Podcast 113: Your Brain and Weight Loss

Previously, Martin and Scott talked about the hormone Leptin and it’s connection to fat and combating obesity.

Leptin is a signaling hormone that your body produces – it’s released by every fat cell. When there’s lots of Leptin, the brain sees this as a message saying that the body has enough fat, and to shut down the appetite! No need to pack on more fat – our reserves are just fine. However, when fat people were given more Leptin, the brain did not recognize it, because there was already too much. The signaling system is broken, so even if you add more signals – Leptin – the receptors do not get it. The whole system needs re-setting.

If you enter a room that’s not been ventilated for some time, and someone has been cooking strong-smelling food, this room will stink. However, if you stay in that room for a short while, you will no longer smell the stink. When the brain is “re-set” it sees too much Leptin and knows to lose fat. When the signaling works, you feel full sooner and don’t feel the need to eat.

Now, the key to re-setting your brain can be found in this article called Metabolic Typing where you will learn how to eat for your individual metabolic type.

And here’s a great article by Ron Rosedale called “Diabetes and Leptin Connection“.

Podcast 113: Your Brain and Weight Loss

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the life enthusiast online radio show restoring vitality to you and to the planet I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela and last time we were talking about the obesity epidemic running rampant all over the world and we talked a little bit about a substance called Leptin and we told you we would get into it in more detail so Martin before we get into another rant about the medical system or people giving out bad information. Let’s just talk about leptin and what is it and what does it do and how does it work and where can we get it if we think it is going to combat obesity?

Martin: Excellent questions so first your body naturally produces it. Leptin is a signally hormone that is released from every fat cell it is like when you prepare a cup of coffee and you set it on top of your kitchen counter.

Scott: Well I don’t actually drink coffee but I can imagine that so go ahead.

Martin: Okay there would be this kind of stuff coming off of the coffee into the air and you would actually be able to smell the coffee and you would actually be able to find it in the room. You would be able to smell it and go oh yeah there is the coffee and you would be able to find it by where ever it smells better or stronger.

Scott: Called the sense of smell right.

Martin: Yeah but I am talking about the signaling and there are these few molecules of whatever this coffee aroma is wafting up from the coffee cup and it is going into the room and your signaling system is able to pick it up so that is the normal process of fatty cells in the body releasing the aroma which is called Leptin and this Lipton is wafting throughout the body and your brain is picking it up say yep there is coffee here somewhere or there are fatty cells somewhere or in case of the smell of fatty cells that are strong enough the body would say we are fat enough we don’t need to pack on more fat, we are good our reserves are fine. However scientists have discovered this back in 1994 and they started doing research on it and they thought Leptin does the signaling so let’s give Lipton to fat people and they will get skinnier.

Scott: Right because we know where it is and we see it.

Martin: Completely wrong, didn’t work at all. No because fat people already had plenty of Leptin in their system the Leptin is high what is not working is the brain not smelling it.

Scott: It should smell it.

Martin: So this would sort of be like having a cup of coffee on the counter in a body shop where you are painting.

Scott: You know there is an old wrestler who used to say can you smell what the rock is cooking and what you are telling me is the answer is no. We can’t smell what you are cooking rock so you are putting on fat.

Martin: So the signaling system is broken and adding more of this signaling doesn’t solve anything because it is not the signal it is the receptor that has a problem and the only way to fix the receptor is to clear the room meaning you have to reset the whole thing.

Scott: It is kind of like what happens to my computer it is like oh it crashes and I have to reboot it.

Martin: The only way to get it back up is I have to not start more programs, you need to reset it.

Scott: Yeah you need to reset it, you need to reboot turn it off basically and then we go okay here we go so what you are saying is that.

Martin: To give you a better metaphor that is more appropriate if you enter a room that hasn’t been ventilated for some time and someone is cooking something strong and you enter that room or that house and it is going to stink to you. If someone was cooking fish and you come into the house it is like fish smell all over.

Scott: Or in the case of my teenage son sometimes I go into the rec room where he has been for a while and turn around and leave right away because my receptors are going oh my god I can’t believe he did that in here.

Martin: However if you stay in that room for five minutes you will no longer be smelling it because your brain will adjust to it, it will adjust to the new normal and like it turns itself off.

Scott: So what you are saying is that being in a stinky room too long you just can’t tell that it is stinky anymore so in terms of what the Leptin does it can’t tell that you have too much fat and you need to release it.

Martin: Right you actually have to reset the brain signaling system.

Scott: So what happens when that happens?

Martin: Well then all of a sudden the brain realizes oh my gosh we are fat and we can lose some weight because there is always some reasonable balance between having some fat stores and having too much fat and you can’t run away from that whatever thing will chase you.

Scott: So the body does it just naturally drop off the fat or do you end up eating less.

