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Podcast 129: Protection from Electromagnetic Fields

Podcast 129: Protection from Electromagnetic Fields

Podcast 129: Protection from Electromagnetic Fields

Electro Magnetic Frequencies and their effect on our lives. One more way to get sick… EMFs

Anything that’s moving, emits a field. For instance a stream emits a field around it so you can actually douse it. With the same technique, you can dowse for overhead or underground electric lines. They have a field around them, a field like a pipe around the line – circular and linear. Each electric wire in your house has a field around it, diminishing in strength the further away from the source. These fields have influence on you. All kinds of stuff can be created from them, like miscarriages, birth defects, leukemia, brain cancers, breast cancers and lymphomas.

Podcast 129: Protection from Electromagnetic Fields

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast online radio network we are restoring vitality to you and to the planet and soon to our plants. I am your co-host Scott Patton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing today?

Martin: It’s another good day.

Scott: So you have a friend in the United Arab Emirates so hey, welcome glad to have you aboard and you were telling me before we came on the air that he was so excited because he had two of our last shows to listen to but he had a request.

Martin: Yes that request was that we discuss genetically modified foods and I said I could just give it to you in just three sentences and he said no, no, no give me the whole thing.

Scott: He wants a show on it and of course we are in the midst of a series that is all about being fair because we talk about you know you should eat raw foods and get exercise, you should get rid of your fat, you should sleep well, you should get less stress and lead a happy life and really we need to also talk about the other side to be politically correct about all the things that you should do or probably are doing that will make you sick. So to the United Arab Emirates we are here to tell you that your request has been heard and in our next episode we are going to jump ahead in our list and we are going to get to it and spend all of our next show talking about GMO’s genetically modified foods and why it is important to support that industry and eat all those foods to help us continue to be an ill, sick, miserable society.

Martin: Well put Scott, we will deliver I promise.

Scott: We will deliver, that’s right so we were talking about as I said different things to do to be sick and last time we talked about making sure you got all your immunization shots and that you travel in airplanes a lot and oh tattoos is one of our favorites.

Martin: Yeah inject yourself with inks and disrupt your electromagnetic circuitry with studs, staples and other metallic objects.

Scott: And we went a little bit over board because we thought it was not enough that we just make ourselves sick, why don’t we make our babies sick too right. In today’s show I am really excited about because we are going to talk about some of my favorite topics which are why we should expose ourselves to electromagnetic energy and the skin care industry is just a favorite.

Martin: Okay let’s not get to far ahead and just start with one that’s all we can manage.

Scott: Well we are hoping to get to the doctors too and if we don’t we don’t. Alright let’s talk about electromagnetic energy first of all what is it? Is it like a magnet like I’ve had magnets is that what we are talking about?

Martin: Well there is electromagnetic and magneto electric essentially it goes something like this anything that is moving it emits a field for instance a moving stream of water will emit a field around itself so you can actually dowse it and it is funny that you can dowse for underground water with the same technique that you can douse for overhead or underground electric lines because they will have around themselves this field. If you visualize the line of the wire the field is like a pipe around it sort of like circular yet linear.

Scott: So for those of us who read the fantastic four comic books we know about the invisible woman and she puts a force field around thing so it is kind of like that.

Martin: Well alright then.

Scott: And it is interesting that you talk about dowsing because I had an experience with my dad about, oh I guess it’s almost ten years ago now, we were at a kind of little fair it was an old saw mill that they had redone and they put a little miniature railway in there and they had all these other things going on and my dad and I were walking a long and this guy grabs us and he says have you ever dowsed for water and I said no and my dad had a weird look on his face and he says okay we are going to dowse for water so he had a branch and if you held it one way it was a perfect Y and then he turned it upside down so basically we were holding on to well my dad was holding onto one branch and I was holding onto the other and this guy was holding onto both and he was in the middle so basically we were holding onto an upside down Y and nobody was touching the single stem of the stick going up, the root and we are holding on and this thing starts shaking a bit and then I am watching and the top part starts bending down. Now we are all holding the bottom part, there is nobody at the top part right, the thing bends and bends and broke and this is like an inch thick piece of dry wood and it snapped in half and I thought oh my god look at the energy that we somehow tapped into because I had no idea what we did right but that was the dowsing experience that we had and I tell you it was really amazing, if you think that our world is just something we can touch and it was quite amazing to see this piece of wood break because we were holding onto one end of it right.

Martin: Yeah the invisible is a bigger part of this universe than the visible.

Scott: It as just amazing to watch.

Martin: Okay that was a fine demo of the power of the field so indeed there is a field and the field surrounds this wire and so if there is electric wiring in your house which I will bet my tutu there is.

