Podcast 357: Glyphosate Detox Solution

Glyphosate is everywhere. This toxic, carcinogenic compound is used all over the world as a very effective herbicide. Effective, but very dangerous. It has a ability to kill every living plant or microbe that has not been genetically modified, and while it does not affect humans per se, it damages our gut flora, the friendly bacteria living inside our digestive system. And because 80% of our immune system is located in our gut, damaged digestive tract means impaired immunity, which is an ideal environment for all the chronic immune diseases to develop. In a modern world, it is almost impossible to avoid at least some residual Glyphosate. 97% of American now test positive for glyphosate in their urine. It is in our food, water, air… Is there a solution to this worldwide problem? David Sandoval from Purium claims he has one! Listen to his fascinating interview with Martin Pytela and learn how a relatively simple blend of a few basic ingredients can literally change the world!

Please be aware that our position at Life Enthusiast is that no amount of gluten is safe for those with Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. This product contains 220ppm of gluten, which is much higher than the allowable 20ppm for a product to be certified as “gluten free,” which can still be too much for some Celiacs. Please take this into consideration when evaluating whether this product is right for you.

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Martin: Hello, everybody! This is Martin Pytela for the Life Enthusiast online network, TV and radio! With us is David Sandoval, the founder of Purium, a man with many years of experience in the natural food world and with helping to heal people by the thousands. David follows a mission similar to mine. He is here to talk about product called Biome Medic. There are more products available through Purium than just Biome Medic, but today we want to focus on just that. David Sandoval! Are you the founder or also the CEO of Purium?

David: I am both, actually!

Martin: Perfect! I have here in my posession two books, one is called the Green Foods Bible that David put out, it’s a beautiful, all-round, resource to educate-yourself about nutrition, and you will receive a copy if you decide to join us. And here, also is a short book called  The Toxin That Came To Dinner.

I’d like to launch into it this way. I have been telling the world that the industrial food experiment is not going too well. We had the DDT situation back when, and we got rid of that, but there’s a new superstar rising on the horizon: Glyphosate. I’m not sure if people are getting the message yet, but let’s ask David! You have done a ton of research about that, right? Why should we care that there is a problem in the gut?

David: Oh, thank you so much for having me here, and I really appreciate anybody who is taking the time right this minute to tune in, to drop in, because what we’re about to share is so important that it literally affects 100% of people who are listening today in a profound way. And when I declare it, it almost seems as though I’m Chicken Little, as though I’m somehow a conspiracy theorist who is just trying to create fear, and I tell you that is not my goal whatsoever!

But I do know that we have uncovered something that is so important, that is so dangerous to every single American who is alive today, that everyone you know is probably suffering right this moment without realizing it, from a low level or a high level toxicity from a chemical that is now found in 97% of Americans, and it doesn’t belong here.  I’m going to say it again: 97% of Americans tested have detectable levels of this cancer-causing chemical in their body. They are not being warned about it, and they do not have a solution. I am here for two simple reasons: to give a very clear warning about the danger, and offer a very simple, accessible solution, because people are suffering needlessly, and it’s time we did something about it.

Martin: Yes, right you are! The research you’ve gathered up in this little booklet is compelling, I’m just going to show it, [shows a page from the book on the screen], look at the graphs and watch the line, as it heads toward the top. That is the trajectory of illness, correlated with the trajectory of the application of Roundup, or Glyphosate in general, to the crops in the world.

David: Let me put that as clearly as we could make it. There is the use of Glyphosate, which started in 1980, and at that time the rate of autism, autoimmune disease, leaky gut, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases like fatty liver, or cancer, were also very very low. As the rate and the usage of Glyphosate and Roundup, as it’s more commonly known, as you see advertised on TV every day, as the use of Glyphosate and Roundup began to rise, correspondingly so did each of these conditions! As the use began to skyrocket, correspondingly so did each of these conditions, there is a direct correlation between the increased use of this chemical in our environment, the increased presence of this chemical in our bodies, and the increase of the most common maladies affecting Americans today, and no one is doing anything about it!

Martin: Well, I wouldn’t say that – you are! I am!