Martin: Yes you will naturally not feel hungry and when the signaling works you just feel full sooner and you do not have the demand for food you just naturally don’t eat.

Scott: So this would be something that would prevent eight o’clock in the evening cravings where you are running around looking for something to stick in your mouth.

Martin: I believe so though there are these supplements that we would like to tell people about which is the Max WLX which actually helps the body with resetting all of this and it is made with some really decent ingredients actually can you look up the label with all the supplement fact and all of that.

Scott: Sure it says serving size is two capsules and so you’ve got a month’s supply and the main ingredient is Leptivin which is a proprietary blend of vicious polysaccharides. Those polysaccharides they get in there and beat up fat cells right.

Martin: You are mispronouncing it they are viscous.

Scott: Okay viscous polysaccharides what is that?

Martin: Well viscosity you know that is the aspect of fluids the speed of flow, like oil is more viscous than water.

Scott: I mean viscosity Castrol motor oil they talk about that all the time about how the engine just heats up and heats up and the oil doesn’t break down so it keeps running good so you know that is the image I have of this.

Martin: When oil is heated it loses its viscosity and so it loses its lubricating qualities.

Scott: Okay so this has polysaccharides that don’t do that?

Martin: They are viscous these polysaccharides that are complex sugars that are high viscosity sugars.

Scott: And the other thing in it is and if you thought I did a bad job with the vicious polysaccharides I don’t even know where to begin to talk about these fatty acids they are like well I was going to say keylated fatty acids but it is obviously not.

Martin: They are cetylated it is like you have methyl, ethyl, propyl, cetyl is one of the alcohol or sugar type of carbohydrates I forget now which one but anyway when a fatty acid is centylated it becomes impervious to oxidation meaning that it becomes resistant to rancidity so in our last podcast you were talking about how deep fried French fries would be a good idea well.

Scott: Before getting it into fat because we talked about having fat as burning your, you want to have fat to burn for energy not carbohydrates for energy and I said great French fries would be awesome right but of course that fat is fried.

Martin: Is oxidated, it’s rancid where these cetylated fatty acids will not oxidate and will not rancidize.

Scott: Non rancid fatty acids.

Martin: You know there is a whole bunch of research about that if you want to look it up they are excellent at preventing or reversing the pain of arthritis or they are great at improving skin of course you know damage on your skin is mostly inflammation but when you put these cetylated fatty acids on your skin they will help reverse a whole bunch of effects of aging.

Scott: So the oils are a big component on fighting inflammation is that right?

Martin: Yeah that’s correct yes your body needs fatty acids and needs fatty acids that are wholesome healthy and not rancid, non oxidized.

Scott: Like last time we talked about hemp oil and flax oil or the one that came from the Salba seeds.

Martin: Yes but those oils are really fragile like if you were to cook with those oils and heat that oil it goes rancid really quickly in fact you shouldn’t cook with any oil but butter and coconut those are probably the only two that can handle that and maybe some sesame oil can stand some heating but.

Scott: So for the Max WLX they did a double bind placebo controlled study at the University of Connecticut and it was amazing because the Max WLX group lost ninety percent more weight than the diet and exercise group and they lost sixty two percent more around their waist than the control group so.

Martin: And here is the interesting thing none of it happened in the first month, in the first month everything was about equal but at about the six week mark all of a sudden the brain cleared and all of a sudden the Leptin signaling or message got through finally after about six weeks on the supplement it was as if somebody walked into the hallway and flipped the light, light switch I should say and all of a sudden the fat started coming off and you can find the graph on the page there it shows how well it worked. When I say on the page I mean the page on the Max international website. Yeah we were going to tell people that this product or I should say company Max international is a network marketing company and personally I am not good at network marketing that is just not my thing but sometimes I have to at least get into supporting it if not promoting it because you can’t get the stuff anywhere else and they have worldwide exclusive marketing rights to this.

Scott: So you can get it from the Life Enthusiast co-op website if you want or you can become a preferred customer and get it from the Max international site at a substantial savings.

Martin: And if you are feeling pinched by this economy and need to find something worth talking about well to just about everybody you meet because sixty percent of Americans are overweight and many of them are not feeling good about it you can actually get them on Max WLX and they will be very grateful and in the process you might create a business.

Scott: So we had mentioned that University of Connecticut study and 21.5 pounds of body fat was lost in eight weeks, almost four inches of their waists and almost 3 ¼ inches off their hips and one inch off each thigh so that is pretty impressive and of course you want to eat right and be active and doing all those things but it is interesting too that this is all about what we have been saying it is a switch that needs to be turned off and because whatever reason like it’s our lifestyle, what we eat or whatever. It is kind of like at night leaving all your lights on instead of turning them off.

