Podcast 114: Your Metabolic Type and Weight Loss

Martin talks about how his lack of sleep makes him more acidic, stressed, cranky and this very often leads to over-eating and obesity. It’s a significant health issue in the industrialized world.

Countries that recently had junky fast food and soft drinks introduced, soon became overweight.

Native Americans  – 20% of them are diabetic. Martin sees the reason for this is that genetically and traditionally, they were hunters and gatherers – better suited to eating meat. They are genetically, incompletely unprepared for grains, bread and carbohydrates.

In the middle-east, agriculture started 6 to 10 thousand years ago – those people are better adapted to being vegetarian and to eating grains and sugars. Read about your own Metabolic Type to reset your brain.

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Podcast 114: Your Metabolic Type and Weight Loss

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op online intergalactic radio network beaming to you from all over the galaxy I am your host nanu-nanu Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin how are things on Mars today?

Martin: I am glad you picked my planet correctly that is what my mom named me Martin for Martian on Mars I am the red angry planet the god of wars and conflict and I am coming to you with a message, conflict is beautiful.

Scott: I see, stress is wonderful, off with his head right.

Martin: Yeah actually just yesterday I was on a call with two other associates we are working on a project and I get really short with one of them and I just like tore into him or she is a women and I just tore into her and I am thinking where did this come from? and I was thinking you know what I have been short sleeping for the last four days and I am operating on 5 and a half hours and I really need a little more than that and I am realizing I am acidic and it is classic, the expression of an acidic body is a sour mood. I am thinking there it goes and I think it is time for a nap.

Scott: It is interesting that you say that because we normally record at two o’clock in the afternoon Pacific standard time and on Wednesdays and it was around one o’clock and normally around two or three o’clock is my low energy time and I recognize that I thought that if I am going to be doing the show with you I need to be focused and fresh and everything else so I laid down for half an hour and I put my IPOD on with some musical meditation type tape and twenty minutes and it was such a good recharge. Of course the meditative stuff that was going in my ears but the other part was just stopping and it was quiet there was nobody around, it was a beautiful sunny day and just stopping and being there and quiet for twenty minutes I managed to work through some stuff in my head that I guess was sort of bothering me and had this nice relaxation. I think that is a really important part of a good life that we don’t often think about and you just brought it up, get enough sleep, get enough rest take that kind of cat nap and that sort of thing. It actually reminds me of this fellow who went up to the Arctic Circle to study arctic wolves. Maybe did not get quite to the arctic circle …

Martin: Are you talking about Farley Mowat?

Scott: I might be I don’t recall the person’s name but he wanted to watch them and he found their sleep cycle was really weird and if he didn’t actually follow their cycle he would be asleep when they were doing things. In the afternoon they would have this hour or two nap so he would have an hour or two nap and they would get up and do some stuff and go to sleep at ten at night and wake up at one and rummage around so he would get up at one, and he basically ended up having two or three hour naps naps followed by four or five hours of activities and of course it is a totally different sleep cycle to what we are used to and he found it was really beneficial to him I mean he didn’t have any problem following it once he got into the routine at all which I thought quite amazing actually.

Martin: That’s right if we could all follow nature and not have the schedules that we have here in our western civilization with all business hours and all stressful nonsense. By the way one of the sure signs of having too much stress is putting on weight, did you notice that?

Scott: Well no.

Martin: Yeah it is one of the side effects of too much stress, you start pacifying with food.

Scott: That is interesting because one of the things we wanted to talk about was weight because obesity is becoming an epidemic in North America and around the world actually anywhere people are emulating North American lifestyle.

Martin: Yes it is becoming a significant threat you know you said the word it is becoming an epidemic. It is becoming one of the most significant issues of the western lifestyle and industrialized life style.

Scott: Actually what is interesting, one of the most obese places in the world actually one of the top four or five if not more is Polynesia, the South seas islands and they didn’t really have this problem until they started letting companies like coca-cola in and they totally changed the foods they were eating and the way they were eating and of course these are not wealthy places so once the people adopted the big mac lifestyles I like to call it and they became very obese and rampant diabetes and they just don’t know what to do about it. Probably the best thing they could do is throw everything into a big plane that came off the island and send it off the island and go back to living the way they used to live.

