Podcast 348: North American Herb and Spice

Today, we learn about the benefits of food oils, edible and non-toxic substances. Enjoy this fascinating conversation between Martin and Dr. Cass Ingram, talking about North American Herb & Spice oils! All mentioned products are available here.

Martin: Hi everybody, this is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast, and with me today is Dr. Cass Ingram, D.O., please take note, D.O. [Doctor of Osteopathy].,  not just an MD. Doctor Ingram, welcome!

Dr. Ingram: It’s great to be here, and it’s a great life to be an osteopathic physician, and to have had professors who said : you should take some lemon and squeeze it and put it in your water, you should use black Russian radish, you should consume dandelion in the spring, and you know, some old school stuff that I got in my training, that you’d never hear in American medical schools.

Martin: Well, the first thing that comes to me is the preventive model of: “let’s find the cause” as opposed to “let’s whack about the symptoms.”

Dr. Ingram: Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. So osteopathy prepared me, and that led me to the Wild Oregano! When I stumbled upon that, with a chronic illness myself, a chronic viral illness and some fungal overload, a pretty severe candida at that point, and I was trying all sorts of things, I.V. and chelation, all kinds of different things, trying to get my health rebooted. I found out that you can take something from the wild mountains of the Mediterranean, like a steam distilled extract from wild plants growing on the mountain tops, and you get cured, you know? So it kind of gets your attention. At that point I became quite sophisticatedly involved with anything botanical, anything in the woods, the Boreal forests  in Canada, Peru, Africa, or in the Mediterranean to find what is out there that’s effective. And the most effective thing I found actually turned out to be the Oregano, Wild Oregano extract, which is kind of a bona fide purge in and of itself. Do you know much about the Wild Oregano?

Martin: I actually used it! One of your products, Rosemanol, saved my tush fifteen years ago! I used to suffer with horrendous seasonal allergies. My own story is mercury poisoning, liver problems, allergy problems, rapid aging, stuff like that. So back when when I was just totally debilitated, I just walked into the store and found this Rosemary essential oil by North American Herb and Spice, which today is called Rosemanol, and I was taking like twelve, fifteen drops straight up, in juice, and it totally kept me out of wanting to gouge my eyes out because of the itching that the springtime allergies would bring on. I detoxed myself since, and all of that stuff subsided.

Dr. Ingram: And you wondered yourself, didn’t you? When you found something that efficacious. Like: “what is this?” So the king seems to be the Wild Oregano oil, and in Canada or internationally, you should have available the P73, which is an edible type of Wild Oregano, that is 100% wild, never cloned, never farm raised, never messed with in a lab, with and because it’s a wild spice, you can consume it! As much as you want! That could come in handy, if person had allergies, and they wanted to take a few drops every day as prevention, or if you have fungal infestation, which usually sets up the baseline for allergy, you might have a person with candida, right? So they might have mold, they may have a dry cough, they may have some chest congestion, bronchitis, sinusitis, that’s all fungal. So the idea of the oil of Wild Oregano, the P73 is you could take it every day, you can take large amounts, if you have to.

Martin: So you started saying something about purge versus eliminate, detox… I mean, these days, everybody in California is doing detox, but they just think that having an extra poop a day is detoxing…

Dr. Ingram: Right, or maybe some extra green juice, which is good, but when I think of purge, I don’t think of eliminating a large stool per se, though that can be a part of it. By purge I mean to purge disease processes, or to purge those extreme toxic elements that destabilize the body, to purge out the fungus, which is a huge cause of destabilization of the human being.

Allergy comes in, because the fungus is there. Cardiovascular disease comes because the fungus is there. Cancer comes because the fungus is there. Diabetes – is the fungus first or  the blood sugar first?. So I think of the oil of oregano as a purge. In fact, in the Bible, in the Old Testament, it says purge yourself with hyssop so that you’ll be well and cured, and hyssop is Ezov in Hebrew, which means Wild Oregano. So to purge means to kill the pathogens. On one hand, the oil of oregano to kill the fungus, the mold, the deep seated bacteria, the Lyme Spirochete, the tick-borne diseases, the intracellular viruses, the vaccine overload viruses. Kick them out, you’re going to be well.  Like you did with the essential oil – you knock it down, it gets you well.

