Dr Emoto took and the feelings. How does it feel the hand right?

Scott: Right and anybody interested looking at those; we have a whole page of information on the website at if you are interested in looking at that. Just do a search for Emoto and you will see and I tell you once you take a look at some of those pictures of the ugly industrial water that would look perfectly fine in a glass, you really don’t want to drink it.

Martin: It’s “safe” because it doesn’t have the ugly bacteria because they have killed by chlorine but if you leave the chlorine in it and you drink it with the chlorine you will end up killing the bacteria that is inside you beneficial or not so now you are going to create some problems in your body by drinking chlorinated water. Anyway I wanted to go back to the energized water concepts we have available products from Nordic water and what they do is they make products that push water through a pipe that has the vortexial patterns built in so that when you run the water through the shower, the water tap or even the whole house, the water has been spun exactly in the format that Schauberger showed so the water becomes revitalized and it feels marvelously well and so you know it’s not a terribly expensive thing, six hundred dollars buys you a piece that you just put into your house pipe and every drop of water coming through your house pipes are now revitalized. That’s one clever thing how man can overcome his own stupidity and restore the harmonic features in the water.

Scott: Restore vitality to the water.

Martin: What a concept! We have smaller and less complicated devices for treating the water for instance the ADR-4 is a cute little five inch plate that you can set just about anything containing water upon and experience the harmonizing of the water. The most fun I have had with this is taking it to a party and charging wine you know pour out a couple of glasses of wine from the bottle and then charging one of them and not charging the other and asking people to compare. It’s amazing you can take this ten dollar bottle of wine and it will taste like this fifty dollar bottle of wine because it has had the effects of aging or the harmonization embedded to it within two minutes of sitting on this little plate.

Scott: And if they didn’t see it they wouldn’t believe it.

Martin: I call it the booga, booga factor, it gives me the creeps. What did you just do?

Scott: So let’s get back to the basics of this discussion if you bought a bottle of water from the store or took water straight from the taps and its H2O sort of thing there is going to be a problem getting that into the cells to use it the way your body was meant to use water.

Martin: Yes there are four things that we can easily measure about water and the first thing is surface tension, the second thing is oxidation reduction potential (ORP), the third thing is the pH which is the acid alkaline balance and the fourth thing is the cluster size. So let’s start with the cluster size.

Scott: That’s my favorite one, every time you talk about it I think that is so cool I would never have thought of it.

Martin: Well what happens is that we have a function in our cells to take water in and take water out of the cell through what is called the aquaporin channel and what happens is that the water can only through go in single file, one molecule at a time.

Scott: And we assume that it is just H2O, one molecule sort of sliding by other molecules right but I guess that is not true.

Martin: Well it is sort of like a whole bunch of kids that would be holding hands and you can’t get them by a gate all at once you have to figure out how to get them into single file so that they can get through.

Scott: Because the water molecules will cluster together, I like the analogy of ping pong balls, each ping pong ball is a molecule of water and you glued a whole bunch of them together and then you would have this big clump of water.

Martin: Yes you would have to rip it apart to use it.

Scott: You couldn’t play ping pong with all these balls glued together that just wouldn’t make sense.

Martin: Now you’re into volleyball territory. So what happens is that now your body has to expend energy to separate the water molecules, or the water will irrigate meaning it will be in your intestine or urinary tract it will go through you but it will not hydrate you. You will drink eight glasses of water and you will still be feeling thirsty because the common water that comes out of your water taps may have maybe one or two percent of properly clustered water, the water that will actually get inside of your cells and hydrate internally so we need to decrease the water clustering size. Take it apart and make it easier for your body to hydrate itself internally and we have tools to do that for instance there is the ADR 4 or the Prills that we sell or the water ionizers that we sell, all of these things will adjust the clustering of the water, break it apart and make it more absorbable.

Scott: And that’s the key you need to be able to absorb the water.

