Podcast 404: Mold and Fungus

How mold and fungus affect your health, how to recognize them, and how to eliminate the effects of mold and fungus from your life. Read More

Electrosmog 101

Electrosmog or energetic pollution is caused by invisible Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), (think power lines, inverters, wi-fi, cell phone signals, x-rays, or microwaves). Read More

Podcast 403: Ed Curry, Organic Capsicum Farmer: about organic farming, capsaicin, and his journey with Life Enthusiast

Ed is a wonderful example of what can happen when somebody meets Life Enthusiast. Read More


Why are there so many toxins in our environment and why are they so harmful to our health? Read More

Podcast 401: Relationships, Kingship, and Personal Growth with Spencer Feldman (part 2)

Healthy relationships are just as important as a healthy body and a healthy mind. Read More

Podcast 400: Relationships, Kingship, and Personal Growth with Spencer Feldman (part 1)

Information and skills to help free us from our genetic, social and subconscious programming Read More

Podcast 399: Karma Cleanse – Herbal Cleansing Tonic

Support Your Natural Detox Mechanisms with Karma Cleanse Herbal Cleansing Tonic Read More

Podcast 398: The Danger of 5G and other EMF

All reactions that involve an exchange of electrons are in fact electrochemical reactions. So when we subject the creature to electromagnetic radiation, we are changing the environment in which this transaction is taking place. Read More

Podcast 397 about Skin Sorcery

Nourish Your Skin and Fight Aging Effectively with Skin Sorcery Read More

Podcast 396: Genetics and Viruses – MTHFR

Discover possible connections between MTHFR and COVID-19 Read More

Podcast 395: How to Avoid the Ventilator

Let’s talk about the immune system, and how we can support it in order to avoid intensive care, even though there is no doubt that we will all meet the Coronavirus eventually. Read More

Podcast 393: Detoxing from Toxic Heavy Metals with Zeolite

Improve your general state of health, detoxify your body by removing heavy metals and toxins Read More

Scientific References: Ecklonia Cava

Extremely Effective Antioxidant Read More

Podcast 392: How to manage your immune system for health

How to navigate viral and other infections in these dangerous times Read More

Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe and Sane

These are tips to help you protect yourself and stay sane in this uncertain time. Read More

Podcast 391 about Mitopinol

How to prevent your body from unwanted mutated cell growth? Read More

Podcast 390 about Rubeplex

Vascular Health Support with Spencer Feldman Read More

The Biology of Lactoferrin

Soil Based Organisms Control Your Blood Iron Levels Read More

Podcast 389: Hacking the Epidemic with Spencer Feldman

Simple strategies to help you protect yourself and your family from coronavirus Read More

Podcast 388 about Hydrogen

Reduce Free Radicals, Boost Your Energy, and Improve Cellular Hydration Read More

Podcast 387: Grounding, Negative Ions, and Electrons – Part 2

In nature, the best sources of negative ions are areas where water molecules crash and gain their negative charge by losing electrons. Read More

Podcast 386: Grounding, Negative Ions, and Electrons – Part 1

Negative ions attach to pollutants and allergens with a positive charge; they even remove bacteria and viruses from the air. Read More

Podcast 385: Oxygenate Your Body with Amazing Soak

Amazing Soak is a formula of oxygen-mineral chelates stabilized in solution. Read More

Podcast 384 about Maca with Jorge Ureña

Maca was a regular part of the Peruvian diet, believed to bring strength, resilience, stamina, and immunity. Read More

Podcast 383 about Amaranth Oil

Concentrated Longevity in a Bottle! Read More

Podcast 382: Ease Joint Pain and Fight Airborne Allergens with Herbal Tinctures

Introducing Allergy-Ease, Arthritis-Ease and TMJ-Ease by Earth Friend Herb Read More

Podcast 381: How to stay healthy in 2020

Happy New Year, everybody! Let’s start 2020 with the most important yet the most basic healthy habits! Read More

Podcast 380: Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Give a Gift of Health This Christmas with Life Enthusiast Read More

Podcast 379 about Cortisol-Ease and Adrenal-Ease

Reduce stress, improve sleep, and overcome adrenal fatigue Read More

Holy Tea Ingredients

Why drink regular tea when you can experience fitness and wellness of a total body cleanse with the Dr. Miller’s Tea? Healthy colon supports a healthy happy life. Read More

