Podcast 297: Improve Your Digestive and Immune Systems

Not Just Probiotic Supplementation…
Make your Internal Flora work right. Balance your good and bad microbes.

Probiotic supplements benefit the natural, good bacteria in your digestive tract. Just as “bad” bacteria can make us sick, good bacteria can protect us from degeneration and disease.

Antibiotics means “against life” – probiotics means “for life”.

Supplementing with good, friendly bacteria – probiotics – aids digestion, promotes natural immunity & resistance to diseases, and is crucial in regaining and maintaining your health and vitality.

Living inside your digestive system are vast numbers of bacteria, which perform very important beneficial functions, from your mouth down to your rectum. These bacteria share space with disease causing organisms – the bad bacteria. When the bad bacteria overgrow, the resulting imbalance creates discomforts and symptoms of disease.

Many factors can upset this balance, such as the use of antibiotics, drinking chlorinated water, using pharmaceutical drugs, getting food infections, stress, poor diet, unbalanced pH, and poor lifestyle. This balance varies among individuals, and change with age.

The intestinal terrain must exist in balance, for you to stay healthy.

Before the advent of refrigeration, beneficial bacteria were used to ferment foods, preserving the nutrients for long periods of time. The best probiotic supplements combine strains of good bacteria that work together to promote health, specifically in the acidic environment of the lower bowel. Probiotics supplements that contain soil-based organisms help restore and maintain your immune system and overall health. We carry a large selection of probiotic products. Click on any of the images below for additional product details.

Author: Scott Paton