Scott: There has to be or we wouldn’t be talking right now and you wouldn’t be listening to us either.

Martin: So okay visualize the wires and each one of these wires from where ever it is from your circuit breaker throughout the walls of your house and each one of those wires has a field that resembles a tube around it and these are sort of like the rings on the tree where the wire would represent the center and these fields you know it is a diminishing field.

Scott: So it gets weaker the further it gets away from the wire.

Martin: That’s right and they usually alternate in polarity but the point is these things have their influence on you so if you sleep in a field you are influenced by it, if you sit in an office three computers and four printers like I do you have all kinds of stuff going on. Let’s upgrade that, let’s go to the shorter the wave the greater the intensity and you will understand this you know gamma radiation which is what you get when you have a nuclear explosion it is so penetrating it just goes through everything. Whereas on the other scale the alpha radiation that is like the neutron is essentially the slow and heavy particle that is stopped by a layer of paper, other things are stopped by simple installation but this sort of short wave stuff isn’t stopped by anything we have around us you would have to be living inside a steel cage or lead cage to get this radiation out of your life so the shorter the radiation the greater the penetration. What do our smart manufacturers do they have been selling us shorter and shorter radiation hands free devices. We are now up into the 5 GHz range you know we used to be in 0.5 gig then 2.8 and 5.6 and whatever, it is a selling feature because it goes farther right because it gives you a clearer signal and lets you go a hundred feet away from the base or something like that right.

Scott: Well I am just thinking of my wireless phone that I have so that I don’t have to be stuck to a receiver and it is a 5.8 GHz and it is digital and I can basically walk all over my yard and talk on my phone if I want to because I remember when I bought one three or four years ago it was a 1.7 or 2.3 or something like that and now it’s even more so I am actively participating in this.

Martin: And so your neighbor is doing it to you and you are doing it to your neighbor and then the Bluetooth technology is all over us and now the cities are actually becoming hot spots for wireless I mean you are in Wi-Fi country it is not just that you have Wi-Fi in your place you now can walk anywhere.

Scott: I can pick from seven different internet connections in my own house to connect wirelessly except they are all secure but I see them.

Martin: So each one of them is putting an electromagnetic signal into your world so the other side is we people all of us mammals, all of our existence is dependent on electric signals.

Scott: In our body.

Martin: I mean we do produce these electric signals in our body and it’s called the aura which some people see and other people photograph using the Kirlian photography, it’s the real thing and some people are able to project energy right.

Scott: Well it reminds me of a trip I made to the hospital a number of years ago first thing I saw when I walked in the door was turn off your cell phone because we don’t want it to disrupt the instruments and equipment and I thought I am in the hallway I don’t see any instruments or equipment right, even here they are worried that it will affect those instruments and then I was thinking as good as we may be able to make machines and as sensitive as we could probably make them I’m pretty sure that our bodies are just as sensitive and perhaps more so and so we should be saying turn off your cell phones when you are around anybody.

Martin: Here’s a good one I don’t know maybe you have seen it on YouTube three or four people putting their cell phones pointed towards each other and putting popcorn in the center and then they call these cell phones and as soon as the cell phones start ringing you know you need to get at least three of them pointed into the same spot there is so much energy enitted that you are actually popping the popcorn. Essentially that is like the inside of a microwave oven.

Scott: And we are sticking that against our ears

Martin: Yeah which is about half an inch away from your what? You can’t remember now right.

Scott: Yeah I can’t remember like we are frying our brains. I actually saw a picture that showed how far into the head the electromagnetic waves of a cell phone and of course this is like five or six years ago so maybe they are not quite so bad today but the radiation would go in and it was comparing an adult with a child and it was like three times further in with a child because a child’s bone is not as developed or strong.

Martin: Yes it is like more watery and less insulating and

Scott: I look at my sons and I am so glad that they have never had a cell phone well one does now because he is living in another city but.

Martin: I would recommend a headset you know something like that but even a headset is not ideal but anyway I would like to make a comment on that there is a way to deal with all of this.

Scott: So it is not hopeless.

Martin: It’s not hopeless well it is like this I cannot change or I cannot change the society instantly and go away from all this electromagnetic stuff I think we are stuck with it.

Scott: Yeah it is not going to go away.

