Podcast 133: Mercury Fillings and Your Health

Today Martin and Scott discuss the many, many negative – and largely unknown – effects of amalgam fillings that dentists use to fill the cavities in your teeth. Listen in to hear Martin’s amazing story of the effects of 12 mercury amalgam fillings that he received in his 20s.

For more than 150 years, the dental profession has carefully avoided using the term mercury when describing the material used to fill tooth cavities for millions of Americans. They called it “silver amalgam,” “silver fillings,” or “amalgam fillings.” The true composition of dental amalgam is 45 to 55 percent mercury, with about 30 percent silver and other metals such as copper, tin, and zinc. Mercury is a heavy metal toxin.

According to BioProbe, an independent nonprofit watchdog agency, vapor released continuously from mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth can produce “neurological and psychiatric symptoms… such as depression, irritability, exaggerated response to stimulation, excessive shyness, insomnia, emotional instability, forgetfulness, confusion, and vasomotor disturbances such as excessive perspiration and uncontrolled blushing. Tremors are also common in individuals exposed to mercury vapor.”

The organization cites one estimate that approximately “26 million amalgam bearers whose allergies may be causally related to their mercury/amalgam dental fillings” would benefit by replacing mercury amalgam fillings with safer alternative materials. It may be difficult to find a dentist in your area who will fill your cavities with more natural materials, but it is possible. The movement is growing despite significant opposition from the American Dental Association and state dental boards. Recent court challenges have begun to change the picture.

Podcast 133: Mercury Fillings and Your Health

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op online radio network, restoring vitality to you, the planet and today your teeth. I am your co-host Scott Patton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing today?

Martin: Good can you hear me smiling?

Scott: Yeah you have beautiful teeth and we have been talking about how to get sick and today we are going to hammer on and folks if you thought we hammered on cosmetics last time let me tell you, you haven’t seen anything yet. We are going to be talking about cavities and the things a dentist sticks in your teeth that leech into your body and causes all sorts of wonderful things to happen.

Martin: You know the dental industry has all these euphemism for what they stick in your teeth you know they call it the silver fillings because after all it is a silver amalgam, the silver is amalgamated with mercury or they call it amalgam fillings or silver fillings.

Scott: I have heard of amalgam fillings.

Martin: Right which it is, it is the amalgam of silver and mercury and with the mercury you make it pliable and you make it such that instead of having to hammer the silver into the shape of the hole you actually get to push it in with a tool and pack it in and smooth it off and there it is and it takes the shape that you need.

Scott: And then it hardens over time?

Martin: yeah pretty quick well it hardens as soon as the mercury leeches out so you kind of swallow some as you go.

Scott: Okay well that explains that and the other thing that I didn’t know was that you had a twenty year life on your fillings so if you had them when you were seventeen you would get a new set when you are in your late thirties.

Martin: Yes in fact I got my fillings put in when I was twenty five and I had them replaced just two years ago when I was fifty-five. It was my birthday gift to myself finally I spent the four and a half thousand dollars that it took. You know it was a really interesting thing for me it was a health insurance plan like I was working in a saw mill and after ninety days I earned the full coverage so the first thing I was going to do was go check with the dentist. I was really looking forward to it, I was going to have my first Canadian dental appointment and so I went there and the guy checked me out and I knew I need one filling for sure because one tooth was bothering me and he did the x-rays and he said see over here, it’s weak here and here you really need twelve fillings and I thought wow I didn’t expect that but I was kind of pre-framed because my cousin told me that this dentistry out west is so much more advanced than the primitive dentistry back in Europe. You will see you know they have such great techniques. So I thought well this guy is an expert right, he has been to a school of dentistry and has ten years of post high school schooling and so he has to be good.

Scott: Yeah you know when you are talking about that you reminded me of when I was young I left Canada and I spent a year traveling around the world and about six months of that was in Australia and this was in the seventies right, so I was used to the dentist taking x-rays and scraping the teeth and everything else and I thought after about three months because I hadn’t seen my dentist for about three months before I left so I thought you know I am working and I am here in Australia so I should go see the dentist. So I went to the dentist and he sat me in the chair and chatted away and took this thing and poked around, looked in it, told me to say ahhh and it was not even twenty minutes from the time I walked in the door to when I left and he said yeah your teeth look really good just keep brushing them, floss a little bit, your fine and I was expecting this cleaning, this fluoride all this stuff because that is what my dentist at home did right and I thought wow these guys are really backwards and I am thinking I wish I had that dentist all my life.