Martin: That’s right not actually having it flow through you but bring it into the cells, not just past the cells. So anyway that is the cluster size and the other thing we mentioned was the pH your lymphatic system should match the pH of your blood which is about 7.3 to 7.4 most people’s lymphatic system when healthy is between 6.8 and 7.2 if it gets much below that chronic disease starts setting in. You get calcium being leached out of your bones and things like osteoporosis and things like inflammation sets in and things like arthritis and who knows what else illnesses and then further on down into the acidic territory you get things like tumors cancer and eventually complete decay and it’s over. So what we need to do is maintain the acid alkaline balance in our body and a lot of the lifestyle issues we have already discussed will cause acidic inputs, stress, lack of sleep, coffee and refined foods, fried foods, sugar; all of these things are acidifying your body and you need to alkalize it. So the water you drink needs to be more alkaline then not. By changing the physical structure of the water we are actually shifting it to be more alkaline. For people who are having serious trouble I would suggest you go with the water ionizer because there are settings on the ionizer where you can make the water eight or eight and a half even ten and a half on the pH scale which will help you wash out all the acidity out of your system.

Scott: Yeah and that has a big impact on things like the colon and just refreshing your whole body.

Martin: Well we were discussing weight management not long ago. Your body will deposit toxins that it is not able to get rid of in fat. Well if you start drinking the alkalizing water or the alkaline water you are giving your body the tools now to wash the toxins out so it is one of the best tools for slimming if you find yourself with jiggly blubbery fat all over you that is a sure sign that you need to alkalize. The other sign of course are degenerative diseases which I already mentioned so either a full on water ionizer or at least the Prills, the precious prills it is a wonderful universal tool that is simple and affordable.

Scott: Three ounces of them for fifteen dollars you can’t beat that.

Martin: No especially when they last for a couple of years or more. so that is the pH and the next thing we mentioned was the ORP the oxidation reduction potential and again a good ionizer will send it into the negative territory, the negative territory OR voltage means that it has the antis so it will help you redo, reverse the effects of oxidative damage. You know the effects of oxidative damage you will see best on people who have been either working outdoors you know sun damage or people who smoke and drink. It starts showing up in people from 35 years on and it does show in people that smoke and drink and they are aged way quicker than people who don’t.

Scott: Right cause your skin is all dried out.

Martin: That’s right because of the oxidative damage starts showing up and of course that is on the outside and on the inside your organs are shriveling and shrinking and wrinkling and they are becoming damaged. So the efficiency of the function is going down so that is the ORP so you know things like the Prills will drop the ORP into the negative territory and the ionizers will do that even quicker and then the last of the four would be surface tension. Surface tension is something that you can change by means of soap and detergent you know when you want to wash something or get rid of grease you would add some soap to it. Well we can actually make the water with a lower surface tension without adding soap to it and that’s what people tell me, they say I didn’t know my kitchen counter could be so clean when I started using the Prill water for cleaning the dirty things just disappear.

Scott: Right because it changes the surface tension and pulls everything off of it.

Martin: Right you know we have this bath and laundry appliance you can take the water from your laundry appliance and add it to your washing machine and you don’t even have to add soap to wash. So you can use some good soap like the miracle two soap and put it on the greasiest spots and add one of the laundry balls or laundry bags and you will be saving a fortune on laundry detergent because you won’t need it.

Scott: Wouldn’t that be nice?

Martin: Well it is a reality for many of our customers already, so again to repeat four features of the water that we can change using these devices, lower the surface tension which means you can get rid of the toxins and dirt out of your body better but it also means that you dissolve the nutrients more effectively so you will get more out of the water or the things that you have in the water that you are drinking.

Scott: Or if you’re eating.

Martin: Exactly same thing and then the second thing is the pH which of course the properly balanced pH allows you to be joyful and not miserable, energetic not tired, free of colds and viruses because viruses arise only in acidic territory. A side bar here as we are heading into the winter season just anticipating people roasting turkeys and similar activities filling themselves on big heavy dinners that is a very acidifying experience you definitely need to wash it out with alkalizing water or else. Or else you suffer the consequences of the flu season. People thought it was the virus that sort of jumps on them from the door handle or someone sneezing on them but that is not the case it’s the lack of antioxidants and the lack of pH balance in the body that causes it.