Purge also takes care of the parasites. We want to get the good elimination, but the bigger problem to me is when someone has a big load of worms, or tapeworm, or roundworm, or pinworm, or an amoeba, that could lead to carcinoma or flukes! Serious pancreatic diseases, serious diabetes. So for that we need the Total Body Purge.

Martin: These parasites will not be enjoying the environment set off by the alkaloids and terpenes and other ingredients that are in this product.

Dr. Ingram: Exactly, the alkaloids, terpenes, carvacrol, thymol, which are the simple phenolic compounds, but here’s the interesting caveat. Your oil of oregano is geared by our creator as an obvious anti-fungal. It melts mold spores, it kills brown mold, black mold, green penicillium mold, rust molds, it kills candida. So obviously it’s got that profile. It’s also antibacterial and antiviral. But when you’re dealing with tapeworm, roundworm or flukes, these are bigger organisms, and oregano is not the perfect purge for parasites. So a lot of people say: “I’m taking this oil regularly,” but I say: “Look, you got a load of worms, you got purplish red discoloration in the corner of your eyes, you’re ravenously hungry,  you have bruxism at night, you’re losing weight, you don’t have a good appetite or you have a ravenous appetite, or you wake up at two or three in the morning staring at the ceiling. The worms were kind of cooking up in the morning, you get cuckoo with the full moon, your kids have an itchy butt, I mean, come on, you got a load of worms.”

The Purge may not be the ideal thing for a four year old, simply because of the taste, but if an adult can do it, or teenager, it’s the ideal thing. It’s got the burdock, the wild dandelion roots, so you’re working on that element, and then you have the rosemary, cumin… it’s not an oregano based product, actually. So there are all these other components, like cilantro, black seed oil… and because you’re increasing the glutathione production in the liver, and the catalase and the superoxide dismutase, and also in the kidneys, you end up purging a lot more than just parasites! You end up cleaning out toxins, but through a different mechanism: you’re getting the body and the bile and the enzymes to detoxify the chemicals, so they could be thrown out! If you want, take your fiber with that, that’s fine, but this is not a master cleanse, or super cleanse, this is a purge!

Martin: So how would a person use it? Is it like one bottle once a year?

Dr. Ingram: I had a guy whose hair turned from white to yellow to black after he took it for two months.

Martin: Well, maybe I should try it! (laughs)

Dr. Ingram: (laughs) Nothing personal here, I like the maturity! I had several women who lost like… you know how some women have that beachball on the front of their abdomen? They lost it! It took about ninety days! So how do you use it? You want to use it as a way to get in perfect health, or do you want to use it for a month? Or do you want to use it for two or three weeks to kill the worms? Sometimes if you’re dealing with intestinal flukes – and I am not trying to make a claim for the company who makes this, I’m telling you as a doctor, and from my own personal experience – with intestinal flukes, they don’t want to go anywhere, but stay where they are, whether it’s in the gallbladder, or the liver, or the base of the lungs, or the intestine. So you have to root them out, and Total Body Purge is brilliant for that. If you use the oregano with it, that’s even better, but it takes time.

Martin: I’ve been also fascinated by the wonderful spice oils, the other ones you have in the product line. They don’t seem to leap off at anyone, because we don’t know about it, but I’m looking at the cumin, the clove and whatever else…

Dr. Ingram: Yes, that’s very interesting because that’s an area you’re familiar with, but a lot of people don’t know that you can take a spice oil, put it in an extra virgin olive oil base, not just take a neat essential oil alone, because that can have issues, but take it in a safe dilution, and you can take it internally! But then you have to know that each spice has a different value! Your cilantro spice oil like Cilantrol, for example, has a great value for mercury overload, that’s well published, it even binds the mercurial compounds, so cilantro for heavy metal associated with autism, ADD or ADHD and such. Then you have the cumin, cumin is very interesting, it contains cuminaldehyde, an antioxidant that is preventing the aging process. It’s excellent for the skin and it’s a good antifungal, but Cuminol would be really good for cardiovascular support and for the brain. The particular phenolic compounds in cumin oil block oxidative damage in the brain.