Martin: Yeah that’s right conservative is good but anyway there I was I was booked into four appointments which was a quadrant per appointment and he said it was going to be unpleasant and it sure was so after the first appointment my herpes broke out you know I had never had a cold sore on my mouth before but right after they started working on putting this stuff in me I had the first cold sore of my life. I should have taken a clue there but I didn’t know so I had twelve fillings put in and you know what’s interesting is that in all those intervening years thirty years since none of the other teeth went. The guy scared me into thinking … he said see here it is weakened on the x-ray so it is going to go bad anyway so we may as well install the filling now. Well now the other teeth never needed a filling, how come? So anyway I wish I had questioned the fellow because I think he was following his financial interest not my health.

Scott: I can remember a couple of my dentists who said you have a little bit of a cavity here but we will wait for it to get bigger before we do anything.

Martin: Yeah we don’t do small holes, we make craters. But here is the interesting thing I wanted to say so it was covered by insurance so it has actually cost me next to nothing to get them done like in today’s prices they probably would cost fifty dollars each right. So that would have been maybe a hundred or a thousand dollars going in right and anyway it took me almost five thousand to take them out but in thirty years I spend something like a hundred twenty thousand dollars on every possible therapy trying to figure out how to fix my body because I just fell apart something fierce. So it was a gift that kept on giving.

Scott: You had a huge problem with the mercury I guess one of the things people say is well I’ve had mercury well let’s talk about someone we were talking about before we went on the air one of my clients who I was coaching on internet marketing was a dental hygienist and she was like in her sixties and for most of her life she was a dental hygienist and her husband was the dentist and they worked in the same office. so we got talking about lots of different things and one of the things of course was how to look after your teeth so I said to her what was it like and I told her I heard about mercury not being good and she was right on that she said my husband who is knee deep in mercury, I mean I am probably exaggerating about it but it was like he was juggling with the mercury, gargling with it and spitting it out and no problem ever right.

Martin: Do I hear correctly that she was talking about him in past tense?

Scott: Yeah she was a widow but as far as she was concerned he didn’t die because of mercury poisoning.

Martin: I have a question for you; do you know the profession that suffer the most suicides?

Scott: I would say stock brokers.

Martin: No those buggers are retiring out in the Bahamas no it’s the dentists. Really it is the dentists that have the most suicides of all the professions, accountants, doctors and so on.

Scott: I had heard that they had a lot of suicides but I just assumed it was because of all the bad breath they had to deal with everyday.

Martin: Witty I remember when I was loaded with mercury I had a lot of suicidal thoughts and you know a lot of depression and suicidal thoughts that people suffer from and get dosed with Prozac and Paxil and who knows what else might be that they are one of the quarter of the population that has a heavy metal elimination challenge and this is how the dental, or statistics based industry or medicine gets away with this because they say the majority of people don’t have a problem with it.

Scott: Right but what is the problem that they have.

Martin: Well I don’t know but you should probably make the point you were starting to make. I started hearing you say well what did he actually die of anyway.

Scott: Right and that is my big question to her and I wished I asked her what did he die of because you hear of people with HIV or AIDS or something and the problem isn’t the AIDS the problem is they have no immune system so when they get a cold then the cold kills them well no they died of AIDS you are splitting hairs there.

Martin: Yes this is not the guy who breaks his leg and ends up in a hospital bed and gets water on his lungs and dies of pneumonia so what do you list as cause of death, was it the broken leg that got him in the bed or was it the pneumonia or was it the twenty-five years of bad nutrition that got his bones weak.

Scott: Yeah I guess we just really simplify it I mean if the husband had been alive and well I would have had no question but the fact that he had died well hang on a second.

Martin: Well the dentist that put my fillings in, he escaped and became an orthodontist, he was actually a smart guy. He stopped putting fillings into people all together and started putting in orthodontics and I saw him not long ago and he is looking fine.

Scott: So I think it was a pretty interesting thing that you brought up right at the beginning of the show like conducive things like silver amalgam or silver fillings or even gold fillings.

Martin: No gold is done differently by means of inlays that are like worked into the shape of the hole. They actually take a little model and make a little sculpture and then they insert gold into that hole that they have made but what I wanted to do was read from this report about what amalgam fillings in your mouth can produce, neurological and psychiatric symptoms such as depression, irritability, exaggerated response to stimulation, excessive shyness, insomnia, emotional instability, forgetfulness, confusion, vasomotor disturbances, excessive perspiration or uncontrolled blushing, tremors and maybe the dentists have to quit because their hands are shaking too much. But anyway isn’t that a nasty list?

Scott: But also who would think of them because of mercury.