Martin: So the only thing I know to do going along with Steven Covey focus on your circle of influence or try and match your circle of concern with your circle of influence, meaning this change what you can change and stop worrying about the stuff you cannot change and so there are some approaches that try to push against the electromagnetic energies. You know try to sort of balance it because there is equipment on the market and one of them is this famous noise cancelling headsets you know it is sold for air travel or whatever else and it is phenomenal because it has a microphone on it and the microphone picks up the ambient noise and creates an electromagnetic version of that noise in exact opposite and of course the two opposites cancel each other out so you have perfect silence so all you hear is the beautiful music that is supposed to be in your ear and none of the noise. Well similar technology can be made to work against the electromagnetic signal in the room you’re in. So the most common one is the sixty Hertz and you know that is coming out from the electric alternating current lines that are in your walls but there are these other ones the frequencies and GigaHertz stuff that is in the Wi-Fi so we may have these devices that try to predict and second guess what might be out there and try and rebalance it. The other method which we had gone with is to balance the person and ignore the environment. So we have found this wonderful company in Poland, ADR which have devices that balance the circuitry in the human regardless of what he is sitting in so whether you are upset by something or an electric current or whether you are exposed to whatever it is like an ugly noise this thing ADR Protect, as long as it is touching your skin is actually balancing the electromagnetic circuitry in your body.

Scott: So yeah it is kind of like if you were a doctor and in a hospital and you are around people who have the flu all the time you could wear a gas mask or you could just make sure your immune system is so strong that it can handle all of those germs.

Martin: Excellent analogy that’s correct so when you are balanced it doesn’t really matter what environment you are in.

Scott: So the ADR product, the ADR 4 and the ADR 3 you just have them on your desk and around the monitors and around the computers, is that what you would do?

Martin: Yeah the ADR 3 is what would balance a certain space so you would have one and perhaps two of them in your home.

Scott: Like what sort of width like what sort of field would we be talking about?

Martin: Thirty foot diameter so you know big, bigger than a typical home. The ADR protect is designed for personal use so as long as it was touching your skin it would be protecting you personally.

Scott: So would it be okay to have it in a pocket?

Martin: No it needs to be touching your skin, typical installation would be on the back of your watch or on the back of your necklace or it can be sitting on the top of your computer mouse if you are touching the mouse it would be sitting in the palm of your hand or it could be on the back of your cell phone if you are holding your cell phone it would be touching your palm. The ADR 3 that could be anywhere, I have one well I have many.

Scott: I have one on my computer desk basically in the center of the desk, it’s one arms length away from me and it is two inches away from the closest monitor so I am feeling very balanced.

Martin: Yep there you go the good part is this the ADR 3 is selling for thirty dollars and the ADR Protect is selling for twenty because I have seen two hundred dollar devices and all that and they don’t do any better.

Scott: Well okay I love them and I use them all the time. Okay so expose yourself often to electromagnetic energy, I don’t have a microwave in my home and to tell you the truth nobody misses it and it is funny because my son goes to put a frozen pizza into the oven or something to make himself something to eat and he will have a friend there and he says why don’t you just put it in the microwave and it’s like dude we don’t have a microwave.

Martin: Okay let’s talk about that, this is worth dwelling upon. The microwave has an interesting way of warming things up it pushes on water and it jiggles the water molecules.

Scott: It vibrates it?

Martin: Yeah and through this vibration creates and friction with it the heat that it needs. Actually I remember now how it was that the microwave was invented it was these guys that worked on television and microwave towers were warming themselves up in the winter by standing in front of the reflector on the microwave that sends out these long distance signals and I once experienced it when I was on a walk and I found myself on a mountain and there was this telephone tower and I don’t know if you’ve seen it these reflectors are three or four feet in diameter and it’s a big thing. Anyway I stood in front of it for a bit and sure enough I started feeling all warm inside and I thought oh that’s what they meant so I was cooking myself at that point.

Scott: And the thing is too that it is a different type of cooking than you know if you had a fire and you were cooking meat over a fire or something.

Martin: Well where I was headed with that sentence was it breaks up and destroys the natural relationships that exist in the structure of the fluids so it is like an explosion right. It looks okay on the outside because you haven’t really broken up the structure but the water inside of this object has been disrupted and the water relationships are all wrong, disharmonious.

Scott: Yeah and we don’t get the nutrition from the food that you would expect.

Martin: Yeah I saw a cute little experiment done on again this was on the internet and it was a series of pictures, I think it was about two weeks of watering a couple of plant pots. One was watered with microwave oven water brought to boil and then cooled and the other one was stove top heated water and allowed to cool so both of the waters were brought to boil and both allowed to cool and then they were used to water these plants and the stove top boiled water the plant was okay. The micro waved water plant didn’t it just died out.

Scott: So basically you have pure water and everything in it has been killed because you have boiled it and one kills the plant and the other one doesn’t.

Martin: And I think it is because of the disruptive relationship between the molecules and it goes right back to our story about Dr Emoto taking pictures of crystals in the water and showing if you play happy music to the water it will grow happy and pretty crystals and if you send hateful messages to it then it will collapse the structures.

