Podcast 115: The Swine Flue Scare

Was the Swine Flu caused by the mutation of the flu virus? Was it caused by lack of sanitation in the hog farms in Mexico? Some people think that dry pig manure blown by the wind was the real cause.

Cold and Flu viruses first grow on your respiratory tract, and most medications have to be taken orally, then work their way into your bloodstream in order to work. This uses up valuable time while the virus grows. Anything you do to support your immune system will combat any cold or flu (influenza) – even Bird Flu, Avian Flu or H5N1.

Podcast 115: The Swine Flue Scare

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to Life Enthusiast online radio network. I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing today?
Martin: It’s wonderful Scott.

Scott: Oh Martin you are sounding a bit under the weather, how can that be?

Martin: Oh heck that was just my attempt at satire. I am not under the weather I am under the impression that someone is trying to scare the bejeezus out of everyone.

Scott: Boy I think so I was just checking out Google news and there is all this information about this new flu and I think this flu is insulting to pigs because they are calling it the swine flu like you swine you have the flu.

Martin: I actually heard that I don’t know which country it was but they banned the importation of pork, I mean that is just insane.

Scott: It has nothing to do with pig’s right?

Martin: Well you know you can get this flu from a pig from the saliva on the snout like if.

Scott: Yeah like everyone goes up and pats the pig on its snout.

Martin: Well you know once you kill the pig and skin it and take the meat off off it well you know the is zero point zero to the nines chance of that virus having anything to do with pig products I mean pork products. This is not to say that I support it I personally don’t eat it and I think it is a wrong thing to eat pork but that is another story.

Scott: Well at the time that we are talking Mexico has said that 159 people have died from this flu and about 14 confirmed cases in California, a young child just died from it, it is making all the headlines and I think the cruise ships I was just talking to a friend of mine in the travel business and the cruise ships have cancelled cruises to Mexico for the next two weeks so you can’t cruise to Mexico and not only that oil futures have dropped because they feel that swine flu is going to weaken the economy even more.

Martin: That’s right well and so it will and here is the weirdest thing is in the Unites States there are 36,000 deaths from the flu every year just the general flu.

Scott: Not the swine flu just the regular flu.

Martin: Well influenza which is what they certainly are so 36,000 people a year that would be 3,000 a month and a hundred a day so we have one confirmed death and 14 students that have been reported as not feeling too well. I don’t know maybe I am really off my rocker and there really is something big coming but at this point I just don’t see it.

Scott: So one of the things that amazed me while I was checking out the news was how quickly everyone was rushing to come out with a vaccine or vaccination process for the swine flu and I mean if that is not just a dollar sign Ka chinging in the eyes of the corporate pharmaceutical companies.

Martin: Well I wouldn’t be so rash to just judge them I mean I am just as ready to step into the market place and offer my solution as they would be. I mean a commercial interest is a commercial interest the silliness of it of course that as usual their solution is really wrong headed and comes at it from the wrong direction like I actually heard a commentator who is supposed to know stuff say wash your hands and don’t spit on stuff or don’t let people spit on you and get a flu shot which is like well the insanity of just gets to me. It is going to take about six months to develop a vaccine that will have a chance of covering this one and you are going to take a flu shot for the stuff that was around last year.

Scott: Yeah it doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

Martin: Well it is zero sense.

Scott: Well here is my point is you have just said it will take six months for it to come out, if you take the regular flu shot it is for last year’s flu and not this year’s flu and probably useless and that exactly was my point. They are going to advertise and get doctors to push it and everything else something that is ineffective and if there is anything I know about you is that you are all about effective things in fact one of your suppliers sent you an amazing little email and I am hoping that we will have time to read all or part of it because it is absolutely amazing.

Martin: Yes absolutely we have just recently introduced this product it’s called Flu Stop it is actually appropriately named.

Scott: Are you going to rename it to swine flu stop?

Martin: No actually he is telling me that he is not able to import it in large quantities into the United States because FDA will not let him do that because he has the product named incorrectly you know you cannot have the name of the illness in the name of the product because that is instant advertising and an instant claim and so you know that is wrong. But anyway we have it in stock and we can ship it and we only have the last seventeen thousand bottles on hand.