Scott: So pretty much all these viruses that people get are in the body all the time?

Martin: Well yes I agree we encounter these infectious germs all the time they are in our environment summer or winter it’s just in the winter we usually get less sunlight so less vitamin D and we get less fresh fruits and vegetables so that means less vitamin C and B and so on. So that is the nutritional deficit and the second one is that we eat more cooked food as opposed to raw and fresh food which is the pH deficit we are starting to acidify rather than alkalize. There is your flu season because of lack of energized water.

Scott: Very good job of kind of putting this all together for us Martin thank you and I was thinking that there is an article on the site about chronic dehydration and I was thinking it might be a good idea to go through a few of those just to let everybody know because some people are like I drink water my water is fine but it just amazes me all the different things that come up from not having enough water in our system and some of them are fatigue and energy loss so you know when you are dehydrated and the tissues don’t have the enzymatic activity that they normally do and they slow down and of course we feel tired. Constipation when your chewed food enters the colon it contains too much liquid and things don’t form properly and uh oh you’re in trouble and then you have other digestive disorders. I never really thought of not having enough water and relating it to not having enough digestive juices to digest all the food that we eat. If you have high or low blood pressure you know it’s funny you can have no water and have high blood pressure or no water and you can have low blood pressure.

Martin: That’s because your bloods electrolytes will go out of balance and the sodium and potassium that regulates how your heart functions and how the cellular pressure is maintained.

Scott: Those of us who have trouble breathing your mucous membranes might be slightly moist to protect the tract and all of a sudden you have trouble breathing like you talked about the acid alkaline imbalance and the problems with that and obesity and cholesterol is a surprising one because if you have too much liquid that needs to be removed inside the cells the body tries to stop the loss by producing more cholesterol.

Martin: Yes that is a classic reaction to defend itself, if it’s drying out it’ll say I have got to protect this somehow.

Scott: You’ve got to keep the water in and it blows my mind because people are always talking about high cholesterol and who ever said drink more water.

Martin: Well it wouldn’t have worked sufficiently it would have to be drink more energized, structured non-industrial water and which doctor is even going to tell you that there is such a thing as water energizers.

Scott: Or that it makes any difference.

Martin: Because H2O is just H2O right and salt is just salt and oil is just oil and sugar is just calories don’t worry about it.

Scott: So anyway it just surprised me all the different things that dehydration can cause and it makes me realize how important it is to make sure I have got a lot of water. Which brings me to my last point, is there a difference between drinking water and we are talking about energized water and living water or having a 7up or a coke?

Martin: Well you could take the ADR-4 plate and set your glass of favorite soda drink on top of it so it will be harmonized so whatever water in that drink will be harmonized. however you will still have the issue of the phosphoric acid and the nine teaspoons of sugar to deal with. So you will still have the assault of calories and the assault of acidity it will just be beautifully harmonized so it will get inside your tissues a little quicker.

Scott: So you are going to put on weight faster is that what you are telling us?

Martin: Absolutely for accelerated destruction please drink structured 7up.

Scott: Well I think that is a great place to end this discussion on water and Martin if somebody wanted to talk to you more about energizing their water and alkalizing their bodies how would they get a hold of you?

Martin: Well I hope that people will first do some reading it’s at and go to the health education section and read. I am starting to get pretty busy, it’s been difficult to return all the calls that are coming in but for people who really need help call 775-299-4661 that rings on my desk or call 1-866-543-3388 and make an appointment, I do my best to talk to everybody who needs help.

Scott: Awesome and if you are interested in listening to other podcast episodes that we have done go to or on the life enthusiast co-op site we have a little tab that says podcast you can click there and it will take you right to it. We have well over eighty episodes there so far and climbing with all sorts of great information on any topic you can think of when it comes to your health so it’s a great resource.

Martin: So folks this is another wrap up of another episode of Life Enthusiast podcast signing off with restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Thank you for listening.

Author: Martin Pytela