Podcast 473: Watch Your Water

With Dr. Ardis’s research that shows that toxins are infiltrating our water, affecting multiple organs including the kidneys, bowels, brain, heart, ovaries and testes… Read More

Magnesium Basics

Not having enough of this essential, major mineral has been associated with serious issues, like diabetes and heart attacks… Read More

Podcast 472: Biodynamic Water Filter System

With Charlles Bohdy. This is unique and superior system combines filtration with softening and Energizing. For superior hydration, mineralization and removes toxins too… Read More

Heart and Circulation Basics

How to naturally prevent heart and circulation problems for a longer, higher quality of life… Read More

Toxic Effects of Dentistry

A silver-colored dental filling consists of 50% mercury, 50% silver filings and small, varying amounts of tin, copper and zinc may be added… Read More

Metabolic Survey of Diabetes, Cancer and Weight

Matching body type with the appropriate diet helps protect one from degenerative diseases… Read More

The Confusion of Vegetarianism

Brilliant scientists determined that when patients’ acid-alkaline was not balanced, they had low wellness, psychological problems and degenerative diseases… Read More

Insulin and Diabetes: A Metabolic Typing Perspective

Metabolic Typing is THE tool you need for optimal health, to feed your unique body type so it can clean, repair and maintain itself… Read More

Podcast 471: 2024 Predictions

With Martin and Scott, reviewing 2023 and looking into the future for what’s to come in politics, astrology, economics and health… Read More

The Death of Allopathic Nutrition

Learn about your biological individuality, to feed your unique body type. Metabolic Typing is THE tool you need for optimal health… Read More

Podcast 470: Fresh Catch Fish

With Jorgé Ureña from Peruvian Harvest Fresh Catch Fish. An environmentally sustainable, convenient and versatile gourmet line of Peruvian Seafood tapas and meals… Read More

Podcast 469: Exsula Superfoods Success Story

With Bob Peterson. These Superfood blends are crafted exclusively from whole foods, offering a comprehensive array of nutrients… Read More