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Podcast 219: Nuclear Disaster in Japan 2011

Many people in Japan are not able to join us today. Their nuclear crisis in 2011 is frightening people as far away as Manitoba.

While the panic isn’t widespread, many health food stores have been selling out of pills that can help protect people from radiation.

Daniel Madrid, owner of Thrive Nutrition and Wellness said he has sold out of potassium iodide, or iodine pills, which can reduce the risk of thyroid cancer in people who are exposed to radiation. Iodine supplementation is extremely important. Iodine is required for normal thyroid function is displaced or deactivated by other halogens – Bromine, Chlorine and Fluoride.

Naturally occurring iodine is found in kelp and dulse, and in seafood. The detoxified tincture made to the Edgar Cayce recipe is known as atomidyne, or nascent iodine, called Thyrodine in our website.

Protect your thyroid gland from radioactive iodine damage from a nuclear accident. Keep some on hand!

Your thyroid gland will absorb all halides, including iodine isotopes, bromine, chlorine and fluorine – elements that will make it less efficient, and potentially completely disable it, unless it is already saturated with good iodine. Our KI is safe to store for many years in your emergency kit for the event of a radioactive fallout heading your way.

Whole food concentrate provides important organic Iodine that feeds your thyroid gland to control metabolism, disinfect your blood, prevent cardiovascular disease and detoxify heavy metals. Contains many trace elements in a living food matrix.

There is more to radiation than that. Heavy metals are also a problem.

The all natural mineral Zeolite has been proven to absorb toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body, as well as boost your immune system. This mineral will balance your body’s pH, creating an environment that foreign cells can not grow in.

Author: Martin Pytela