Scott: So you are ready?

Martin: We are. We actually mailed about it, about two months ago when I first introduced it at the end of spring break or at the beginning of the spring break and we have had some people take it and we have actually had some feedback on it already. I mean there are a couple of reviews on the flu stop already one was from a man from Hawaii he is a priest from an alternative church and he wrote this stuff really does work and I will be ordering more. I have done business with this fellow for some time now and he is quite spiritually aware and nutritionally aware and he really knows his stuff anyway his integrity is fairly high and this other one was from a customer and she wrote I travel quite a bit and inevitably despite the use of a mask on a plane I end up getting sick from the plane travel using flu stop keeps me healthy even when I forgot my mask on my last flight definitely recommend it. So anyway flu stop is a really comical product and what that does is it inhibits a layer on the outside of the virus from growing these little tentacles that enables one virus to communicate with another and expand or multiply it is sort of like a condom.

Scott: A condom for viruses.

Martin: Except it is not right it is a fatty layer that gets inhibited.

Scott: And this is a good fatty layer as opposed to some of the fatty layers we were talking about in our previous podcasts.

Martin: Oh lord yes.

Scott: I mean there is good fat and bad fat right?

Martin: Yes so anyway this flu stop works exceedingly well and it is manufactured at a proper GMP certified facility and it is all natural stuff you know these are just some herbs and it comes from a traditional Chinese recipe so it is all natural. anyway you have that email here from somewhere why don’t you quote from it.

Scott: Sure Hello Martin I just wanted to thank you for your business thus far this flu season and I am excited that so many of your clients appreciate the value of the product. I really enjoyed hearing about some of your testimonials like the one I found below on your website and that was the one about traveling quite a bit. Also I am sure you have heard about the swine flu and we are prepared to handle matters for those who want to seek help. The swine flu virus is of the influenza A type and as you know we can prove that we can inactivate all influenza viruses so please let your people know this. We have interest from the Mexican government and I am going to the embassy tomorrow to talk about it please tell your people to be very careful when traveling and to wash their hands often. I cannot tell you how to protect themselves in circulatory environments except to wear a mask and use flu stop. I was on my way back from Texas on Monday and saw people wearing masks I simply used my flu stop before the flight, during the flight and before going to bed I wish I could have told the entire aircraft to use flu stop but I didn’t want to get thrown out at 40,000 feet. Talk to you soon, Greg.

Martin: Greg is the CEO of the company that developed the flu stop and they actually have it in a couple of airports in Canada and they also have it with several sports teams, this thing works. You know when you start getting the feeling in the throat that you know it is coming you just start spraying it and it will not evolve. You know how you know you get this first twinge of a flu, you know oh shoot I think but I hope not but I think it might you know. That’s when you start using it and it will stop it, it will never get past that stage. We have so many people that use it and they don’t miss a day of work or maybe like half a day off.

Scott: Actually I have another testimonial from Mindy that I just want to read. Every winter for the last eleven years I have experienced severe bronchitis for three to six months which results in horrible coughing attacks and trouble breathing and lack of energy because my lungs are so sensitive. I have also developed dust and chemical allergies so I have spent a lot of money on allergy and medical inhalers, codeine, cough syrup and natural remedies, teas, immune building products all with hopes of curing or preventing my next three months of coughing. I have no ground breaking results from any product I have invested in over the past ten years. A friend gave me flu stop which I used for two days and I could not believe no more coughing. I thought this would be short term but it continues to this day, you cannot imagine how happy I am, three exclamation marks. It is amazing being able to do all my favorite active things in life again. I am so fortunate to have finally found something that works for me. She actually said cure but we might actually get in trouble if we call it a cure.

Martin: Well she said it I suppose we can quote her, I suppose not because that of course is bad.

Scott: Yeah we would hate to get in trouble because someone said there is a cure for something.