Martin: Right and yet a whole bunch of those symptoms are treated by anti-depressants and psychiatric drugs and all manner of further medication and yet more often than not is that you have these mercury vapors coming into your mouth. So folks if you are having these … well what it did to me for instance it caused my soft tissue to weaken, I was dealing with fibromyalgia and my lower back was starting to fall apart so I was having back pains and I had to go to chiropractors, a could not hold an adjustment and my arches in my feet started to collapse so I had all kinds of pain in my feet and I couldn’t work standing on my feet. I used to have a job just walking around couldn’t do it and I had to get a sedentary job and then my back went out and I had to get a job that I could lie down on.

Scott: Wow is there jobs like that?

Martin: Well I became the manager so I could do it from anywhere so I brought in the ball and I would hang over the ball. I would lie down during meetings and in presentations I would have to lie down flat on the floor instead of sitting in a seminar chair like everyone else. You know when I came home I wouldn’t go to sleep in bed I had this rocking chair and I would climb on it you know the one with the foot support that you pull on the handle to pop up the foot rest so my forehead was on the foot rest and my feet were where you would normally have your head and I was face down so that is how I slept anyway an interesting life it was. Yeah I spent a good many years with trouble of that sort.

Scott: So when it comes to filling your mouth full of mercury you are a walking testimonial on how good a strategy that is if you really want to get sick. Not just a little sick …

Martin: Absolutely I am a walking demo of total mayhem and destruction and you know the lucky thing was that I was fairly intelligent and I could figure out a job that I could hold while being physically disabled. If I was just a working guy you know like a carpenter or something of that sort I would be just done. So anyway a good number of suicides I would assign it to dentistry. You know I want to make a political point you know how much I like political statements I think that the reason that they are not admitting to it is because if they did admit to it then a class action suit against all dentists and all of their insurance and against their association and the works because it is the dental association that is pushing this, they are who are endorsing it and this is who certifies it and promotes it.

Scott: Yeah they are supposed to be responsible.

Martin: So it is the entire body that is responsible for this technique and for pushing it so they definitely don’t want to have this proven in a court of law as something that works and they are lucky because this situation only applies to about a quarter of the population.

Scott: Why is that?

Martin: I don’t know some genetics you know three out of four people can actually handle it they say what are you talking about I have more filling in my mouth and I am fine.

Scott: But again it brings us back to that some point you have filling in your mouth and you are fine but every October you are off work for three days because you have this really bad flu so do you really have the flu because you have the virus or you have a really bad flu because your immune system is compromised because of the mercury I mean because it is all together right. We assume, what was it that happened to me the other day well we assume that everything is fine because we don’t know any different like if you put your hand in warm water and you gradually increase it and then you can stand pretty hot water but if take it to that temperature right away and then put your hand in it than you will be pulling it out really quickly. So we just think that we have acclimatized to it over time that we are fine.

Martin: Actually a side bar I am sorry.

Scott: Okay you do your side bar and I have a question for you.

Martin: Okay so just yesterday I watched a television segment, it was good news reporting and it was about autistic people now autism is another expression of a body that is unable to deal with the chemical toxicity typically mercury it gets into kids through vaccinations and fillings and so on and some people can get way more autistic than others. Anyway this program was about autistic people and these people were adults and they were saying look everyone is labelling us weird or abnormal or something but to us it’s normal, I have never been not autistic I am who I am. Don’t fix me just accept me the way I am because I am doing alright but I am looking at it from outside in and I am seeing this phenomenal intelligent fellow and I am thinking there you are besieged by this extra burden or this young woman that has behavioral issues like she is unable to look straight at anyone, she fidgets constantly and she says well you know I am a little strange people have a little difficulty in my presence but I am fine and I am thinking damn this is just so wrong. Just to prove your point she has already accepted her reality as normal.

Scott: Yeah and it is not normal at all and we are talking about it specifically for the mercury that goes into the filling but there is also mercury in vaccines and I know personally of a young boy who got a vaccine when he was three or four and started to turn autistic and it just got worse and worse and finally his mom said we are not putting anymore vaccines in you and the dad who was a veterinarian was oh whatever and she ready to have a divorce over the issue and he is still somewhat autistic and the sad part is that he was a perfectly normal little kid and now he is slightly autistic.

Martin: Anyway we actually have the means to get this out of people and the sooner we get at them than the better chance they have to evolve into a fine person. You know we can remove the metals and we can remove the viral load and we can reverse the damage. Yeah the products are available.

Scott: Well what is it.

