Podcast 203: Health Basics

Today’s Podcast starts with Scott telling a story about his Zeolite supplementation (detoxification) program, and his son’s 50 pound weight loss. Martin begins with the story of selling his rebounder to someone who needed it more than him, so he went months without one. The common thread in both stories is that simplicity is one of the keys to health.

The discussion continues on about an exciting new product called Topically Everything. It’s designed for people who have suffered from serious health conditions including bursitis, rheumatism, diabetes and other magnesium deficiency conditions. It magically restores health and vitality almost instantly. This is no joke: results are often instant once the product is applied to the skin.

Herbal remedies are seldom applied at the cellular level, but this is how Topically Everything works. Because the product is applied to the skin instead of orally ingested, it is able to reach the cells much quicker than expected.

Topically Everything really is the ideal supplement because you don’t need to swallow it. It delivers magnesium to your cells directly through the skin with a special formula containing over 300 individual applications, providing vitamins, minerals, & amino acids, extracted from alfalfa and kelp – two of the major ingredients that allow your cells to be rejuvenated in ways you never thought possible.

Podcast 203: Health Basics

SCOTT: Welcome back, everybody! You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, we are restoring vitality to you and the planet! I am your co-host Scott Paton, and joining us, as usual, is the founder of the Life Enthusiast, health coach Martin Pytela. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

MARTIN: I am happy to be here, happy to be alive, and grateful just for having another day with my wife and with you. And, you know, just knowing that there is goodness out there on the planet still makes me happy.

SCOTT: You are making a difference in the world too! I am excited today too because I feel like I have made some real progress in my life, and you have of course been a major contributor to that, and then my son contributed to that. So one of the things that we were talking about last week, although I don’t think we were talking about it on the air, is that I have been working to reduce my waistline, and I was a little bit frustrated because even though I was going to hot yoga two or three times a week, watching what I was eating and drinking, I couldn’t figure it out, it was kind of going up a bit, and then a little bit down and then up a bit, I just couldn’t maintain it and keep it down.

And I know that there were some self-sabotaging behaviors, I would eat a donut or something, which I shouldn’t have, and pop! I was back up to where I was when I started. But one of the things that you said to me was that one of the functions of fat is to protect me from toxins that I have in my body. And one of the ways that we can safely remove toxins from our body is using Zeolite, we talk about it a lot here on Life Enthusiast because it is an excellent detox tool. So I have been taking Zeolite every day, in particular before I go to hot yoga because I figured if I am going to be doing hot yoga and sweating and detoxing, I should have the Zeolite in my system kind of helping out, supporting the natural detox mechanisms of my body.

And then I spoke to my son, who is 18 years old, and he said: “I can help you with what you are eating if you want.” He just recently dropped about 50 pounds in about 10 months, and he is exercising, doing all these things. One of the things that he is doing is eating very simply, very clean, so it will be maybe turkey, but no gravy and no stuffing, things like that. He says: “Well, you have to eat often because that is the way we are, but in small amounts. So when I am cooking up for me, I will just cook up some for you. And I will put it in these little containers and you just eat.” So then he brought me the meal, it was a small dish, and he said: “See that little thing there? That is it, go eat it.” Wow, Martin, I couldn’t finish it! You know when you go to a restaurant, and they bring you this massive plate that looks like it could be enough for three people? This portion he gave me looked like it was enough for maybe half a person!

MARTIN: So it was a small serving?

SCOTT: Yes, that is what blew my mind! So I am eating and eating, and I can’t finish it. It was so satiating. So I put it back and I wait for two or three hours and then I eat the rest of it. So here I am, I am not hungry, I don’t have any desire to eat, my cravings seem to have disappeared, I am detoxing, eating very clean, very simple, very clean food that tastes delicious, which also surprised me. It is tasty food, but I can’t finish the meal, but also I don’t feel like I have to force myself to finish it, which is a change that has occurred. I dropped five pounds this week, and I thought: “Wow, this is amazing!” 

So I am really excited and enthusiastic! I am very much into detoxing and drinking my superfoods. I also did go to get my colon checked, and they were telling me I had a lot of candida, we talked about candida before too, so we have cleaned out a lot of candida, I have been taking some probiotics as well, and I replaced candy with some good things. And now when I walk through the grocery store, I look at the chocolate bars, I look at the bulk candy, I look at the Kit Kats, and the cravings are gone. I still like these treats, but I don’t eat them. I don’t need them. So I am very excited. I do simple things, and it works. And one of the things we are going to be talking about today is simplicity.

MARTIN: Indeed! Actually, I have something that I want to share as well. For charity reasons, I sold my rebounder several months ago to somebody who needed it more than I did, at least I thought, so I was without one for several months. I just got a new one and I started working out on it, the same thing as my old one. It wasn’t a big deal not to have one for a couple of months, but I was noticing that my belly, that entire abdominal bag that I had, was becoming sloppy, you know, just loose. So I have this new rebounder now for about 10 days, I think, and every day I am spending at least 20-30 minutes on it, in multiple segments, I need to take breaks because it is way too intense for me. 