Martin: All we know is the symptoms of the flu stop when we start using it so it should have been called, For Mindy, well it works for others. Oh dear yes Scott you are correct in your analysis in how we should speak.

Scott: It is just totally amazing to me.

Martin: Flu. Let’s just review the basics of the basics. number one you get the flu only if your tissue is acidic. If your tissue is properly balanced and alkaline you do not get the flu, that doesn’t happen. So if you want to get the flu drink lots of sodas, eat a lot of cooked meat, don’t exercise, load up on sugar, donuts coffee and all of that and eat a lot of bread and pasta. That will do it.

Scott: If you decide you don’t want the flu drink lots of alkalized water and raw foods.

Martin: How about this freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning I mean that is the most alkalizing natural thing going, apple cider vinegar you know one ounce a day is one of the most alkalizing things. It has to be apple cider vinegar with mother you know the all natural thing.

Scott: Sorry say that again.

Martin: Apple cider vinegar with mother and the mother is essentially the stuff from which you know it’s like the fermentation culture.

Scott: So what you are telling me is don’t go into the vinegar section in my local grocery store and pick the apple cider vinegar from there?

Martin: No go to the health food store and get the Braggs they are really good.

Scott: And it is probably refrigerated right?

Martin: No it is not. I mean it is so acidic that nothing will live in it.

Scott: Hold on a second if it is acidic how can it be alkalizing to me?

Martin: Uh huh it is some kind of a thing. When you take certain minerals they have an acidifying or alkalizing effect on your body and it is very much not connected to what the starting pH is.

Scott: Oh that is something that I have always wondered about right because you can take this stuff in and it was the opposite or whatever and it would have an acidifying or alkalizing effect. Like milk they say that milk is alkaline but the result is that you get more acidic.

Martin: Right because you are taking it as pasteurized milk proteins which means cooked proteins which means just like cooked meat type of a story acidifying it. So those are the two basics of course more salad more stir fry, less bread, less pasta, less fried chicken.

Scott: It’s bad news.

Martin: Well I can eat at Wendy’s or McDonald’s they have healthy stuff there.

Scott: The good news though is that we don’t have to worry when people panic over these flu’s.

Martin: I don’t and there is the other thing which is the Lecithin, lecithin is the universal emulsifier in the human body and the viruses are coated in a fatty layer that makes them disguise themselves from the human immune system because when it first starts there are not that many of them so if your immune system sees them for what they are they get zapped very quickly but they have a fairly effective coating on the outside so that your immune system doesn’t recognize it for what it is. If however you have supplemented with lecithin and you have plenty of that on board you will notice that you don’t get sick. so the mechanism of action is that the lecithin strips the fatty layer off of the virus. It is like taking the sheep’s clothing off of the little wolves and it is so affordable too. I mean lecithin we sell a three months supply for twenty five dollars.

Scott: Perfect well I just went to Google because they had a Google map showing where the problems were like where it was not at all or minimal the activity they say is low and it is quite interesting because everyone is worried about Mexico and the incidence is low in the majority and it is high or kind of moderate to high in two little spots so you know this is a case, I feel sad for the people who have passed away right but it really is a tempest in a tea pot.

Martin: Well give me the number of children that died of hunger today I think we will be close to a million or a million and a half so yes my heart goes out to the mother of the child that died of this influenza but it is a society wide thinking big picture that is such a little bit. If only we put our energy into dealing with food distribution and keeping people from doing stupid things like raising pigs.

Scott: Well everyday almost sixteen thousand children die from hunger related causes that is one child every five seconds.

Martin: Yes that right isn’t it crazy. Why aren’t we absolutely screaming from the roofs or talking about this in every newscast.

Scott: In 2006 almost 9.7 million children died before they reached their fifth birthday almost all of these deaths occurred in developing countries almost 4/5 of these occurred in sub-Sahara Africa and in South Asia.

Martin: Well I guess we are a bit of a racist society that we don’t want to see the blacks to multiply so quickly.

Scott: And that came from bread for the world or bread.org. I am just going to tell everyone where I got the facts from just so you know I don’t make it up.