Martin: Well tell your friend one of them is activated liquid Zeolite that thing is just phenomenally effective at just grabbing anything that is electro positive which heavy metals are and it just goes in an attaches itself to it and escorts it out of your body because your liver normally cannot take anything electro positive there is no defense so instead of escorting it out to the blood or kidneys for you to pee it out, instead it gets hidden, put away and it goes in your fat and cartilage and it goes in your bones.

Scott: Places that are not good.

Martin: Low circulation is where it needs to go.

Scott: How do you spell zeolite?

Martin: Zeolite you would find it under cleansing on our website you know cleanse and detox. It is the internal cleanse of the sort of thing that you need to do and the second thing is we have the Dr Vickery protocol it involves free form amino acids and these protocols will reverse fibromyalgia it will deal with you know these heavy metals combined with viruses, combined with genetics and stress create a broad range of problems. It’s not just fibromyalgia, it’s not just back pain you know it could be rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, vitiligo, scleroderma, Hashimoto’s, Sjogren’s I mean all these different ways how the immune system attacks the body itself.

Scott: So what you are saying is when the immune system attacks the body itself what is really going on is you have these heavy metal toxic materials that it cannot remove naturally which is to say the liver, the kidney, the breathing and the sweating really isn’t going to take it out.

Martin: That’s right.

Scott: And that is why you need something like the zeolite or Dr Vickery’s process.

Martin: That’s right.

Scott: So the zeolite you are talking about that’s the Waiora brand?

Martin: Yeah we have it in two different types either the Waiora or the Trilogy essentials both of these are using the patented process. There is I think the name is Henry Kaufman the fellow who invented then patented the process and then he licensed to these companies that put it out there. There are other companies selling zeolite I mean zeolite is cheap it is used in industrial processes by the shovelful to well as a cleanser.

Scott: You put it into your swimming pool stuff right?

Martin: As well yeah because it is so electro negative it will combine with anything that is electro positive so an electro positive in your body are all the oxidants like your antioxidants like vitamin C that is electro negative so if you have a bit of electro positive in your body like mercury you can throw vitamin C, B, or A on it and it will immediately extinguish itself but it will never change the metal. It is sort of like throwing peas at a wall you know it just stands no chance of ever doing anything about it. So it is the endless supply of oxidative stress in your body.

Scott: It is pretty insidious.

Martin; Yeah that’s the best word and all of this coming from your friendly dentist or from the friendly jab you know the guys that make vaccines I mean not all vaccines like not all vaccines are loaded with mercury many are that used to be in the past you know up until five or six years ago most of them were I mean there has been quite a bit of concern about it so they are now using things like formaldehyde which is ever so much friendlier.

Scott: Right well that’s good to know. Well we could talk about vaccines and we are going to have to because in a few months they are coming out with an untested vaccine to prevent something that nobody even knows what it is.

Martin: Oh Scott you have got it you have turned into a health activist. Okay so I think we have laid it out haven’t we?

Scott: I think we have.

Martin: Sorry but you were going to ask me a question.

Scott: I think you already answered it, it had to do with the fact that mercury is in your body and doesn’t come out.

Martin: No it cannot come out because if it is taken into the blood stream you liver immediately goes oh my gosh this is wrong and has to be shuttled away. Anyway I didn’t finish about the zeolite, the more effective zeolite is using this activated system, you know you can see the zeolite sort of as a sponge that is able to soak in the dirt so if you have just an ordinary untreated zeolite that sponge is already half dirty, it already has all kinds of stuff in it and this activation process sort of removes the dirt from it and make it clean again and ready to work properly so that is why this zeolite works more effectively than any zeolite that you can buy for twenty bucks a bottle out there off the internet. I mean there are many sellers out there that say buy my zeolite you don’t need to pay the crazy prices for whatever. You don’t have to but the patented stuff is more effective and it does a good job.

Scott: yeah you want to get the best that you can get for sure. I am actually feeling somewhat autistic, or stunned because it blows my mind what we let people because we don’t know any better right like you didn’t know any better when you came over and you were working and yeah go to the dentist they are so advanced and they are going to do all these things and the next thing you know you can’t even walk like I have been relatively healthy all my life but I think back to my nose when my sinuses were all plugged up or I always had a cough or I always had a cold and I am thinking.

Martin: Yeah was it the wheat, was it the dairy, why was I so sensitive to dairy, what if it was something else, what if it was the vaccination or something that set me off yeah it may have been that.