David: So let me put it this way: we’ve all seen the warnings on food, or that non-GMO verified, we’ve all seen those stickers with the butterfly, that says non-GMO verified. The reason we wanted to avoid GMO food was twofold. One: because we didn’t want food that wasn’t really food, and two: because the only way to grow that food was with this toxic chemical. The problem is that this toxic chemical is not only used on genetically modified food, now it’s used in your garden, it’s used on your lawn, it’s used in public housing, around schools, government buildings, parks, highways, and it is now found in 75% of the food sold on grocery shelves! Your cheerios, that you feed your baby, could be toxic. The Cream of Wheat that you eat for breakfast could be toxic, the bread, and the foods that you’re consuming could be, not could be, they are carrying toxic chemicals, and it’s scary, and something has to be done about it.

Martin: Right. And it’s something like this: back when we had the DDT problem, the DDT is only fat soluble, it does not get into the water table, but Glyphosate is actually water soluble, so when the water runs off from the field, into the creek, and evaporates back into the rain, and gets picked up by whatever, it is everywhere. It is getting into your water, your air, it’s in the rain, it’s in the creek, it’s in the ditch.

And you mentioned the Cream of Wheat, wheat is not genetically modified per se, but farmers have been using Glyphosate on green crops to dry them out, to force them to ripen quickly at a uniform time, so that they will get higher yields at the crop time, and so there are small amounts of Glyphosate in all grain foods.

David: So to put that in a way that everyone could understand: all of the grains, and many of the foods that were eating, are sprayed with a chemical that’s intended to start killing them, so when they harvest it, the machine doesn’t work as hard, and the yield is higher. But you have to remember, they made a decision to spray a cancer causing chemical on your food in exchange for a few extra pennies profit. Do not forget that, because in the  judgement in a lawsuit was just handed down, one single person was granted over 260 million dollars, because they now have cancer caused by Roundup. And the reason there were such punitive damages is because it was said that the company did know and could have, should have warned people about the danger. Despite that court ruling, this chemical is still being used all around us and we have to do something about it.

And that’s why I am so happy to be invited on today, to speak to this educated group of people, so that they could start to become part of the voice, that could go out and sound the alarm. Like Paul Revere warned people, that the British and the Red Coats were coming, we need to go out and warn people, that their lives are in danger, and that we need to arm ourselves in defense, or we will end up suffering.

Martin: Yes, true words. I would like to explain why this is such a big deal. This manufacturer tells the world, that humans, or mammals, are not affected by Glyphosate, which is sort of true, but the problem is this: Glyphosate affects the bacteria, the microbes, that are living within us. So if you think about how your gut works: the food you eat is feeding the bacteria that are in your gut, and then that is digested, and the bacteria are feeding you. And this in-between step in your digestion is being threatened, because the enzymatic transactions are broken up by Glyphosate, and it’s causing the die-off of the microbiome, that lives in our gut. How would you comment on that?

David: So, I want everybody to imagine that everything they eat and all of the waste in their body ends up in this thing that we call the gut. What you could refer to is your colon, the lower part of your digestive tract, and it is there that something really, really important happens, and it is there that something really, really bad is happening right now. What is important that happens is this: your gut detects everything wrong going on in your body, and it creates an immune response to that. Your gut also separates the things that should go into your blood, and the things that need to leave your body, as poop and pee. And when your gut microbiome isn’t working, then your toxins are not leaving your body. They might re-enter your body. Your nutrients are not being absorbed, they’re probably being expelled. And this is something that we call leaky gut. And this leaky gut, or intestinal permeability is actually contributing to most autoimmune diseases, all types of inflammatory diseases, quite possibly autism, Alzheimer’s, and everything in between. And so, to compromise your gut is literally to start killing your body.

Now, I’m going to tell one more story. We have this chemical, [glyphosate], and it was designed to kill all organisms that are not genetically modified. Unfortunately, you cannot wash this chemical off of your food, and so when you eat it and all the waste goes into the gut like I told you, what also goes there is this chemical residue, and it will then kill the microorganisms that live in your gut! This chemical is designed to kill all organisms, that are not genetically modified [to withstand it], and so when it gets into your food and into your gut, your gut begins to die. And this is the big story. You can’t get rid of the chemical, it’s all around us. When it gets into our gut, it kills our gut, and our dying gut right now is the reason why so many Americans are suffering.

