Podcast 198: Mercury in our Environment

Martin Pytela and his co-host Scott Paton are back at it again, tackling another important health issue. Every week they take 20 minutes out of their busy schedules to sit down and really engage in alternative health issues that are gaining exposure throughout the community.

Their topic this week is the controversial banning of energy-wasting light bulbs by the British government.

This ban, an attempt to cut down on harmful greenhouse gases, might have considerable side effects on our skin, as fluorescent light bulbs can be quite detrimental to those with skin disorders than the soon-to-be-banned incandescent variety.

People with the following conditions may suddenly find it harder than normal to cope:

• Dermatitis
• Eczema
• Lupus
• Photosensitivity
• Porphyria
• Xeroderma Pigmentosum

Martin, fortunately, has a possible solution.

Life Enthusiast offers an effective energy neutralizer known as the ADR-3 which is fully capable of cancelling out harmful vibrations, which we are all exposed to regularly with or without the ban mentioned above.

If you suffer from one of these conditions or simply feel your environment is not quite as positive and life-affirming as it could be, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Podcast 198: Mercury in our Environment

SCOTT: Welcome back, everybody! You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and the planet! Starring is the founder of the Life Enthusiast, Martin Pytela, and I am your co-host and executive producer, Scott Paton. Hey, Martin, how are you doing today?

MARTIN: I am doing great, and I congratulate you on your promotion!

SCOTT: Thank you! Thank you! I thought I would just give myself a little promotion, it feels good to be the executive producer. People often ask me what I do, and I say: “Oh, you know, I do these podcasts, and I do this and that.” And it just didn’t have that ‘pizzazz,’ and then I was listening to somebody and they said something that sounded really cool, an executive producer! And I thought executive producer of the Life Enthusiast Podcast sounds very, very impressive, so I decided that I would take that on.

MARTIN: Well, you know, you did three years in the trenches, it’s about time you got promoted!

SCOTT: That is right!

MARTIN: And now you can call the shots!

SCOTT: Well, before we come on the air, we do these executive producing type activities, we discuss what we will talk about, and stuff like that. And I think that the topic that came up today is brilliant. One of the things that you were telling me was the impact that the new fluorescent light bulbs, that replace the old incandescent light bulbs, can have on our health. And it is funny because I switched to these fluorescent light bulbs for my outdoor light, and for the light that is in my laundry room. And my thinking was I could actually just leave the light on, because they say turning it on and off is worse than keeping it on, so I would have that light there, and when my sons come home at night, the light is still on. And that sort of stuff. I have incandescent lights in other places in my home, but I have never really changed them, just these two. And you told me some shocking news about these new incandescent lights!

MARTIN: Well, the news has been coming for a good while already, and there are some really compelling videos, I would actually encourage everyone to watch as soon as possible because it is possible that the content may disappear soon.

SCOTT: So basically what is happening is these incandescent lights we are used to are being phased out and replaced by the fluorescent light bulbs, and it is causing problems.

MARTIN: Indeed, these lights have two major issues that are really damaging to our health. The major downside is that they actually contain mercury vapor. So you are bringing into your house this little flimsy tube that is filled with mercury. I actually watched the instructions about how to deal with it, if you break this thing in the middle of your living room.

SCOTT: Oh, yeah, that would be a big problem!

MARTIN: If this happens on the carpet, the instructions are to cut out a three-foot by three-foot area, cut it out and discard it. So I was thinking, do I want to bring this sort of poison into my house?

SCOTT: Right? We have got little kids, so let us bring this home, get them playing, knock over the lamp, break the lamp, and now all of a sudden they have got mercury poisoning.

MARTIN: Right, that is pretty nasty. And of course, the disposal, you are not supposed to throw it in the garbage, you are supposed to take them to a recycling facility. It says right on the light bulb that this is to be disposed of in a proper manner, I think you would be taking it to one of the major supply places, you know, like, I don’t know, Walmart or something.

SCOTT: Do all of the fluorescent light bulbs have mercury in them?