But what is interesting is that just 10 days in, I already feel my belly is tightening up, it is just amazing how different it feels around my midline, it is a whole different sensation. I wasn’t really noticing this gradual decline! I mean, I work at a desk, so I spend a lot of time sitting down at a desk and, and I was losing my physique, but I wasn’t really noticing it! Now that I am exercising, this restored lymphatic circulation is really wonderful, it just fills my mind with joyful thoughts. It is bizarre to see just how the stagnant body will cause dark, depressive, uninspired, sour thoughts. And really, I mean, it is just one week of exercising again, and I am like on a different planet. That is very cool. Talk about simplicity, right?

SCOTT: Yeah, just bouncing on a little rebounder!

MARTIN: Yeah! It is so easy and convenient! I don’t have to drive to a gym, I don’t have to fight with the weather, I can get right on it and move! I have the rebounder right in the office, many times I am on a telephone conversation with somebody, and actually bouncing!

SCOTT: That is cool!

MARTIN: Indeed! So anyway, I interrupted your talk, sorry…

SCOTT: Well, I was basically done with my story anyway. I was just amazed at how some simple and easy changes can make dramatic changes. And I think you were telling me before we came on the air about somebody who had contacted you about some of the changes that had occurred in their lives, do you want to share that with our listeners?

MARTIN: Yes! One of the people that I have worked with, that I still am working with, is this woman. I don’t actually know her exact age, but she is a mother of four small kids. I will just read back what she wrote, and then I will tell you how I responded to that. So she writes about Twilight’s Topically Everything, she says: “I just wanted to let you know that I did some blood work last week, and my thyroid results came back great. They said my thyroid looks the best it has ever been. Even when I was on the meds from the doctor. So the doctor asked what meds I was taking so that she could give me a refill for that. She was surprised when I told her I wasn’t on anything that was prescription. I have been doing the Topically Everything for about three months, and I just want to thank you. It is working for me.”

SCOTT: That is awesome.

MARTIN: Yeah! And I wrote her back. This is amazing because the recommended dosage on this product is about a bottle a month. She has been on this one bottle for three months, so she is using small amounts, and it still works great for her! With her dosage, this is $20 worth of stuff for three months!

SCOTT: So Martin, explain to our listeners, what is Topically Everything?

MARTIN: What a cute name, right? Topically Everything. The name was given to the product by Jim Carter, who is no longer with us, he died in 2005. The product is based on magnesium, you know, the same old magnesium chloride dissolved in water, treated in the star chamber energetically so that the energy of the water is changed so that it becomes highly penetrable to the cells. It contains kelp extract, which is full of minerals and proteins from the sea, and some alfalfa.

SCOTT: This sounds like a winning combination.

MARTIN: Well, you know, the simplicity of it, we take one weed that grows in the ocean, one weed that grows on the land. Alfalfa is the most amazing plant, alfalfa roots reach 20 feet and more into the ground. Alfalfa is the plant that extracts minerals where nothing else will extract them. You know, carrots will grow only in the top six inches of the soil, and the roots from the carrot go maybe three inches past the tip of the carrot. Alfalfa goes 20 feet and deeper. It is digging things that no other plants are touching. It doesn’t grow much more than maybe three or four feet tall. The other one is kelp. Have you ever snorkeled through a kelp forest?

SCOTT: No. I have avoided kelp as much as I can actually.

MARTIN: Why is that?

SCOTT: I don’t know, I think of it clinging onto me and dragging me down to the bottom of the ocean!

MARTIN: Oh, okay! Kelp forests are just amazing. You can also see kelp washed up on the beach. It looks quite amazing. It has this bottom side that looks a bit like an onion, it has these roots and a bulb, and then a very long thick stalk. And then at the top of it, it has sort of like a ball, like a light bulb thing, and then from it, there will be strands that look a lot like paper strands, you know, like when you have a roll of toilet paper that you unroll over another 20 feet or something like that. Those are the leaves of the kelp. They kind of float around and wave in the water. 

Of course, fish are hiding in these kelp forests, especially salmon, herring, and other cold-water fish. Kelp is a fairly cold water plant. When it is harvested, it yields the most nutrient and mineral-rich source for us. And the most important mineral kelp contains is iodine. Iodine is not easily found in nature, it does not exist in the soil, in the middle of the land, you know, it is just not there. The only way we can get it is through seafood or seaweed. So, here comes Topically Everything, so correctly named, because it can really help you with practically everything, and it is applied topically. It is not the nicest smelling thing, but it is very effective.

Speaking of simple things like iodine, iodine prevents hormonal problems in women. PMS is not an issue for women with sufficient iodine. Fibrocystic breasts are another iodine deficiency problem, water retention… Low iodine can also cause miscarriages, low birth weights, and even low IQ in babies! So I can’t think of any women of reproductive age that shouldn’t be taking something like this, something with a good dose of iodine.