Martin: So I guess you started on saying: well, number one, we need to try and prevent the ingress, we need to take it to the legislative level and we need to figure out some way how to block the manufacture and application of this crazy product, but more importantly, we as consumers, each one of us individually, we have the power at the wallet level, where we get to choose foods that we will have less of, or we will be insisting to our manufacturers, food producers, that we only want to buy foods  that don’t have Glyphosate. But then, the third step, because they’re so powerful and so focused on the bottom line, they will ignore the health of the consumer, and kill the consumer, despite their own interest. It’s almost insane, because they are going to kill the people that they need to be buying their product. Let’s at least have something to defend ourselves, right? We need to act individually, protect ourselves, our children, our loved ones, and thank God, there you are!

David: Here is how I’d like to explain it. Nature will always try to first block the damage. If it can’t block, it it will try to suppress it, it will make it less, if it can. And then, if it’s not able to block it, or if it’s not able to suppress it, it will have to repair the damage that’s done. So imagine that you’re in a fight, and if someone tries to hit you, you could put up your arms and block them, and you don’t get hit. Or you could move out of the way, so that when they hit you, it just slides off of your face instead of making full contact. So that’s blocking or suppressing. Now, in our battle against Glyphosate, to block it would be to stop them from using it, that would stop any more from getting into our environment. To suppress it, that would be trying to avoid anywhere it is, trying not to eat the foods, trying not to go in the parks, trying not to go anywhere that it’s used and that’s going to be difficult! So we are finding that blocking and suppressing our exposure to Glyphosate has become almost impossible!

That leaves us to the next thing. We took a hit. How are we going to repair? So what I decided to do was to suppress it, and to repair it. By suppressing it, I’m putting the defense inside of your gut, and when the chemical comes into your gut, we capture it and we take it out of your body, before it’s able to do any harm. But we’re also able to lift up and eliminate any Glyphosate that may be residing in your body as well! And by eliminating the chemical, the good bacteria can begin to grow back again, and when the good bacteria grow back again, the villi that live underneath the good bacteria will grow back again as well! And once that happens, the integrity of your gut has been restored!

Now, let me drop one last thing on you: Serotonin is responsible for our good mood. Serotonin is sort of a feeling that we get, that’s either positive or negative, and when we’re producing Serotonin in our gut, we feel happy and optimistic about the future. When we get depressed, when our body stops producing Serotonin, and we get what’s called a gut feeling that something is wrong. All of the sudden the happy signals stop flowing, and we know that something is wrong, energetically. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Martin: Oh totally! I also know people who are low in Serotonin – their first reaction to any new information is “Gasp! Bad! Dangerous!”

David: They are scared, right? So what happens when we repair the gut, we begin to rapidly increase the production of Serotonin. We deal with stress better, we don’t get afraid, we’re optimistic, we’re happy, and that gut feeling that something’s wrong goes away. Right now many people have this feeling in their gut, that something is always wrong, that just around the corner is another danger, and they’re actually right. The reason they feel that way is because their gut is not able to produce the proper hormones, the proper immune response, or the proper neurotransmitters that keep our bodies functioning. So I’m telling you, when you repair the gut, you repair the body. And we are sitting on the only clinically proven product that is able to eliminate Glyphosate and repair the gut, and this is so important in the world today.

Martin: That was a good highlight word that you used, clinically proven. I appreciate the fact that you actually ran this product through the clinical trial process, and you actually have numbers. I read the study, it says 74% reduction in Glyphosate, and 75% reduction in CRP, the C-reactive protein. That is a big deal!

David: C-reactive protein is a biomarker for nearly every terrible disease that we know about. The higher your C-reactive protein, the more likely you are to die of a heart attack, the more likely you die of cardiac arrest, the more likely that you have a micro cardio infarction, the more likely that you’re going to have Crohns disease or lupus or multiple sclerosis or some other inflammatory autoimmune disease. So when you have high C-reactive protein, you have trouble. People were telling me: okay, we know that the Glyphosate was reduced by 74%, but how do we know you just didn’t move it out of the blood and into the tissue? How do we know that it’s really gone from the body? The answer is: because the C-Reactive Protein is gone as well! The exact amount of the reduction of Glyphosate was directly related to inflammation, and because the Glyphosate is gone, so is the inflammation! And this is the validation that doctors are looking for, the correlation that doctors need to truly trust this product, and that’s why so many medical doctors, so many naturopaths, so many gastroenterologists, and heart surgeons are really, really recommending this product above anything else for anti-inflammatory activity.