Martin: This actually reminds me another piece of statistics came out about diabetes in the United States and the highest percentage of diabetics were Native Americans, it was like twenty percent of them were diabetic not just a little bit all the way and of course that is totally logical because they are genetically hunter gatherers. They are best suited for living with the bison and eating raw meat or killing deer. There was no grain or bread or the rich cake kind of food available to them they are genetically completely unprepared for this. Whereas in the middle east agriculture started six or ten thousand years ago the blood types A, B and AB you know the Arab and the Jewish they are better adapted to being a vegetarian and to eating grains and sugars so of course poor people in America tend to eat the cheapest foods which is macaroni and cheese and potato chips and soft drinks well those are exactly the foods that will make you most fat and will make you diabetic. Well I have been doing quite a bit of research into the causes of obesity in America because of this project we have started working on and so I have my head filled with causes and what causes it and where does it come from.

Scott: Yeah because that was something we wanted to share on today’s podcast and we will probably talk about it in more detail as we progress through our new project and we will keep you up to date on it. Most people say that the reason they are fat is they don’t get enough exercise and they don’t eat the right food.

Martin: Well that is ultimately true the bottom line is the energetics you know more calories in than more calories out and I think I mentioned it earlier that our food habits started in the days of farming you know like spaghetti and meat balls or something like that or roast pork, sauerkraut and dumplings or roast duck those are meals that a farmer would typically eat. Well a farmer goes out and puts out about six thousand calories in labor every day out in the field or threshing the wheat or pitch forking hay into the stalls or the manure out or whatever I mean it is physical. The farmer’s wife in baking bread she was working the upper arms pretty good there are significant outputs of calories for these people.

Scott: And if you look at the gatherer you know the Native American that hunts for a little bit and looks for berries and stuff they don’t put out that type ever unless they are running after a bison or something I mean they don’t put out that concentrated effort for that period of time.

Martin: That’s right it’s all about conserving energy in that lifestyle.

Scott: Exactly and of course now we have a life style about conserving energy too.

Martin: Exactly, we just don’t put out the energy. I am sitting here at my computer with my head set on and talking on the phone all day the biggest muscle that is moving in my body is my tongue. Well here is another little tidbit I was in a conversation with a fellow this is like several weeks he keeps calling me and asking questions first he called and asked for some anti-oxidants and I said do you want to have a conversation about the whole thing and he said no I just want antioxidants what is your best antioxidant. So I said it is the H-minus the universal donor of the electrons so he bought himself a bottle of that and then he tells me I take high doses of vitamin C and high doses of coenzyme Q10 and I am saying why are you using that and he says I have high blood pressure and we keep going like that and in our fifth conversation today he finally says well, actually, I have seasonal allergies and my allergies bother me tremendously like my sinus’s are inflamed and plugged and my eyes are running, my nose is running and it is just unbearable and I have to be on antihistamines for several months every spring.

So I am telling him finally I am getting to the bottom of this and finally I am hearing what’s wrong with you never mind this high blood pressure and antioxidants and all of that and you are coming at it from the tactical point of view and chasing symptoms instead of looking at the causes. So I am telling him, he is Korean by origin and I am telling him look you should be eating like a Korean farmer you should get some Kim chi and eat it and he said Kim chi is bad for you it has too much salt in it and I am thinking oh look at that well a Korean farmer while he was working, he was sweating and he needed to replace the salt and eat salty foods. Our Korean knowledge worker who is sitting in his office he doesn’t need so much salt because he is stressed and his cortisol is blocking his sodium elimination he is building up high blood pressure like it is going out of style. So we have this complicated problem we should eat the healthy stuff as our forefathers did but we cannot because we don’t work as hard as they did.

Scott: That is kind of like a catch twenty two isn’t it?

Martin: Yeah we need to figure out how to keep the good things and not the bad things for that lifestyle and it falls down that it’s the grains and carbohydrates because they give the most calories and they contribute the most to the obesity.

Scott: And whether it is complex or simple it turns into sugar.

Martin: Right we talked about this earlier essentially you need to run your body in such a way that it uses fats for calories or fat for energy as opposed to carbohydrates for energy because if your body is always running on carbohydrates for energy you are always hungry. It is a short cycle I mean carbohydrates are burnt really quickly so you get too much sugar, hypoglycemic. and again too much sugar, and hypoglycemic.