MARTIN: Yes. That is the nature of the beast.

SCOTT: Even the old one you could get like 10 years ago, the long ones, they had mercury in them?

MARTIN: Yes, sir.

SCOTT: Oh my goodness! I can remember when I worked at a grocery store, we would have to change these fluorescent light bulbs, and we took the old ones and just smashed them, so what you are saying is that we got all this mercury floating around the back of the store?

MARTIN: Well, yes. And in the garbage can, and in the landfill.

SCOTT: It is funny you brought this up because I was watching a video where they talked about mercury in the teeth fillings, so they showed where they had this like mercury filling, and the guy was scraping it or something, and you could actually see this vapor coming off of it, with the screen and the lighting they used to capture that. And the guy is taking the measurements, and we are watching this little bit of vapor coming off, I imagine it is very small compared to how much would come out of one of these tubes, and he basically said: “well, it is now at 2.50, and if this was a factory and not your mouth, they’d be shutting it down, because it is not safe.”

MARTIN: That, is a fact that. If you have mercury in your teeth, and you are chewing something abrasive, like nuts or something that is creating enough friction, that is putting out the toxic levels of mercury. But I was going to say, don’t feel bad for yourself about smashing those light tubes, because the coal-burning industry puts out 50 tons of mercury in the air every year in the United States, so it is not like you were contributing majorly to this thing, that would take a lot of light bulbs to be smashed. However, it is cumulative, and it is dangerous.

SCOTT: And it is local to the individual, right? I mean, if you are smashing these, or they are leaking, or you have these mercury fillings leaking mercury to your mouth, you may not be aware of it, but you are breathing in mercury vapors for weeks and months and years!

MARTIN: Possibly that, but what I wanted to say is this: If you expose a person to a level of mercury that kills one in a hundred, and combine it with the toxic level of lead, that kills one in a hundred, the kill rate is 100. This issue is lost on most people. What they don’t understand is that these toxic levels are cumulative, exponential, and synergistic. So the last straw that breaks the camel’s back could be tiny, it can be just the tiniest amount, and all of a sudden your entire immune system caves. And even if you take two, three, or four straws off of this camel with his back already being broken, you don’t have a healthy camel. What that means really is that it is really difficult to unbreak the person. Myself, for example, I broke down with a toxic load, and it was really difficult to unbreak, and I still carry that burden, I don’t have any scars, but there are certain problems that linger still. I would have been a much different person if it was not for the poisoning.

Anyway, there are two more issues with these fluorescent lights, it is not just about mercury. One is ultraviolet radiation, and the other one is electrosmog, distortions of the electric nature. So the ultraviolet is not a huge problem, but a study was done on it, it is inconsistent, not every bulb does it, but some of them put out significant amounts of ultraviolet radiation, which means that you are going to give yourself a skin burn when you sit where they shine. There are people who suffer from all manner of skin problems, redness, rosacea, itching, lupus, all manner of chronic bizarre conditions that really cause people trouble. And then, of course, they go to doctors thinking that they are crazy, or sick, or whatever, and then they get rid of their fluorescent light bulbs, and lo and behold, their life goes back to healthy! Anyway, I think the videos document that beautifully, there are several 10 minutes segments, each one of them worth watching.

SCOTT: And they are on YouTube right now, but they will probably be taken off soon because of copyright violations.

MARTIN: Yeah, go watch it soon. I hope when you are listening to us, they are still up. Try to look them up yourself. So that was the second issue, the ultraviolet radiation, you are getting an undesired and unwanted suntan, but it is not the good kind. The third thing that these things do is they create what we call ‘dirty power,’ you can Google that, it is a bizarre thing. Essentially, what comes into your wiring from the power company should be a very smooth sinusoid electric occurrence, as smooth as can be 60 Hertz, which means 60 cycles per second. But what happens when there are distortions included on that sinusoid, it looks a lot like barbed wire instead of smooth, so the 60 cycle gets jiggled with higher frequencies, it has spikes and drops. This dirty power creates what we call electrosmog. It creates an electric field that these devices put out, that is very detrimental to the natural processes, to the natural electric field we naturally have as living creatures. So your digestion is influenced, your thinking is influenced, you sleep… all matter of stuff.