Then you have the issue of the Rosemanol,  rosemary oil for remembrance, but you found that it is a good antihistamine, which it is! So you have the anti-histamine action, you have the anti-inflammatory with rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid, but probably it’s main claim to fame is preventing neurodegeneration  in the brain and spinal cord. So if someone has Alzheimer’s, dementia, memory loss, mental alertness problems, concussion injury, stroke injury, paralysis, we want to block that oxidative damage. Or memory issues, we want rosemary for that. And then if you have to take exams, and if you have to get really acute in your work, you’re a driver or a long distance trucker, then you want your rosemary extract.

Martin:  Right on. And the sage seems to sort of play along!

Dr. Ingram: Clove is always good for parasites, so you could add that to your purge, and yes, sage! We don’t talk enough about sage! The Native Americans regard sage very highly, as you know. But I found that the sage extract, known as Sagenol, which is sage in the extra virgin olive oil – by the way this is edible sage. There’s a problem with sage potentially: if it’s dalmatian sage, if it’s sage from certain other mountain ranges, it could be too high in thujone, and that may not work as well for someone with sensitivity. But when you’re dealing with the sage mountain tea, you are okay.

This is mountain tea that the villagers make an infusion of, and it’s safe for consumption in reasonable amounts. But what I found with the sage is that it is great for people with hot flashes, women with estrogenic overload, also for the Alzheimer’s, because it is a fat soluble antioxidant, it also prevents the neurodegeneration, and then finally I found it to be really good for the lyme disease, sage is the poison for the Lyme spirochete!

Martin: That’s impressive! I found it to be helpful broadly for liver issues, so when you’re highlighting the estrogen, of course estrogen is supposed to get decomposed by the liver, so when the liver is not up to the job, then of course you have excess estrogen, hence the hot flashes.

Dr. Ingram: For men, because they too have estrogen, too much estrogen can be poisonous. Women of course have developed cirrhotic conditions of the liver from estrogen overload, or from birth control pills, which damaged their livers, so that’s a good point. We know from the data that mountain sage increases the production of glutathione even more than oregano, it will go into the lever and produce a 400-500% increase in glutathione and glutathione s-transferase, which helps in the detoxification of estrogen moiety.

Martin: So that’s the Phase 2 of the liver detox, enhanced.

Dr. Ingram:  Yes, you enhance the phase 2 and speed up the P450 enzyme system, making it more efficient, and it increases catalase and superoxide dismutase…

Martin: …so to circle back, if i have somebody who’s got Epstein Barr infestation and issues, back to oregano, right?

Dr. Ingram: Back to oregano, back to sage in this case! One, two, punch! You would take maybe some super strength oregano oil, maybe some juice of oregano, maybe some sage extract in extra virgin olive oil, and that should be sufficient to get him over the hump of Epstein Barr. And that’s true of other herpetic viruses. We are not trying to commit to a “cure for all diseases”, i understand that. You should know that the essential oils which are high in mono-terpenes, and single terpene molecules, or double terpene molecules, have been demonstrated to destroy the viral coat. If you get the viral coat off by melting it with the essential oil, if you burn it off, there’s no way the virus can grow, it’s toast. So it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a cold sore, a canker sore, a wart, or herpetic virus, or genital herpes, it’s indifferent to those.

Now, genital herpes – I’m writing a book on – is more stubborn. But you still want to use your super strength oregano oil, you want to use maybe some sage, maybe you want to use some propolis… one of the interesting things I’ve seen on the market now is this propolis, Canadian wild propolis, which is melted in the base of oregano oil – it’s called PropaHeal. So that gives us yet another potent antiseptic, with all the flavonoids that are in the propolis, that comes from the poplar trees up in Canada and the United States, northern parts, but the bees don’t care, they’ll go to any propolis secreting tree, and gather the resin. You know that they found a beehive, and there was a mouse, that was completely intact, a dead mouse, the bees coated the mouse in propolis and it preserved the mouse from degenerating.