Martin: Well there is actually a very interesting offer that one of the ways that you can purchase this is a weight loss kit which includes a CD and a book by Ron Rosedale. Ron Rosedale is a doctor and we have actually had his articles on the website since the beginning and he has been researching mainly insulin in diabetics because diabetics are invariably fat and fat people are invariably are at least pre diabetic so it is all related so anyway Rosedale wrote this book which explains what a person needs to do to reset the brain and become skinny and essentially he explains that you need to give up carbohydrates. You need to eat raw veggies and meats until your body is completely reset, simple and effective. Of course there is still the issue of calories you need to burn off calories, you need to move your body was designed to be moving we are not supposed to be sedentary, we are not supposed to be couch potatoes and we are supposed to sweat. So of course if you are living in Finland you sweat by the means of a sauna and if you are a regular guy you are just going to get yourself an axe and go chop down some trees or get yourself a pitch fork and clean out the stall.

Scott: Well that is not normal anymore it used to be.

Martin: Well at least we could go for a brisk walk like thirty to forty minutes of committed walking will switch you up.

Scott: And we are talking about going at a good pace we are not talking about the meandering around.

Martin: You should be able to talk but you should be really into it and you should be like huffing and trying to catch your breath like you should really be having to work as opposed to just saunter. Well what more can we say to people besides all of this you need some decent nutrition so decent nutrition that is super foods, algae and grasses which is wheat grass, barley grass, kamut, alfalfa, you would find all of this in the Exsula Superfoods and you need good fats, you need good grains if you are going to stick with some grains but first and foremost you need to get with the program and find some ways to eat vegetables and proteins. You can actually do it as a vegetarian if you can believe it, the hemp protein is quite an adequate source of high concentration protein so you don’t have to become a carnivore to lose weight if you have religious or spiritual reasons for not wanting to eat something that had to die for you to eat it.

Scott: And make the ultimate sacrifice for your health.

Martin: Yeah and I saw this commercial on television where this fellow was talking about not a vegetarian but my memory has just failed me, I don’t know it was meatogenarian or something you know it was a weird word so anyway it was this young woman with a salad bowl and this man with a nasty hamburger that had two patties, two slices of cheese and four pieces of bacon yeah and the company is advertising that he is a committed well it is a company on mayonnaise anyway it made me laugh.

Scott: It was quite funny.

Martin: Yeah it is quite comical that you see most of the advertisements for food on television are fast food chains and they are advertising really amazing meals like I saw the high fat content Philly steak in a bun, the hamburger in a bun and so on, you name it and the taco it is all meat and fat and carbohydrates. I don’t see anyone advertising healthy salads you know it just doesn’t seem to appeal. Oh and the other thing that I just recalled was I saw an advertisement for I think it was called Zantac or something like that anyway it is a drug that suppresses the heart burn and there was this guy bringing in a pizza and on top of that pizza box was a bottle of this product, this drug and I am thinking this is really wrong and yet who would willingly just go for a pig out with drugs. I think there should be a clear connection that oh yeah if I am going to eat like that and I am going to need that drug why should I do that and yet that’s exactly what they advertise take the drug and you can go back to eating like this with our drug.

Scott: And of course one of the things we are concerned about with obesity is the impact it has on our quality of life right with all the different diseases that occur and all the problems that people have because of it but I just wanted to because today happens to be earth day talk about the impact obesity has on the planet and there was an article and I just want to read a bit of it and it says obesity is killing the planet according to UK researchers and British scientists say that the global obesity epidemic needs to be reversed not only to save lives but to save the environment. Researchers from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine say that obesity causes excess green house gas emissions because they eat more than thin people and are more likely to travel by car so these researchers compared lean and obese populations and I wish it was a joke right compared lean and obese populations in a study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology a very high prestigious journal I am sure they calculate that a fatter population needs nineteen percent more food energy for its energy requirements. Production of that extra food requires machinery that emits green house gases as well as transport systems that emits pollution what’s more is the researchers say a heavier population relies more on green house gas emitting cars to help move around as people who have grown too obese to walk. When it comes to food consumption moving about in a heavy body is like driving around in a gas guzzler that researchers normally study. They estimate that each fat person is responsible for about one ton of carbon dioxide emissions a year more than the average person in other words more than the average thin person, which adds an extra one billion tons of CO2 a year in a population of one billion overweight people. Scientists say the global obesity epidemic needs to be reversed in order to save the environment. We need to be doing a lot more to reverse the global trend towards fatness and recognize it as a key factor in the battle to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change and then there is a picture of this guy on a teeny weeny motorcycle and he is probably four hundred pounds it was really quite funny.

Martin: Well this is good this sounds like some sort of California liberal political statement but it is coming from the UK you know it is a socialist communist conspiracy because they just want Americans to have less fun, the righteous conservative Americans. You know what is interesting I think I can top this instead of fighting obesity I think what we should fight is fornication because that is really the biggest threat to the planet it isn’t fat people it is too many people.

