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Podcast 380: Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Electric pollution sometimes referred to as electrosmog, is yet another environmental toxin, alongside toxic food, skincare, household chemical products, smog, and polluted water. It can disrupt your sleep, negatively affect your health, and make you feel miserable for no obvious reason.

During sleep, our bodies should rest, regenerate, and detoxify, but they are not able to properly wind down when constantly exposed to electromagnetic waves and the blue light displays of many electronics. Some symptoms of EMF exposure include headaches, hyperactivity, nightmares, depression, muscle cramps, and some scientific studies even linked EMF exposure to autism.

Protect yourself and your loved ones with these simple and affordable devices!

Scott: Welcome everybody. This is the Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network, restoring vitality to you and the planet! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah. Hope that you have a wonderful holiday season. And we’re here because we want to answer the question that everybody asks: What do you get the person that has everything and you just don’t know what to get them. And we think a little bit of health might be in order because you can never be too healthy. And when it comes to health, people say things like: you got to drink good water, you got to eat good food, eat organic, there’s not enough vitamins and minerals, so you need to supplement, and you need to put nice things on your skin because Vaseline is a petroleum product, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and everything else, but very, very rarely do we ever talk about this soup that we live in, this ether, this air we breathe.

And the fact that we pick up these phones and they’re not attached to anything. So how does the information get into the phone? Well, it goes through the air and if it goes through the air, it’s got to go through the wall. And if it’s going through a wall, it’s going through you. And people are not used to all of this stuff going through the ether and going through their bodies and it’s a problem. And we have 5G coming out that many people are saying is basically like being in a microwave. I don’t know, I’m not the scientist that’s done the studies on it, but a lot of people whose opinion I trust are very, very concerned about these things and they’re going to be all over the place. So how do you protect yourself? I don’t know. Martin, do you know how to protect yourself?

Martin: I have opinions. I wanted to say, you know, we humans have evolved indeed in the absence of electromagnetic radiation. The Van Allen belt protects us, you know, the magnetic field of the earth protects us from cosmic radiation. But we are now creating our own with radio and with power lines and with Wi-Fi, the routers and the cell towers and all of that. So indeed, it’s a concern. There are now people who have become electrosensitive like there are humans that cannot even live in modern cities or whatever because they had just become so sensitized. I know of people who when they put a cell phone to their head and get a headache so they know they shouldn’t do it because it hurts them.

So there needs to be some way to try and mitigate that. We have been coming up with ideas. Do we try to block the electromagnetic radiation itself or do we try to harmonize the human? And that’s the strategy we took. Well, let’s find things that will help to balance the person that’s got this object with them, and that will help them withstand the terrain that they’re living in. We have a few left, about 50, this is what it looks like. 50 of these stickers, they look innocent, but they have been programmed with a vibration that holds the person in balance. It will help balance the meridians. So regardless of what soup you’re swimming in or walking in or sitting in, it’s going to keep you balanced. Uh, there’s a, there’s a cute video on our website where I demonstrate what that does. So if you want to see it in action, do it. This is called CellGar. You can have it in your pocket or you can just put it inside of your cell phone and it will protect you.

Scott: I was going to say, you know how anti-cell phone, I am, I hadn’t had a cell phone forever. I mean I’ve had one for a month here, a month there. And with the traveling that I’m doing, it just became really difficult not to have a cell phone. So every country I go to I put a new SIM card in and I can then make local calls. And now I have this phone that I was not carrying around for 60 years and I thought, where do I put it? I can’t put it in my back pocket because I’m going to sit on it and break it, I’ve heard that story too many times. And so I put it in my front left pocket, and after a while, I’m thinking, the top of my thigh, the left one only is feeling numb. This is really strange. And then I’m thinking, well, I have my cell phone against my thigh. My thigh is not used to the cell phone. And so I don’t put it there anymore. I just make sure I have a jacket and I put it in the jacket pocket and keep it as far away from me as I can. And so I think I’m becoming one of those sensitive people that you were referring to. Yeah. Having said that, I wanted to talk about this one.