Martin: It is just so funny that the organization is called the bread right I am certainly not a big fanatic for bread as a successful source of nutrition.

Scott: I think where that came from is the three fish and two loaves or three loaves and two fish that were on the sermon.

Martin: I imagine well anyway so yes it is a big deal I wouldn’t want to have anyone dying prematurely but we have such greater problems than this.

Scott: Right and if you are concerned about it and it is flu season and everyone has the opportunity to get a flu you can go and take, well let’s talk about vaccines. I was going to say you could go and take a vaccine or flu stop so let’s talk about vaccines. Okay what are some of the issues with vaccines?

Martin: Well okay the first thing is that vaccines are always a targeted thing which means umm.

Scott: Goes after a specific flu?

Martin: It goes after a specific organism or a specific strain so you have this let’s just say you have ten strains that are covered in a particular mix of the flu shot and it is a crap shoot because they are always guessing what it might be so you are going to be covered for that particular segment but if something new develops just like this one that is completely different the vaccination covers nothing, absolutely nothing. All it did was challenge your immune system and it doesn’t make you stronger I mean one interesting statistic was that older people now who had taken the flu shot five years in a row had doubled their chance of dying prematurely. I mean we are all dying right.

Scott: I understand you are talking prematurely.

Martin: So taking a flu shot is not a helpful thing it is a convenient thing. I mean another issue with vaccinations is how is this living creature whether it is a virus or bacteria been killed because you want to insert them into the body in a weakened state, weak enough not to activate but strong enough to actually stimulate the response. You can look up 1976 flu vaccination campaign directed by president Gerald Ford a lot of people died from that vaccination campaign and it was just on a flu scare. There is another vaccination campaign under way for a product called Gardasil to inoculate young women just before they start being sexually active and it covers them against a human papilloma virus which is possibly a cause of increased chance cervical cancer so thousands of girls that are inconvenienced there are dozens who have died already and there are some wheelchair cases based on the damage done to them by the vaccination and so in the name of preventing something we are actually creating a lot of trouble. A lot of the stronger vaccines have been previously deadened or killed off with mercury which is not a pretty picture you know some people are unable to detox mercury and autism in young children is frequently caused by that. I mean that is a very complicated topic i don’t want to simply say you get a flu shot and or a vaccination shot and that causes your child’s autism but frequently it is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back right, what’s the total toxic load that finally causes people to break down and this event is frequently the last thing that the parents will notice until the flu shot or the vaccination shot my child was talking and happy and a normal 24 month old boy and two months later he regressed and stopped talking became autistic and the doctors are saying that doesn’t happen you know statistically that is not possible, but it does happen. It does happen a lot and it happens to all the kids that this was the last straw that broke their back, the immune system.

Scott: You talked about the 1976 vaccination program so I did a little in real time research and it began in February 1976 when an army recruit fell ill died from a swine flu virus thought to be similar to the 1918 strain thought to have killed millions of people so 137 million dollars was spent on the program which began in October so February to October getting ready and it appeared to increase the risk of certain syndromes a rare neurological condition that causes temporary paralysis but could be fatal so 40 million Americans took the vaccine almost 25 percent of the population before it was halted in December after ten weeks more than 500 people were to have thought they developed this syndrome after receiving the vaccine and 25 died no one understands why or whatever but they paid millions of dollars in damages to people or their families and the pandemic that they were expecting had to infect 50 to 60 million Americans had never occurred. There were only about 200 cases of swine flu and one death so basically 25 times more people died from the cure than from the cause.

Martin: Yeah this reminds me of hunting a fly with a hammer right.

Scott: Yeah I hunted a fly with a pencil once I was in my office and I was talking to this fellow and we were in my office and it was cool and I think the fly was kind of cool in the room and it just buzzed around and landed on the side of my desk and I was just sitting there and I had my pencil up and this fellow is just looking at me and I look at him and then look at the fly and I just went poof and I hit the fly with my pencil and it fell off my desk and this guy was just shaking his head looking right.