And these things are measurable. You can come into the house with a typical device called a tri-field meter, and you can measure either a magnetic field or an electric field. Even a simple indicator, like a radio, you know, an AM radio, that you tune into a space between stations so that you are not listening to a specific station, when you bring it close to these electro-emitting  appliances, you can hear this crazy noise that this device will generate. And it can be measured around the light source as well. So we have evidence that these light bulbs are putting out disrupting electric fields. There are now people who have documented very clearly that, for instance, it can cause migraines, autoimmune disorders like lupus or fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, that sort of stuff.

SCOTT: Yeah, I was reading through this one article I found on www.dirtyelectricity.org, and Dr. Robert Becker, the author of Crosscurrents and the Body Electric states: “I have no doubt in my mind that, at the present time, the greatest polluting element on the Earth environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider this to be far greater on a global scale than global warming. With the worldwide increase in consumer demand for electricity, those who study electrical pollution maintain that the modern electrical environment is dangerous to human health. With the abundance of computers and other electrical appliances, exposure to dirty electricity has increased significantly.” It also goes on to say: “The electricity is clean at the source, but by the time it kind of goes through the system, it becomes dirty. And we have high-frequency currents, most commonly created by computers, and other electric devices, circulated by various wires and systems, and they emit the high-frequency currents into the home or office environments.

Many cases have been documented, where decreasing the amount of dirty electricity has lessened the effects of health problems and complications. Some of these health problems being attributed to electrical pollution include fibromyalgia, ADD, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, and asthma.” Oh, he wrote asthma twice. “There are also cases that detail that electrical pollution aggravates other pre-existing conditions, like multiple sclerosis, and migraine headaches. The faculty and staff at Mindoro Elementary school in Melrose, Wisconsin, could not figure out why its students and teachers had various health problems during the school year. The story of the school’s experience is documented in the health effects of electrical pollution by the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine in Washington, DC. One teacher reported that since becoming an instructor there, she had chronic fatigue, and developed migraine headache problems, disabling her. Two other teachers in the story reported their allergy problems significantly worsen during the school year.

The school could also not explain various behavior problems with students, not experienced outside the school year. Another teacher said that during the school year, she experienced fatigue, headaches, and stress, which end at the conclusion of the school year. So they installed a GS filter in this school, to reduce electrical pollution. Teachers reported a significant improvement in the behavior of the students and the well-being of the teachers. Before the filters were installed, the affected teachers could not find the reasoning for the health problems and strange behaviors in students. After two months, the affected teachers experienced improvement in their health, and one of the teachers stated: ‘I have not changed my work habits or anything in my personal life that would contribute to these changes that I have noticed in my health.'” Interesting. I am kind of curious what a GS filter is, but I am, Martin, that you have got some tools that we will be able to use to combat this pollution in our homes!

MARTIN: Well, we do have a few things, you know, we recommend the ADR system products, the ADR Protect, that is your personal protection device. It doesn’t really care what is out there, it balances you. It is this circle, one inch in diameter, that should be in contact with your skin. It is balancing your personal electric field. All living things on Earth have their own field around them. The other device we have is the ADR-3, which is able to balance a whole room. So when you have an ADR-3 on the floor of your office, there is a good chance that is at least neutralizing things. I have found, for instance, that the ADR-4, which is the same kind of thing encased in plastic, if you place a meal on top, that you have just microwaved, it will actually help rearrange and reorganize that food back into good and healthy.

SCOTT: Oh, good! That is absolutely fascinating!