Martin: Indeed, yes, impressive thing! So we can skip over to things like cinnamon…

Dr. Ingram:  Yes, cinnamon, and also if you think about allspice, these are germicides.  But cinnamon has that notorious property of being insulin-like, where it mimics insulin, and that makes sense how sweet it is. So that it saves the molecule, and may have something to do with sort of a regeneration of the beta islet cells in the pancreas, and it’s been found to cause some neural regeneration in the brain! So it’s working on the brain centers too, not just the pancreas, when it’s dealing with the diabetes or prediabetes.

Martin: I’m speculating here, but how would that possibly relate back to the insulin signaling, the insulin resistance?

Dr. Ingram: Because the insulin resistance is coming from the brain too, and if you’re getting that sweet sensation, telling the brain “everything is fine, I am good, my blood sugar is fine, I don’t need to be pumping out so much insulin,” you’re conserving the pancreas. So God made this, it’s how I see it, some people believe this or that, but our Creator obviously made cinnamon for diabetes. I mean, you can just take the powder, the cheap two dollar cinnamon, and it drops blood sugar twenty percent! It can’t be just because of the pancreas! It’s working on this whole neurogenic reflex.

And cumin too, cumin is very powerful in reducing your need for insulin. If you take the cumin extract, and you just take five drops three times a day, you’re not going to need much insulin. If you’re diabetic, you’ve gotta work with your doctor, cut that back. But if you also have a history of diabetes, or history of Syndrome X, or blood sugar problems, and you use cumin, it just levels the blood sugar very nicely.

Martin: Okay! And the allspice you mentioned?

Dr. Ingram: Yes, allspice. According to the Cornell University study, it was determined that there were four universal antiseptics: one was garlic, the other was oregano, another was onion, and the other was allspice. They found that these would kill any kind of germ, virus, bacteria, many bacteria! Allspice is a potent germicide, but because it’s from that sweet spice family, it’s also an insulin protector! I like to call it “protecting insulin,” because if your body is constantly forced to make the insulin, it finally will burn out the beta cells. If it’s acting as a insulinogenic agent, it’s mimicking insulin, and that’s true of all the sweet spices, then you don’t make this much insulin, and you’re conserving a very damaged tissue. When you think of all the refined sugar, the corn syrup, the beet sugar, the even the not too bad but are sweets fruits, the body has to deal with that somehow, right?

Martin: I mean the glycemic index itself, right? Any simple starch will convert into glucose, faster than anything.

Dr. Ingram: And even faster than fruit in some ways. So I’m a big fan of huge, aggressive use of spices in the kitchen, of sweet spices like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, but I am also kind of lazy, so I like to take the extract. I put a little Cuminol in the food and under the tongue, I don’t really use the allspice extract much, but I use quite a lot of cinnamon, it’s called Cinnamol, I like using that.

Altogether we have it in a supplement called Oregulin, great for insulin support, so that’s an option, we’ve got everything in that one product.  What’s interesting about Oregulin is that there’s one more oil in it – it’s quite fascinating – comes from Turkey, grows in the mountains about five thousand feet above sea level, and that’s myrtle. Myrtle is a very powerful anti-glycemic material. Bayleaf is another one, bigger leaf, and its claim to fame is that it’s a germicide and antifungal, extremely potent.

And what kind of oils have we talked about? Spice oils! We didn’t talk about esoteric oils from flowers, we talked about things that are food, that you just take a thousand pounds and you distill out the essence, so the profile of safety is not even an issue, of course it’s safe. So one could take advantage of our suggestions without any untoward effects actually.

We have other interesting spices, like fenugreek,  which has a testosterone-like action, is also good for women, you can look into for example fennel, fennel  is available actually by the same people we’re talking about as Fenatrol. Fennel is great for colic, remember the old colic remedy you used to have,  so if someone has irritable spastic colon, diverticular issues, you can take the edible fennel oil, rub it on the tummy or take internally, for an adult, even children can have a bit. I found fennel in the scientific literature as back as 1800s to be great for hookworm, so it will basically obliterate the hookworm, and I use it for any parasitic infection.

Martin: All right, we’ll make sure we make it available!

