Podcast 187: Bowel Health – Part 2

Further to the last Podcast on colon and digestive health, Martin feels it’s time to address some of the more exotic bits of what people encounter, such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It’s very peculiar because it alternates between diarrhea and constipation – often. Very confusing.  The cure lies in detoxification.

Dr. Harvey Kellogg, M.D. of the Kellogg Sanitarium said, “Of the 22,000 operations that I have personally performed, I have never found a single normal colon, and of the 100,000 that were performed under my jurisdiction, not over 6% were normal.” Dr. Kellogg said that he knew of many cases in which operations were prevented by cleansing and revitalizing the bowel. He maintained that 90% of the diseases of civilization are due to improper functioning of the colon.

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The intestinal terrain must exist in balance, for you to stay healthy.

A properly functioning digestive system will reduce all potential health risks of today. Probiotic supplements are critical for optimizing your intestinal health. This gives you more energy, a stronger immune system and better nutrient absorption.

Intestinal ailments are an increasing problem that affects millions. They occur because of an increase of toxic bacteria and a decrease of good, life-giving bacteria in the lower intestinal tract. If left untreated, these digestive ailments could lead to very serious illnesses.

Author: Martin Pytela