Podcast 171: Relieve Back Pain withOUT Surgery

This podcast episode starts out with a harmless newspaper article co-host Scott Paton brought along to spark some discussion. The article deals with a general increase in complex back surgeries, and questions whether there are in fact any benefits. According to the article, the procedures are riskier and it is debatable whether or not there are any actual benefits.

This leads into an interesting discussion as Martin outlines some of the risk involved in any kind of surgery. Most people are unaware, for example, of the tremendous risk of infection that is found post-surgery. There are also risks with the anaesthetic, not too mention the numerous complications that can arise from complicated back surgeries.

Traditionally in the United States, pain is treated with over the counter medications. These lead to a whole other group of problems and complications from abuse of the medication, to side-effects like bleeding of the stomach.

After outlining these more allopathic options, Martin goes on to recommend a couple products that can be found at the Life Enthusiast website that are much safer and more consistently effective. With Recovery the name of the product is a great clue into its function. It is an excellent anti-inflammation tool that repairs oxidative damage that can occur in the back. Unlike back surgery, the product’s strength lies in its simplicity – there are only two main ingredients involved: Green Tea and Grapes.

Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids serve an important function. They can help the body break down heavy metals such as nickel, lead and arsenic that can cause complications in the back. The thing that is special about these amino acids is that they have the necessary co-factors, sulfur and molybdenum, built into them. There are many amino acids already on the market but this is the reason why ours are so special, and so effective.

Author: Martin Pytela