Martin: When we look at the ingredients on the label, it looks kind of ordinary. We have some probiotics, we have some prebiotics, we have some humic and some fulvic acid, and we have some lactospore. I mean, it doesn’t look that sophisticated. What makes it different from the next guy?

David: Other people are trying to use things like charcoal, or just a probiotic, and nobody has done what we’ve done, they haven’t figured out that in order to really heal the gut, you need to lift the toxin out and then eliminate it, and after it’s eliminated, you need to begin to repair the gut. So what we know is that Glyphosate takes minerals out of the body. Glyphosate chelates a lot of vital minerals out of your body. Those minerals are necessary for the natural fluctuation of your gut, for the growth of bacteria, for the chemical reactions of enzymes to work, every enzyme needs a mineral to be activated. So first of all modulating the Glyphosate and lifting it out, and then grabbing it. We didn’t just use any probiotic, we use lactospore, a patented lactobacillus bacteria in a spore form. Other people just put in bacteria; bacteria is going to die in your stomach [it would be killed by the stomach acid], it’s not going to survive in your gut, but when you put in a spore, that spore goes into your gut, and then explodes. And as it explodes, it attaches to the chemical and then leaves your body as poop. We have literally worked with an ingredient that was created by a Nobel prize winning laureate.

So, talking about simplicity, I want you to follow me here. There was a time when over a million people were dying of scurvy, and another three million people were suffering so dramatically they were on the edge of death. That would be like ten million people dying and thirty million people very ill from scurvy in today’s world. Now, one doctor discovered a phytochemical, that was responsible for what he called the anti-scorbic factor, responsible for your ability to digest and process protein, fats, and carbohydrates. This anti-scorbic factor could be found in peppers, potatoes, and citrus, and we now know it as Vitamin C. It was a simple ingredient, just a simple thing, that one single phytochemical was able to reverse millions of deaths and tens of millions of people suffering! So yes, this product is very simple, but it is the right thing. A key is very simple, but the wrong key doesn’t work. Only the right key works. You think the key looks very simple, but it’s the pattern that’s in the key that matters.

I have created the perfect key to unlock this mystery, to unlock this problem, and it is a combination of ingredients that work perfectly together. One, as I said, came from a Nobel prize winning laureate who discovered Vitamin C, and then the other ingredients are also patented. And I have the exclusive right to use them. So this product is simple for a purpose, and it is highly effective. How it compares to other products? There are no other products. There is no other product that can claim, legally, to reduce Glyphosate, there’s no other product that I know that does. So I’m going to reveal something I probably shouldn’t tell you. I took the number one product that claims to reduce glyphosate, and I used it as the control in my double blind study. In the end I wanted to show that they only removed this much, and mine removed this much. In the end, they reduced zero! My number one competitor had zero reduction in Glyphosate! I did not mention that in the clinical study, I just said there was a placebo control group, but that placebo control was actually my number one competitor, and their product did nothing.

Martin: So what I hear you say is that ordinary naked humic acid is not enough.

David: No, just taking some humic, some activated charcoal, or just taking a probiotic is not enough.

Martin: I have this one scary point here, which is it says wheat germ extract. I have so many clients that are deathly scared of gluten and wheat. So when I see the word wheat, it’s like: please explain how it’s not gluten.

David: Nothing is black and white. When we talk about gluten free, if you are eating gluten free pasta, then there could be nineteen parts per million of gluten in the pasta. And you can eat a plate or two or three or four or five plates of gluten free pasta that has nineteen parts per million, because it’s under twenty parts per million that make you “gluten free”, and the amount of gluten in four plates of pasta, that’s nineteen parts per million, is actually quite a lot. My product has ten times what would be considered gluten free. One hundred ninety parts per million. The only difference is, that you’re taking a fraction of a milligram of my product, so the amount of total gluten obtained from my product is less than you would get from one bite of gluten free pasta, from one spoonful of gluten free pasta you would get more gluten than you would in a double dose serving of my product.

