Podcast 093: Hemp Seeds are a Perfect Food

We regret to inform you that Hemp Seeds are no longer available, yet there is still interesting information here. Some of our Protein Supplements contain Hemp Seeds.

Hemp Seeds (or Hemp Nuts) are THC-free, meaning you will not get high. You will have an excellent source of protein and fat. The Western world is very deficient in Omega 3 essential fatty acids and Hemp Seeds provide just the right ratio of fats.

Historically, hemp has been the universal provider of fiber for rope, sails and clothes and now we see that it’s very high in protein. The seeds have a pleasant nutty taste and provide a broad range of nutrients, especially essential fatty acids. Hemp protein is well absorbed and very nutritious.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing this fine day?

Martin: Good day Scott, thank you for asking.

Scott: Awesome, it’s a sunny day here.

Martin: Good for you I am always feeling more cheerful when the sun is shining on me.

Scott: Yeah me too so we have been going through some health education and talking about water and essential fatty acids and enzymes and we are going to do something a little different today we are going to talk about a product that has all of that and I think it was really interesting when we decided to talk on all of this because I just recently bought those one liter boxes of drink and it was made form this particular product and the reason I bought it was because I bought the chocolate flavored one and I though oh chocolate milk this will be better then milk but it had a big thing on it that said new improved taste so I thought I would give it a try and I also bought a regular normal one I don’t think it’s unsweetened and there is no flavoring to it, it is just the natural flavor to it which I like to put on my cereal. When we are talking about is hemp seed and the hemp oil that comes from it and it is absolutely an amazing little product and I think Martin what we should start off with is talking about the hemp seed and as nature’s perfect food and why is that.

Martin: Well there are a few natures’ perfect foods out there and entire cultures have been built on that. In the tropics for instance you have the coconut and the palm tree where you have the coconut oil and the meat and you can use this one thing and an entire island culture is built on just that thing. In the European culture in the mild weather latitudes that plant was the hemp it was the most universal provider of so many things you know the fiber was used for making rope and also for making sails and shirts and pants. I mean it is a little coarse so it is a bit rough but it is very strong and can be used for making fabrics and the protein from it so nutritious that you don’t have to be eating a meat based diet to get all the nutrients that you need and the seed is very rich in oil and the oil has just the perfect balance of the fatty acids in it and the seeds are just beautiful tasting and very rich and nutty and by the looks of it they look a lot like sunflower seeds but they have a more intense flavor than that. So anyway the hemp plant has been maligned and mollified for its cousin that is the opiate generating hemp for which you can either smoke the buds or make hash oil out of it so the hashish and all of that and all of the addictions that is the cousin of the hemp that we are talking about here. The hemp we are discussing is the food grade hemp and has zero THC and does not trigger any drug tests and it does not get you high and it does not get you stoned, it’s just a source of food as good as sunflower, actually better. You were heading into saying that this is the perfect food and it is that for many reasons for one the make-up of the fat you know when you take the hemp seed oil you can look at the hemp oil profile and compare it to plants like the walnut oil and flax or canola or soy bean or olive oil but the interesting thing is that in this society in this industrialized world they are very much deficient in omega 3’s. Omega 3’s are the type of essential fatty acids that are responsible for controlling the inflammation in the body if you don’t get enough of the omega 3’s the inflammation rises terribly. Remember the story we gave earlier in one of our podcasts where the farmer was feeding his hogs coconut oil well the hogs were getting skinny they were getting a couple of these fatty acids out of the coconut oil here you can get those same fatty acids out of the hemp oil you know the gamma linolenic, the GLA and the alpha linoleic ALA those are the acids that are responsible for keeping us slim. So we need to figure out how to get a lot of that in our bodies and when we do we actually maintain optimal weight.

Scott: That’s really cool.

Martin: Yes why wouldn’t you want to eat food that is going to keep you skinny right?

Scott: Exactly that kind of makes it easy.

Martin: Naturally, the more you eat the skinnier you get.

Scott: So this is found in hemp and flax seed?

Martin: Yes it is found in those two and it is found in walnut oil and soy bean oil as well but not as much, the big thing with the hemp is that it has a large content of the gamma linolenic acid and if you look that up you will get rich anti-inflammatory properties without the side effects of other anti-inflammatory drugs so it is great for autoimmune disorders, arthritis, eczema, PMS you know those type of things.

Scott: The other thing that the hemp is high in is the omega 6’s.

Martin: Yes that is an important thing to be said, omega 6 is helping you get a lot of energy. I’m actually going to look it up that’s the type of thing you get out of fish oil and those types of things. I’m just trying to look up exactly so I don’t mis-quote it you know the Mediterranean diet is made up of healthier and more appropriate balances between omega 3’s and omega 6 fats the American diet had too much omega 6 in relation to Omega 3 so if you are a meat eater you are too heavy on omega 6 but if you are a vegetarian you don’t have enough of that. So the hemp seed has the correct balance of that you could be a vegetarian and enjoy a good balance of these fatty acids.

Scott: So the other thing too is that there is the hemp oil but there is also the hemp nut and I thought that was interesting because that is quite high in protein.

Martin: Yes exactly you can take a scoop of that and live on it again it is a great food for vegetarians.

Scott: Yes because often times vegetarians don’t get enough proteins as they would like.

Martin: Or get enough calories I mean they are so skinny you can just look at them and they are pale skin, low energy people who are always cold. I mean I am not anti vegetarian I am just anti stupid.

Scott: And there is a difference too between the protein you will get from the hemp seed versus the soy protein that a lot of people have I was quite surprised.

Martin: The hemp protein is a great source of edestin which is a great source of a very important protein that supports the immune system function and of course rich in vitamin E, C chlorophyll, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, phytosterols, beta carotene, vitamin C, Calcium, so the list is long and it’s just a perfect food and it forms the basis of many of the Exsula super foods that we manufacture. We have found that it is the best balance that you can start a meal with so for instance the Zoetein has a fairly large ratio of this hemp seed in it where as the Iridesca will have a much smaller ratio but the Zoetein you can actually live on, it gives you enough food you can take a scoop of that and you can go for six hours on just that one scoop of that concentrated food.

Scott: Yeah cause it’s a total package right.

Martin: Yes so that’s what we have and I don’t know how to tie it all back together I am having a hard time staying coherent and explain why it is that it is that the hemp products are the kind of thing that a person should be eating a lot of.

Scott: Well particularly if someone likes nuts or walnuts or almonds or peanuts or anything like that this is just an ideal switch because you would enjoy the taste of the hemp as much as the taste of the nuts. It’s not like you are looking at a major change, it’s good for you and you don’t have to develop a taste for it.

Martin: It does not taste gross that’s a fact. Anyway you were actually drinking the nut milk that’s another fact. Here is an interesting thing soy is quite famous for its high phyto-estrogen content so when you are drinking soy milk you are actually turning yourself into a female.

Scott: So stay away from it or you will start looking like something else right.

Martin: Well as a man you certainly don’t want to increase your estrogen levels but even as a woman you should not be pumping yourself up on high levels of estrogen because estrogen dominance is certainly not an easy thing to live with. So what we tell people is how do we get it, it is either available in a seed or in the protein and the hemp protein is kind of green in color and is a dense powder which is usually about 40 percent of protein which is just phenomenal it is so much better than other sources like whey which is popular with weight lifters and people who like to build their muscles and they always say got to have protein and they have scoops and scoops of whey based proteins and they are not doing themselves any favor by doing that because the whey is typically made from pasteurized milk which means that the enzymes inside of that have been heat processed and cooked they are no longer in their enzyme rich state. So a breakfast based on whey protein well you are going to have to eat a handful of enzymes or it will tax your digestive system terribly, whereas if you do the same thing with the hemp protein that is raw and it still has the enzymes there.

Scott: I was also thinking of the difference between hemp seed and flax seed, because what I have noticed because I have some hemp seed as well it is very chewable and very nutty and it seems to break down what I notice with the flax seed is that unless it is already ground which isn’t really a way I think of taking it you know a whole seed they are hard to chew and if you don’t chew them and break them down they pretty much just go right through the system. So it is harder to get the benefit of the flax seed compared to you know cause you want to chew on it versus something that the oil has been taken out then the hemp seed, which I found quite interesting because you are going to get the benefit of the seed.

Martin: Well that probably wraps it up as far as hemp seed is concerned what more can you say other than it is 34 percent protein and 45 percent fat and 11 percent carbohydrate.

Scott: And most of that fat is essential fatty acids.

Martin: So that means everything in the seed is just perfect.

Scott: It’s natures perfect food, I was just reading on the frequently asked questions on the life-enthusiast website and one of the things that it said there was that hemp seed had all 9 essential amino acids which I thought was interesting and that the omega 3 and 6 and the GLA that you talked about earlier is in the hemp oil in the optimum ratio for us which is 2.5 to 1 and it is really balanced in such a way that is optimum for our health and it is just amazes me that hemp isn’t one of the top and of course we know why it’s not one of the top pushed items for people to get their essential fatty acids from. So Martin if someone wanted to know more about hemp seed and the different products that you can get it from where can they go.

Martin: Well we have it on the Life Enthusiast website at www.life-enthusiast.com this is in the health education section under hemp products and if you want to ask questions on the phone you can reach me at 1-866-543-3388 or 1-775-299-4661 or if you want to hear more like what you have been listening too and all the different products that you should know about then you should go to LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com where we have the previous episodes of these conversations.

Scott: Well thank you everybody for joining us and you have been listening to life enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Author: Martin Pytela