Martin: Just like the karate kid picking out flies with chop sticks out of the air.

Scott: Yeah and the guy says just lucky.

Martin: Yeah just lucky no, no you would have said I studied under what was that teachers name in the karate kid anyway it doesn’t matter I am talking about hunting flies with a hammer you know the fly is sitting on top of your glass coffee table and you whack it with a hammer.

Scott: Good luck with that.

Martin: Well that is the sort of thing that you do when you do a vaccination program with something that is equivalent to a hammer. If you had the equivalent of a pencil then you wouldn’t break the coffee table but if you had the equivalent of a hammer you will.

Scott: Yeah I would have taken a big chunk out of my desk.

Martin: Yeah so what is the right thing to do? Well of course spend your money with Life Enthusiast co-op but really honestly alkalize with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, healthy eating, and number two get lecithin make it part of your everyday lifestyle because it is an important nutrient there is not enough of it in your general nutrition you know eat alkalizing greens and wash your hands. Don’t stick your hands in your eyes; don’t spit into other people’s faces stuff like that right.

Scott: What you would say is normal good hygiene practices.

Martin: Yes well you know this is not funny but just the other day I watched my wife ask for a new cup in a fast food joint she was ordering a tea and this kid reaches for the cup with his hand that we know was handling the money at the till just minutes earlier so he is touching the rim of the cup top down and something fell on the inside of the cup so he reached right into the inside of the cup and my wife puts her hand up and says I would like a different cup please and this time handle it properly.

Scott: People don’t think.

Martin: Well you’re not trained or even if you take the training I don’t know you just don’t get it.

Scott: Food handlers should understand to be constantly reminded.

Martin: Well you know the training wage kid in the joint he doesn’t really know. If his mom hasn’t spent the time explaining it to him or maybe his dad but usually moms he just won’t know. It is just not in them.

Scott: No that’s true but really basic things like wash your hands, keep your place clean, wipe down your counters and sinks and it is not about being obsessive about it, it is about just making sure you are doing a good job.

Martin: So the next thing is if you find yourself in an emergency you know like its too late now saline just basic salty water works wonders. One percent solution that means one part salt and 99 parts water so if you go one teaspoon of salt and ninety nine teaspoons of water or 5 milliliters of salt and 495 milliliters of water. It is much more difficult to do it in imperial but in metric it is that easy. Anyway you make the saline solution I mean if you have the Himalayan salt on hand you get the benefit of good structured salt and proper mineralization but any salt will do and start gargling with it and spraying it up into your sinuses.

Scott: And what happens when you do that?

Martin: What you are doing is you are washing the surfaces with the saline solution one percent, that’s the salinity of your tears that is the natural salinity that your body needs. If you do that with just plain water it burns.

Scott: Oh interesting because I have done that I have put plain water into my eyes accidentally and it was just like ahh and of course I have worn contacts in the past and you have saline in the contacts and it goes in and it is nice.

Martin: And the same thing happens when you are swimming if you snort up some plain water from the pool and it burns but if you do that with saline it doesn’t. anyway it helps to remove the debris and helps restore the equilibrium. Anyway have a flu stop on hand it won’t help you to try and get it out of us, have it in your cupboard the stock that we have on hand will expire at the end of this year ours is good till the end of December 2009. [No new batch was made, the manufacturer did not make enough profit to stay in business.]

Scott: Alright that has been a very informative topical episode today, thank you very much for sharing all that information and if somebody wanted to know more or talk to you specifically about some of their health issues how could they get a hold of you?

Martin: As always we are open from 8 am to 8 pm pacific time that is 11 to 11 on the east coast and we are at 1-866-543-3388 and the website is www.life-enthusiast.com where you can also find the link to the podcasts, to our blog and to our newsletters. We try boy do we try to educate the public. The most fun section on our website is called health education if you start there you will be entertained for days.

Scott: If not weeks and months. Great well you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast online radio network I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela thank you for listening and we will see you all next time everybody.

Martin: Have a good day we are Life enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet. thanks for listening.

Author: Martin Pytela