Martin: Oh, awesome. Okay. Try and wiggle it. No, no, not like that, change the angle so we can see it better. Okay, great.

Scott: Yeah, and this is the ADR-3. And what I like about this is it also protects you from wifi, cell phones, microwaves and everything else, it harmonizes everything.

Martin: This one is called the Geopathic Influence Eliminator.

Scott: I’m always putting my water on it. I like to drink water, I get a glass of water, put it on this disc. And it takes all the negative vibrations out of the water.

Martin: Yeah, the main design is that it will create an “Island of peace” all around itself. Like I’m sensitive enough, when I put my hand over the top of it, you know, just my palm over the top of it, I can feel the stream of electrons, this thin pinprick of coldness, that’s rising from there. If you just gently, slightly move your hand, you might be able to notice that there is this little pinpoint of energy rising out of there.

Scott:  And I do! I hate to say it, but I do. There’s a big difference where I have my hand over here and you’re right, it’s cool. It goes right up the center. And then I put my hand over here…

Martin: …coolness goes away. Well anyway, I can feel it. Maybe not everybody can, but I’m certain I do. And anyway, it will deal with overhead power lines, underground water streams. So many people have had illnesses caused by living in a house that’s out of harmony, built over some energy lines or lay lines or whatever lines in, in their home. When you put the ADR-3 somewhere in your home, because it reaches 30 feet in every direction, it will cover pretty much every typical home. As long as you have it there, it’s going to keep the subspace energies harmonized. And we have an additional version of this called ADR-4 which is a similar object except it’s encased in plastic. The one that you showed is just naked gypsum, which is fairly fragile and it doesn’t like to get wet. So the one that’s covered in plastic, the ADR-4, that would be used for example for food, as a food harmonizer, anything you put on top of it will get charged up, harmonized. We have used it to harmonized wine and soup and salad and coffee and you name it. Anything you put on it tastes better after a minute than it tasted before.

Scott: Cool. Rita gave us a review since we started talking about reviews in our last episode, she left a review on our website: “The disc is on top of my husband’s computer, added to the other objects with the same function, it is said to have a hundred-foot range. I believe it’s actual range to be 94 feet, which is still fine. Also, it has further harmonized us with our electronic devices by 18%. Nothing to snicker at, considering that he has eight computers around his desk, I have one, and there’s another downstairs for guests. Plus we have phones and TVs, and other electronic devices.” So she was really happy with it.

Martin: Yeah, people enjoy it. I have used the ADR-4 to deal with back pain and shoulder pain. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder shoveling snow on a terrible winter day, it took about three days to repair it, but it really helped. So I would say that it harmonizes not only food, but it also harmonizes humans.

Scott: Yeah, absolutely.

Martin: I take it with me wherever I go traveling because it just helps me charge up whatever strange food ends up on my plate.

Scott: This goes into my computer knapsack and it goes everywhere with me. So it’s been around the world twice now!

Martin: So this ADR technology is really very good. We also have an ADR Protect, which is very similar to the object we showed a little earlier. The ADR Protect also works to help to harmonize the person rather than to fight with the electronics out there.

Scott: Cool. So Martin, if somebody wanted to get them, or they want to give them as a gift to, what should they do?

Martin: They should come to the they can look it up in the EMF protection category, or just type in ADR into the search box, or click on direct links in the description box of this video! And we have a 10% off coupon code! We have a coupon THX2019 for you! This code is valid through December 31st, 2019, and it will take 10% off of your order! Thank you for listening to this and taking it in and considering it for your loved ones. It’s the gift that will keep on giving!

Scott:   That’s for sure. So thanks for joining us, everybody. This has been the Life Enthusiast online radio and TV network, restoring vitality to you and the planet and to your loved ones. See you next time!

Author: Nina Vachkova