Scott: So if we were looking at a fire we are talking about getting small branches and throwing it on the fire and pretty soon you have this thing that is roaring and crackling fire and that is the carbohydrates and it burns down so you throw a few more sticks on it where as if you have the fire going and you throw a couple big logs onto it than you end up having these massive logs that end up burning slowly you know there is not this big bonfire thing there is a little bit of flame but really you have heat coming off of these logs and it is a totally different fire.

Martin: Yes I like that analogy and so there is actually a signaling mechanism in the human body that works with the system I think we mentioned it earlier it is a hormone called Leptin and it was only discovered in 1994 so it is fairly new as far as our understanding of it. Leptin is generated by every fat cell in the body and every fat cell sends out a little bit of this saying I am a fat cell. It is just like passing a little token into the system so the more fat cells you have the louder the noise by the Leptin like you should have a roaring message if you are three hundred and fifty pounds so you should have a roaring message coming into the brain saying we are fat here but your brain is not hearing the message. If your brain becomes desensitized to that message it will tell you that you are hungry and you will continue to look for food even though you are already fat. That is what happens with this breakdown of too much carbohydrates and too much insulin and insulin resistivity and the Leptin message not getting through and that is how this Polynesian that you talk about became so fat because his signaling system breaks down. So what do we do right?

Scott: That was my next question, what do we do?

Martin: There is no drug you can take to fix it.

Scott: No, don’t say that I want a magic pill.

Martin: Oh poor baby. You would like it push button simple that is what North America is all about right push button simple, do it for me.

Scott: Do it for me.

Martin: Doctor what do I do? Well you need to fix the signalling system and the only way you can fix it is if you can reset it and the resetting can only be done when you remove the noise and the noise is the carbohydrates so the reset can only happen when you stop eating carbohydrates and this was part of the secret of the Atkins diet because people would lose massive amounts of weight going on the Atkins diet very quickly and as soon as they quit the Atkins diet they put right it back on. I had a comical conversation with one lady and she said I was on a food combining low carbohydrate diet and I lost a bunch of weight and I quit and I put on a whole bunch of weight and she asked what do you have to do that I can keep my weight off and I said could you rewind and repeat the words that you just told me? isn’t there an answer in there? It almost made me laugh and I said the clue is when I don’t eat carbohydrates I am skinny and when I do eat carbohydrates I am fat. This is a duh moment.

Scott: Yeah and no one wants to hear that right because those carbohydrates are so tasty.

Martin: I have to tell you my wife bring home not too often a fresh baguette it is on the kitchen counter and we slice it up and usually put it away frozen so it is always fresh and we usually only have a little bit here and there but when it is on the kitchen counter I can’t leave it alone. I think I will just break off a piece and put a chunk of butter on it and it is irresistible and you know so even though I am eating raw and salads and who knows what I still will if it is around I will take it.

Scott: Which is a real clue look at the foods you have in your cupboards and it’s bags of chips and baguettes and donuts, sugar cereal and all those sorts of things I was going to say take them to the food bank but you are not going to do any of those people any favors either.

Martin: Well it is as good as pouring your used motor oil down into the storm drain it is going to flow into the river and poisons the fish and the next city down the stream and yet the power is really with us consumers. It really is if we don’t buy it they will stop making it. The reason all of this stuff is manufactured is because we are buying it.

Scott: Well I don’t know is that a fair statement because there is a lot of advertising and influencing that goes on to right.

Martin: Well we are listening to the advertising and we are buying it hook, line and sinker.

Scott: That is one of the reasons we do this show is to help people get off the hook the line and the sinker.

Martin: Yeah so a little while before we started you were talking about a friend of yours that has had a magnesium experience right?

Scott: Yes let me recount that since they weren’t listening in on that particular part of the conversation and it caused a lot of what we talked about to come up. She has a sister who is a doctor and I can’t recall exactly if she also teaches or not but her husband is a professor at Stanford University. Well it was interesting because we had a birthday party for another brother of hers and they were both in attendance and he was asked what he did and he basically said prescribe these big psychedelic drugs to help people get off of depression and he was sort of joking and sort of not joking.

Martin: So he is a drug pusher.

Scott: Yeah that’s what I thought and they are both very much in the medical establishment.

Martin: Do they look healthy by the way?

Scott: Not overly they look older they are probably four or five years older than me and they look about ten years older than me but I think I look ten years younger than I should. They look the right health to their age, which may not be a good thing. I hope they never hear this.

Martin: Well it is what it is I mean I don’t mean to be critical of anyone it is just you know look in the mirror.

Scott: My friend had told them that magnesium would be helpful and I said that you can’t get it through the mouth you have to get it through soaking in a bath. The sister said well the skin is not going to absorb anything.

Martin: Yeah it is patent nonsense what are you talking about right.

Scott: So my friend took a magnesium bath and she put probably more than she should have for her first time and one of the consequences that is on the label is these heart palpitations and this jittery feeling and it is like the inside of your body is vibrating at a higher rate and I have had that experience because after three or four baths in a row I felt that jittery feeling like oh my god I am super buzzed and you had warned me about that and of course she had that experience and I said oh why do you think that happened and she said I read the label and it said you get these feelings.

Martin: Yeah but they are heart palpitations.

Scott: And I said yeah but your sister said you wouldn’t absorb anything and she looked at me and said well my sister doesn’t know everything right and I just thought that was so funny.

Martin: Yeah it is comical when you encounter a medical educated people and they have such certainty about their model, right?

Scott: Yes and they are absolutely totally convinced.

Martin: In some way you have to expect that you spend eight years of post secondary schooling getting yourself completely immersed actually I was thinking that medical school is one big exercise in brain washing. Think of it they give them these big fat books about anatomy and physiology and they go into such intricate detail. I mean a doctor needs to know the Latin name for every protrusion on every bone on the human body there are thousands and thousands of pieces of information that they have to memorize and the physiology like every hormonal switch and all of these things how they fit together and they need to understand the biochemical details and all of it so when they get so immersed into this, they have to study so hard that I think it essentially creates this hypnosis, a brain washing technique that allows the schooling system then to pretty much plug in anything and it just becomes the paradigm. So I think it is a wonderful exercise in brain washing completely rational people into what shall I call them deliverers of the sanctioned message.

Scott: Yeah evangelical.

Martin: Yeah that’s it I mean the communist party would be proud of them.

Scott: They sure would and that why you wonder why we have the results that we have right.

Martin: Yeah so I have more and more sympathy for the doctors they probably were idealistic young people who wanted to help humanity when they entered the pre-med and came out as guys or gals who only understand the one paradigm which is every illness has a single cause and everything that we need to can be done with drugs.

Scott: So I really think we should really get back on this weight loss thing because that was what we were supposed to be talking about it was a good tangent though we go on this everyone in a while and we never tire of it particularly if I have a beautiful example of someone saying something that makes no sense at all. Like we have talked before about iodine and you put a square patch of iodine on your skin and it is red and you don’t bathe or shower or anything and in three hours it is gone. Like what it evaporated and the red evaporated with it and left your skin or what? Of course it went in, why do we put hand lotion on right well because it gets absorbed and we have nice soft hands there are so many examples of it and to think that you can use it as a delivery mechanism for some healthy stuff but in my opinion the stupid thing is that now here I am going on a rant now because you look at the ads right and get this hand lotion because it is full of vitamin E to make your skin better like why if vitamin E is not a health claim then what is right?

Martin: Well actually it is beyond comical because of course the nicorette patches are delivering the nicotine and there are scopolamine patches that are for keeping you from throwing up if you are on a boat and there are birth control patches that you can stick on your belly to deliver hormones and so on. It is not that the industry doesn’t know it but there is this block that says you cannot deliver minerals through the skin.

Scott: Or you cannot deliver anything to help somebody that isn’t a prescribed prescription, double blinded, tested or.

Martin: No don’t name any transgressors they might come and sue us.