Scott: If we only had a few fat people we wouldn’t care.

Martin: Well especially if well the lions would take care of it.

Scott: Yeah in the old days for sure.

Martin: Yeah if you are the fat to run, you are going to be the one. You know the lion doesn’t chase the fastest one. Do you remember that joke about the two guys going out into the bush and he said are you worried about outrunning the bear and the other guy said no I am just worried about outrunning you but anyway the thought is the biggest threat to the planet is the infestation by humanity. We need to figure out instead of having fourteen children we can just have a couple.

Scott: Right just moving back onto the anti obesity tract there was another article that I wanted to bring up that I found and it was that anti obesity drugs can make you fatter, diet pills that can help shed those extra pounds might be making you even fatter experts have warned. The anti obesity drugs sold over the counter cannot be a substitute for healthy living they suggest. Selling anti obesity drugs over the counter will perpetuate the myth that obesity can be fixed by popping a pill Professor Williams of Bristol University was saying also I am taking the UK news here and putting it on our show a healthy living is the only long term escape from obesity he added. Two drugs that assure weight loss are going on sale this week in Britain and I guess that is part of the reason they were talking about it.

Martin: Yeah they were the ultimate nonsense.

Scott: Yep you can’t take a pill to solve your problems.

Martin: No you have to solve your problems by solving your problems. Yes folks, there really is no short cut the war on drugs cannot be won as long as people want drugs, war on terror cannot be won as long as there are people desperate enough to want to be terrorists.

Scott: And are convinced that the best way to do it is to blow themselves up.

Martin: Yeah when there is no hope … if I grew up in the Gaza strip, have you ever watched any news from the Gaza strip.

Scott: I can’t say that I have watched news from it.

Martin: Well I mean like shots it is like twenty square kilometers or something I don’t know it is not very big and there are like six million people or three million people I don’t remember the number but I watched the density and it is as bad as Hong Kong or downtown New York I mean it is just massive people with nowhere to go well if I was growing up in that I would be desperate just about anything would be better than that I would be ready to blow myself up too. So I think it is the contraception that we need to start working on, uh oh I think I may have offended some people by now.

Scott: Well I was kind of just thinking of a comment I could make on that topic.

Martin: No I think it is time to rein it in and say today is Earth Day the planet Earth deserves to survive and we need to behave on it as custodians not as rapists or what is a better word for that?

Scott: I thought that was a pretty good word actually. I think we need to have respect and

Martin: Sorry for interrupting you the word came to me and it is the word plunderer you know when you come to resources and you treat them as something that you can plunder like you come and attack a neighbors village and you burn their cabins and you steal their food you know take the women and kill the men, that’s plundering. You don’t consider them anything more than something you can take. When you come to a mine or find something in the ground you are going to extract it without a second thought that is plundering. When you cut down prime growth forest without a second thought to what happens to everything else that depends on it that is plundering. That’s what we need to do step back and watch or think globally.

Scott: Yeah and even if well also it is not about it has very little or nothing to do with whether there is or there isn’t because to me it doesn’t matter whether there is or there isn’t or we can find evidence of this or we can find evidence of that you know if you live in a house and you have a yard and there is garbage thrown all over your backyard you will probably go around and pick it up because you want it to be nice and cut the lawn and all the rest because you have a certain amount of pride in your home and I think this is our home and we have to have a certain amount of pride in it regardless whether or not you feel it will cause the ozone to go or not to go you know that is not the issue to me, to me we should be looking after the place and if there was no climate change and everyone said yes the climate is all fine and everything is going to last forever I think we should still clean up our act and look after everything even if there was no consequence simply because we are here as the custodians and it is a place that we should be responsible for and not irresponsible.

Martin: Yes I agree well this is quite the sermon I think we should stop while we are ahead if you are feeling guilty about being overweight today is the first day of the rest of your life and you can change it and if you are a skinny prick like myself then you can start preaching to others from the high horse that you are up on.

Scott: Well thank you very much for joining us you have taken time out of your day to spend it with us and we certainly get a lot out of these talks that we have and if you head over to LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com and you can find over a hundred and thirteen other conversations that we have had over the last few years on all sort of topics relating to your health and your health is the most important thing and that is why we do it. Martin if someone wanted to get a hold of you and discuss some of these things in more detail where could they go and what can they do.

Martin: Well I am right here at 1-866-543-3388 call me and tell me what you think of my liberal views and on the website at www.life-enthusiast.com where a lot of information has been gathered many of these articles with full references because you can actually double and triple check what we are telling the world is based on solid research not just some ideas that somebody thought up so there we are this is Life Enthusiast co-op signing off once again restoring vitality to you and to the planet, thanks for listening.

Scott: Bye-bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela