Podcast 369: Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease Support

Support methylation, nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, for people with the MTHFR genetic variant (SNP) that gives rise to a wide range of symptoms that include chronic inflammatory or autoimmune diseases. 677 and 1298 gene mutations.

Martin: Hi everybody, this is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast online TV, radio, and internet broadcasting! I have with me today Elijah Free, master herbalist at the Earth Friend Herb company. Elijah, thank you for spending time with us!

Elijah: Good to be here again!

Martin:  All right! We were talking about cellular function, and the fact that you are able to support the appropriation of nutrients, that oftentimes is not working so well. Can you explain?

Elijah: Oh, we have a product that is so exciting, Martin, I cannot wait to tell you about it! It’s actually in two parts, but mostly the first one is the one we use the most. They are called Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease Support. Let me tell you what Cell-Ease is for, this is very exciting.

There is a genetic variant or mutation, that a lot of people have, it is called MTHFR. People can have one or the other, or both of two common mutations that are called variants. Approximately between 30-40% of the population has the MTHFR mutation. I do! You too, Martin?  Okay, here we go, two out of two folks, that’s how common it is. And it makes what is commonly called autoimmune syndrome. I wouldn’t call it a disease, because of the fact that it’s not exactly a disease, but rather a collection of an incredible amount of variable types of symptomologies, which could go from not-too-bad, to remarkably unpleasant, to actual death and destruction of the body.

A lot of health issues are actually able to occur because of these MTHFR variants. They are known as C667T and A1298C. You can have one or the other, or you can have both of those. When a person has MTHFR, such as myself, it causes several very important and rather unpleasant things to take place in the cell. Okay, so let’s say that there are three main things that this mutation does to the cell.

The first thing it does: it inhibits the good nutrition from going into the cell. It makes the cell less permeable. So something that naturally can pass through a cell membrane can no longer pass through, or only a portion of it gets through. So a whole lot of the good nutrients you could be eating are not getting absorbed properly.  It not only prevents the good things from getting in, but also – and this is the second thing – it prevents the bad things from getting out, so toxins build up in the cells. When that happens, we call it disease.

But the third thing is actually the worst. Our cells respond and do perform their regular tasks through the use of chemical signals. These signals are given off by the brain and various glands and hormones and other parts of the body. When that signal can no longer get into the cell through the cell wall, it skews and distorts the signal. So imagine you have a computer and an external drive, and you want them to work together. Imagine if only a portion of the information exchanged, and you can only open half of the file from your external hard drive. When the same thing occurs in the cell, and it gets the wrong signal, it then says “Oh, I guess I’m supposed to do this,” and manifests in an inappropriate or improper way, because of the distorted chemical signal. It can later end up manifesting as autoimmune disease, or autoimmune syndrome, whichever you want to call it, right?

Martin: It is like talking to somebody who’s hard of hearing, right?  You are talking about going shopping, but they think you said you wanted to go fishing.

Elijah: Exactly. So you’re getting that wrong signal. So along comes Cell-Ease. And what Cell-Ease does is it normalizes things. It goes in and instantly makes the cell permeable. So the good things get in, the bad things get out. You can tell I am pretty excited, I use this product a lot in my work, and in my office. What it does is it corrects the signal. But because we are Earth Friend, we couldn’t let it go with just that, so we built a signal booster into it. Not only does it allow the signal to go through, it strengthens the signal. Imagine you have a big house and your internet router is in one corner of the house, but your computer is in the opposite corner, and the wi-fi signal is not strong enough, so you put a signal booster in there. Now the signal’s perfect all throughout the house. So, now the signal is corrected, it begins to work right away. It helps to do diminish many of the effects of MTHFR, which, in my theory is the precursor to many, many other diseases which are autoimmune in nature.

Cell-Ease Support is basically an anti-inflammatory agent that goes along with that. If you have an inflammatory condition going along with MTHFR, which is very common, than the Cell-Ease Support should be taken along with Cell-Ease. We encourage people to get tested for MTHFR, you may or you may not have it. I’ve had people come into my office that would swear they have it, but they didn’t. I can usually tell when I meet a person by their symptomatology. But please, go online, Google “MTHFR testing.”  It is a swab test, you put it in your mouth, swab it around, send it back and you get the results back, usually two to three weeks later, which allows you to learn if you have one or the other or both of the mutations.

To me, when I found out, that was a life changer in my health, really. I’ll be 69 in a few months, and I have to tell you, the level of my health has increased by taking Cell-Ease. Within a few days I started to have more energy, my skin looked better, my digestion got better, all kinds of things. I actually have psoriasis, which I haven’t been able to clear for years. I also got poisoned by a dentist and I got very, very ill, and after that I ended up with a psoriasis. The stress triggered that mutation I have, and I haven’t been able to clear it up. But we have something new we are doing, which we are going to be releasing in the fall, and it will be the next step for treating autoimmune conditions, so that is really exciting. We are going to make it by the end of the fall, before the first day of winter. We are very deep into the testing and it’s going very well.

Martin: Okay! Thank you very much, Elijah! Any other points that we have missed about the Cell-Ease? Use it for inhibited absorption, inhibited detoxification, for MTHFR issues, for autoimmune issues… there is a very long litany of autoimmune conditions, last time I checked it was over two hundred. They include labels such as fibromyalgia, scleroderma, vitiligo, Hashimoto, Multiple Sclerosis…

Elijah: Yeah, if you have any of these, you are a good candidate for Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease Support. Truthfully, and I won’t say this about any other formula here, anybody with MTHFR should really be on Cell-Ease and Cell-Ease Support. I would never say “Oh, everybody with depression should be on Mood-Ease, or weak should be on the Adrenal-Ease,” but very truthfully, it was such a life changer for me, and I would love to see other people have that same experience, especially in my age group.

Martin: Wonderful. Thank you, Elijah! This is Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast, you can reach me at www.life-enthusiast.com, or call me at (866) 543-3388! We are restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Thank you!


Author: Nina Vachkova