Dr. Ingram: Yes, it would be good to do that, not too many people have websites where you see with edible fennel, then you see the edible cinnamon, and you see the edible allspice, and then you go down the list and you see all these different individual oils, and people are interested in that! I’ll give you an example:  if you had, for example, oil of myrtle or oil of bayleaf in the olive oil base,  what if you had vaginitis? You can’t put the oregano oil in there! Or if you had Jock itch? So I tell them to take these, because these do not have a heat index like that, but they’re anti-fungal, and they could be safely used! Myrtle or bayleaf, or sage oil, underneath the testicles or inside the vaginal tract, a little bit and also by mouth, or even eczema or psoriasis. Bayleaf has been used, you know, bayleaf soap, or the Old Spice for the skin have bay oil in it. But we’ve lost that lore, right?

Martin: Maybe, together, we can bring it back!

Dr. Ingram: Let’s bring it back with the storm! Individual spice oils, not even essential oils, but from food, used as therapeutic to help the teeming masses of humankind.

Martin: Fantastic.

Dr. Ingram: Don’t forget the Total Body Purge! The King is oregano, and the Queen is the Total Body Purge.

Martin: Could you comment on the difference between the triple strength, extra strength versus the regular strength?

Dr. Ingram:: Yes, you’re taking the same, crude steam distilled wild oregano, but you’re using less extra virgin olive oil, you’re making it about 290% stronger by a higher amount of regular oil per dose and so is more aggressive, it’s kind of an adult dose… you can give it to the kids, but they won’t like the taste too much. You can rub it on the feet, the shins, it’s the best one for topical use, up and down the spine, but that super strength you gotta have for tough situations, for example chronic troubling circumstances, for people who need support for Lyme disease, for candida, for irritable chronic intestinal problems, for the eczema that’s chronic, you need to take stronger amount, so almost 300% stronger.

Now, you will also see – and you could be the first to try to introduce this –  North American Herb and Spice has searched the mountain tops, because everybody was putting out: “my carvacrol is 85%, or 89%, or even 90%,”  but when we measured it, it was synthetic.

Martin: Yeah, that’s an important point, understanding that you can’t fake your way with nature.

Dr. Ingram: You can’t fake your way with nature. Some unscrupulous people are double and triple distilling the oregano to make the carvacrol higher, it started at 60 and now we see it up to 90. China is making a lot of carvacrol that is going in synthetically. So we had some top experts, who provide North American Herb and Spice with the oil of oregano, so they were tasked to go to the mountain tops, and find the pockets of eighty five percent, eighty four percent carvacrol, and they were able to find it on the mountain tops. So they harvested that and now they’ve brought that to the states, and it is called Orega Ultra. Orega Ultra is wild, 84% carvacrol.

Carvacrol is extremely important when you get to that high density – it’s a great solvent, so if a person has a really stubborn situation, they’ve suffered with Lyme…  and I’m not speaking for the company, no, I’m speaking as a private person at this time, but if they’re suffering with these situations, where they have the biofilm, the l-form, the cell wall deficiency, the carvacrol melts that membrane. Or if somebody has the warts, we talked about the privates when they get hit. so you want that ultra for the tough situations, because that high carvacrol will do the job. Carvacrol is the active ingredient of oregano oil, however a good quality oregano oil has more than just carvacrol, it’s gonna have about 25-35 active ingredients.

So there the synergy, still.

Martin: Great! That is a high note! I think we can close this Tour de Force de Spice! (laughs)

Dr. Ingram: (laughs)  We could do that. The spice is the answer! Okay, my friend, we look forward to you introducing more and more of these wonderful options to the public.

Martin: Indeed, we are always looking for something that’s not available in every store, and and here we are.

Dr. Ingram: Well, the individual oils are not, so that would be a great way to stimulate local demand for those who wish to take advantage of it. And then also this Orega Ultra, I would definitely make that available to your people. You’re gonna save some lives, especially this year with the stubborn flus and such.

Martin: Awesome.  Dr. Ingram, thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy life, and I wish you all the best! Peace and love!

Dr. Ingram: Love, and a lot more love.

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