Podcast 378 about Black Friday on Life Enthusiast

Save money while gaining health! With Black Friday just around the corner, we have a 10% off code for you! Read More

Podcast 377 about Meno-Ease

Experience Easy Menopause with Meno-Ease Read More

Podcast 376 about Powerful Adaptogens

Adaptogens help us deal with stress. Learn about two powerful adaptogenic herbs – Rhodiola and Maca Read More

Podcast 375 about Safe Energy

Get more energy and mental clarity without caffeine or other stimulants! Read More

Podcast 374 about Magnesium

Learn all about different forms and uses of Magnesium with Martin Pytela and Miri Okocha Read More

Podcast 373 about Fighting Viruses and Infection with Earth Friend Herb Formulas

Soothe Your Throat and Chest, and Fight Viruses and Infections with Song of the Nightingale and Immunagen Read More

Refillable Laundry Containers

One Major Step to Save our Planet Read More

Podcast 372 about Microbiome and Gut Health

Taking care of our gut flora is crucial for our overall health. Read More

Podcast 371 about Mood-Ease, Neural-Ease, and ALZ-Ease with Elijah Free

Restore Natural Chemical Balance of Your Brain with these herbal tinctures! Read More

Aloe Vera, Myth or Medicine?

Aloe Vera has been given many wonderful names such as Burn Plant, Medicine Plant, Wand of Heaven and Plant of Life. Read More

Aloe Vera, the Plant of Immortality

As a food supplement, aloe is said to facilitate digestion, aid in blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as kidney, liver and gall bladder functions. Read More

Podcast 370 about Digest-Ease and Kidney-Bladder-Ease with Elijah Free

Digest-Ease and Kidney-Bladder-Ease – Herbal Tinctures by Earth Friend Herb Read More

Podcast 369 about Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease Support with Elijah Free

Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease Support – Herbal Tinctures by Earth Friend Herb Read More

Podcast 368 about Earth Friend Herb with Elijah Free

Get to know the Earth Friend Herb company and their amazing herbal tinctures! Read More

Oceans Alive Phytoplankton

Nannochloropsis and Tetraselmis with absolutely no contaminants, stimulants, herbs, sugar, caffeine, starch, yeast, preservatives or artificial flavors. Read More

Podcast 367 about Managing Stress Inputs

How to “Untrigger Yourself?” Read More

Do You Have Good Sleep Hygiene?

Sleep plays a critical role in learning, and thinking. Lack of sleep negatively affects concentration, alertness, and attention and the consolidation of memories, which can make it difficult to retain learned information. Lack of sleep over time can contribute to disorders such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes and it is estimated that close to 90% of people who struggle with insomnia also live with another health condition. Read More

Podcast 366 about Castor Patch

Learn about transdermal castor oil therapy! Read More

Fighting Chronic Pain With Food

Through a diet geared towards managing inflammation, natural pain management is achievable, and can result in a better quality of life for those who live with chronic pain. Read More

Podcast 365 about Nervidyne

How to protect myelin sheath in your brain? Find out with Martin Pytela and Spencer Feldman! Read More

Natural Remedies For Treating Mold And Mold-Related Illnesses

Symptoms of mold infestation are also common symptoms of other allergy conditions, such as congestion, issues in breathing, nausea and sinus pressure. Read More

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome symptoms usually include pain, aching, throbbing, itching and feeling heavy or antsy. Read More

RoundUp Ready Organics

Whole Foods declares coexistence with GMO foods possible. Seriously? Read More

Sterile Gut

The #1 health complaint received by doctors worldwide is poor digestion, malabsorption and constipation, quickly followed by complaints of tiredness, lack of energy, slow recovery, etc. Read More

Vaccination Facts

Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE) is offering facts often missed or not disclosed. Read More

When Food Hurts

If you suffer from any negative reaction to food, it is very important to properly diagnose the problem. Read More

Water Soluble Vitamins – Part 2 – Vitamin B

B Vitamins, a family of nine different compounds that are important for cellular metabolism, methylation, energy, and immunity. Read More

Water Soluble Vitamins – Part 1 – Vitamin C

There are things you might not really know about Vitamin C. Read More

Vagus Nerve In Your Body

The vagus acts as a bio-informational data bus that routes impulses going in two directions. Read More

All About Tigernuts

Tigernuts, also known as chufa, earth almonds, or nut grass, are nutritious, and naturally gluten free (and of course soy, dairy, and grain free). Read More

The Skin You Are In

It is important to remember that you absorb everything you put on your skin Read More

The Microchip and The Mark of the Beast

“How can you control a people if you cannot identify them?” Read More

The Big Three

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda and Coconut Oil for skin care Read More

Symptoms & Causes of Intestinal Dysbiosis

Just a quick review – check off the symptoms that you have, and see if this fits you. Read More

Sulfur and MSM

Sulfur is the third most abundant element found in the human body! Read More

Stay Cool: The Healing Power of Cold

Cold water therapy is used to reverse a wide range of health conditions, including diseases linked to immunity. Read More

Social Media and Body Image – Part 2

What makes you want to improve professionally, reach a fitness milestone, lose ten pounds, or improve your foreign language skills? Read More

Social Media and Body Image – Part 1

Humans are social creatures, no doubt about it. We thrive in the company of others Read More

Movie: All The Gold You Can Eat

Since the early days of Life Enthusiast we distributed products made by Don Nance, the Alchemist in the movie All The Gold You Can Eat. Read More

Under Our Skin: Explaining Lyme Disease

Lyme disease has been growing in impact. Is it a weaponized illness released into the environment? Is it more lethal because of our compromised immune systems? Read More

Broadcast: Raw For 30 Days

People have completely overhauled their lives in just 30 days, from insulin dependent to drug-free. Read More

Nature’s Guide to Beautiful Hair

Today, we change our hair with the latest fashion trends and we switch hair color like we would change socks. Read More

M-Water Summary: Dr Klinghardt

Guaranteed Solution for Proper Body Hydration Read More

Miracle of Crystal Salt

Medical literature abounds with studies that relate high salt consumption to a plethora of illnesses. Read More

Mineral Balance

The most general signs of mineral imbalance relate to problems in the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems. Read More

Meniere’s Syndrome

Meniere’s syndrome is a particularly distressing condition characterized by dizziness, a loud ringing or throbbing in the ears and sometimes vomiting. Read More

Maca Root – Peruvian Treasure

Maca root grown in high elevation in the Andes has been appreciated for its metabolic support – more energy, better endurance, greater interest in life. Read More

Link Between the Brain and Immune System

Implications profound for neurological diseases from autism to Alzheimer’s to multiple sclerosis. Read More

Let’s Get Negative

Negative ions attach to pollutants and allergens with a positive charge; they even remove bacteria and viruses from the air. Read More

Juniper Berry

Juniper Berries are beneficial in reducing congestion, inflammation, infection, and toxicity. Read More

Job’s Tears

Tropical, naturally gluten free grain of the Poaceae grass family. Read More

Intracellular Hydration

Much research has been conducted on the effects of energized water on the body’s response systems. Read More

intraMAX Studies

The results specifically prove intraMAX 100% organic microcomplexed liquid dietary supplement performed very well in improving metabolism, increasing energy and lean muscle mass. Read More

How Tryptophan Was Banned

Genes had been inserted into bacteria’s DNA in order to produce high concentrations of several enzymes used in tryptophan production. Read More

Himalayan Salt Technical Details

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the most beneficial, cleanest salt available on this planet. Read More

Himalayan Salt Quality

Crystal salt from the Himalayas, rich in minerals and trace elements, is the highest quality form of natural salt. Read More

Himalayan Crystal Salt is THE Best

This special salt is waiting to have its inherent stored energy set free, by adding water. The resulting Brine is a pure ocean of energy. Read More

Himalayan Crystallized Salt

Regular consumption of natural salt provides your body with natural minerals, trace elements and living energy. Read More

Herb Power: Parsley

Parsley has been used for a very long time. In ancient Rome and Egypt, it was used for its cleansing properties to treat urinary tract, bladder, and kidney issues. Read More

The Health System Statistics

Heart Disease and Cancer are by far the most common causes of death in America Read More

Health Manifesto

Health is not a selfish act, health is a gift to others. Read More