Podcast 212: Symptoms vs. Cause

Martin and Scott discuss the difference between dealing with the symptoms of discomfort – or heal the underlying causes?

In general, the strategy of the holistic approach to working with the human body is bound to have a better success rate than simply chasing symptoms around.

Some of the many causes of illness to address are toxicity, metabolic stress, oxidative stress, the endocrine’s performance and stress, as well as the general flow of energy. An acupuncturist is really good at dealing with the flow of energy. When you have an energy flow blockage, it may take a long time to create a problem. When you undo the blockage, it may take a long time to return to full health. You may perceive change right away, but healing may take a little longer. The acupuncturist has dealt with your energy flow, but not your toxicity or nutritional deficiencies (if you have them).

Author: Martin Pytela