Scott: Yeah it is very interesting and I think the biggest thing of all is the questioning. First of all with the internet we have access to phenomenal amounts of information and sure lots of it can be contradictory but at least if you are reading and seeing the arguments then you now know the questions to ask. Like I have a totally off the wall example, a number of years ago my son broke his foot playing football he was going to catch the ball and stretched out while this gun was running after him and he put his foot on my sons foot and broke the foot somewhere so the next thing I know is he has this cast and he is running around and everything with this cast on and he ruins it and so they put a plaster cast on which is basically indestructible. Weeks go by and he is like Dad can I get this off and I am separated from my wife so she is the one who got the cast on and all the rest of it and so I said well we will go to the doctor and he said we can’t do anything without the x-ray and I was like look it’s been like a month and a half and he wants to get it off so the doctor said first we have to get an x-ray but we had to have a doctor’s appointment to get an x-ray and not only that they wouldn’t give us the x-ray to take to the doctor and we had to wait two or three days for the x-ray to go from the x-ray place to the doctor and I was thinking no wonder everything is so expensive, the system is set up that way.

Martin: They control access right.

Scott: They hate the fact that you can read a chart right so I am saying to my son that this is absolutely insane and he is going well dad my foot is fine and it probably is because he is eight years old like the thing is he heals and bounces off the walls all the time so we came home and I got a pair of scissors that cut pennies in half and I cut off his cast and then we were a little worried because we actually had the x-ray done.

Martin: What if it wasn’t okay right.

Scott: No we weren’t worried about that but we were worried that the doctor was going to phone my ex and say yeah bring him in to get the cast off when the cast is already off so who took the cast off so I said if I am doing this you have to say we just went to the doctor and he just took it off if you are asked right but I mean that whole process was ridiculous. It has been five weeks and the kid is running all over the place and if the cast is really irritating him, take an x-ray and look at it and say yeah it can come off then send me back to the doctor and he can take it off.

Martin: Well I guess what you have described really well is the insanity of the system that we as people are willing to subject ourselves to. We are actually just like the sheep just willing to go along.

Scott: I think what it is that we give up our power to someone we think knows what we are talking about.

Martin: Yeah that is exactly what I did when I was twenty-five. Well folks don’t give up your power and don’t take mercury unless you want to get sick.

Scott: That’s right if you want to get sick no worries take all the mercury you want like go see a dentist and tell him you don’t want those new amalgams.

Martin: Actually it is not amalgam it is a composite filling.

Scott: A composite filling well I wonder what that is going to do.

Martin: That’s what I have it is ceramic, it is some ground up glass mixed with some quartz thing and some plastic paste well it is not as good as your original teeth but at least it is not mercury. I am remarkably better since I have had it removed and I am here to talk about it.

Scott: And we are happy you are here to talk about it Martin anyway I want to thank you very much everyone for joining us and I hope you enjoyed it and found it interesting I certainly recommend that you go to your dentist and talk about mercury and what’s in your mouth and work on creating that relationship between stuff that might be seeping into your mouth slowly and issues you might have with your health because we know when we run into a wall and I get a bruise there is a connection but when we put stuff in our mouth like mercury or eat bad foods or dead foods or whatever we don’t necessarily connect that twenty years later with having cancer or lupus or fibromyalgia or something else and that can be the relationship so head over to Life Enthusiast co-op’s website at life-enthusiast.com and check on the health education under the disease information, there is hundreds and thousands of articles on stuff related to your health. It is a great repository of information and Martin if someone wanted to talk specifically about their concerns how could they get a hold of you?

Martin: Oh I can be found at 1-866-543-3388 you can make an appointment and we can set up a coaching session and we will tell us all we know and then some.

Scott: You threw me off a little bit with the “then some”, but one of the things you know too is if you work in the same area long enough and you can come up with answers to questions that you didn’t know you had the answers with like I have done a lot of website stuff and internet marketing stuff and people will ask me questions that I have never heard before but I will be able to think about this and this and put it all together like here is some insights that I have had and I think that is also something that happens Martin when someone like yourself who is every day for twelve, fourteen or sixteen hours a day working on alternative health issues and topics and products you are able to really put together that whole picture which when you talk about oh yeah we put mercury in the fillings and you know twenty years later these people are in wheelchairs you know the dentist doesn’t necessarily make that connection right but you do because you deal with it.

Martin: So there, call us. We’re good.

Scott: or you can also head over to LifeEnthusiast.podamatic.com and listen to our previous episodes, lots of episodes there over a hundred and thirty and Martin is someone wanted to know more about the heavy metals and getting them out that would be the zeolite that you can find under brands right?

Martin: Well under the category Minerals > Zeolite.

Scott: Well thank you for joining us everybody, any last words Martin?

Martin: Yes this is Life Enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet, thank-you for listening, bye-bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela