Podcast 279: Electromagnetic Frequencies Make You Sick

What is the impact of electromagnetic frequencies on your health? Anything from radio waves to cell phones, wi-fi or electric motors emits these invisible waves.

From the article “How the smartphone boom could damage your health and the environment“.

“Behind the rise of smartphones and tablets, microwave pollution is a serious assault on our health reports Lynne Wycherley, whilst a new Ecologist Film Unit investigation uncovers the hidden cost of tin used in many phones.
Known for their beauty, aspens have been in decline across North America, with some dramatic losses in recent years. Aware of the rapid growth of radiofrequency (RF) radiation, particularly from mobile-phone ‘towers’, Colorado researcher Katie Haggerty had an inspiration: she planted three test plots of aspen seedlings. Carefully matched in all other respects, one plot was shielded from a nearby town’s RF radiation, one was ‘mock’ shielded, and the other was left unprotected. The difference, recorded in the International Journal of Forestry Research, was startling: the fully shielded saplings were vigorous and healthy, but both the ‘mock’ shielded and the exposed plants were small, lacked pigments, and had sickly leaves.”

Life Enthusiast has many ways EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) Protection products, devices to help your body combat the stresses generated by EMFs coming from our wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, mp3 players, e-readers, routers & wi-fi transmitters), overhead power lines, transformers, electric motors, laptop computers and monitors. Environmental sensitivity is on the rise. Symptoms of inflammatory diseases decrease when EMF levels are lowered.

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Podcast 279: Electromagnetic Frequencies Make You Sick

SCOTT: Welcome back, everybody! You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you, and to the planet! I am your host Scott Paton, joining us, as usual, is the founder of Life Enthusiast, Martin Pytela. Hey Martin! How are you doing today?

MARTIN: I am doing good, Scott! Thanks for being here with me!

SCOTT: My pleasure! I think what I would like to talk about today is one of the unseen dangers of our society. You know, we talk about water and fluoride and chlorine in the water. We all have heard about organic versus GMO, genetically modified foods. We know about air pollution, in terms of what we are breathing in, and everything else, all that toxicity. Those are all pretty much things everyone is aware of, but those are mostly physical, you can see them. I see the organic apple in the store, you see the non-organic apple in the store, you see the can of soup, and then you see the smoke outside, you know, some of these things are very obvious.

SCOTT: Bottles of plastic water, right? I mean, it is all very obvious. But there are certain things in our society that aren’t obvious. And unfortunately, I think that they present a very real danger to the continuation of our society, and it manifests itself in almost nefarious ways, for example, autism in boys is like 1 in 88, whereas 50 years ago, it was maybe 1 in 10,000. I’m not saying that what we are gonna be talking about today is the single reason for that, but we are seeing massive changes in health, we see kids with ADD and ADHD and all this stuff, that I didn’t remember really experiencing when I was a child, and I know my mum and dad certainly never did. And part of it, I think, is really about this environment that we are living in, that is so radically different in ways that we don’t really think about. So I would like to get your perspective on all of that.

MARTIN: Oh yeah. I guess I would say it this way: The whole Life Enthusiast experience started with me crashing, back in 1977-1978. Back then, I was one of the early ones, the canary in the coal mine. I was crashing because of my mercury toxicity, and then all of a sudden, when I dug into it, I realized that there are so many people with these chronic degenerative diseases, they are especially inflammatory in nature, and they are so plentiful. Doctors call it histamine-mediated problems, and by that, they mean that when your body goes into an allergic reaction to something, it releases histamine. And normally, you would take antihistamines to deal with a food allergy or pollen allergy, or something that is just flying in the air. But there are several different forms of histamine, and there are several different responses in different body systems.

For instance, you can have an effect in the uterus, well, ladies, not you (laughing). They have this symptom called dysmenorrhea, they don’t menstruate. Or if you hit the gastrointestinal, you have stomach aches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, or something called meteorism, throwing up pretty wild. Or you can hit it at the bone marrow, and you have mast cell problems, or you have body temperature problems or stuff like that. Or if you hit it at the central nervous system, you could have headaches, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, circadian rhythm problems, as in can’t sleep or can’t stay awake, sleeping at the wrong time. Or you can have arousal issues like low libido, ‘can’t get it going’ kind of thing. Or you can have it in the cardiovascular system, where you have hypertension, or high blood pressure, or arrhythmia in the heart, or anaphylactic shock, stuff like that. Or you can get it on the skin! Then you will have excessive flushing, or urticaria, which is blisters and itchy rash, or other skin problems. And also, if you hit the respiratory tract, you get congestion in the nose, or you will have a runny nose, or you will have continuous sneezing, or you will have just excessive mucus, or you will have constricted bronchials.

So all of these are histamine-mediated problems. Histamine is something your body releases in response to a stressor, an irritant, or an invasion. And many times it can actually mistake ordinary processes for an invasion. So to make it more simple and specific, we have people with illnesses, that are called things like migraine, or vitiligo, or chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia, Sjogren, Hashimoto’s, multiple sclerosis, all of these crazy illnesses, and they seem to be on the rise. And that is what you were hinting at, that we are having more of these strange things happening to more and more people, and we don’t really know why, because we don’t look for the cause, we only focus on the symptoms.

SCOTT: That is right, that is exactly it! We are finding that people are sicker, they are living longer than they did 500 years ago, but that is because they are getting past the first few years in life a lot easier than 500 years ago. And we have introduced a lot of different toxicities into our environment, we talked about a lot of them in past episodes. But one that we don’t talk about is this invisible one. Every house has Wi-Fi or internet connection these days. Everyone in the house has a cell phone. So how does this invisible thing, this invisible pollution impact us? We are seeing all this autism, skin diseases, chronic illnesses, and everything else in young people. And you talked about being the canary in the coal mine a couple of decades ago, you were also very young back then.

MARTIN: Yes. This is a serious problem, because what if we are heading into the times where more than half the classroom will be attention disorder challenged? You won’t be able to have the schools the way the schools used to be!

SCOTT: Right! And then think further ahead, this is being kind of selfish in terms of the economy and everything else, but you are really looking at the disruption of our total society and how it is set up in the coming century, depending on how fast it comes, because no-one is going to be able to do the work that we want them to do. Maybe they can sweep or do some simple manual work, but…

MARTIN: Well, even that might be a challenge. How do you keep your attention on getting from one side of the block to the other when you have an ADD because you run after the next shiny object, that is just in front of you? So anyway, I would like to draw it with a beautiful visual and it is something like this: in technical terms, I would like to call it thresholds and triggers. When you break the threshold, when you cross the threshold, it is like opening a relay, or like turning something on. So until you break or cross the threshold, things are okay. And when you cross a threshold, things are not okay. So this is like going from no headache to headache, then from mild headache to strong headache all the way to ‘can’t open my eyes’ headache. There could be multiple thresholds, like mild, serious, severe, debilitating. Did I explain it reasonably well?

SCOTT: Yeah, I know what you mean.

MARTIN: Okay. It is sort of like a transistor, right? When you have a current on the control pole, the gate is open. When there is no current, the gate is closed. So now how do we cross these thresholds? Well, it is the collection of triggers! What are all these triggers? They will be things you eat, the things you breathe, the thoughts you think, the exercise you do or don’t do, toxins you ingest, the quality of water, the quality of food. And the one that I want to highlight today, as you already mentioned, is the invisible trigger, the electromagnetic soup in which we are, in which we live. In the 1800s, the density of the electrical field of the Earth was something like 1V per square meter. The common density these days is something like 300V per square meter, which is sort of like saying: “well, I’m walking in a wind that is one mile per hour.” Now we are walking in a wind that is 300 miles per hour!

SCOTT: We are in a hurricane! Yeah!

MARTIN: That is right. So I don’t know if I can draw a direct analogy like that, but it is that exponential level of increase. So what is going on for us? Well, there are these studies that are showing that things are going on. Do you remember when we were talking about this study about tadpoles? This was done in Spain, some Spanish biologist had a pool of tadpoles, 140 meters/500 feet away from a cell tower. And some of the tadpoles were shielded from the radiation, and some were not. The ones that were not shielded, only 10% survived. And even they were developing unevenly. So that was pretty wild. And of course, that is easy to see, because the amphibians are so sensitive to the environment. They are really suffering from the environment, more than we are.

SCOTT: So what you are saying is that we have got all these smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi internet connections going on, and it means amped up frequencies and radiation that we are not used to. The level of this background radiation is far greater than what it used to be just a few decades ago. And this is causing massive changes, of course. We don’t see it, we don’t feel it, we don’t quite understand it, and we haven’t really been watching the canaries, or paying attention to the canaries the way that we should be.

MARTIN: Well, the canaries are all around us. They are these children who can’t keep attention. They are these girls who are complaining about migraines, boys who can’t perform like they used to. It is all around us. But we are just not connecting the dots.

SCOTT: Right. Across North America, these beautiful trees have been in dramatic decline. There was a Colorado researcher, Katie Haggerty, and she decided she was going to plant three test plots of aspen tree seedlings. Each plot was the same. She shielded one plot from radio-frequency radiation, she pretended to shield the second one, so it was a mock shield, and the third was left unprotected. These are just trees growing in the ground, right? The International Journal of Forestry Research published her results. The fully shielded saplings were vigorous and healthy, but both the mock shielded and the exposed plants were small, they lacked pigments, and had sickly leaves. The article goes on about fighting against these billion-dollar marketing campaigns from companies like Apple and AT&T telling us “get your smartphones, get your wi-fi router, they are wonderful!”

MARTIN: Well, I am quite certain that the benefit of having these smart appliances are so wonderful, so great, that there is just no way that you’d like to go back to the days when you didn’t have one. I mean, I’m not here to say: “Let’s ban the technology, let’s get rid of the cell towers, and so on.” The problem in nature with these cell towers is that it is affecting the creatures. And plants too, it is affecting all living things! I mean, it is possible that it is messing around with the bees. There could be some other influences, but it is possible that the rise of the electromagnetic fields is the critical contributor to the decline of the bees. You can look it up online, there is the bee decline going on. If we lose the bees, we lose pollinators. We go extinct in about six years if we don’t have bees.

But anyway, what I was trying to get across is that no, I’m not trying to defend the idea of giving up technology and pushing us back into the stone age. We have some solutions for this. We can either shield the radiation by putting up materials that are actually blocking the radiation, or we can also use personal protection devices. We can also add these harmonizing devices that will restore normal balanced frequencies, instead of these jumbled disjointed life-negating frequencies. I’m having a bit of a hard time putting it in human language because it is so technical…

SCOTT: Basically, we need protection from all radiation, including this type of radiation. It is invisible, but the negative effect is cumulative. If we were going out in space, we wouldn’t be going out in space with our normal clothes, we’d be wearing a spacesuit. If we go out onto the beach, and we are going to be there for any length of time, we put on some sort of sunscreen. With electromagnetic radiation, it is not possible to get away from! I mean, we all need to go shopping, we all need to eat, we need to interact with people and everything else. So we need to create our own personal spacesuit around us, in our homes, in the environment we can control.

MARTIN: Right! We have three solutions for the issue. You can block the big stuff coming into the house. You can do this by using products made by ADR System. They are available as sheets, we have them in all common bed sizes, like single, double, but we also have them available on-demand, in rolls. We can supply it in rolls for somebody who wants to cover the entire bedroom, if you want to cover all the walls in your room, especially the wall that faces the cell tower, this will block all of this radiation, so your body will not be affected by these frequencies when you are home, sleeping, recovering. It is like a curtain.

SCOTT: Can you get them in different colors, and use them to decorate your house?

MARTIN: No, it is white, but you can dye it. It doesn’t look pretty, it is not very stylish, but it is highly functional. Normally, what the manufacturer suggests to do is putting one sheet under your mattress, so that you are shielded from below, and then the other sheet maybe on top of your blanket, so you are covered with it all night, so most of your body is actually between two sheets. So when you are sleeping, you are completely protected.

MARTIN: The other tools we have are these personal protection devices. Things like pendant style rings, that have been vibrationally modified, so that they actually restore balanced energy in your body. Those are the ProTec pendants you can find on our website [sorry, we sold out, and the person who supplied us disappeared in the Paradise, CA fire. We still have the CellGar stickers]. They are just wonderful. You can put them in a pocket, or around your neck like a regular necklace, they look nice, and as long as they are near your body, they are balancing it. The third thing we have is something that is actually balancing the electronic device, and that is this fractal sticker. We call them the CellGar fractal, it is actually a piece of foil that has something special printed on it, and it is fused with this quantum energy. I mean, it sounds kind of like woo, but it is reflecting itself into this universal field of potentiality.

SCOTT: So the hologram helps in dispersing the electrical or harmful frequencies around. It is a beautiful sticker, it is like a piece of art, you can just stick it to the back of your iPad, or iPhone, or laptop, and it will start doing its work.

MARTIN: Yes. And it is quite important because of course, without it, your phone or your tablet is putting out all this disruptive energy, and we have done these tests, you can check these videos of muscle and balance testing I did with my daughter.

SCOTT: Very cool! Of course, all we are talking about is the energy that is around us and making sure we are surrounded by good energy.

MARTIN: I mean, the Chinese people understood it or figured it out a thousand years ago! This is not some new age stuff! We have these meridians on the body, which are essentially electric circuits. There are 13 pairs of circuits, left channel and right channel, and our major organs are right on these meridians, like the lungs, or the gallbladder, or the kidneys. That is how they get their name, the Kidney Meridian, the Lung Meridian. Each one of them is associated with some major muscle groups. So you can test a specific muscle group, and it will tell you which meridian is weak or strong. And of course, when you have blockages in the energy flow, you can remove the blockages using either acupuncture or electrostimulation. But interestingly, you can have either under-energy or over-energy, and you can also have channel imbalance problems. You can be either over-stimulated or suppressed.

SCOTT: So the CellGar is really good if you have a cellphone or wireless phone, but also if you’ve got like an iPod or other mp3 player, just any electronic device that you have. I imagine it would be really good in the car, too. And also, of course, anyone that has a laptop, computer, monitor, e-readers, tablets, those sort of things, it would be really helpful.

MARTIN: And then the ADR Systems people, they even have this all-in-one device, it is called the ADR-3, it is this disc, you can just put one in your office, and it will balance everything around it in at least 20-foot diameter. So if you work in an office, all you have to do is just bring one of these things, put it somewhere, it is a small device, just put it somewhere in the office, and it will take care of the entire space. You can of course carry it in your backpack all day and it will protect you.

SCOTT: Cool! And the ProTec hematite pendant, that is really good for just carrying on your body, or in your pocket, or in your purse, right?

MARTIN: Yeah! I mean, you can buy these things for $3 in the store, this is not a very special anything by itself, it is just a hematite pendant, but those we offer and present as protective are actually programmed using these quantum balancing energies, so they are actually balancing the body, they are not just decorative. Some people look at it and say: “Come on, you are trying to hose me with a $2 or $3 thing here!” Well, no. Think of it this way. If you have a blank CD, you can buy that for 50 cents. But when you put a recording on it, you now need to pay the artist and all the people that are involved in both the production and the distribution of this product. So that is why the price is then $69. This device is the same. Hematite is the basic material, it is not expensive, but all the programming raises the price, but also the value.

SCOTT: Cool! So where are all these devices available, Martin?

MARTIN: On our website, www.life-enthusiast.com. And of course, if you want to hear more about it, give us a call at (866) 543 3388!

SCOTT: Well, that has been really fascinating! I’ve got a few of the ADR products for myself, and they totally make a difference in how I feel. I notice it when I am home, versus when I am visiting friends or something and I leave the device at home. The energy definitely does drop, and I do feel a lot better when they are around. So head over to www.life-enthusiast.com, check out the ProTec pendant, the ADR product, and the CellGar stickers!

MARTIN: Yeah, all of these products are in the category called Vibrational EMF protection, EMF stands for Electromagnetic Frequencies.

SCOTT: Great! So if you are paying attention to what you are drinking, what you are eating, whether you are getting enough sleep, and you are making sure you are meditating, doing all the things you need to do to have a healthy life, and you are not paying attention to the invisible dangers, you might want to look into this. There is lots of information on the website about EMFs, more than we can get into the short podcast episode, I mean, we could talk for hours and hours! We need to take action. For ourselves, and for our families. Don’t make your kids 1 of the 88 kids that suffer from autism by ignoring these invisible dangers. You’ve been listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Thanks for joining us, everyone! We’ll see you next time!

Note: the information provided are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your medical professional(s) if you are dealing with a specific medical issue.

Author: Martin Pytela