SCOTT: We keep coming back to these basic minerals, we say “Make sure you get your magnesium, make sure you get your iodine…”

MARTIN: The basic basics! These two elements are not readily available in the soil. Most American soils are depleted of magnesium, and devoid of iodine. So if you don’t get those two somewhere else, from your food or supplements, you are in trouble. Magnesium is one of the four critical minerals, if you are deficient in magnesium, you can experience all kinds of problems, like inability to stay calm or calm down, lack of emotional control, flying off the handle, being argumentative, stuff like that. Think of your children, think of your six-year-old child. If you overdose them with candy, and they are bouncing off the walls from all the sugar, one of the ways you could calm them down is using magnesium. You can throw them in a bathtub with magnesium crystals, you can rub their stomach with magnesium oil, you can let them drink a magnesium drink…

Speaking of sugar, that is one of the things that we have found, people with diabetes who take magnesium improve their issues! Even this thing called metabolic syndrome can be improved with magnesium. When you have the fat on the belly, tendency towards high blood pressure, tendency towards craving sugars, which all lead to a weight management problem, blood pressure problem, and sugar management problem, which is called metabolic syndrome. We have talked about this maybe 10 times over these last 200 episodes. What does a good coach do? Reminds you of the basics. In life, in sports, in health. It is always about the basics. I remember Tony Robbins interviewing coach John Wooden, the fellow that was responsible for the 10 consecutive wins of the Los Angeles basketball team. Robbins asked: “What does it take to be a great coach?” And John would explain that what they do is basics, and then layer things on top. So, I guess if I am going to claim to be a good health coach, I need to say: “Folks, it is all about the basics. It is the ground, the foundation. If you handle just that, then most everything will be okay.”

SCOTT: Yeah, I think that is really important. A very simple example is growing something in your garden, right? You make sure the soil is ready, then you put the seed in the ground, cover it up, you water it, you let the sun do its thing, come back in a few months and you have got your carrot or lettuce or whatever it is you are growing. And we know that the better the soil is, the better the plant is. So that is foundational. If it is dry and we don’t water it, that is a problem. Water is another foundational thing. I think it is kind of similar with the body in many ways, when it has the proper nutrition, enough rest, plenty of good water, and those sorts of things, it seems to do a pretty good job of looking after itself.

MARTIN: I think you said it really well. There is this self-correcting, automated self-correcting system, that is running our bodies. The basics are indeed good water, clean air, exercise, sunshine, good nutrients, and good elimination, staying away from toxins. And of course, turning off your Wi-Fi at night.

SCOTT: You know, that is funny you mentioned that, because I have an iPod, and when I am not using it, I have it in airplane mode now because I was reading about how it sends out the signal constantly to check. And I think it is not necessary, I mean, maybe it has no impact on me, but maybe it has a lot of impact! I know lots of people will argue all day and night, but the fact of the matter is it is unnecessary, it is like having the light on in the basement when there’s nobody in the basement all day.

MARTIN: Right. This Wi-Fi pollution is really weak in comparison to all other pollution that is going on. But just like with this ADHD child, who’s holding it together on a good day, but is pretty bad on a bad day, if you feed him pizza the night before, and send him to school that day with some sugary snacks, he is going to actually have a bad day. If he had a salad for the last five, six dinners, and if he had a good healthy breakfast, he could probably handle it. I was reading an article about this, this was a study done in Europe, where they are finding that when they turn off the Wi-Fi, that behavior problems disappear, or are statistically significantly lower. So there’s something going on there. It is not going to kill you quickly, but it certainly is a drag that is applied to the overall existence every day. If I were to give any advice, I would say stay wired. Don’t go wireless. It is convenient, but it is unhealthy.

SCOTT: And if you want another reason to go wired versus wireless, the wired is still about eight times faster than the wireless. I know it, because I have a laptop with Wi-Fi, and I was uploading and downloading podcasts. It is taking forever! And then I thought: “Well, I wonder if I put the wire in, will that make a difference?” It was about 10 times faster! So yeah! I have the newest router wireless thing, and I have a fast internet connection, but the wire is still faster and more stable. It is not like I have old ancient technology, I think the Wi-Fi is much faster now, but it is still not as fast as going through the fiber optics. So I am going to leave it wired, I like it! So, if somebody wanted to know more about Topically Everything, magnesium, iodine, and maybe even electromagnetic frequencies, how can they find out?

MARTIN: Visit our website! It is www.life-enthusiast.com! You can call me directly at (866) 543 3388, we are here from 8 am to 8 pm, almost every day! This is Martin Pytela and Scott Paton for Life Enthusiast! We are restoring vitality to you and to the planet!

SCOTT: Thanks for joining us, everybody! See you next time!

Note: the information provided are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.

Author: Martin Pytela