MARTIN: Indeed! And another device they introduced recently is called ADR Mat. It is actually a fabric that you can use in various ways. You can lay it on top of your mattress, or you can use it as a tapestry, as a wallpaper, whatever you like. You can essentially build a cage in your room, that will completely block out these distortions that come to you from things like your wall clocks, alarm clocks, wi-fi routers, computers, cell phones… they put out huge amounts of this electrosmog! Once the current is dirty, even the line that is in your wall, over or behind your head, just behind the headboard of your bed, it is bombarding you with this low-level, but significant amount of electric noise all night long. And this ADR Mat can block that and protect you.

SCOTT: And these come in a number of different sizes, right?

MARTIN: Yes, essentially there is a single bed size, double bed size, and queen bed size, but we also have available in a roll. We don’t have it listed on the website, but it is available, if you are interested in buying some specific amount, I think it is 5 feet wide, you can call me, I will sell you 20 feet if you want. You can just run it to the size of the room. We need to be in contact with the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth! When we were still in a cave, sleeping on the ground, walking barefoot, we had contact with the ground. You know, we are supposed to be grounding ourselves frequently. Normal grounding would be walking barefoot on bare ground or on grass, putting your feet in a lake or in an ocean… we have podcasts about grounding and electrosmog in the archives, so you can check that for more details.

The water that comes to you through the metal pipes of your house, is grounded too. So taking a shower or a bath is also a grounding experience. Those kinds of behaviors are most desirable because they help us reset, refresh, and restore the proper balance in the body. But if we are swimming in the soup of this electromagnetic distortion, it is bad news. One point I was thinking I would like to talk about is this race towards better wi-fi. We are putting wi-fi in classrooms, in bedrooms, it is everywhere! Wi-fi in schools, in libraries, in coffee shops, airports… we are starting to be in the soup of wi-fi! So having the ADR personal device on you and developing some kind of grounding habit is probably a good idea. I read a study that was talking about a school that introduced wi-fi, and everybody had their notebook handed to them, and the students were working with modern technology, but it was introducing a huge amount of behavioral problems into the system.

SCOTT: There is really nothing wrong with a paper notebook and a pencil, is there?

MARTIN: No, you don’t have to have a hard drive to store everything all the time. In fact, there is something really nice about having to write by hand, because you actually have to think about what you are going to write. You know, with a word processor, you just spill it all on a page, and then you go back and edit it. When you are writing longhand, you know, with ink, on a blank sheet of paper, you better know how that sentence is going to end, before you start it. And you better have a clear idea of how this paragraph is going to evolve before you start writing it.

SCOTT: Because otherwise, you use a lot of white-out!

MARTIN: Yeah. (laughing) And you get bad writing. It is highly desirable that people are forced into this discipline of having to actually think, use your brain and your cognitive abilities. I think it is a good habit, really. Even when it comes to speaking, you know, just giving it a bit of thought before we launch into the sentence. I have had too many occasions, where I wish I could unsay things I have said.

SCOTT: It is what my dad used to always say: “It is better to keep your mouth shut when you are mad, or you will say something you will be sorry about later.”

MARTIN: Right. Oh, and about the GS filters, GS stands for Graham Stetzer. And Stetzer filters provide proven health benefits in scientific studies. So that is EMF, electromagnetic frequencies, or electrosmog.

SCOTT: That is right. We have talked about that before on our show, and how important it is to protect ourselves and our family and friends from a lot of this stuff. I personally have got an ADR device on my desk, right by my computer.

MARTIN: You are definitely better off! I have a stack of these things surrounding me, and of course, I am surrounded by computers, in the room I work in, I have three computers running all the time.

SCOTT: So if somebody wanted to find out more about the ADR line of products, Martin, what could they do?

MARTIN: Well, first of all, visit www.Life-Enthusiast.com! Go to our store, look up ‘EMF Protection‘ in the ‘products’ category. We will share direct links to all the products, of course. And if you have more questions, call me at (866) 543 3388! This truly is the fulfillment of our mission, restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

SCOTT: Thanks for joining us, everybody. We will see you next time!

Note: the information provided are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.

Author: Martin Pytela