Scott: Yep definitely a huge difference in that and if anyone is interested in knowing more about Dr Emoto’s work we recommend a site that has a whole bunch of free videos on it and also David Sereda talking about amazing water who talks about Dr Emoto’s work plus a few other things and that is at it is kind of like enlightenment and it’s water instead of light and check it out and let us know what you think.

Martin: Yeah that would be good but before we leave this topic there is an ADR device that can heal microwave water and it is the ADR-4. The ADR-4 is this five maybe six inch plate that you can set stuff up on it like an apple or a teacup or a plate of food on it and it will harmonize whatever is on top of it. So before the food cools in less than one minute you can at least I don’t know maybe completely counteract the negative effects by harmonizing the water.

Scott: It would be interesting but neither you nor I can do it because neither of us have a microwave but it would be interesting to have someone with an ADR-4 and microwave water and have it cool on top of the ADR-4 and boil another thing of water and just let it cool somewhere else and get two plants and wait two weeks and see how they are doing.

Martin: Okay we need five plants one with water out of the tap, one with water that has been microwave and one with boiled and one with boiled and ADR’ed and one with microwave and ADR’ed now that would be a serious study.

Scott: Yeah let’s get a hold of the University and see if we can get a grant for this. That would be amazing and then get a sample drop of each water, and then freeze it and take a super microscope to look at it and take a picture of it.

Martin: Or send it Dr Emoto’s site for the pictures.

Scott: That’s a lot of work Martin.

Martin: Yeah well I know how to come up with work.

Scott: Fortunately neither of us has to do it, it can be a challenge to our listeners.

Martin: Absolutely I am looking for a volunteer that will do it. I have just talked to a fellow from the Netherlands and he is involved in Dr Emoto European organization and he is telling me that he is able to take pictures of the crystals of water so I now have a connection to do that I am just discussing with him how we are going to take pictures of some of our other stuff. So maybe we can cooperate with some of our listeners whoever is curious enough and maybe we can come up with some experiment and get it documented. Before we leave this topic I just want to say this it is the spinning electromagnetic field that do the most damage so it’s the photocopier with its motor inside it, it’s the refrigerator with the compressor, it’s the hair dryer with the spinning field, it’s the fan in your computer those are the biggest culprits. he alternator in your car.

Scott: But get the ADR-3 or the ADR-4 and you have some protection going on. I mean in our society we need to make sure it doesn’t get worse but it is definitely not going to go away.

Martin: So I think we have covered that don’t you?

Scott: Yeah and I think you were quite right at the beginning when I was quite enthusiastic about going onto a bunch more topics because we have pretty well run out of time.

Martin: Okay well before we leave this one maybe we will just stick with that. A friend of mine was an avid meditator and was doing just fine and then he had some medical situation and had an MRI done on his brain because he was afraid that he had a tumor or something going on in his head and he said it completely destroyed his ability to meditate. Before that he was really good and after that he couldn’t come back into the state you know the sort of elevated state of harmony.

Scott: Well these things have a very strong impact and we get used to them so we don’t recognize the impact that they have and we are not always aware I mean I love to walk by the river and that’s a moving thing and I can feel it cleansing and I am not in the river but it feels like it is cleansing you know.

Martin: Yeah you are within its field.

Scott: Yeah particularly when I walk over it and I am right above it by about ten feet but we don’t always pay attention or are sensitive to it or are aware of it to realize and of course that is the same if you are around tons of people with cell phones or in your car or any of these other things.

Martin: I remember at one phase of my life I lived in such a way that I had to cross under this major power line I mean the big supply to a big city that are like the one million volts that are up way high but anyway I had to drive under that to get to where I was going so I would cross it going out and coming in and I recall so many times that I would just drive through it and it was like whoosh, something changes like all of a sudden a whole new state, like I have been reset or a reboot of sort.

Scott: Wow and not a good reboot.

Martin: I don’t know I am still here and still talking about it but something happened.

Scott: A rock and roll song went through my head when you said that and I think on that note Martin if someone wanted to know more about the ADR products or the other things or electromagnetic stuff how could they find out?

Martin: Well first of all I am going to celebrate this thing an issue a ten percent off coupon for all ADR products and the code is going to be EMF13 so it is like electromagnetic frequency 13 okay, and with that you get a discount on all the ADR products. Where you can find it is at or call us at 1-866-543-3388 and this is Martin for Life Enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet literally. Thanks for listening.

Scott: Bye bye everybody and next time we are going to be talking about GMO’s and why you need to support this important industry.

Martin: Yes!

Scott: I am kidding.

Martin: It is important.

Scott: We will be talking about them I am not kidding about that, I am kidding about supporting them. See you all next time everybody, bye bye.

Martin: Bye bye.

Author: Martin Pytela
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