Scott: Okay so getting back to weight loss we have talked a bit about different body types and different ways we have grown because of our ancestors to take in food and we need to burn the fat because that is the big log on the fires as opposed to the carbohydrates which are just little twigs that just pop and then you have to put more twigs on it right. Like if you have a good fire and you have two nice sized logs that are burning nicely you know that is a steady heat and it will burn for hours and hours but if you are just putting on little twigs that are the width of your baby finger and you are just throwing those on and they are just going up really fast and then you have to keep putting more on otherwise the fire burns itself out so that is really what we are talking about when we talk about fat. Now also Oh Martin I know French fries have lots of fat when I go to McDonalds or Burger King or something like that I can get lots of fat so that is what I am going to do now I am going to go and eat a whole lot of French fries.

Martin: Well they also come with the benefit of a whole bunch of carbohydrates right there so the majority of what you are getting is actually carbohydrates and the same thing goes for the donuts and a third point to be made and I am sure you were thinking that as you were jokingly saying that, the stuff is fried. Once you heat fats they become very toxic and carcinogenic you know your body has to fight it and defend against it. It is not a nutrient if you want to have fat as a nutrient you need to take them raw and unrefined in the form of hemp oil or flax oil or coconut oil.

Scott: Okay because what I thought you were saying was go get a big marbled steak and cut out the raw fat and eat that which actually is really gross.

Martin: Well that is not the prettiest picture I could hold in my mind.

Scott: But what you are really saying is some cold pressed non boiled or fried oils like you said hemp and flax like cod liver oil for example those are the types of oils you are talking about.

Martin: Yes we have salba oil which is just phenomenal and that is extracted from the chia and this one lady that works with us or for one of our contractors has a bit of a weight issue and with that comes a lot of inflammation and she has sore muscles all over the place so I said to her look get a bottle of this salba oil and start using it and report back and sure enough it didn’t take her very long to come back and say oh my gosh I feel so much better.

Scott: Yeah and probably just to have that craving for carbohydrates so she will end up eating better.

Martin: Yes hopefully so but I am not there watching it but that is what I would expect.

Scott: Alright well we have kind of come to the end of our time today Martin. I think we are going to have to to talk in more detail about the weight loss issue and what particularly to put in our mouths, and what to look for.

Martin: We haven’t even gotten to the thing that I wanted to tell you about which was the Leptin technology which allows you to kick up the signaling and helps you switch from carbohydrate burning to fat burning instead so we will have to leave it for the next podcast or else maybe we will send people over to the website and they can find it there themselves or tell them here and now what do you think if that?

Scott: Yes let’s do that.

Martin: Okay well the product that actually does that is called weight loss accelerator and it is by a company called Max international so if you go to www.life-enthusiast.com under brands find Max international and find MAX WLX which is a weight loss accelerator you can but it from us but you will be paying the retail price or you can also buy it as a preferred member price right from the manufacturer on the manufacturers website. You can pay eighty five dollars for a box of it from us or you can pay sixty five dollars to the manufacturer and get it. So there is a link on our pages to connect directly to Max international there are some really cool videos explaining the product and how it works and the exact science behind the Leptin and insulin and all of these issues that relate to weight loss. [sorry, not available any more, don’t know why …]

Scott: Cool and that is at the Life Enthusiast co-op website.

Martin: Yes under brands and look for Max international. [sorry, this product was discontinued by the manufacturer]

Scott: Perfect and if you want to listen to previous episodes of our show you can go to LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com and you will see over a hundred interesting, exciting, thought provoking, sometimes rant filled discussions of the world of the non mainstream medicine I guess I don’t know what to call it.

Martin: You are trying to be polite essentially what we are saying is there are two schools of thought one sees the body as a whole system that needs to be supported and it will heal itself and the other one sees the body as a badly designed concoction that the doctor can fix but it cannot fix itself.

Scott: I was actually going to say alternative health but we are not alternative health we are the real health and they are the alternative health but since that is not the paradigm for most people I was stuck for what the description should be.

Martin: That’s right.

Scott: We are turning radical aren’t we?

Martin: I have it on the website, alternative medicine, and alternative to what? Just look at the home page.

Scott: So thank you everybody for joining us Martin any last words before we sign off today?

Martin: I apologize that there is not a coupon code for today but the Max does not give us discounts so we are giving it to you so you can get a discount from it directly from the manufacturer.

Scott: Twenty dollars off is pretty cool.

Martin: So yes people thank you very much for listening this is Martin for Life Enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Scott: Bye-bye.

Author: Martin Pytela