What we have found is that most people that are gluten intolerant, wheat intolerant, that actually have a gut issue, not anaphylactic or Celiac, but gluten intolerant, wheat sensitive, are no longer gluten sensitive since they’ve repaired their gut! We had one woman who was an anaphylactic Celiac, she decided she wanted to chance it anyway, and with her doctor supervision she used Biome Medic, and immediately got diarrhea and got scared. She decided that she had eaten something the day before that might have been the cause of that, she tried it again and her gut repaired like nothing she’s ever seen. She now is leading the highest quality of life with less irritable bowel syndrome, less symptoms of Crohns, all of this, because she had the courage to go against -ism, and so if you are Celiac, I’m not going to tell you to take that chance, but if you are not, you would be a fool not to use this product to repair your gut. So yes, there is a tiny amount of gluten and yes technically and legally because that amount is higher than twenty parts per million, I am going to label my product correctly and I will not put gluten-free on that label. But I will tell you that if you are wheat sensitive, gluten sensitive, I strongly encourage you to use this product and watch that wheat and gluten sensitivity melt away.

Martin: So we have the opportunity now to offer this product at a discount. There is a special code that’s available, the direct link will be tied to this video, so when you’re watching this, there will be a link somewhere nearby, it takes you to the Purium website, where you can order this product. The coupon is our code, ‘enthusiast,’ and Purium and David Sandoval generously afforded us a fifty dollar credit. That is 25% off if you make a 200 dollar purchase. There are sixty capsules to the bottle, you will probably need one bottle per month, maybe two if you’re trying to push through an early stage situation. I’ve read the testimonies, they are all very encouraging, from all walks of life, every possible inflammatory condition, function of the circulatory system, function of the digestive system, neurological issues, pains and aches, twitches, you name it! All kinds of symptoms are being reduced through the healing of the gut.

David: Yes, people with eczema, people with psoriasis, people with bloating and gas and constipation, people with chronic depression, chronic pain, chronic inflammation… acne is an inflammatory condition, I never thought that this was going to take away acne! People are telling me their chronic acne is going away as well! And so what I love is that our method of paying it forward allows you to place an order as small as seventy five dollars, and we will pay the first fifty dollars. The reason I do that is because I truly believe that once you expose yourself to the quality of this product, you’re going to see that it’s the lowest price quality-of-life decision you’ve ever made to improve your quality of life, for a few pennies a day. One jar is around sixty dollars, with the seventy five dollar minimum order, in order to use a fifty dollar gift card, I encourage you to get two bottles and use it for your family. Use it over a couple of months, and it’s going to be an amazing investment in the quality of life.

I want to remind you that this is not a simple thing, Glyphosate is literally found in the fetuses of babies, in the livers of golfers, in mothers and fathers and children, and they are suffering. People that you know are suffering from depression, from irritable bowel syndrome, from leaky gut, from Crohn’s disease and Alzheimer’s, and all of these things, and we have a product that could prevent and even help to mitigate that. Not because we’re the cure, we’re not, we’re repairing the gut. The gut is the master of your immune system. Fix the gut, and you will fix the body. I really appreciate the opportunity to be on this forum today, if you have any other questions, I’m here for you.

Martin: I was asked: do I have to take it for the rest of my life? The thought that occurred to me was: well, so long as there’s Glyphosate in your food,

David: Yes! If you get dehydrated, you have to drink water. And you can’t drink water today to keep you from being dehydrated tomorrow. As long as we have this chemical in our body, we need to keep getting rid of it. So you need to brush your teeth every day, more than once a day, you need to shower as often is necessary to keep your body clean on the outside. Let’s not forget that our body gets dirty on the inside, too. I want you to consider this as an investment in shampoo, conditioner, soap and body lotion, but for the inside of your body. We need to invest on cleaning the inside of our body. We buy toothpaste, we buy soap, we buy shampoo. We don’t ask ourselves, am I going to have to wash myself for the rest of my life? Do I need to brush my teeth for the rest of my life? Comb my hair for the rest of my life? Yes!

Martin: So the Biome Medic is best taken twice a day, morning and evening. One pill at a time if you’re dealing with an ordinary health maintenance, two capsules at a time when you wants to do major clearing. We advise to start with one and then progress to two.

This is Martin Pytela with David Sandoval, Purium and Life Enthusiast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Thank you very much for listening. I’ll see you on the other side.

Author: Nina Vachkova